Friday, October 1, 2010

Why I Hate Obama

I may not even come close to the readership of John Judis and The New Republic, but as a believer in an equal right to rant, I see his "I Hate Bush," and raise him one "I Hate Obama." The picture accompanying this article is only one of the reasons I feel so strongly about this miserable excuse for an American President.

When I saved the photo, I called it "Obama's Nuts." I'll leave it to the reader to discern what I meant by that. But I will say "nuts" to any president who thinks holding his crotch instead of putting his hand over his heart during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner is appropriate. This is a president who thinks that patriotism is unsophisticated, and in any event, no different from what people of other nations feel about their countries. There is some accuracy in that assessment, but accuracy is not the same as truth or understanding. Yes, Greeks may feel that way about their country, but so did the Nazis. American exceptionalism was definitely not in Obama's education.

I despise the man's arrogance, and this comes from a writer who is well aware of his own flaw of arrogance. But Obama's is the arrogance either of ignorance, or willful blindness. And while we're at it, let's talk about his alleged education which he and his handlers use in order to patronize 95% of the American people. I can't deny that he attended Columbia and Harvard Law, but he also attended Occidental, which is not exactly a top-tier school. I hate being patronized by faux intellectuals with no serious credentials. So where is the record of what he accomplished? At least we have Michelle's nearly illiterate Master's thesis to look at.

I don't hate him for being a socialist. I hate him for lying to the American people by denying that he's a socialist. I hate the way he tried to sneak anti-American avowed Marxists past the American people and into his administration. I hate the way he lied about knowing their pasts until he was caught red-handed. I hate that he claims his mentors were all social progressives rather than the large number of America-hating radical leftists that they were (and are). Which leads me to why I hate him for throwing his allies under the bus rather than stand by his very conscious choice of friends. Weather underground terrorist and Obama confidante Willam Ayers has so far gotten a pass.

I don't hate him for his religion, or lack thereof. But I hate the black liberation theology preached by his pastor of twenty years, Jeremiah Wright. I hate that Obama lied about knowing exactly what Wright believed and preached, including the very presidential proclamation "God damn America." I hate that he repeats the leftist mantra that "Islam is the religion of peace." I hate that he denies just how deeply his father's Marxist version of Islam advised his own beliefs in life. His father's dream was a black, Marxist Islamic world, and the title of his book was "Dreams From My Father," not "Dreams Of My Father's."

I hate his moral equivalencies, particularly when it comes to the "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" logic. I hate that he is such a buffoon when making his messianic tours of the world. I hate that he can't distinguish friend from foe. I hate that he treats the Queen of England as if she were the washerwoman, but bows deeply to the Saudi king and the Japanese emperor. I hate that he stumbles around like a bull in a diplomatic china shop yet thinks he is the height of diplomatic sophistication. I hate that he treated Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu like an uninvited homeless person at the White House, while making Marxist crook SEIU president Andy Stern his most frequent and honored guest.

I hate that he uses his socialist schemes to weaken national security by putting us into perpetual debt, largely to inimical foreign nations. I hate that he has neither respect nor understanding for the great American military which has kept us free to elect idiots to the presidency. I hate that he refuses to acknowledge the rightness of American strength while at the same time treating generals and admirals as political toy-soldiers. I hate that he is unable to distinguish between nuance and cowardice. I hate that he conflates "democracy" with "Democrats."

I hate that he thinks that "change" is automatically a good thing. The Germans got change in 1939. The Russians got change in 1919. And the Chinese got change in 1948. I hate that he doesn't understand the old saying that "communism is just socialism in a hurry." I hate that he thinks his job is to reign rather than to govern. I hate that he thinks that anyone who disagrees with him is a fascist, a racist, an ignoramus, a terrorist, or some combination of all of those.

I hate that he thinks it's necessary for his none-too-bright wife to make multiple public appearances telling us mere peasants how we ought to live, what we ought to eat, how we ought to rear our children, and how we should accept that government knows best. I hate that a man who is half-black, half-white poses as a racial healer when he clearly identifies not only exclusively with the black side, but with the radical white-hating black side.

