Saturday, November 28, 2009

Next, They Came For The Frontline Fighters

Our prissy President and his prissy military officers have decided that as long as we're going to bring foreign terrorists into the United States civilian courts for show trials, why not make the package complete? Let's gut the ability of our bravest and toughest to wage war overseas and get information out of murderous subhumans who attack civilians and military alike with no regard for any of the rules of civilization.

In Obamaland's rush to make America a weak, subservient member of some fantasized global family, the latest round of national humiliation is the cowardly decision of the political military officers to try four Navy Seals for offending the sensibilities of one of the scummiest, most vicious, and deadliest terrorists on earth. The mastermind behind the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater security officers had his feelings hurt by the mean Seals. Ahmed Hashim Abed had the bodies of the four men burned, dragged through the streets, and then hanged the bodies of two of the men from a bridge over the River Euphrates. And he is known to be the planner behind multiple sneak attacks in Iraq resulting in the deaths of dozens of civilians and American military.

But gosh, we all know that Islamic terrorists always tell the truth. And ol' Ahmed says that those vicious Seals actually hit him and gave him a bloody lip. Oh, the horror of it all. Of course there are no witnesses to this vicious attack, and nobody but darling Ahmed saw the bloody lip in any connection with his incarceration. It would seem that amiable Ahmed didn't get the full Al Qaeda handbook on how to fake injuries while in custody of the Americans. If he had, he could have done better than a bloody lip, don't you think? He must also have missed the part of the Koran that says it's OK for a good warrior of Allah to lie to infidels in the advancement of Islamic world subjugation. This was just a little lie, and Allah wants the big lie, or at least that's what the prophet Mohammed says Allah wants.

So in the middle of a violent and unpredictable war, with daily attacks by Islamofascist troops who observe none of the civilized rules of war, the Pentagon's worst and stupidest have decided that this is the perfect time to destroy troop morale over an alleged attack on an "innocent civilian" by four members of an elite military group that goes in first, gets hit first, and risks death first. Too bad they couldn't have thrown in a few Green Berets and Rangers while they were at it.

This case doesn't even rise to the level of the debate over enhanced interrogation versus torture. If the scumbag terrorist were telling the absolute truth (which I don't believe for a minute), this is at worst a good wrist-slap and a "go and sin no more." But the political staff officers from the Pentagon and the entire Obama administration are a bunch of reprehensible pantywaists, and by the time they get done with their exercise in group therapy, a cut lip will have become the moral equivalent of the Holocaust.

But there was one thing the sissies in the Pentagon and the White House didn't count on, since they wouldn't recognize bravery if it jumped up and bit them in their ample asses. These Navy boys aren't afraid of death, so why would they be afraid of a cowardly back-room Captain's Mast fixed game? To their eternal credit, they demanded full court martials. Explaining honor to the politicians is like explaining the theory of relativity to a platypus.

American law, the American Constitution and the Geneva Conventions provide no protection for terrorists like Ahmed, the beloved of Allah. American military law provides nothing more than "humane treatment" for prisoners of war, and that policy refers to legitimate enemy armed forces, not sneak murderers in civilian garb. The problem is that Ahmed doesn't understand the rules of civilization, and the politicians don't understand that war isn't hopscotch on the school grounds. And this is a war like no war before it. Yet the word of a lying backstabbing murderer is somehow sufficient to bring brave military men to task for a split lip. A split lip, for Christ's sake! And nobody except the honorable Ahmed can even account for the alleged split lip.

The law is actually quite simple. Under the terms of the Geneva Convention, the Seals had every right to shoot a nice big hole in Ahmed's head when he was caught conducting warfare against the United States when captured not in uniform. But the four Seals merely detained him, and put him in a jail, and possibly one of them might have had a moment of indignation and might have given the fathead a fat lip. That's it! Stop the war! We have barbaric cruelty to deal with (the Seals, not dear Ahmed).

The leftist press (is that redundant?) has been in high dudgeon ever since Abu Ghraib. And they will now go into full feeding-frenzy mode. The soldiers punished for their frathouse hijinks at Abu Ghraib came off in the press as destroyers of truth, justice and the American way. Women's panties on a terrorist's head and the sight of an undressed American woman is exactly like the My Lai Massacre. And at Abu Ghraib, nobody got a cut lip, so this must be far, far worse.

But let's remember what Abu Ghraib really was. It was Saddam Hussein's mass torture and murder chamber for 24 years while the prissy press said next-to-nothing about the inhuman cruelty committed there by Saddam and his sadistic sons and officers. Ah, but embarrassing a non-uniformed soldier of Allah, that's the real deal. Pure torture. Oh, the humanity! Weeks' worth of hysterical headlines about how America's military men and women had gone barbarian. Franky, I've seen more violence and humiliation at a junior high school prom.

In Afghanistan, one local grieving father whose son lost his leg in a roadside bombing made more sense than all the Western press and media put together. "I do not mind if I am killed, provided that the Americans get rid of the Taliban. Those tyrants have taken my son's leg. They laid mines on the road. Don't they see that these roads are also used by civilians?" Yes, sir, they do. But what's your son's leg compared to a split lip?

