Monday, March 14, 2011

The MSM Smears Michele Bachmann

Oh my God!! Do you know how stupid Michele Bachmann is? She actually thought the revolutionary war started in Concord, New Hampshire, when it really started in Concord, Massachusetts. Like, wow! This is not someone who should be elected to anything. What’s next? Is she going to think there are 57 states? No, only a retard would think that. . .

In case you missed the three dozen stories this weekend and the headlines at every media outlet, Michele Bachmann made a mistake in her speech in New Hampshire. She wrongly attributed “the shot heard around the world” to Concord, New Hampshire. It actually happened 50 miles away in Massachusetts. Thus, the AP headlines screamed “Bachman flubs Revolutionary War Geography!”

Of course, all politicians misspeak. So what’s the big deal? It’s the ones with a pattern of being wrong who should concern us. Politicians like Biden, whose stupidity would require a teraybyte of memory to detail. Or Obama whose knowledge of US history and geography is worse than that of your average high school student. . . from Kenya. Or Pelosi, whose stupidity is so bizarre as to border on insanity rather than simple ignorance. So why pick on Bachmann for a single flub?

You know the answer to that. They’re picking on Bachmann because she’s a conservative and she’s a threat to them. If she had been a Democrat, they would have ignored her flub and savaged her critics for raising it. But she’s not a Democrat, thus the MSM smears her. . . just as they’ve done with every other Republican. Outfits like Politico are even trying to turn this into a big deal by claiming this is part of a pattern; note their headline: “For Michele Bachmann, a pattern of getting facts wrong.” Pattern? Really? Actually, it's only three facts and they aren't really "fact" facts.

For example, she said “the very founders that wrote [the Constitution and Declaration of Independence] worked tirelessly until slavery was no more.” What's the problem you ask? Well, according to Politico, while many of them (like the ones she names) did in fact become ardent anti-slavery leaders, not all of them did, and they ALL died before slavery was abolished. Hence, they did not work tirelessly "until slavery was no more" as Bachmann says. Clearly, she is a fool, right? Well, no. This is a smear. Bachmann never said what Politico claims: she never said they ended slavery, she said they worked to end it, and she never said "all the founders." Politico has intentionally misinterpreted what she said so they could attack her. That's bogus "journalism." And let me point out, using their logic, FDR wasn’t opposed to Nazi Germany, because he died before the Nazis were defeated. Hmmm, who knew FDR was a Nazi sympathizer?

She also said she wanted to hear from Gen. Petraeus before we take action in Libya. BUT, Libya isn’t under his chain of command. O-M-G!! What was she thinking?! How can someone on the House Intelligence Committee not know that Libya isn’t part of Petraeus’s command, smugged Politico. Of course, this too is a smear. She never said he was in charge of Libya, she said she wanted to hear from him on the issue. Why hear from Petraeus? Perhaps because he's the most trusted American military man since Ike.

Again, Politico has taken Bachmann’s words, given them an unreasonable interpretation, and then analyzed and spun that interpretation until they could declare her wrong. This is the equivalent of my reinterpreting your statement that you like your mom, as meaning that you don’t like your dad, because you didn’t mention him. And since you don’t like your dad, you must dislike all dads. And since Santa must be a dad (Santa did not immediately return our request for comment), you must have lied when you said you like Santa. Apparently, that passes for "journalism" in the MSM these days.

But then. . . she did get the Concord thing wrong.

This is all they offered to "prove" that she has a problem with "facts." So, do you see the pattern? There actually is one here. It's the way the MSM jumps on every issue (real or imagined) they can possibly use to smear conservatives as stupid. Yet, somehow, they give a total pass to every single instance of Democratic stupidity, like. . .

● Obama saying there are 57 states
● Obama seeing the nation’s “fallen heroes. . . in the audience here today”
● Obama’s plan to bring “greater. . . inefficiencies to our health care system”
● Obama’s claim that “Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s”
● Obama not knowing that Austrians speak German
● Obama’s claim about the deaths of 12 people in Kansas: “in case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas, 10,000 people died”
● Biden’s famous three letter word J-O-B-S
● any Bidenism
● Pelosi’s claim that “500 million Americans lose their jobs every month in this country,” a country of 300 million people
● Pelosi’s “we have to pass the health care bill . . . so we can see what’s in it”
● Pelosi’s claim that unemployment benefits “create jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name”
● Pelosi’s “this bill can be bipartisan, even though the votes might not be bipartisan”
● Pelosi making up Bible quotes
● Pelosi’s scientific claim: “I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels”. . . (for any liberals in the audience, natural gas is a fossil fuel)
● Pelosi calling “family planning services” economic stimulus because “they reduce cost.”
This is just the tip of the iceberg ignored by the MSM. Where there are Democrats, there is rampant stupidity and an MSM journalist ready to ignore it or excuse it.


