Monday, June 28, 2010

This National Park Is Off-Limits To Americans

While outgoing President Bill Clinton was busy turning more useable land into remote wilderness National Parks, the last one he created was the Sonoran Desert National Monument in Arizona. The National Park Service has now added something to the "welcome" sign. It has closed the roads into the park, and told Americans that it's too dangerous to go into the area.

It must be those great gatherings of western diamondback rattlesnakes, or the tarantulas, or the scorpions, right? Or maybe drought combined with the possibility of deadly flash floods that has caused the Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management to cut off entry into the park for American citizens. Nope. It's too dangerous because one of our national parks has become a staging ground for the violent paramilitary activities of illegal immigrants and the Mexican drug cartels. The Obama administration is so busy pandering to illegals and weakening America's ability to secure its own borders that they simply found it cheaper to put up a "Do Not Enter" sign to the park than to forcibly and probably violently remove the invaders.

There was really only one road into the park for tourists unfamiliar with the local Arizona trails and backroads. That was Interstate Highway 8. Signs all along the highway now warn Americans not to go anywhere south of the highway or in any way enter the park that Bubba Clinton described as "a magnificent example of untrammeled Sonoran desert landscape." Well, it's become a bit trammeled, and not from the Americans who pay for it and who should have the right to enjoy it without being warned off by their own cowardly government or murdered in cold blood by foreign invaders.

And the situation continues to get worse. You can't have a large group of reactionaries without something for them to react against. The total lack of any desire to stop this foreign invasion on the part of the Obama administration, the looming possibility of another amnesty, and the left's vitriolic attacks on Arizona's attempt to enforce the federal law that the federal government refuses to enforce has produce a full-blown reactionary result. The feds won't defend our borders, and the Arizona legitimate forces are stretched paper-thin in their valiant attempts to do the right thing, so that leaves a vacuum.

To fill that vacuum, we have now also provided a training-ground for neo-Nazis. Jason "J. T." Ready has announced that his National Socialist Movement will fill in the border-enforcement gaps. On their website, the group announced "an anti-invasion operation in the Vekol Valley called 'Border Ops.'" Ready describes their paramilitary action as "the Minuteman Project on Steroids." The negligence (or perhaps the intent) of the Obama administration was to result in the painting of all those who believe in legal immigration and border enforcement as racist xenophobes. And now, the neo-Nazis have come along to help them prove their phony talking point. Just what we needed--a white supremacist, violent group of thugs to give the Obamists something to point to.

Although local law enforcement, largely through Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeau, has warned the neo-Nazis about any attempts at paramilitary action, the neo-Nazis seem about as impressed with the warnings as the illegals and the cartels. In White News Now, the vigilantes have said they are going forward with their operation with or without the blessing of law enforcement. "One way or another the invasion must stop" was their response to Sheriff Babeau.

Not all the civilian groups forming committees to act in the absence of the government are white supremacists or neo-Nazis. Another group which calls itself "Vekol Valley Illegal Immigrant Patrol" is an outgrowth of a pseudo-vigilante group called "Operation Line in the Sand." They fit better into the original meaning of "vigilante" in that their sole mission is to defend themselves and their homes, and enforce the law when the government cannot or will not do that job. The leader of the group, Harry L. Hughes III, says "Although we are armed for bear, I would like to think that the primary intention of this show of force is to raise public awareness when it comes to the drug trade and human smuggling."

That is far different from the neo-Nazi "whites only" reasoning, but both are a reaction to the vacuum created by the federal government and the inability of local law enforcement to do much on its own. From desperation, comes radicalism, and sometimes the most honorable of groups feel they have been forced into alliances with unsavory groups by the inaction of the government they are supposed to be able to rely on. That is how the Nazi camel got its nose under the German tent, and I pray that the same thing won't happen here.

As the saying goes, "desperate people do desperate things," and if the Obama administration is failing to enforce the law as a tactic to consolidate pro-amnesty forces, they are playing a very dangerous game. It's way past time for Congress to quit making multi-culti speeches and devoting its resources to sensitivity training and get on with serious border enforcement and sensible immigration reform. As the situation in the border states becomes ever more dangerous, the failure of Congress to act in the interests of the United States could easily produce a lawlessness of domestic origin to match the lawlessness of the invasion from south of the border.


