AndrewPrice Bio

Several people have now asked for our bios, and we’re all about self-promotion. But I don’t particularly want to bore you, so I’ll keep this short.

“I’ve lived a particularly interesting life. . .” -- Kerim Bey

I started in engineering school in upstate New York, but that didn’t take. So I finished in Colorado with a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in economics and marketing. I went to law school inside the Washington, D.C. beltway, where I earned a place on law review (unlike our President) and I taught legal writing in my senior year. I had summer jobs at the US Attorney’s Office and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office. Upon graduation, I got an advanced degree (an LLM) in government contracts from another law school in the DC area. During that time, I had an internship at the Office of Management and Budget, where I freaked out some very high ranking people with my thesis on accounting for pension costs under government contracts (a real page turner) when I pointed out a mile wide hole in their evil plans.

Following law school, I worked for Club Fed in Washington as a clerk for a variety of judges who hear claims made under government contracts. . . missiles, construction projects, radar systems, that sort of thing. After that, I jumped to the private sector where I worked for what would become one of the biggest law firms in the world in their government contracts and white collar crime sections. You’d know the names of most of my government contracts clients as you use their products or you’ve seen their products lighting up the bad guys on television. Besides conducting internal fraud investigations and litigating claims against the government, I spent a good deal of time drafting high tech commercial contracts for some of the nation’s biggest companies. White collar crime, by the way, is essentially corporate type crimes, as compared to street crimes. Again, you’d know some of my clients.

Eventually, I left the firm to start my own general practice. Originally, I intended to work with a friend, but he went insane and lost his license for putting out hits on his clients. . . and some of his former friends. In my practice, I've sued and defended hospitals, companies, and cities. Ok, I didn't actually defend the cities, I just sued those. But I did represent their cops lots of times. I've acted as corporate general counsel. I've negotiated contracts and settlements. I’ve done some criminal law, though it's not my preference, and I’ve handled numerous state and federal trials. I’ve even appeared many times before state Supreme Courts.

Now I’ve written a couple legal thrillers, which should be published soon, and I’m working on an obscure blog that will one day dominate the world.
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