Friday, October 15, 2010

All The News That's Printed To Fit

The Democrats and Barack Obama, along with their suck-ups in the mainstream media are diligently searching for the names of foreigners whom they claim, without any proof of any kind, are spending money illegally on pro-Republican ads. It's a search that reminds me most of O. J. Simpson looking for the killer or killers of his wife. It's phony, it's ludicrous, and most of all, it's intended to be a distraction from what ought to be the real headlines and news stories of the day.

You want slimy politics and slimy politicians? Look no further than the MSM and President Obama. You're worried about where the money for these ads is coming from? How about we talk about the billions of dollars of free puffery and free coverups of criminal/ethical violations Obama gets from the press and TV? From the newseditorial offices of the press to the newseditorial offices of the networks, Obama is praised, but rarely criticized. So let's talk for a few minutes about the recent stories the media giants either ignored or moved to the style section.

Since I was born in Chicago, my favorite disappearing headline is the story of the $18 million in stimulus payments sent to 72,000 dead people. Obama and his gang have outdone the Daley family. I know that dead people in Chicago vote all the time, but have the Democrats gotten so desperate that they have to bribe dead people to vote? The story got a quick mention in intros on ABC and CBS on the early morning shows, but with no followup story. NBC didn't even mention it.

Then there's the story of the Justice Department's miserable attempt to try a Guantanamo terrorist detainee in civilian court. A Clinton federal judicial appointee barred major testimony form a co-conspirator terrorist because the investigators shouted "boo" at the guy. More proof that civilian trials of war criminals doesn't work. So how did the MSM handle it? The CBS Evening News allowed Katie Couric to call it a setback for some nebulous "federal prosecutors." No mention of the fact that it was the Obama/Holder DOJ that made the stupid decision in the first place, and failed to get the testimony allowed in. ABC and NBC took a pass on the whole thing.

Two notorious Democrats are facing serious ethics charges. Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters are both accused of taking federal funds for personal use, avoiding taxes by lying on the paperwork, and using their personal influence to get loans and stimulus money for their personal friends, relatives, and political allies. In an unusual public statement, ethics committee Republicans directly accused committee chair Zoe Lofgren of purposely putting the trials off until after the November elections. MSM coverage was nonexistent. Only the delay itself was reported, as if it just "kinda happened."

Well, I'm sure you all read or saw the coverage of the panel, assembled by the White House that said the administration was either "not fully competent" or "not fully candid" with the American people about the extent of the BP oil spill. Never mind the weeks and months of breathless reporting about the big bad oil spill causing the end of the world as we know it. Those dirty oilmen and rotten capitalists killing all those cute animals! But when it turns out that the president's own panel states that the administration underplayed the original spill then overplayed the ultimate result, you could hear a pin drop at the MSM. Don't feel bad if you missed the story. So did about 300 million other Americans.

Then there's the story of a whole new round of subpoenas being served in the John Edwards case which could establish that Edwards (former Democratic vice-presidential candidate) used presidential campaign funds to pay for his mistress. It got a quick mention on NBC's Today show, and nothing, nada, zip from ABC or CBS. I guess it's just not as juicy a story as the Republican who played footsy in the men's bathroom. So unless you're a regular subscriber to The Enquirer, you probably missed that story, too.

Then there's the fact that ABC had its own headquarters in the White House during the health care debates. Number of negative burps about Obamacare from ABC? You can count them on the non-existent sixth finger of your right hand. Maybe they were too busy visiting the bedroom next to theirs, where SEIU president and quoter of the Communist Manifesto Andrew Stern had a nearly-permanent place to flop. The story behind Stern's sudden and unexpected resignation from the SEIU and the leaks of pending criminal investigations against him also seem to be missing from the MSM's "news" coverage.

Now this is stuff that's happened just in the past few weeks. In 2009 and 2010, the list goes on and on and on. I'll just use shorthand for the stories that were either squelched, ignored, spun or lied about by the mainstream press and TV. Van Jones, administration communist and 9-11 Truther finally resigns after cruel accusations from the vast right-wing conspiracy. The Al Gore/Obama anthropomorphic global warming snake-oil salesmen get caught making s--t up. The Al Gore defense immediately went into effect--I didn't do it and I'll never do it again. The backup was the Al Sharpton defense--OK, it wasn't true, but it could have been.