JG said...

Wow, thanks for this article. I, of course, had heard nothing about this. Is it bad that nothing is shocking anymore?

I especially like the point that, by the government not enforcing the law or listening to the people on this issue, it opens up the opportunity for the crazies to have a "cause."

patti said...

as i have been following this story, i continue to be shocked that NOTHING is being done to stop it. well, as shocked as i can be with this administration. and now that the "national socialist movement" is here to save the day, or border, the story just took a turn for the "this isn't going to turn out well".

Joel Farnham said...


This is not unprecedented. Bandidos have invaded before and Mexico did nothing to stop them. Patton made his mark that way.

I am alarmed that the Nazi's have stepped into this vaccuum to enhance their standing. All it is going to take is a large incident or a minor one puffed up to create Martial Law in Arizona.

I hope WriterX is okay.

BevfromNYC said...

This is one reason why I hesitate to join groups, eventually the cause gets corrupted by crazies. Even the Tea Party groups are beginning to annoy me. There is always that point where the sensible cause becomes corrupted. We could try to keep them on the fringe, but they infiltrate the mainstream no matter how vigilant we are.

I sympathize with the border problem, but Neo-Nazis and groups like this are so NOT the answer. We must do everything in our power to shut groups like this down.

Anonymous said...

JG: It isn't the kind of happy touchy-feely article that the MSM likes to print about illegals and the drug cartels, so you have to dig to find it. This should be front page news, but of course it isn't.

In some ways, the Democrats, led by the delusional Obama, are following Marx's screwed-up script adapted from Hegelian dialectic. Society will create its own destructive groups until the final workers paradise is achieved. Unfortunately for the script, the world has already had one round of the Nazis, and we sure as hell don't need another one.

Anonymous said...

Patti: That says it all: "This isn't going to turn out well." At this point, no matter how the events unfold, the Messiah is once again demonstrating his ability to split the nation into warring factions. The wounds will take a very long time to heal.

Anonymous said...

Joel: And the worst part is that these drug cartels make Pancho Villa look like a street-corner extortionist. They're running an invading army that's better equipped than our law enforcement agencies, and we have a president who is reluctant to use our military to fight foreign wars, let alone fight a border war with the future voting base of his party.

The neo-Nazis have been a sick, destructive joke in this nation. If they start to gain adherents because of incidents like this, it will be on the heads of the leftist one-worlders who actually believe their own propaganda of peace, love and international brotherhood.

Joel Farnham said...


To make matters worse, because of the dumbing down of history by the left, Nazi are considered right-wing.

There has been some progress in correcting that assumption, but not near enough.

You are right about Pancho.

Anonymous said...

Bev: Your point is well-taken. All new movements, no matter how well-intentioned, are inevitably going to draw in some fringe types. If they ultimately succeed in becoming a mainstream force, it is usually because they have weeded out and isolated those fringers. But once in awhile, those fringe-types get control, and you end up with National Socialists and Maoists in charge. I think it's due in part to that dangerous "single issue" advocacy that Andrew and I have both warned against.

In a free society such as the one designed by our Founders, it is the job of the people, as represented by their legislatures and executives, to render crazy fringe groups irrelevant by exposing their craziness in the free marketplace of ideas. The neo-Nazis in Arizona wouldn't be getting a moment's notice were it not for the left's total failure to assert American ideas boldly, including the right of any nation to defend its borders.

We don't so much need to shut down groups like the neo-Nazis as to render their very existence ridiculous by continuing to advance the idea of a society of ideas, the rule of law, domestic peace without government oppression, Constitutional liberty and a form of government which is not a respecter of classes or race. Allow lawless invaders to have free rein within our borders, and you give power to groups like the neo-Nazis who tar all Hispanics with the label of invaders.

By failing to protect the borders, the supposedly post-racial Obama government is creating racial divisions we haven't seen since before the Civil Rights movement.

AndrewPrice said...

Nice article. All I can say is that groups like the Minutemen better start yelling about this unless they want to be tarred with this brush.