Tennessee Jed said...

conservative women politicians, of course, deserve a special place in hell according to Democrats in general and to a specific sub-group: LIBERAL WOMEN. Yes, they have always been the party of women's lib, damn it, and there is no way on God's earth they are EVER going to let a Republican be FIRST. They were all set for the orange pant suit wearing SEcretary of State until "that bastard" marched in and stole it from them.

Anyhow, that is the way I see it.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, They definitely have a problem with conservative women -- black conservatives too. And it seems that no nasty trick is too low, including sexist and racist attacks.

This one is really obvious to me. The revolution thing is the exact thing that politicians do all the time -- it's hard not to when you give a dozen speeches a week. And frankly, who care? In fact, I wonder how many of the journalists who are criticizing her even knew this? I'll bet half of them can't even place what war the "shot heard around the world" was a reference too!

The other two "facts" she got wrong are a total fraud. This is a slander, pure and simple.

And Politico, by the way, is going through the presidential contenders, one at a time, slandering them.

T_Rav said...

Andrew, seeing as many "journalists" crucifying Sarah Palin couldn't be troubled to note that the Boston Tea Party happened in 1773, not 1776, I suspect several of them had to look those facts up before attacking Bachmann.

Incidentally, Bachmann responded to the attacks on her Facebook page by saying, "So the Revolution did in fact happen in Massachusetts. New Hampshire is where they are still proud of it!" Bay Staters foam at the mouth in 3...2...1...

AndrewPrice said...

T_Rav, I couldn't help but notice that the articles were full of "right after Bachmann said this, New Hampshirites took to Twitter to correct her...." So I'm pretty sure without that, the "journalists" wouldn't have known the difference.

I saw her response this morning. LOL! That's funny -- nice dig at the Peoples Republic of Mass.

(Of course, as a disclaimer, I don't buy the idea that New Hampshire is all that different than Mass. I've been there and I've met their "conservatives," and I see them as just another shade of northeast light blue.)

Unknown said...

Andrew: And the people of Lexington claim the first shot was fired there anyway. It was a simple matter of not being able to fit Lexington into Emerson's poem. LOL

Let's face it. According to the liberal mindset, all conservatives are ignorant primitives. It's just that their special vitriol is reserved for the women.

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, I think that's right. Liberals have shown repeatedly that their favorite method for attacking conservatives is to call them stupid. But that fits their mindset, which is that only they know the truth and anyone who disagrees with them is either lying or too stupid to know the truth. Thus, by definitions, conservatives must be liars and fools. Add in liberal smugness and you have a recipe for running around trying to prove that conservatives are stupid.

And boy do they ever save their nastiest attacks for conservative women. How's that for ironic, as they claim to be on the side of the feminists?

Joel Farnham said...


It is very simple. All conservative women should be barefoot, pregnant and taking care of the home. They are supposed to leave politics to their husbands. Keep their opinions to themselves and be content with their knitting and babies.

I think I missed a cliche there. Maybe two.

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, That's the cliche alright.

But I think there's something even more going on. I think the reason conservative "minorities" (blacks, women, gays, Hispanics, etc.) get so much grief beyond just the "evil conservative" stuff, is that the Democrats are specifically playing identity politics. And the existence of conservative women, for example, puts the lie to the idea that all women are liberals.

It's the same thing with blacks. They should be celebrating Clarence Thomas, instead, they act like he's functionally retarded because he represents a real danger to them -- the idea that you don't have to be liberal if you're black.

If minorities got the idea that there are in fact two (or more) paths they can choose from, then suddenly the whole identity politics scam falls apart because it relies on peer pressure to make these people believe that they have no choice but to be leftists.

Ed said...

Andrew, You've said before that the left believes in experts and I think that's part of this too because they want to think that the people they are following are the smart ones and everyone else is stupid.

Ed said...

Also, I love the list of Obama-Biden-Pelosi stupidity. You should make a database of all the stupid Democratic quotes that are out there.

AndrewPrice said...

