Sunday, May 6, 2012

Barack Braveheart Strikes Again

Recently we were treated to an “open mic” moment during which President Obama whispered to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that if Russia could just be patient, after his reelection, the American president would have more maneuvering room to “reach accommodations” with the former Soviet Union. Obama had already agreed to a nuclear arms reduction (likely to be unilateral) and cancellation of plans for a defensive missile shield in Eastern Europe (final agreement pending).

Obama has now been confronted with a fact that anyone with the least sense of history knows—but which he apparently does not. When dealing with autrocratic rulers like Medvedev (and soon his predecessor and successor Vladimir Putin), gestures of good will and offers of compromise are treated as weaknesses to be exploited. At an international conference in Moscow, attended by American State Department officials, General Staff Chief Nikolai Makarov responded to Obama’s overtures with a serious threat that indicated what the Russkies would do if Obama reneged on his cancellation of the missile defense shield.

Said the general of the potential missile defense shield: “A decision to use destructive force pre-emptively will be taken if the situation worsens.” Translation: “If you do anything to protect yourselves and your European allies via missile defense, we will commit an act of war by destroying your sites.” In just a few decades we have gone from Ronald Reagan standing up to the Soviets in Berlin and saying “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” to an American State Department spokesman saying: “We will rebouble our efforts to seek common ground and to seek understanding.” If you can’t get your enemies to love you, at least you can make them fear you. They feared Ronald Reagan. They laugh at Barack Obama.

In an effort to tamp down the shock and anger felt by a large number of Americans at the Obama administration’s constant capitulation to a resurgent [Soviet] Russian empire, the same State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, attempted to make light of the Russian comment: “I’m aware of this kind of rhetoric being thrown around. [But] I would also just point you to the fact that outgoing President Medvedev also addressed the meeting that was taking place in Moscow, and he expressed confidence that despite differences, we’re going to be able to resolve those differences on missile defense.” Check out your history, Mr. Toner: “There are no offensive missiles in Cuba.”

“This is my last election,” Mr. Obama whispered to Mr. Medvedev. “After my election I have more flexibility.” This development alone points out that America must make this his last election and his first big electoral defeat. In fact, I’m hoping we give him enough flexibility to perform a physically-impossible act on himself. It’s bad enough we have a huge modern Caliphate to face in the years to come, but now we have a president who thinks that Neville Chamberlain did a dandy job of bringing peace for our time at Munich and wishes to accomplish the same kind of peace in Eastern Europe.

Any American general who states loudly and publicly a policy which is not consistent with that of his president will be fired. Any Russian general who states loudly and publicly a policy which is not consistent with that of his president will be fired on (as in “firing squad”). If Obama’s amateur diplomats genuinely think this is “just rhetoric” they have no idea of what incoming President Putin has engineered in the past, most particularly as head of the KGB. One has to wonder if the equally naïve and vastly more dangerous weak-spined President of the United States is acting out of foolish trust or merely simple fear.


Tehachapi Tom said...

He is more dangerous now than in 2008.
I thought a FYI I received was interesting;

TSA Year End Report for 2011

From scans to pat-downs, the TSA has its fans and detractors. But here is the report ...

The Year 2011 is over. Homeland Security has provided their end-of-the-year statistics on airport screenings here in the U.S. It is truly amazing what those full-body scanners have shown.

* Terrorist Plots Discovered: 0
* Transvestites: 743
* Enlarged Prostates: 19,249
* Breast Implants: 209,350
* Colon problems: 27,298
* Natural Blondes: 3

Unknown said...

Tehachapi Tom: That sounds about right. But isn't the "terrorist plots discovered" statistic proof that he has won the war on terror?

AndrewPrice said...

There was some interesting stuff going on with Russia when this happened however long ago now. Obama was trying to get sanctions on Iran, which Russia has since ignored. And the election hadn't happened yet, so Putin hadn't returned to power yet -- which apparently isn't going as smoothly as people expected. The timing on this was really strange and it's not all that clear what Obama was pleading for?