And I would call them "National Socialist Punks" -- rather than "Nazi" to highlight the leftist aspects of "socialist."

Anonymous said...

Joel: The discussion of Nazis was complicated for those of us who actually got an education before the progressives took over the schools completely. It was hard then to explain that the left-right continuum was only one of several ways of looking at political movements. By the straight traditional analysis of left-right which began with the French Revolution, the Nazis do indeed go on the right. But looking at commonalities among mass movements, the Nazis belong in the statist-socialist camp, which by another standard puts them on the left. The truth is that no one way of classifying political movements solely by social philosophy can ever be adequate.

Bogging down on whether movements are left or right tends to draw attention away the real issue of where they stand on freedom and the concept of ordered liberty. The same is largely true of getting bogged down on the definitions of "liberal" and "conservative." They have different meanings at different times and in different contexts. Caution is the order of the day when making these analyses.

I'm usually satisfied by classifying them by their "oppression factor." Nazis and communists fit right into the same box on the oppression scale, and I don't want to see either of them becoming a major force in America. Our theoretical form of government, which big-government types ignore completely, is the only coherent form of government which also is extremely low on the oppression scale.

In addition, the Nazis exploited racial factors, the communists exploited poverty and class factors, but the ultimate goal of both movements was government control of every facet of daily human life. Our Constitution forbids consideration of either factor in protecting liberty and self-government. Somebody needs to remind the Obama administration of that fact.

Anonymous said...

Andrew: The Minutemen have no ties whatsoever to the National Socialists or the neo-Nazis, but it might be wise of them to make a very public statement condemning the actions of those groups before the Obamists can implant the idea of a "common purpose" among them all.

"National Socialist Punks" works for me, although I might also be tempted to use "Aryan Supremacy Nutcases" as well.

LL said...

barack hussein obama is the first US President to knowingly and willingly cede US Territory to foreign cartels/organized crime.

The Arizona National Guard (State Troops) can be sent there without a federal mandate to restore order.

Send them with loaded weapons. I doubt the wetbacks will fight back, but if they do, simply kill them and there are just so many fewer criminals making the US side of the Border unsafe.

Anonymous said...

LL: The Arizona National Guard is what we used to call the state militia. So in theory, they could indeed be sent to the border to prevent and wipe out this invasion. As a practical matter, we both know how often the law seems to say one thing but is implemented in an entirely different way. I can envision a true federal-state confrontation over the historical development of the state militia/national guard into a pure tool of the central government in Washington.

I'm not saying that I wouldn't like to see that confrontation come sooner or later, but I do think that at the present time, even the boldest states rights politicians would be hesitant to ignite that fire until all other avenues have been exhausted. In addition, the smartest thing to do would be to get the invaders out of Arizona and push them back into their native haunts in hot pursuit. That would unquestionably exceed the Constitutional mandate of the states, since entering the sovereign territory of another nation has been reserved solely to the federal government. There are some very obvious answers to this problem, but that doesn't make them either easy or simple to put into action.

Worst of all, by making the Sonoran Desert reserve into a federal park, the staging area for the invaders is not technically part of Arizona, even though it is within the borders of Arizona. In theory, at least, the Arizona law enforcement officials, including the Arizona National Guard, could shoot any invader going into or coming out of the Park, but could not actually invade the Park itself since it is federal territory.

This entire mess is brought to you by a government in DC that simply won't enforce our national borders and protect us from a foreign invasion. Lawyers and historians like me can debate the necessary and proper action to be taken from now until Doomsday, but the reality is that somewhere along the line, and I suspect not too far from today, events will take on a life of their own, and academics will be pushed off to the sidelines.

Unknown said...

Because of some early border enforcement and a smaller border area to patrol, California has been spared much of what Arizona is going through now. We have cities with huge populations of illegals sometimes acting as the tail that wags the dog. And we have the gang violence (MS13, anyone?). And of course we have our sanctuary cities. But so far we've been able to avoid an outright armed invasion of sovereign American territory.

If Arizona succeeds in ridding itself of these violent intruders, I fully expect them to move their bases to California, largely because of California's idiot liberal policies and the welcoming arms of our sanctuary cities.

