Monday, July 12, 2010

Israelis Dislikes Obama Because They're Bigots

I am going to bet you think that the title means that Israelis are just like white Americans who hate black folks. But you would be wrong. The real reason Israelis have contempt for Barack Obama is that they think he's a Muslim and possibly an Arab. Or so The One apparently thinks. Oh, those silly Israelis.

In an interview a few days back, the reporter asked the president why it seems that so many Israelis do not feel all warm and toasty whenever His Messiahship comes up in a discussion. Obama's response (no warning from the TelePrompter) was: "Some of it may be just the fact that my middle name is Hussein, and that creates suspicion." Attorney and blogger J. Christopher Pryor says: "the implications of Obama's statements are truly frightening. By stating that Israelis are suspicious of him because he has a Muslim name, he reveals his belief that the Jews are superficial and racist, and distrust all Muslims."

Of course, Pryor was addressing only one facet of the mind of Obama. He sort of missed the part about how Obama has insulted Israel multiple times, demanded that Israel surrender portions of its national territory (which it has offered to do in past negotiations with the so-called Palestinians), and made it abundantly clear that he would toss Israel to the wolves in the name of world unity. About the only thing he hasn't done is publicly adopt the attitude of his second-hand friend Calypso Louie Farrakhan in discussing the blood-sucking Jews.

Now we all know that our beloved president is a solid Christian who would never let an antisemitic or anti-Israel thought cross his mind. After all, his father taught him tolerance, and his best Christian friends are the great race healers such as Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright. But I digress.

The recent meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did very little to assuage the impression that Obama would just as soon the Israelis simply disappeared and quit making the president's life difficult. At least this time, Obama didn't treat Netanyahu like a homeless person asking for a handout while he courted world dictators. But it wasn't much better. Netanyahu was gracious about the slights he had been treated to at Obama's hands awhile back, but in interviews after the meeting, he felt he had to make it clear that Israel would defend its existence with or without help from the Waffler-in-Chief in the White House.

Obama has made a habit of exaggerating and publicizing any mistake a low-level Israeli diplomat might make, but never acknowledges the major concessions that Israel has offered in the past for the sake of ending the Intifada and bringing peace to Gaza. Some time back, the Israeli Minister of the Interior announced that Israel might, maybe, could, and would consider building in Ramat Shlomo, a neighborhood in an Israeli territory within the Israeli capital. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blew that up into a near international incident, all the while knowing that the statement was contrary to stated Israeli policy. It is clear that Obama not only wants to exacerbate Israeli/Palestinian relations, but feels he is entitled to set internal policy for a sovereign nation.

Add to that Obama's demand that Israel immediately agree to an absolute "total settlement freeze," and you just might have another reason why Israelis would distrust him. But that's irrelevant once you realize that it all really comes down to Israel's bigotry against Muslims, among whom the ignorant Israeli populace includes The One. After all, Obama wouldn't ever match that bigotry, could he? His grandmother was a typical white person, and he instantly recognized and damned the bigotry of a white cop who stupidly arrested a black Harvard professor.

Obama also made fun of people who didn't vote for him because he "doesn't look like the other Presidents." It's obvious Obama doesn't have a bigoted bone in his body, but is instantly capable of recognizing it in others. Particularly those damned Jews. Why would they dislike someone who has spent most of his life adoring his Muslim (and absentee) father, and who has declared America to be "one of the largest Muslim nations?" Clearly, Obama has no particular sympathies for Islam, and his middle name is proof of absolutely nothing. Well, maybe that's not entirely true, but the simple fact is that not one important Israeli spokesperson has ever suggested that they distrusted Obama because he's a "secret Muslim."

More importantly, the Israelis have gone out of their way to condemn nobody solely on the basis of their actual adherence to Islam. Muslims and Arabs are allowed full representation in the Israeli Knesset (Congress). If they aren't carrying bombs (or even large rocks), they are allowed to move about within Israel with only minor inconvenience occasioned by national security. And no Israeli official or any poll taken in Israel has ever indicated an animus toward Obama stemming from his middle name.

Still, if the delusional Obama didn't have Israeli racism to blame for the antipathy many Israelis feel toward him, he might have to admit that maybe they dislike him simply because he's a perfidious ally, a weak sister in a tough world, and a sympathizer with tyrants, dictators, oppressors and human rights violators all over the world, most of whom are neither Muslim nor Arab. Israelis know a self-serving twerp when they see one, and it wouldn't matter if his middle name were Jesus, they would still be very suspicious of Barack Jesus Obama.


rlaWTX said...

I worked with someone who gained an impression of a person and then, regardless of any new event, maintained an expectation that this person would always talk like that and have the same intentions. That made it a tad difficult to work with others who she had pigeon-holed as "crazy-makers" or rude - no matter what those folks said or did she viewed them as sowing dissention or being intentionally unpleasant to her.

All that to say, many libs follow that pattern: others are always classified according to the original impression -- or, more annoyingly, according to the pigeon-hole you SHOULD fit into as a woman, black, Israeli, etc. And since they do not revise their expectations with any new info, this is why they are repeatedly surprised when someone acts outside of their expectations. They will still maintain their original viewpoint and be surprised again... < sigh >

[there is another theory that says they are just dumb, but this one has a bit more meat to it... :)]

Joel Farnham said...


