Sunday, October 9, 2011

Twitter Twits Tweet Anticapitalist Protest

But they're not exactly sure what it is they're protesting. It may be capitalism. Or profit. Or war. Or the environment. But aside from the professional agitators sent by and George Soros to jump-start the roiling masses at Occupy Wall Street, most can't give a coherent argument concerning what they stand for or why.

Their messages have all the pithiness of a Twitter tweet. The protesters have a lot of hand-lettered signs, but there is also a suspiciously large number of expensive and professionally-produced signage to match. The signs read like a sloganeer's dream: "People Not Profits" and "Make Jobs, Not War." Aside from the fact that such bumper-sticker sloganeering makes zero logical sense, these are the silliest signs and silliest protesters I've seen since San Francisco protesters held up signs that said "Food, Not Bombs."

These people actually think that their predigested dichotomies somehow make sense. The signs are pure emotion, pure demagoguery, and no thinking. There at the events to stir up the mobs are the usual rich, capitalist hypocrites: Michael Moore, Janeane Garofalo, Susan Sarandon, Roseanne Barr, and a host of lesser lights.

These poor, starving victims of capitalism hate billionaires (I think). They tweeted, I-phoned, I-padded, laptopped, e-mailed, YouTubed and Facebooked using expensive devices invented and marketed by visionary people who started with nothing and became billionaires. Without those capitalists, the protesters would have had to get their message out by carrier pigeon. About the only billionaire they don't hate is George Soros, Nazi collaborator and currency manipulator. Soros is behind the wealthy hypocritical organizations which fomented the "spontaneous" protests. He has given them jobs all right. Con-jobs. The spontaneous protests were planned for months by Soros-funded Canadian anti-capitalist eco-wacko magazine Adbusters.

Like most unchecked cancers, the dearth of logical thinking cum lack of any solutions (other than burning down all the banks and investment firms) is spreading to other cities. But Wall Street is the world financial center, so it gives the know-nothings a great place to rally. Though their numbers are dwarfed by the mass movements of the 60s antiwar and civil rights demonstrations, these protesters share the same scruffy anti-capitalist, anti-soap, anti-logic of the outriders and disaffected "youth" of the 60s.

For good or ill, the protesters of the 60s had genuine causes and most had an articulate message to go with them. The vast majority of the Wall Street protesters are simply there to sloganeer, raise some hell, and hold up signs to protest things they clearly don't have a clue how to explain. "I'm against capitalism!" Why? "Because it's bad." It's also a lot of fun watching a babbling fool, smelling of body odor with a hint of urine, covered in piercings and gang-style tattoos trying to explain that it's Wall Street's fault that he can't get a job.

Hauling out 2008 Obamisms, the protesters hold up signs and chant: "The world is watching! This is how democracy looks! We are the ones we've been waiting for." The world is watching, and in the civilized world they are shaking their heads at the pure idiocy of the "movement." If that's what democracy looks like, it's no wonder the Founders wrote a republican Constitution to govern without the help of mobs. And they are the ones that Marx, Stalin and Mao were waiting for--useful idiots.

They even have the chutzpah to compare themselves to the Tea Partiers (the original and current ones). The original version of the Tea Party had a specific goal--stop taxing Americans without their consent and participation in government. These protesters are calling for more taxes to support their bohemian lifestyles and professional unemployment. The true patriots of the Boston Tea Party were balanced by patriots who believed the actions were too much like a mob, demanded that the partiers clean up after themselves and both George Washington and Benjamin Franklin demanded that the Tea Partiers reimburse the East India Company for its losses.

As for comparisons to the current Tea Party, there aren't any. Tea Partiers work for a living, they clean up after themselves, and their protests are peaceful with no need for police intervention. Most Tea Partiers can explain their political positions without resorting to tautologies. And all are against tax increases which are a burden on them and which are used in large part to support the government-dependent non-taxpayers currently mucking up Wall Street. Unlike the Occupy Wall Street people, when a Tea Partier speaks of the Founders, he is talking about brave men and women willing to sacrifice everything for freedom from oppressive government.

There are serious points to be made about Wall Street excesses, but these protesters can't articulate them. They blame the banks for the mortgage and housing crisis, but can't tell you anything about Barney Frank, Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. They probably think those are the names of the Three Stooges. They babble about revolution without realizing that the only revolution which produced a peaceful, middle-class constitutional representative democracy was the American Revolution. They think revolution is about attacking "the establishment" and committing property destruction without understanding even the fundamentals of constitutional government or finance.

The difference between a revolt and a revolution is that a revolution is a successful revolt. This will not produce a revolution. But it will produce something they're not going to like. They are going to find out how civilized people riot. At the ballot box.

Barack Obama is also likely to find out the same thing. He hasn't exactly become the overt standard-bearer for Occupy Wall Street. And there's a good reason for that. The Wall Street Bankers that the protesters hate so much played a major role in getting him elected in the first place. Crony socialism has merely replaced crony capitalism. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


Unknown said...

