Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why Can't We Be More Like the Europeans?

That is George Soros rubbing his hands in glee (if glee is possible with that old Nazi collaborator) as the Euro begins to collapse and his currency manipulation of non-American money is put into high gear. He's already contemplating the billions he'll make as he exploits the recession in the West.

Rabid egalitarianism at the bottom combined with social elitism at the top has produced an unnatural federation of states relying on a currency called the Euro. The social welfare engineers truly believed that they could produce a political entity in which there were no Germans, no French, no Italians, no Brits, no Greeks, Irish or Portuguese. They would all become Euroweenies using an artificially state-supported currency that would make Europe the economic engine of the world. It was such a phony unity that the pictures on the Euro paper money are grand illustrations of exotic European locations which have never existed.

While the American left, supported by full-throated "amens" from the mainstream media, has declared European social welfare, social democracy, and social currency to be the perfection that the barbarian laissez-faire Americans could never dream of, Europe itself is having serious second thoughts. There is the strong possibility that as the Euro falls, the old war of competing national currencies could be restored. The likely continental victor in the currency war would be Germany, with France playing second fiddle.

The Germans were major fans of the Euro, and will be the major beneficiary of a Euro collapse. Remember the fabulous alliance of Chrysler Corporation and Daimler-Benz. At the time of the divorce, Daimler-Chrysler had two kinds of products--the big losers and the perpetual winners. As the Germans bade Detroit a fond farewell, they took all the good products and profitable investments with them, and left the American company broke, run by hopeless incompetents, and manned by union members waiting to retire on salaries higher than most state governors. The Germans figure that if they can do that all the way across the Atlantic, what are a few borders? So having done what it could to convince the schlubs of Europe to go with the Euro, Germany is likely to return to the strongest currency in Europe--the Deutsche Mark (or what we Americans call the Deutschmark).

You see, Germany needed a way to pay for all that destitute territory they took back after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and what better way to do it than to get all the other Euroweenies to join in a common currency that would pay for the revitalization of the old East Germany? Now, as with Chrysler, Germany can bid farewell to the countries they allied with, take the best of whatever they had to offer, and leave them dangling over the cliff.

Poor Ireland is an excellent example. After long being the poor orphan of Europe, Ireland decided to follow the Reagan-American model by freeing up enterprise, cutting government expenditures and lowering taxes, and allowing entrepeneurs to succeed without government bureaucrats telling them they were doing it wrong. The emergence of Ireland as a wealthy, healthy state was nothing short of an economic miracle.

But the elites listened to the siren call of a United Europe. They joined the European Union, surrendered many of their inherent powers, and by a narrow margin adopted the Euro. And then the Euroweenie Elite informed Ireland that they weren't getting with the Euro social welfare plan properly, devalued the Irish currency forcing those who still held it to switch to Euros, and threatened to expel the Emerald Isle if it didn't raise its taxes, increase its social welfare spending, enlarge the bureaucracy to run the government, and get tight control of private enterprise. Today, after that brief and astonishing renaissance, Ireland has gotten the Euroshaft, and is heading the same direction as Greece.

Spain will likely be the next on the Eurocollapse Highway. Meanwhile, the two big winners of the Eurosweepstakes, Germany and France, are eliminating or cutting back the very programs they imposed on the other Eurosuckers. France is having its own problems trying to do so, causing riots in Paris and other large cities by daring to raise retirement ages, increase the hours of a work week, and eliminate jobs-for-life guarantees. Germany is doing the same, including lowering taxes and having the government encourage businesses rather than run them, but the reaction has been much milder than in France.

While all of this goes on, George Soros smacks his lips at the prospect of manipulating any currency that increases his personal wealth and power. The American left, including their Chicago Stooge Barack Obama, continue to praise the wonderful European social welfare system while pushing hard and using parliamentary tricks to put us in the same bankruptcy barrel as most of Eurotopia. And sitting back, cackling like a character out of a B horror movie, is George Soros, pulling the strings and deciding what is best for us. Soros tells us to Move On, when in fact he really means "give up."


AndrewPrice said...

I understand that Soros has shorted the Euro now -- just like he shorted the dollar right before the financial collapse. He is someone this planet will not miss when he moves on to his flamey eternity.

Unknown said...

Andrew: I'm pretty much convinced he can't die. He's been sucking the blood of others for so long he's become a vampire. He even looks like one. Anyone got a gravedigger's shovel, a stake, and a match handy?

T_Rav said...

Lawhawk, on the flip side, I'm sure a lot of Germans are currently ruing the day they gave up the D-Mark and joined the EU (see also: Greece, Ireland, and coming soon, Portugal and probably Spain).

The most infuriating part to me is how the Euro and everything else connected to the EU was essentially rammed down the people's throats. I forget the details, but the story is that when the Maastricht Treaty (finalizing plans for the Euro) was submitted to a referendum in one of the countries--I think it was either France, Holland, or Germany--it barely passed, and one of the signers held a press conference and stated, "We must never allow this to be put to a popular vote again." Democracy my #%$&!!

Unknown said...

T_Rav: You've got your history right. The EU was cobbled together with such arcane rules that several member nations which had expressed serious objections and reservations ended up with exactly what they had objected to. The bureaucrats just imposed the rules by fiat. We are watching the same thing here, most recently with reinstatement of the Congressionally-denied "death panels" by an administrative agency.

Tennessee Jed said...

I'm convinced European social democracies and socialized medicine and what is going on is at least partially responsible for the upsurge in fiscal conservatism in America. Great, great summary, Hawk.

T_Rav said...

Lawhawk, regarding the imposition of that little bit of ObamaCare, doesn't this mean the Democratic Party now has to issue a public apology to Sarah Palin?

Unknown said...

Tennessee: Thanks. Just holding up the British Health Service to the light did wonders for clearing the heads of many Americans. There's nothing so bad that a little socialism won't make worse. We are not as likely to have riots here simply because we haven't yet created the expectation of guaranteed jobs-for-life, five week paid vacations and full retirement in twenty years. That is, unless you work for the government or belong to a big union.

Unknown said...

T_Rav: I'm sure they will make that apology any time now. About the time that wombats start writing sonnets.

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