Do you think Obama has paranoiac tendencies?

AndrewPrice said...

You know, I'm seeing more and more evidence that Obama is at heart a bigot. It's creeping into so many of his comments and even his policies seem to be tinged with it. This is just more proof of that. He just seems to have it in for certain races, cultures, religions and countries.

Nice article.

patti said...

i think you just ticked jesus off....

Tennessee Jed said...

Hawk . . . wait a minute . . you mean, (gulp) Obama is, oh no, pleez don't tell me . . not a muslim? l.o.l

For quite a while, I have had these suspicions (I'll never have proof) that he is a closet rascist and anti-semite. I base this on nothing more than his actions and statements. Besides, when one's supporters work so hard to call his detractors rascists and bigots, one has to think (perhaps they protest too much!)

BevfromNYC said...

LawHawk - I think you are absolutely right on the money. Israelis have many reasons to distrust Obama the least of which is his middle name. One really big reason is his promise of $500M to Hamas, a known terrorist organization whose sole purpose is the destruction of Israel.

I saw the interview on Sunday with Netanyahu (on Fox?) and he was indeed emphatic that his number one job was to protect Israelis, period. He is more than willing to go to the table with Abbas without any conditions (though he was pretty clear that he would not negotiate with Hamas), but he knows full well that the Palestinians will not negotiate anything less than the complete removal of all Israelis from the region.

Anonymous said...

NOTE TO OUR READERS: I apologize for getting back to you so late, but country living has its down side too. I woke this morning to the radio/alarm telling me that there was a large wildfire burning near my daughter's property. I've been tending to the farm critters while she and her family are on vacation in Utah. Long story short, everything's fine, the fire is contained, and though it never got dangerously near her property, it made for an interesting trip getting in and out since the fire department was allowing only residents in, and I have no proof that it was daughter's property I needed to get to (different last name because she's married), and my driver's license still shows me living in San Francisco. When I started giving them the animals' names, they let me through just to shut me up.

Anonymous said...

rlaWTX: That's why it's called prejudice--which really means nothing more than to pre-judge. Too many people form an opinion of others, and then to justify it, they find the behavior which would allegedly support the opinion. In this case, Israelis don't much like Obama, his middle name is Hussein, therefore the only reason they dislike him is that he has a Muslim/Arab middle name.

Anonymous said...

Joel: No. All those enemies are real. Trust me, I know. I'm one of them.

Anonymous said...

Andrew: Thanks for the kudo. I agree with you and made the same mistake. I genuinely thought that however misguided his views were on how to improve race relations, he was at heart a believer in equality and racial healing. He has proven he is a racist, his friends are racist, and some of his advisers and employees are dangerous racists.

Anonymous said...

Patti: I'm truly glad that Jesus is gracious in his forgiveness of those who don't deserve it. It's not the first time I've been in trouble with the boss.

Anonymous said...

Tennessee: LOL I'm one of those who believes that Obama has no religion, since believing in a deity would require him to worship someone other than himself. I don't buy that he's a secret Muslim, but his background and clear sympathies make him overly sympathetic to Islam, both radical and traditional. I am not yet convinced that he is deeply antisemitic, but he sure has a lot of friends who are. I also think his Christian beliefs are about as deeply-felt as those of children who believe in the tooth fairy.

Anonymous said...

Bev: What's interesting, and a bit nauseating, is that some conservatives used his middle name during the election, and as hard as he had tried to avoid it becoming common knowledge, he became publicly indignant over its use. Now, he just loves that middle name, makes sure to use it as often as possible, and as of this recent development, uses it to claim Israelis are Muslim-haters and therefore Obama-haters. I think we all know who the real bigot is here, and antisemitism is a very popular concept in his neck of the Chicago woods.

The left and particularly the antisemitic left has tried since his first term to paint Netanyahu as a warmonger. The fact is that their definition of a warmonger is a Jew who says "never again."

Joel Farnham said...


Well, something is wrong with him. Could it be, he is drain bramaged? ;-)

I mean, along with his stupid religion and his stupid philosophy, he doubles-down on stupid twice a day with out breaking a sweat.

I am beginning to think he wakes up wondering, "How can I top yesterday's stupidity?"

StanH said...

When I read your article Lawhawk, for some reason a line from an old Neil Young song came to mind, “tin soldiers and Nixon’s coming, we’re finally on our own…” just replace Barry for Nixon and, wah-la - - thanks to an ultimate counter cultureist it sets to words where we, and the Israel find ourselves.

The Israelis are a tough people, whose iron will has been honed by the swords of many a despot for thousands of years. I expect the fearless people of Israel will take matters into their own hands in regards to Hamas, Iran etc.

I just hope they can hold on until we can correct the era of ’08.

Anonymous said...

Joel: Planning the day's stupidity gives Obama far too much credit. Some presidents make things happen. Others have things happen to them. Despite his attempts to convince us otherwise, Obama is in the latter group.

Anonymous said...

Stan: And I also recall the group America singing "Oz never did give nothing to the tin man that he didn't already have." Unfortunately, Obama never had anything worthwhile in the first place.

On the other hand, the Jews always had the ability to defend themselves, but chose not to until after the Holocaust. It was the most gruesome lesson ever learned, but the Israelis have both the brains and the will, and continue to exercise the abilities they actually already had.

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