I hate that he claims to be a constitutional scholar, when in fact he despises the Constitution and considers it an impediment to progressive, modern governance. I hate that he intentionally misstates portions of the Constitution and longstanding legal precedent, then denies that he could possibly be wrong or have a "living Constitution" agenda.

I hate the Harvard-educated monotone and inflection he uses when trying to prove how smart and deliberative he is, followed by campaign stops in which he sounds like an undeducated rube dropping g's all over the place and shouting like a tent-meeting Elmer Gantry. I hate that Mussolini-chin delivery during which he says something really stupid then defies anyone to disagree with him. I hate the acting-class, high-school debate style that he adopts when lecturing us neanderthals--look to the left, look to the right, look to the future, and repeat as necessary. At least when Bush said he admired the Grecians and had misunderestimated something, it was genuine.

I hate that he runs the country via TelePrompter but gets a free pass from the fellow-traveling mainstream press when he goes off-script and really fouls up the works. More than that, I hate that his speechwriters and handlers write him a script whereby he either denies that he said what he said or that we are simply too stupid to understand what he meant when he went off-script and sounded slightly bonkers.

Most of all, I hate that he has made me hate him. When I was a radical New Leftist, I didn't hate Ronald Reagan. In fact, I rather admired his ability to throw our angry rhetoric right back in our faces. I didn't hate Richard Nixon even though his paranoia led him to make many very sleazy and even illegal decisions. But I never doubted he loved America, even if he went about it all wrong. As a conservative Democrat in my middle years, I never hated Jimmy Carter. I just considered him weak and indecisive and without a plan, and voted for that selfsame Reagan in 1980.

Even upon my final epiphany at which point I became a conservative, I never hated Bill Clinton. I thought he did some good things, and a lot of dumb things, but I couldn't help but think of him as a lovable rogue. I even forgave him that wife of his. And again, I never doubted that Clinton loved America.

So maybe I should just take psychobabble to heart, contemplate my navel for awhile, then announce, "Mr. Obama, it's not you that I hate, it's what you've done."


AndrewPrice said...

I actually don't hate him... don't really hate anyone.

I think he's an incompetent boob, a Carteresque figure who couldn't find his rear end with a map and a one hand head start.

And for that, I am thankful. I am thankful that he and Pelosi proved so incompetent that they managed to achieve nothing that can't be fixed and they exposed the lunacy of the left in the process.

So I don't hate him, I just want him gone so we can get on with fixing the damage he's done.

Tam said...

I hate him for hating me. And you, and all other patriotic Americans, and any Americans who disagree with him. I wouldn't hate him if I thought he was just an incompetent boob, which he is, but he is so much more. I feel like he actually hates us and hates America. I love me (but not in the same vain, narcissistic, arrogant and condescending way that he loves himself) and I love America. Therefore in my unsophisticated and probably flawed logic, I hate him.

Notawonk said...

i hate that he aligns himself with slavery (as if he *knows* slavery) yet was born of a white woman and raised by a white woman...

epitome of transparent stupidity.

AndrewPrice said...

Patti, Don't forget that his ancestors weren't slaves, his father came here in the 1960s-ishes. Thus, if he is connected to slavery in any way, it's because his ancestors sold their neighbors to the slave traders. I think he owes some people an apology.

Tam, Nice logic! :-) I stick by my non-hate stance however, because it's Friday and Friday's aren't meant for hate... that's for Mondays and the occasional Tuesday following a 3 day weekend.

Unknown said...

Andrew: See above. I hate him. LOL

I work very hard on not hating him. It's the Christian thing to do, after all. So when the roll is called up yonder, I know what will be at the top of my list of failures.

Unknown said...

Tam: You nailed my problem. We're told to love those who hate us. My problem is, I just hate 'em right back. I'm working on it, and by the time I hit 100, I may have it licked.

Tam said...

Lawhawk,I know hate is a very strong word, and so is love. As Christians, we are taught to love everybody, but I don't throw either word around lightly. I'll be right there with you, listing hating those who hate me among my many faults. I haven't really tried not hating him though, so you are ahead of me in effort..