If the Seals are not exonerated, the terrorists will be further emboldened. If convicted, of anything, Americans and locals will be even less safe. And for other Seals, there are only two future options in the wake of a conviction. Air-condition the bastard's brain and leave him lying on the battlefield, or make a stop along the way to jail with him to pick up 72 virgins to keep the terrorist too occupied to file phony brutality charges against them.

Ahmed Hashim Abed is lucky that he was captured by four professional Seals, instead of one unprofessional Hawk. Had the latter been the case, they would still be searching for the terrorist jigsaw puzzle pieces. The Seals are willing to go in harm's way ahead of anybody else, and take risks that the regular military is not asked to take. The least they have a right to expect is that if they are killed, it will be during an operation against the terrorists and not from a knife in the back from home.


Joel Farnham said...


Could this be just a preliminary to saying that the Military are not to be trusted, and a Civilian Army should be formed to take care of incidences?

Cheryl said...

Another morning where no coffee is needed!
I'm so furious I think my head will surely explode!
So he burned his victims, dragged them through the streets and hung them from a bridge and he then allegedly got a bloody lip!
Horrors!! WTF?
I hope the lesson learned is that, indeed they just DO air condition their brains while they have the chance.
The problem isn't that we are too barbaric, but too darn civilized for our own good.
Please keep us updated on this story.

Writer X said...

I'm glad this case will be tried. It'll be yet one more example of Obama administration weakness.

This is also one of the stories that has most reasonable-thinking people shaking their heads in disgust. But then you remember who's in charge.

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, This is so typical of this administration, they are concerned about minutia and the wrong minutia at that. This is the problem with people who like to think of themselves as morally superior.

StanH said...

Yeah! You’ve said it all brother. Be certain that the SEALs can play any combat game, they just need to know the rules, DRT (dead right there). But lets be real, all of this is to be expected from Barry and his leftist minions.

Unknown said...

Joel: Since I am constantly amazed at the lengths to which Obamacrats will go to weaken America, almost nothing would seem out of the realm of possibility anymore.

Unknown said...

Cheryl: I promise to do that. This is only the beginning of this story. Civilian trials for foreign terrorists and kangaroo trials for heroes. The theme is, how low can Obama stoop?

Unknown said...

WriterX: I really have nothing but admiration for these guys. They could have quietly taken private punishment (which would have been career-ending) and walked away. But like true heroes, they stood up and demanded a court martial. We mustn't forget that the leftists and traitors within our government have tried this before, and all charges were disproven. Eat that, Murtha!

Unknown said...

Andrew: You and I both know that the rule of law breaks down most easily when the officers of the law think they're above it, or are allowed to re-write it to suit political purposes. This is a true abomination.

Unknown said...

StanH: Obama's troops may have gone a bridge too far this time. Even those who are not particularly enamored of the military or this war can still distinguish heroes from terrorists. This may very well blow up in the coward-in-chief's face.

Unknown said...

OBAMA WILL ANNOUNCE HIS PLAN FOR AFGHANISTAN TOMORROW. Oh, goody. Rumors lean toward him putting 30,00 to 35,000 new troops in for some kind of surge (he modified General McChrystal's numbers, so he's probably modified the surge as well). The other rumor is that he will provide the troops, but no arms or ordinance. They will be expected to defeat Al Qaeda and the Taliban by making really mean faces at them while shouting "shoo, go away."

HamiltonsGhost said...

Lawhawk--If he wants to find war criminals, maybe he should look a little closer to home. In the gang wars, Obama's beloved Chicago South Side has enough war criminals to keep Holder busy for the next twenty years. They murder with great joy, and if innocent bystanders are killed, well, so what? They were there weren't they? They loot, torture, rape, and most of all, kill. Most of the murderers are never caught. Those who are caught have one of those wonderful civilian "fair trials," and many walk out as free men. Not a single one of them has ever put his life on the line to protect total strangers thousands of miles away for no reason other than it is the right thing to do. And to Obama and his friends, they are "urban heroes."

This persecution of the Navy Seals will be a blot on America's honor for decades to come.

Unknown said...

HamiltonsGhost: Well said, and not too far out. The gang murders, etc., are technically local. But most of the big gangs doing the big murder sprees are parts of nationwide criminal enterprises (Crips, Bloods and many more). That would grant federal jurisdiction. If the Holder Justice Department weren't so busy recruiting these bastards for fundraising and vote suppression, they would have a mountain of potential prosecutions and actual good works for America. But DOJ resources are limited, so they must conserve their best resources for prosecution of CIA agents, former Bush administration officials, and other enemies of the state.

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, Couldn't agree more. When the people charged with implementing the law think they are above it, or that they responsible to something other than the law itself, those are dangerous people.

Unknown said...

Andrew: So true. I think it's that liberal need to ignore the concept that we have a government of laws not of men. When it comes to making a decision about whom to prosecute and whom to set free, they do the entire "social justice" thing, and thereby violate their oaths of office which says that they will dispense justice equally to the rich and the poor, without regard to their individual natures or station in life. The law should never change solely by virtue of which political philosophy currently holds power. That's the difference between a republic and a banana republic. Only one word is different, but the concepts are worlds apart.

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, I couldn't agree more.

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