Saturday, March 5, 2011

Question: Is Eric Holder Protecting Racists?

During recent Congressional hearings on the performance of the Department of Justice, the Attorney General lost his usual Obama-like robotic cool and got highly indignant when questioned about his motives in dismissing the already-obtained judgments against the Black Panthers who had blocked polling places in Philadelphia during the 2008 general election. He also bristled at questions about why he was dodging subpoenas from the Commission on Civil Rights and ignoring sworn testimony by career DOJ lawyers. What do you think?


Tam said...

I think it's despicable and insulting. All one needs to do is replace Holder's name with that of a conservative, and the Black Panthers with the KKK and just imagine the outrage. Sorry bastards. That's what I think.

Tennessee Jed said...

I think he is protecting "his" people.

Unknown said...

Tam: Turnabout is not fair play according to the left. Nor is equal enforcement of the laws, which is part of Holder's oath.

Holder wasn't there in the 60s. I was. But don't take my word for it. In sworn and unrefuted testimony, civil rights worker Bartle Bull testified that "he never saw any intimidation by whites in the South at the polls in the 60s that was as bad as what he saw in Philadelphia in 2008." Bartle fought for the rights of "Holder's people." Unless he became a KKK member in the interim, I think Bull's testimony is more reliable than Holder's protestations.

We must also remember that the sole issue here was voter intimidation, not some broad tract about Southern oppression of blacks in the 60s versus "poll-watching" by armed thugs at the polls in Philadelphia in 2008.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: We both know exactly what he means. But his oath requires that he understand that "his people" are the people of the United States, black, white, or striped and polka-dotted.

Who is this Holder character to tell me or Bartle Bull, or any of those legions of civil rights workers of all colors what we put our lives on the line for? We did it for our people--all of our people.

darski said...

I'm curious about something in this. Holder (and others) feel perfectly secure in admitting that they serve only those people they consider "worthy" What makes them so sure that their racism is just fine and dandy. There will be no repercussions to him or to any of them. Why is that?

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