Sunday, September 26, 2010

Racist Democrat Runs Again In California

It's always interesting watching Democrats accusing Republicans of racism, even though they can't produce any evidence of it except that Republicans disagree with them. Yet when a Democrat make an outright, unsubtle racist remark, the mainstream media are blissfully unaware of it. And when it's pointed out, they simply deny it.

Fourteen years ago, Representative Loretta Sanchez defeated long standing Representative Bob Dornan ("B-1 Bob") in an election that reeked of voter fraud. Still, the area of Orange County, California that Sanchez represents had become less white, less wealthy and more Hispanic. That fact contributed to Sanchez's continuing re-elections over the next six House cycles. Her questionable victory in her first election was not truly attributable so much to ethnic hostilities as it was to simple changing demographics and Democratic control of the election machinery.

For those who know Bob Dornan, there is the additional fact that he was always his own worst enemy. In a completely safe district, it's not a good idea to make outrageously hostile remarks about the opposition party, even when most of what is being said is true. But it won't cost you an election. When the district changes demographics and becomes almost equally Democratic, it's time to learn a little tact. Dornan never learned tact.

Move forward to the present. Demographics are changing again in what is now the 47th Congressional District, and Sanchez seems to be repeating Dornan's mistakes, with the additional charm of racist remarks which Dornan never made. You see, when the district changed from middle-class/wealthy white to working class/Hispanic, Sanchez just loved talking about Democratic openness to all races and the restrictiveness of the Republican "White Man's Club." So what has changed?

Over the years, apparently while Sanchez was busy being a wise Latina, the district began to welcome a large Asian community, particularly Vietnamese immigrants escaping the communist massacres and repression following the fall of Saigon. Each generation of Vietnamese came here legally, worked hard, followed the rules, obtained earned citizenship, and became the new creators of business and employment in the district. Sanchez is faced with a Republican candidate of Vietnamese descent who is a naturalized citizen. When Sanchez praises minorities, like most race-baiting politicians, she means only her own special ethnic group.

During her recent campaign, Sanchez showed up on Univision, the Spanish-language and leftist leaning "news" station which is highly popular among Hispanics in Orange County. You don't need to speak or read Spanish to know what she said: "Los Vietnamese y los Republicanos" are trying to take the seat away which rightly belongs to the Hispanic community (which means of course, to Sanchez).

Now what do you suppose the mainstream press (the Los Angeles Times for instance) would have said if a white candidate in Newport/Balboa (also Orange County) had said "the Hispanics and the Democrats are trying to take away the Congressional seat which rightfully belongs to a white northern European?" The hysteria would have been ear-splitting, and the mobs would already be descending on the candidate's headquarters. The only thing that the candidate would be missing is a "secret language" unknown to "the others" to make his racist statement.

Sanchez is not the brightest crayon in the box. She thinks she is living back in 1985 when she could make a statement like that and not have a blogger or talk-radio station pick it up. In an era of instant communications and millions of unpaid watchdogs, it was inevitable that she would get caught playing her ethnic card. Sorry, Loretta, there are no secrets anymore, and you can hide behind the mainstream media, but you can't escape the scrutiny of the free internet.

As far as the Republicans go, I have to say "a plague on both your houses." While the Democrats were gleefully gerrymandering districts to be safe for "minorities," the Republicans were perfectly content to go along with it because at the same time safe white middle-class districts were being created for them. Sanchez is wrong, wrong, wrong. Her district is not an Hispanic, or Vietnamese, or black, or anything district. It's an American district, and a California district. If the demographics change, and it means a Vietnamese Republican will get elected, all whining about white racism becomes just the shrill cry of another failed Democratic politician.


AndrewPrice said...

Sure, but is she a San Diego Chargers fan?

Unknown said...

Nope. She's waiting for the Rams to come back, or for the Angels to win the next World Series. I think she'll be wrong on those as well.

Tennessee Jed said...

I do hope she gets the boot, Hawk! I'd like to see the Pads get to the series, and fall to the Phils.

Tennessee Jed said...

Actually, of course I meant the NLCS since both are National League teams

Unknown said...

Tennessee: Oddly, I haven't seen the polls for the area yet. But it appears that it's close, and the Republican candidate, Van Tran, at least has a fighting chance. I, too, hope to see Sanchez gone, gone, gone.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: Despite everything, I'll always be a 49ers fan, but now as for baseball, I can switch my loyalty back to the Dodgers.

Ponderosa said...

The Dems are attacking Ken Buck in Colorado on abortion and on how a senator is elected
(or something).

Bennet can't run on his economic record so he is coming up with these random attacks.
Lots of money but with nothing to say.

In theory the attacks might work but they seem so out of place and odd.

Sanchez and Bennet won't sing the praises of Obamacare so they use distraction.

And they claim that the GOP uses wedge issues.

Unknown said...

Ponderosa: I was pretty sure Sanchez wasn't alone in using this divisive tactic. Misery loves company, so I'm glad to hear the Democrats are that desperate in a few Colorado districts as well.

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