And I suppose I should have added that my favorite public nutcase, Nancy Pelosi, came out in full support of the demonstrators, calling it "grass roots" and "an exercise in democracy. This is the same Nancy Pelosi who called the early Tea Party movement "astroturfing."

Tehachapi Tom said...

Nancy is as you said a nutcase and her embracing the occupiclowns is a living testament to just that.
I happen to like Cain's comment to them," go and get a job."
In all their zeal none have made a statement that had any logical basis.
None have solutions or even suggestions except burn it all down.
Using that approach will surely fix our economic dilemma by resulting in no economy.
Where do these idiots think gains in finances come from?
Reminds me of the Eloi who lived an idealistic existence in the movie The Time Machine.
Of course the occupiclowns missed the reason for such a carefree and idealistic life style.

DCAlleyKat said...

Ode to Wall Street Protesters!

three blind mice,
three blind mice,
see how they run,
see how they run,
they all went after the farmer's wife,
she cut off their tails with a carving knife,
you've never seen such a sight in your life,
as three blind mice...

Future jobs protesters? Don't think so!

Tennessee Jed said...

Pelosi is queen of the "where you sit is where you stand" department. Didn't she decry the tea party protests as a temper tantrum?

Unknown said...

Tehachapi Tom: Cain's remark was apt and accurate. But there's one small problem. Have you looked at most of these people? Who would hire them? Even in my retail days, I wouldn't have hired them as stock boys for fear of inventory shrinkage and screwed-up orders.

On the other hand, you're right on target with these clowns. We should tell Bev to make up a sign and run down to the demonstrations: "The morlocks eat the eloi." Naw. Never mind. They wouldn't understand the reference anyway.

Unknown said...

DCAlleykat: Are mice capitalists? As for the song itself, after a few too many tokes, these guys wouldn't be able to remember the lyrics. But they would be ready for two or three Big Macs at Mickey D's (run by those dirty capitalists). These people couldn't even qualify to work the counter at McDonald's.

BevfromNYC said...

LawHawk: Do you think they would get it? "The Morlocks Eat the Eloi" LOL. 'cause I'd do it.

I love that San Fran Nan is dressing down "The Republicans" because they have criticized them as a "growing mob". After all she and her Dems have called the Tea Partiers "growing mob" seems kind of tame...and true.

Unknown said...

DCAlleyKat: All of which reminds me of a joke I've repeated before. Back during our last recession (the one Clinton "fixed"), there was a cartoon published. A master's degree holder had applied for a job at McDonald's. The manager is telling him "Gee, we really appreciate your application and education, but most of our applicants have PhD's."

That was a comment both on the recession and the miserable uselessness of too many college degrees. What is a PhD in women's studies or ethnic studies going to do at McDonald's (or almost anywhere else)?

Unknown said...

Tennessee: She has had many fine comments on the Tea Party. None of them recognize true spontaneity, and all of them are patently false.

BevfromNYC said...

It's not so much that some are comparing them to TP'ers. It's that they are comparing themselves to the Egyptians and Tunisians! Let's see, 23 Egyptians were killed this week in clashes between Egyptian forces and protesters. Such an over-inflated sense of self importance...

Unknown said...

Bev: Isn't it amazing how these Democrats can tell the big lie with a straight face and utter sincerity? They pooh-pooh clear fact and photographic evidence showing the Tea Party to be civilized, law-abiding, knowledgeable, and tidy. They ignore the sorry physical and mental state of their hired zombies and mindless sycophants, call rioting "peaceful demonstration," and praise carefully-planned demonstrations as "spontaneous."

Pelosi not only doesn't get it, but she just told news reporters, again, about the Tea Party supporters spitting on members of Congress during the health care debates. That lie has been totally vetted and de-bunked, but the beauty of the big lie is that if you repeat it often enough, you can get a large number of idiots (like the Occupy Wall Street crowd) to believe it.

Unknown said...

Bev: Ah, yes, the Arab Spring. Democracy. Blue skies and no rain in sight. The will of the people. Well, I hate to say it, but the comparison is apt. 99% of the Egyptians and Libyans also want something for nothing, and think wealth, money, advancement and innovation grow out of beneficent all-powerful government hippie colonies and kindergarten-level understanding of faith. The only difference is in which dictators they expect to take over.

And isn't it odd how utopian peace, love and brotherhood always seem to turn violent?

T-Rav said...

LawHawk, isn't that kind of elitist of you? You're basically asking these guys to think. And if thought slows down bringing justice and equality to all Americans, then it's kind of overrated and obstructionist, isn't it?

AndrewPrice said...

Pelosi should be required to live among her friends until they leave.

Unknown said...

T-Rav: I know. It's unfair of me. Expecting people to think is like expecting them to work for a living.