The vast-right wingers also drove out a fine public servant in the Obama administration--Communications Director Anita Dunn. Dunn proudly announced that at the top of her list of favorite political philosophers was mass murderer and communist tyrant, Mao Tse Tung. Of course, Dunn is more politically-hip than I am, so she said Mao Zedong. I suppose it's possible that I just have the wrong person, right? MSM coverage counted her departure as a sad commentary on how dedicated public servants no longer wish to serve.

I'll use the shortest of shorthand for the distorted or absent coverage of the criminal activities of Obama's beloved ACORN. Need I say more? These are only a very few of the horrendous stories surrounding the dishonest, unethical, high-handed, government is everything, thuggish, race-baiting, criminal-coddling administration put together by Obama. If Obama had to pay hush money for the coverage he didn't get, he'd have to borrow a few billion from George Soros and the Red Chinese. Instead, he enjoys the free coverage and protection of the media while they help the Democrats search for some British citizen who may or may not have done something which may or may not be illegal by maybe giving some money to an organization that may or may not have put the money toward a pro-Republican political ad.


AndrewPrice said...

I don't see the money story working for them. I have yet to see that any significant size portion of the public cares where politicians get their money. And since there is no proof, this story is a dud.

In fact, it was interesting to see Bob Schieffer of CBS actually call out David Axelrod when he tried to make this claim. After asking him if he had any proof, Axelrod responded, "do you have any proof it isn't true?" Which got Schieffer to say, "is that all you've got?"

The real problem for the Dems and their MSM friends is that no one is listening anymore because this election is about their record, not the smears they can come up with.

Unknown said...

Andrew: The Schieffer interview with Axelrod was far and away the closest thing to actual coverage of that non-issue on TV. I'm just very amused by a party that constantly professes the need to include foreign law in Supreme Court decisions and massive amnesty for illegals that suddenly thinks foreigners are anathema. I guess consistency is not their strong suit.

Obama has ransomed our children's future to the Communist Chinese, and he's worried about a couple bucks of "foreign money" allegedly being used by the Chamber of Commerce? Gimme a break.

BevfromNYC said...

Last week it was announced that Rangel's ethics "trial" will begin 11/15. I finally why the rush now. The Republicans are taking over the House and Rangel does NOT want to have them chair the Ethics Committee for his "trial". Now suddenly it's very important to them to clear this up...

Tennessee Jed said...

I would love to see a real poll from Rasmussen about how much people actually trust the "state controlled" media (to borrow from Rush.) Even though I know about all these stories, it still bothers me how much these organizations try to "bury" negative stories about the administration. AS I have said before, the networks and the AP bother me the most because they still cling to the lie they are objective. We know, if the roles were reversed, the negative stories would be pushed hard

Tennessee Jed said...

Bev - the Democrats would never hide their real motives (gulp) would they?

Unknown said...

Bev: Exactly. Start the trial after the elections, but early enough to assure that the Republicans won't be doing the decision-making. Should be very quick trials. They'll have less than two months to sweep their messes under the rug.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: And if they don't squelch the stories entirely, they leak them out in small pieces, spinning the pieces so that a big scandal turns into near nothingness.

Tehachapi Tom said...

Why don't we make a movie about all this? I'll bet the ending wouldn't be boring.

Unknown said...

Tehachapi Tom: I think that depends on who plays the reporters and the Obamas. But the simple fact is that Hollywood is even more in bed with the left than the MSM, so the movie simply will never get made.

What really would be fun if there were an Oliver Stone-type twist where it turns out Barack Hussein isn't Muslim or Christian after all. He'd be played by Will Smith, and it would turn out he's a Scientologist, and gay. The look on Michelle's face (played by Jada Pinkett Smith) at the end of the movie would be priceless.

StanH said...

After I read that Lawhawk, I stood up and gave a Southern, “hell yeah!” Great list of the felonious transgressions by the Boy King and his sycophantic, doting minions in the press.

The Chamber of Commerce scandal, is one giant yawn…nobody cares - - poor Barry, his bullshit is being recognized as such…what’s a Marxist to do?

Unknown said...

Stan: I must admit that I am truly enjoying watching the dissembling of the Democrats--particularly the cadres of the left. The desperation is dripping from every pore. If the story of the foreign-controlled Chamber of Commerce has any legs at all, it's about just how foolish the Democrats are trying to get something out of such a ridiculous story.

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