Anonymous said...

CalFed: I'm sure you're right, and it's probably only a matter of time before California has the same problem, regardless of what happens in Arizona. California's border area, particularly wilderness areas, is indeed smaller than that of Arizona.

But it's still very large, and once they're in, there's so much territory for them to occupy. If they can stretch their troops and supply lines far enough, maybe they'll just occupy Yosemite. They have the will to do it, and our government lacks the spine to oppose it.

CrispyRice said...

Of course we've heard nothing about this here either. >>eyeroll< Holy carp.


Tennessee Jed said...

Out of control spending (stike 1) subsidized federal run Healthcare (strike 2,) lack of border security, (strike 3 you are out of there.)

BTW, my word verification puzzle came within eleven letters of spelling rumplestilskin

Anonymous said...

Crispy: It really is a sad comment on our so-called news agencies that they are not reporting on this at all. I would have expected they would at least report on it and give it their left wing spin, but they're not even doing that. I guess they figure that an invading army can't be spun into anything positive.

Anonymous said...

Tennessee: LOL. Now that I've seen how many knowledgeable people have heard this tale for the first time, I'm realizing just how important it really must be. Let's hope it makes its way around the internet and gets picked up by those few conservative news stations on TV and radio. An invading army, calmly sitting and training on American soil, and a government that will do nothing about it except forbid Americans to enter the enemy camp must scare the holy crap out of the MSM.

HamiltonsGhost said...

Lawhawk--It's probably appropriate that the first American park to be given over to foreign invaders would be one set up by a Clinton. Will the other Clinton now negotiate a truce and hand over American territory to foreign invaders?

Anonymous said...

HamiltonsGhost: It's a bit more complicated than that, but you're on the right track. Hillary will negotiate a peace treaty, and grant the invaders fast-tracking to dual citizenship. They will get to keep the land, bring in more invaders and keep their firearms as Mexican citizens, and as American citizens get free health care, government jobs, and tax credits for being immigrants. Oh, and they also get the right to vote in American elections--as Democrats. Non-Hispanic Americans will still have to remain outside the Park, lest they accidentally intrude on cultural diversity or offend the sensitivities of the new dual citizens by speaking English.

Joel Farnham said...


The sad thing is there are people here in the United States who whole-heartedly agree with you last comment.

Anonymous said...

Joel: I know what you mean. And I just left a city that subscribes to, endorses and actively promotes exactly that way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Hey, no offense meant here, only a clarification that's somewhat off-topic to the discussion thread, but . . .

Sonoran Desert is a national MONUMENT that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management, NOT the National Park Service, which is a different agency and a different system of parks and monuments and historical sites and such.

(There ARE, however, other Park Service units down along the border -- Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, for instance -- that are a part of this whole issue, too.)

Again, purely for the sake of accuracy . . . thanks.

StanH said...

Maybe the drug cartel and the neo-Nazis will kill each other off?

We can expect Barry too do absolutely nothing, so the inevitable clash will take place. I pray God that we can get rid of Barry, and make “illegal” immigration a large part of the campaign.

Legal immigration to the USA, is a critical piece in the continuation of our great Republic, and Americans of Hispanic origins are some of the greatest. That misses the point of the current debate, either we are a country of laws or we are not.

Conspiratorial Alert! Open borders are a large part of the CFR, both parties are members, both parties want the invasion to continue, the people do not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: You are correct, and that's why I mentioned both the Park Service and BLM. Minor details like who is legally charged with running a park versus running a monument do not bother statist Democrats in the least. But as to the status of the monument itself, you are absolutely correct. The underlying issue, of course, is that whether it's BLM or the Park Service, under this administration, nothing will be done about the invaders.

Anonymous said...

Stan: I too would like to see the cartels and the neo-Nazis bump each other off. But two truths remain. Such a result is deeply harmful to the rule of law, and innocent non-parties have a bad habit of getting caught in the crossfire. The real solution is a new administration in Washington which will enforce our laws and secure our borders. The Bushies were only slightly better at it than the Obamists, so we need more than a reversion to the status quo ante bellum.

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