Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Believe The Children Are The Future

Teach them well, and let them lead the way. The Democrats are always yapping about getting out the youth vote. Well, the Republicans need to do the same thing. Get 'em while they're young, and the party can stop the doom and gloom and once again listen to the joyful sound of children's laughter.

The GOP is a long way from dead, despite rumors to the contrary. They have to get serious about returning to conservative principles, remember to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of Democratic onslaughts, but most of all not give in to despair. Before the list was pared down to a lucky seven deadly sins, despair was number eight. It's always darkest before the dawn (actually, it isn't, but you get the idea). So chin up, chest out, do it for the children.

The unemployment rate is at about 9.5% and Americans are not blaming the Republicans. In San Francisco the unemployment rate is at 11.6%, and they are blaming the Republicans, but that's another story entirely. Each time the Democrats propose another hare-brained scheme for curing all the ills of mankind past, present and future, their ratings drop. Currently, a grand total of 18% of the American people say that the Democrats are doing a good job of running Congress. The poll doesn't say how many of those people are currently in mental institutions. For the first time, President Obama's "strongly disapprove" ratings are seven percent higher than his "strongly approve" ratings.

Globaloney climate change, cap and trade, medical care for the deceased, massive takeovers of failing businesses by government bureaucrats, and the list goes on. The Democrats are counting on the American people being both stupid and crazy. They don't understand that the 2006 and 2008 elections were not a sudden national mania which turned everyone into liberals. They have misread the will of the people, and that will was to "get rid of these Republicans who act like Democrats without the panache."

The next election cycle is the Republican Party's to lose, not the Democratic Party's to win. Republicans will lose only if they continue to wander around like lost souls wondering why the American people hate them. The American people don't hate them. They hate all-intrusive government, massive taxes, huge deficits, surrender to international terrorism, and apologies on behalf of the American republic for every sin committed in the world in the past 200 years.

What they really like is government which performs its proper functions, allows people to choose and make their own destinies, lets them keep their own money and pay only sufficient taxes to support necessary government functions and national defense, honors America's past, and promotes America's future as a unique nation which avoids the mistakes of Europe, Asia and the "third world." Which party represented that point of view, lost it, and can regain it? The Republican Party.

Even at this early stage of the next election cycle, Rasmussen and several other reputedly accurate polls show that week-by-week for the past month, voters now support Republican policies over Democrat. The people now choose Republicans over Democrats on eight of the top issues of most concern to Americans. In a couple of generic polls, the Republicans are ahead in the Congressional races (even if those polls are overly-optimistic, remember how short a time has passed since the last Democratic sweep and that the Republicans haven't even put a formal plan together yet). And poll after poll, even those conducted by Democrat-controlled interests, show that Americans who self-identify as conservative outnumber those who self-identify as liberal by nearly two to one.

The Republican Party needs to get its head up, stop playing into the Democrats' hands by appearing to be what they call "The Party of No," advance a conservative agenda with pride and a big smile, and steadfastly oppose the leftist agenda of the Obama administration while making it clear as a bell why they are not going to go along for the ride on the highway to hell. All the puzzle pieces favor the Republicans, but they still have to put the pieces together properly, or the Democrats will win again, and the nation will be left holding those pieces.

And the children will thank you.


CrisD said...

In some ways I have always believed that the GOP is NOT for children. It is the party of grown ups and as you say, "the sane!"

I am concerned that the MSM manipulates, not only political news but also economic news to benefit the leftist agenda. Like a house of mirrors, it is difficult for me to tell what is really the current political situation.

For instance, I heard that unemployment was much higher than 91/2 percent in some areas. Then they are using different yard-sticks. This makes me VERY uneasy. How bad is the economic situation going to get. The administration could terrorize the pubic in thinking changes are necessary (as they already have...)

Sorry...gone long.

Writer X said...

As kids watch their parents work harder for less ( a lot less) the next few years, they'll learn.

I remember watching my parents during the Carter years and that wasn't even as bad as today.

BevfromNYC said...

CrisD - I agree with you about the GOP as the party of grown ups. And like some grown ups we have mid-life crises. Maybe the GOP is just going through a mid-life crisis and should just buy that collective little red sports car (which I think we have already done with TARP), admit we were wrong, and move back to being real adults again.

The MSM and the politicians do manipulate the economic news. It just depends on which party is spinning the statistics - they use whatever yardstick they need to illustrate the point they are making. Throughout the Bush administration we were mostly at a 4% unemployment which is virtually full employment. This statistic was spun by the Bush Admin as a good sign, but by the MSM and the Dems as a bad sign because it was not lower.

Unknown said...

CrisD: Actually, I was hinting that the party of the adults is responsible for making sure there is a future for the children. The Republican Party has also been described by some wags as "the Daddy Party," with the Democrats as "the Mommy Party." Well, Dad forgot that his main job was to provide a home and food for his family, and instead joined mom in waiting for their crazy uncle to do everything for them.

Unknown said...

