Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life in NYC - Disaster Averted!

The news broke all over NY last night – the FBI and NY police department had foiled a plot of four home grown man-made disaster-ists to bomb a synagogue and Jewish community center in Riverdale in the Bronx and to shoot down military planes. Apparently the FBI has been following them since last summer [a Bush administration era operation, if you’re keeping track] and the investigation culminated in arrest of these four brainiacs. They were in the act of setting up parked cars wired with fake explosives supplied to an FBI informant when the FBI and NY police swooped in and arrested them. The only injury was a bump on the head for one of the suspects. That’s one for the good guys! Thank you, FBI! Thank you, NYPD! Thank you, Mr. Bush!


AndrewPrice said...

Sorry Bev, all good things are now the exclusive property of President Obama.

Indeed, I'm told it was even the knowledge of his pending ascendancy that gave us the will to win WWII.

But never fear, the left won't leave Bush entirely high and dry. He can still take credit for everything that goes wrong for the next couple of years.

Unknown said...


I've already seen some of the spin on this news elsewhere. "Big deal, a couple of doofuses. The FBI and the NYPD were just going after some morons who couldn't pull of an attack." Two things immediately occurred to me, and your insightful article confirms them.

First: If these cuties had been neo-Nazi skinheads, the whole story would have been treated as if these two guys were within inches of bringing down the entire United States. Fortunately for them, they were Muslims, and the story is already being soft-pedaled.

Second: Timothy McVeigh was a doofus, too. Yet he brought down a federal building and murdered numerous innocents with a fertilizer bomb. If he had done something incorrectly (and plenty can go wrong), you just simply would have ended up with a Post Office area ready for planting flowers. But here, the danger is minimized because these guys weren't "professionals". It only takes two amateurs and some luck to turn not-too-bright villains into mass murderers. The FBI and the NYPD understand that. The MSM doesn't.

John Keats said...

The conservative media are covering up the truth: that Barack Obama arrested those guys himself, and the bump on the head came from a gratuitous smack with his Zippo lighter as he lit up a victory Marlboro.

A president we can be proud of.

patti said...

just a bump on the head?! if they had been caught here, it would have been a different story. one including the words hospitalization required.

Captain Soapbox said...

I my neck of the woods the word wouldn't be "hospital" it'd be "morgue" seeing as how we invented the "Chicago Way" before Chicago was even zoned for human habitation...

Did anyone else notice the Caribbean connection here? The plot to blow up JFK was also undertaken by Caribbean Muslims, a fact that a lot of news services mentioned once, before slipping into "well they're just bumbling idiots that could never have pulled it off" deal in that case. Given the situation right now in certain parts of South America, I wonder how the media will spin it when Venezuelan or Uruguayan links start showing up in these "incompetent terrorist" stories when it happens, and believe me it will happen sooner or later.

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