Unknown said...

T-Rav: Pelosi lives in one of the wealthiest districts in San Francisco. Guess which district does't have a "homeless" problem. She identifies with the poor, homeless and downtrodden, as long as they're kept at least a few hundred yards away and upwind from her. She particularly likes them when they're only as close as her television screen, with the sound turned down.

BevfromNYC said...

LawHawk - you are so mean and heartless. It's moving to the mountains, isn't it?

When in doubt...chant!

Unknown said...

Bev: I think you have the right medical diagnosis. The air is very thin, and I must be suffering from lack of oxygen. Makes a guy mean (but incapable of doing any more than writing about it). LOL

Tehachapi Tom said...

I can't help but reflect upon these occupiers and their expressed desire for a socialistic society.
Our individualistic society when contrasted to a socialistic or any other form of totalitarian type of society is based on the respect for the Judea Christian principals the the founding fathers embraced. Those men understood that it is desirable that men and women should be free to expand their own individual gifts and desires.
If memory serves me correctly this thinking was first developed most completely during the Renaissance. From that sprouting seed of thought it grew and expanded till it has become what we see today as Western civilization. The direction of social development has been one of allowing the individual to be free from the ties that bound him to the restrictions in a feudal system.
If these miss educated and non thinking followers were to get what they are claiming to want I would be willing to wage that upon receiving it they would be most unhappy.
The old adage of be careful what you pray for because you might get it surely fits here.
With the continued efforts of Commentarama and it's commentators hopefully the concept of the founding fathers will spread.

Unknown said...

Tehachapi Tom: I am in substantial agreement with your thoughts. But we must remember that most of these know-nothings have been brought up by parents who don't advise and schools which vigorously oppose Judeo-Christian beliefs and culture.

These ignorati would largely embrace socialism, if they had a clue what socialism is. They want what they want when they want it. It's as primitive as that. Socialists at least have to think about how society works, even if they're wrong on all counts.

These people are just kindergarteners in adult disguise. Me, me, me. No thought for the best interests of society. No thought to how wealth is created, let alone how they benefit from it. No thoughts about how the future will unfold and how one ought to plan for it. No concept of how adults are expected to work for what they get rather than wait for a bankrupt government to hand it to them. Calling them socialists quite frankly gives them too much credit.

Although I agree that individualism and creativity blossomed during the Renaissance, our Founders were far more influenced by the Enlightenment. The thinkers of the Enlightenment applauded the accomplishments of the Renaissance, but added the concept of ordered liberty and equal justice under law. Only a people free to succeed within established rules of civilized society could reach its ultimate fulfillment. Our Founders took that concept on step farther, and wrote a Constitution which protected those rules of civilized society while at the same time limiting the government's ability to interfere with individual accomplishment.

The Occupiers have accomplished nothing of serious note in their lives, and they want to be rewarded for their indolence. They want all debt forgiven, which is both a violation of the constitutional right to contract and a guarantee that what is left of our economy will collapse. Somebody forgot to tell them that there's no such thing as a free lunch.

tryanmax said...

If I lived in NYC, I'd be there with a sign that reads "Profits, Not Picket Lines."

Unknown said...

tryanmax: You'd be a brave soul. You might get surrounded by Susan Sarandon, Jeneane Garofalo, and Roseanne Barr while Michael The Whale Moore crushes you with his blubber.

I know that water cannons are not allowed in most American cities, but I'll bet a Lysol cannon would clear that square very quickly.

T-Rav said...

Someone mentioned earlier today the degrading physical and verbal insults launched at the NYPD these past few days, and pointed out that that is probably not how 99% of the population would behave. If that really were the case, I would restrict the franchise to the other 1% before I let them run the country.

Unknown said...

T-Rav: How can that be? They claim to be the 99%, so civilized behavior must be only for the 1%.

The NYPD is showing admirable restraint. But nevertheless, the phony cries of police brutality and denial of civil rights will be flowing freely very soon. The courts and the liberal fuzzy-headed judges will soon be issuing all kinds of weird orders, written largely by the ACLU. Overloading the system to cause its collapse is part of the Piven-Cloward/Alinsky plan. These idiots who have no idea what they're talking about are the troops who don't know what they've volunteered for.

tryanmax said...

Don't you find some irony in that, since most of those idiots are of the mind that our military troops are the ones who don't know what they've signed up for?

Unknown said...

tryanmax: I hadn't actually thought of that, but you're absolutely right. The myth of the "stupid soldier" has been bandied about since the Vietnam War, but each year the myth gets farther from the truth. Our soldiers have gotten smarter and better educated, while our "spontaneous demonstrators" have gotten increasingly ignorant. Almost any military person today can tell you what he's fighting for, including the word "honor." These Occupiers can't give you a coherent reason for their demonstrations, and honor is certainly not in their lexicon.

Game Master Rob Adams said...

"Whining not Winning!"

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