Ed, I think that accounts for the smugness. Liberals think that they're superior to others, which is why they look down on middle America as ignorant hicks, and why they look down on conservatives as stupid. The reality is reversed, as liberals knowingly rely on bad logic and wrong facts, for the sake of political correctness, but that won't ever convince them otherwise.

Creating a database wouldn't be a bad idea, but there is so much out there. Plus, you have to distinguish between all the truly stupid statements and those that are just wrong. It would not be an easy project.

Ed said...

Andrew, Do you know if anyone is collecting all these quotes? It would make sense that someone on our side would?

Also, what do you think about Bachmann as a presidential contender?

AndrewPrice said...

Ed, I don't know of any single database that has them all. What I'm finding on the net is that these quotes tend to be talked about at various blogs and the such, and then will sometimes be combined for a "top 10" or something like that.

In terms of Bachmann, I like her, BUT I don't know enough about her yet to say anything. I'm going to look into her as part of the 2012 contender series that I'm working on -- already did Christie and Daniels. Up next is Cain. I'll get to Bachmann soon enough.

T_Rav said...

Oh, by the way, Andrew, in the name of the "New Tone" we're supposed to be using, I hereby denounce you for use of the term "retard." We who are enlightened prefer to use the phrase "registered Democrat."

AndrewPrice said...

Denounce away T_Rav, I'm sticking with the classic labels!

Besides, under the new tone, I can pretty much say anything I want as long as it's hateful -- at least, that's what the Democrats and unions keep showing us! ;-)

AndrewPrice said...

By the way, T_Rav, did you see the number of death threats the Republicans in Wisconsin got?
And strangely, I haven't heard a single Democrat condemning that.

So much for a "new tone".

T_Rav said...

Andrew, as the folks at NBC would say, it's just another example of the people taking to the streets. And you're not against the people, are you? Are you?

AndrewPrice said...

T_Rav, In the new thoroughly selfish and tribal spirit of the Democratic Party, I am indeed against the people.... unless there's something in it for me.

In fact, I think it's "Andrew-ist" that the people would be out there, but I'm not getting a share of the take. It's an outrage! It's unconstitutional!!

Ed said...

Cain should be interesting. I like Bachmann, but I don't see her as presidential. I can't quite put my finger on it though.

Writer X said...

When a Republican--or, god forbid, a conservative woman, makes a gaffe, it's front page nonstop news. When a Democrat flubs a speech, it's reported as endearing and cute, followed by the predictable, "he was very tired."

T_Rav said...

"Andrew-ist"? I smell a new PC accusation!

StanH said...

Any corpsman (“corpse-man” as Barry read three times in his teleprompter) in the 57th state, can tell you, Barry’s a dunce, and his sidekick B-B-B-Biden would be a perfectly cast as the village idiot in any movie. You can picture his dumbass, barefoot, sitting on a wall swinging his feet, straw-hat, chewing on a piece of hay, spewing stupidities.

To me, it’s incredibly alarming that a Harvard graduate, would read corpsman, as “corpse-man.” What is that 5th grade reading comprehension?

I agree with Jed on conservative ladies, the way the left attacks, it’s unreasonable, therefore exposes their fear that the first woman president might be a Republican.

AndrewPrice said...

Ed, I'm curious. That's why I'm doing the series! :-)

Notawonk said...

damn brother, preach it! lol!

lefties gotta take what they get, even if it is teeny tiny mistakes. bunch of sore losers...

AndrewPrice said...

Writer X, So true. It's not even funny anymore how consistent they ALL are, and yet we're supposed to believe there's no bias in the MSM? They must think we're the stupidest people on the planet to fall for that!

Well, now that I think about it, they probably do think that. Grrr.

You're right about the "he was just tired" excuse. I guess Democrats don't sleep much, no sleep for the wicked and all that!

AndrewPrice said...

T_Rav, It was either that or "Price Discrimination," which is a truly horrible crime IMO! :-(

AndrewPrice said...

Stan, So true! That is actually the perfect pose for Biden. And the job of village idiot is right up his alley.

As for Harvard-Obamy, I couldn't agree more. How can this man make it all the way through law school without learning to pronounce basic words? I would say it makes you wonder what else he doesn't know, but I think we've figured that out by now. In fact, it's easier to catalog the few things he does know than to discuss the billions of things he doesn't!

I agree about conservative women too, the left really has a lot of venom for them. Show me one they haven't viciously and wrongly attacked. Let's hope the first female President is a Republican, because we seem to have some good ones! :-)

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Patti, this one struck me as particularly unfair -- total smear.

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