Unknown said...

Patti: I have a theory that no oppression lasts longer than the generation suffering from it. If you double my theory, it still means that there is not a single natural-born American human being in the United States today who can actually tell us about what it's like to be a slave. If Obama would spend less time relating to long-dead slavery in the US and concentrate on very real and very dramatic slavery in Africa and the Middle East, he might get some genuine perspective.

Since his father's family came here after the middle of the twentieth century, and considering where they came from originally, they were as likely to have been slave-traders as slaves.

What you forget is that he has told us his grandmother, the most nurturing of his blood relatives, was a "typical white person," meaning she was a racist. I have stop now, I'm starting to hate him again.

Unknown said...

Tam: Despite my strong conservative objection to the Obama agenda we were told about, I still have that strong civil rights era mentality. I wanted him to lose because he was a leftist Democrat. But when he won, I was at least relieved to know that a black man had been elected president in my lifetime. That's what we fought for.

As his administration has gone on to prove that he was exactly the opposite of a racial-healer, and in fact was just a better-spoken Jesse Jackson, I felt betrayed. So now I have another reason to hate him. And I suspect I'm not alone.

StanH said...

Zap! Lawhawk delivers a “right” cross!

I hate John McCain and the RNC for not pounding this Marxist idiot about the face and shoulders the entire time leading up to the vote in ’08. I hate the MSM for failing in their constitutionally mandated responsibility, informing the public. I mean this in a loving way!

Tennessee Jed said...

One of your greatest rants ever, Hawk. Bravo! Whether it is true hate or intense dislike or total disdain, I don't think I have ever felt this way about a sitting president. Jimmy Carter has come close, but only in his latter bitter years as elder whiner. This guy hasn't even been in office two years and already is arguably the most damaging POTUS in our nation's history.

Unknown said...

Stan: I'm beginning to think that there's hate, and then there's hate. Hate is acute, and strikes only when aggravated. Hate is chronic, debilitating and internal. I hate Obama, but only when he aggravates me by shooting off his ignorant mouth and making TV appearances. That's acute. The problem is that TV is becoming all Obama, all the time. I didn't hate him when he was hiding. I only had acute attacks when he started appearing again. Now, he is so damned ubiquitous that it's become chronic. If he's not careful, my hate will turn to hate.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: I pitied the incompetent and bumbling President Carter. But my feelings toward the noxious ex-President Carter is the revulsion I feel for a sore loser with delusions of adequacy who is now going to get even with the American people who gave him the opportunity to be the leader of the free world. The killer rabbit had it right.

Joel Farnham said...


I don't hate Obama. I am indifferent to him. I never even cared that a black man was elected to office. I wondered what the hubbub was all about that. I felt, "Yeah, he's black. So what?"

I am a little bit ruthless about it a well. If he were to go missing tomorrow, never to be found, I wouldn't care either. To me, he rendered himself irrelevant to the United States the minute he signed ObamaCare into law.

When he made us slaves to the United States, ObamaCare as Law, he attempted to enslave the most free-ist people this sorry world has ever seen.

This election this fall is about the would-be slaves telling the would-be masters to go ef themselves.

It is as simple as that to me. No reason to hate an idiot.

Unknown said...

Joel: I see your point, but maybe I just have a personality quirk. I don't hate a rattlesnake who gives me a lethal bite in self-defense. But I can hate a man who consciously and deliberatively wants to bankrupt me, my kids and my grandkids while giving special favors and special treatment to racial groups posing as civil rights groups, then lying about it. I can hate a man whose entire life has been devoted to fundamentally changing the greatest republic ever created by mankind. Yep, sorry, I can work up a pretty good lather about that.

And as I mentioned above, nothing's as invigorating as a little good, healthy hate. I can at least thank Obama for invigorating me.

Individualist said...

Now now Lawhawk you should be hating the Teleprompter and not the tool the telepormpter is using to run the county...

Unknown said...

Indi: I've been teaching the younger grandkids a new rhyme:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I hate Obama,
And so should you.

As the CSNY song goes, "Teach your children well."

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