Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Democrats Continue To Lose Touch With Reality

The Democratic party continues to show that it has little or no grasp on reality. They have finally woken up to the idea that they could be in political trouble in November, but the reasons escape them. So they’ve hired a team of crackheads to sort out the problem for them and to give them an effective strategy to reconnect with the public. Oh boy.

It turns out that the biggest problem for Democrats, according to Dick Durbin, is that: “When you spend all your time in the Senate among the senators and the staff, you tend to use words that average people just puzzle over.” Yep, that’s right Dick. The problem is that we’re just too stupid to get your nomenclature. It couldn’t have anything to do with the way you act. Maybe you should talk down to us?

Indeed, that is the plan. They have hired an egghead to teach them “the importance of speaking with a clear voice to the anger of the average American.” Said egghead will teach them to use simple language that engages the “frontal emotion circuits” of the brain. In other words, "we're going to try to speak as primitively as you do."

Now stop me if you’ve heard this before, but don’t the Democrats seem to keep missing the point? They always seem to believe that people hate them, not for their twisted actions, but because they haven’t described their actions in just the right words. That’s why some months back, a large group of female Democrats hired someone to teach them to “talk tough” because they found that the public didn’t trust them to deal with “man-made disasterist.” They actually believed that the fact that they’ve called for unilateral withdrawal in Iraq, nuclear disarmament, opposed the missile shield, and refused to recognize the existence of terrorists who want to kill us, had nothing to do with the public’s perception of them as weak. . . no, it was the words they used. Yeah, words like “surrender.”

By the same token, in the mid-2000s, Team Donkey hired religious specialists to teach them to slip “God” words into their speeches after they found out that the public viewed them as anti-religious. Yep, it was their choice of words that was the problem, not their aggressive agenda to drive Christianity out of every inch of the public sphere and their opposition to everything religious groups hold dear.

So what’s the new plan? Hold on to your seats!

The goal is to present a “can-do” image for their party, an image of a party “that is focused on issues the public is worried about” to replace the “party of big government” image that the GOP somehow managed to attach to them. To that end, they plan to:

(1) Start by pushing tighter regulations on Wall Street -- an obvious choice for anyone who has witnessed the mass “bring back Basel II” protest marches all around the country.

(2) Overhaul immigration policy -- a sure fire way to make the public happy.

(3) Pass a jobs bill of some sort -- because the last dozen didn’t produce any jobs.

(4) Extend middle class tax cuts -- note that the word “extend” means “keep from raising taxes” and that no one’s taxes will actually go down from this, and note also that “middle class” doesn’t really mean “middle class” when Democrats use it.

(5) Reduce carbon emissions -- the first bill to really bring out the public against the Democrats.

AND (6) Tout the benefits of ObamaCare. . . as if there were any benefits.
So basically, the plan is to push the same crappy agenda that got them into trouble in the first place, only this time it will all magically work out differently! A popular definition of insanity holds that one who repeats the same actions and expects different results is insane. That’s probably why the guy who put this strategy together for the Democrats is a clinical psychologist. . . Dr. Drew Westen.

Somehow, that’s the only part of this that makes sense.


Libertarian Advocate said...

Wow Andrew. That was a groin shot to the dementocrat elite. Do you think they'll actually hear your warning shot. My money says not a prayer!

Unknown said...

Andrew: Gol durn. Does that mean they're a gonna speak English as she is spoke so us plain folks kin unnerstand?

AndrewPrice said...

Libertarian Advocate, I don't think they listen, but that's a good thing. I'd rather they not fix their problems.

Everything I've seen from the Democrats over the past 20ish years now has told me that they honestly don't understand that the public doesn't buy their views, they really do think that they just haven't found the rights words yet to sell them. This is just the latest instance of that.

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, I expect that will be the case. Of course, it sounds ridiculous when a bunch of rich kids and children of rich kids who are all versed in socialistic new-speak suddenly start trying to sound like the rest of us, but at least it should be entertaining.

wahsatchmo said...

I agree, Andrew: this is a continued reflection of all things Democrat and progressive in this administration. To them, speeches create reality; actions do not. Results are unimportant; only feelings matter. And of course, since they've defined progressivism as "caring for fellow humans", they claim that their words don't matter, either, except to convince the stupid masses to accept whatever the progressives decide. And since progressives always care, by definition, whatever they decide is right.

This is why progressive Democrats can historically be the party of slavery, eugenics, racism, and fascism while claiming to uphold human welfare. This is why progressive Democrats can accept far more in donations from Wall Street while claiming to be the party of the "little guy". This is why progressive Democrats feel secure in costing thousands of lives in Africa to the banning of inexpensive, effective (and NOT environmentally harmful) pesticides against mosquitoes while claiming to make the world a better place "for the children".