WriterX: I was one of those parents during the Carter years. One of the things I taught the kids while we were sitting in mile-long lines to get gasoline was that this is what happens when you wait for the government to make all your decisions for you. They got the message, and right now, they're surviving this mess better than I am, and two are active in anti-Obama demonstrations and voter-registration drives.

StanH said...

I agree Lawhawk, optimism, American pride, and gleefully espouse a conservative platform is a winner, nobody wants to follow a loser. This was Ronald Reagan’s magic after the abysmal ‘70s politics crowned by Jimmy Carter. The American people followed an obvious unabashed conservative and they’ll do it again. I worry however with the Republicans in Washington, that at least tacitly supporting many of the Democrat policy initiatives. Whoever our leader is, needs to snap Washington politicians back in line with conservative ideals and the belief in American Exceptionalism, maybe Sarah Palin, maybe Mitt Romney, I don’t know. But you are indeed correct Lawhawk in being positive, forthright and unafraid, and the American people will follow.

Unknown said...

Bev: I like your analogy to the "mid-life" crisis. And as caring friends, it's our job to throw a little cold water in the face of the Republican leadership, and yell "wake up, we've got everything to win, and at this point, nothing to lose." More conservatives all the time are recognizing that we have America's attention, and it's time to tell them "the old Ford sedan has plenty of life in it, so forget the red sports car and let's get back to running a profitable business."

And you are so right about the MSM. They also kept going on about our pitiful economic growth rate of about 3% per year while hiding the fact that the European Economic Union had never exceeded 1.75% growth in its history.

But as I was pointing out in the article, America is waking up to the fact that we were hoodwinked, and the Republicans have a huge chance to become the "happy warriors" and the party cannot get mired down by bemoaning what the MSM has done in the past (and will continue to try to do).

Unknown said...

StanH: Amen. While America was suffering from "the great malaise," staglation, no gasoline in their cars' tanks, and worldwide humiliation from failed diplomatic and military operations, one great Republican came along and announced "It's morning in America." No doom, no gloom, just "we are the best, and the only thing that can hold us back is to lose faith in our mission."

If Reagan could tell us himself, he would probably say: "I didn't give you a fish to feed you for one day. I taught you how to fish, so you could eat every day. So quit sitting on the dock moaning that you're hungry, get into the boat, and get out there and fish!"

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, well said.

I will say, however, that in recent weeks, the Republicans are finally starting to get their act together. They've managed to firm up and start opposing cap and trade (near death), the "second" stimulus (near death), card check (dead), and Obamacare (wounded). And in so doing, they've started to separate themselves from the democrats.

Now they need to step up and offer an alternative vision, a postive, clear conservative vision. That's what's still missing, but it's coming.

Tennessee Jed said...

I agree with Andrew, I think our guys are beginning to get it. It is early in the cycle so now is the time to get well organized, well financed, grass roots support going. I respected George W. more than most people, but he was not a great communicator. I would love to see a young, photogenic, eloquent, politician step forward (let's be honest, all three of those characteristics are important.

I continue to be optimistic about keeping the next generation on track, but it requires good parenting. I think kids model themselves after their parents more than anyone realizes.

StanH said...

Andrew and Jed, you are right with our encouragement Republicans are finding their guts …we must stay in their faces and constantly remind them, they serve at our pleasure.

Poor Lawhawk, ewwww… he’s got to get in Pelosi/Feinstein/Boxer’s face, I recommend a HAZMAT suit, or a ten foot pole if you will : ) But, there is good news those three need the most attention, always accentuate the positive.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: It is a sad but true fact that ever since the Kennedy-Nixon election, telegenics matter. Unfairly, John McCain looked like a tired old coot, while Obama looked fresh and youthful. In a time where hope and change were the order of the day (however cynical that was), Obama looked like both, and McCain looked like neither. A great platform and a genuine aptitude for executive management are the true goal, but it doesn't hurt if you look good, too. If Abraham Lincoln had run against Obama in 2008, Lincoln would probably have lost.

StanH: Kindly refrain from reminding me that I live in the land of the Three Furies. Remember, I'm trying to get people's spirits up, and it doesn't help if I'm chronically depressed.

StanH said...

Actually Lawhawk, I’m a bit jealous. I live in a conservative district in a conservative state. When I write my representatives I get a response that says, “yeah me to.” You get to strike at the wicked witch of the west (left coast) herself, the evil fixed glare Pelosi beast.

Unknown said...

StanH: I think that's called a dubious honor. LOL

StanH said...

Dubious indeed my friend. I bet Nancy and the girls just loooove …to hear from you.

As I recall Thomas Foley (D) was the speaker in 1993 of liberal Seattle, WA. Maybe the people of San Francisco could send Nancy packing, just like 1994, maybe?

Unknown said...

StanH: Unfortunately, there simply is no effective opposition in San Francisco. If San Fran Nan doesn't live to be 100, the person who replaces her will be as bad or worse (but at least not Speaker). Remember, this is the town which replaced a lesbian member of the Board of Supervisors (who went on to the state assembly) with a gay male, and we nearly had a riot because that was "the lesbian seat" on the Board. Only in San Francisco could politicians be accused of being gay male chauvinists.

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