It's time for Democrat voters to understand that intentions don't matter anymore, because the progressive Democrats in this administration have done everything possible to disguise their intent and call upon you to ignore their results. Their words have become so divorced from their actions that they are all but meaningless, except as indicators of their cynicism and hypocrisy.

And as a wake up call to the progressive voter: if you don't have a Congressman in your pocket, you are not among the privileged elite. If you do have one in your pocket, remember that no Congressman has the ethics to stay bought forever.

BevfromNYC said...

Huh? Ah ditnt no thay wuz jist two smort four the licks ov us pour reglar fokeses. Ah am thrilled thay will uze eezee wordz from now on...I wuz werreed.

StanH said...

Excuse the vulgarity but, “you can’t polish a turd!”

AndrewPrice said...

Stan, No, no you can't.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Now that's the spirit! You should write speeches for the Democrats!

AndrewPrice said...

wahsatchmo, I don't know what to add to that, I think you're 100% correct! They truly are a party based on hypocrisy, relying on intentions and not their actions, using words to hide their intentions and their actions, and willing to lie about both what they want and what they've done.

I just hope the American people finally have caught onto this and will toss them out permanently.

LL said...

The Democrats like to point out how puerile the people in the middle of the country are (the ones they fly over) who harbor sentiment toward God and guns. Some of them speak neanderthal so the Democrats will have to talk very slowly and deliberately.

However, barack hussein obama should use his teleprompter because when he doesn't his language harkens back to Chairman Mao and Leon Trotsky.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, There is definitely a lot of derision in the Democratic plan. They are basically saying that we're too stupid to understand them, so they need to talk down to us.

Anonymous said...

Another zinger Andrew! It's like Obambi's response to all the opposition to Obamacare - he didn't explain it enough, so he thought by talking about it ad nauseam, the dummies (us) would finally like it.

Robin of Berkeley on American Thinker had a good post today about liberals being from Mars. It's so true, it's like they are from another planet.

I came across this "wonderful" group on Facebook: How about we stop blaming Obama for what Bush did. It's unreal how blindly these people follow him. That's why I like this blog so much - it's my daily dose of sanity in an insane world.

Keep up the good work guys! TJ

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks TJ! I'm happy to hear we add a little sanity to your world!

I know exactly what you mean about Obama's followers. They are truly blind to the world around them. Whatever he does is exactly what they wanted, and when it isn't, it's somebody's fault besides Obama. It's truly cult-like.

The problem for Obama is that most of the public doesn't fall into that category and that the public is now looking at his actions, not his words or intentions. So any plan that involves trying to re-label what they did as something else simply won't work. In fact, it will probably make it worse because people will feel that they are being played.

Writer X said...

Next thing you know the Dems will recommend "trust therapy." Just fall back into the arms of your Congressman and expect him to catch you. They just don't get that actions always speak louder than words. But, given enough taxpayer money, they'll try anything. Sadly, most of their tactics work beautifully on the fringe left.

AndrewPrice said...

Writer X, I hadn't thought about that! What a scary thought -- forced trust therapy. "You are ordered to report to the events center to learn to trust your Democratic Congress critter."

It actually does amaze me that left keeps falling for this. I'm glad they do I guess or they might actually work at becoming an effective groups, but it's still stunning. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me year after year. . . well, I still trust you!

Individualist said...


The reason they do this is that the Dems are spoiled. From 1940 with the advent of the Fairness Doctrine by FDR to the takeover of the Media in the 60's they have controlled the narrative. What you knew is what they would let you know.

The problem they have is that in the era of new media they are much more easily debunked. They have responded to this with snobbery. Limbaugh is a bombast, wingnuts on the internet, the Drudge report is for kooks, etc. This worked as well but now the new media has expanded and conservatives are fighting back.

They are not used to being questioned and having their accusations answered and the new media and the Tea Party are not the country club RINO's that would suck it up for a few hidden tax shelters. It is outside their worldview which has become a fantasy of their own making.

So when they are in power they ignore us and out of power they are nothing but shrill voices and decietful lies. No substance is there. Their party is air.......

AndrewPrice said...

Individualist, That's true. They do this because it's worked in the past because there was one unified media that dutifully sold their lies to the American public and told anyone who disagrees that they are crazy.

But in the modern world, with a wide open media, that won't work anymore because the public now knows that they are not alone in their doubts and in seeing the Democrats' words as lies and false promises.

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