In any event, the most recent bit of interesting news out of Russia is Putin now trying to convince Obama to treat Russia like equals. Good luck, Obama doesn't care about foreign policy.

Unknown said...

Andrew: I think you really put your finger on it. Obama doesn't care about foreign policy. Putin will run roughshod over him. Right now, Putin probably will use his bluster against the US to buoy up his electoral victory since there is a substantial "Putin sucks" movement going on amongst the Russian populace. Of course, it will come to nothing. Obama's only interest in foreign policy is being annointed king of the universe, and I'm assuming that would include Russia.

T-Rav said...

"In fact, I'm hoping we give him enough flexibility to perform a physically-impossible act on himself."

I presume you mean touching his tongue to his forehead.

Unknown said...

T-Rav: Yeah, right. LOL

tryanmax said...

What gets me about the "flexibility" comment is the way the media tried to downplay it as a gaffe. They would have been better off ignoring it as they do so well than trying to place it on par with Reagan's "making Russia illegal" comments. Of course, I've noticed lately that the MSM never misses a chance to compare Obama to Reagan, as if saying it enough times will make it so.

Unknown said...

tryanmax: It's Reagan's simple truisms and challenges which made me a fan, even back when I was still a Democrat. The Berlin Wall speech comes to mind, but my first hint that maybe I was in the wrong party was when he called Russia "the evil empire." His own people advised against it, and the left made constant fun of it. But I was saying to myself "well, it is an evil empire, so what's with the criticism?"

Have you noticed that Obama's speech cadence has become cast in concrete? Almost every sentence is made up of:

Da DA-da, da DA-da, da DA-da, da DA. Rinse and repeat.

Only when he goes off-prompter does he sound anything like a human being. Unfortunately, it makes him sound like a stupid human being. What kind of President starts a sentence with "lookee?" I'm tired of hearing about big awl. And I get into a semi-murderous rage every time I hear the pretentious pissant say "Tah-Lee-Bahn" or "Ahf-gahn-ee-stahn." After he gets shown the door in November he can be the new Harry Belafonte. "Come Mr. Tah-Lee-Bahn, tahlly me banahna." Daylight come, and I wish he'd go home.

He can barely speak decently-accented English, so what the hell's with his attempts to use foreign pronunciations? I have to admit, though, that he has a way to go to match Bill Clinton calling the Kosovars "KaSAHvers." Maybe he had just left Monica Lewinsky and had casabas on the mind.

tryanmax said...

And they mocked Bush for saying "nuke-ya-ler," a pronunciation many learned people are guilty of using. I had my moment of rage when they mocked Sarah Palin for dropping her 'g's. That idiosyncrasy is as common as water and our Dear Leader makes a point of it when he's talking to an ethnic crowd.

Tennessee Jed said...

with a potus like this, we can only hope China will have something akin to the Marshall plan. Maybe he really feels the wrong side won the cold war. maybe he was dreaming it while sleeping through Reverend Wright's "chickens come home to roost" sermon.

Unknown said...

tryanmax: But they rarely made fun of Carter for pronouncing it exactly the same way--and he claimed to be nukular scientist. I think we all drop g's occasionally, particularly when we're angry or in a hurry. If Obama weren't so careful to pronounce them when he's talking to the elite and so deceitful about dropping them when talking to his po' crowd it probably wouldn't even bother me. I had to learn to drop some of my midwesternisms as I grew up. I thought the first president was George Warshington. I had to learn to say "to" and "for" instead of "ta" and "fer" and I still slip occasionally. Obama, on the other hand, is almost as bad as Hillary Clinton when trying to feign an accent to suit the crowd. It's phony and patronizing, even if his adoring fans don't realize they're being patronized.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: Yeah, red is red. If we beat the Russian commies, we can make up for it by being servants of the Chinese commies.

I hate that phrase, but even more than just for Jeremiah Wright having used it. I was a young, idealistic college student when John Kennedy was assassinated, and those were the words Malcolm X used to describe how he felt about it--"chickens coming home to roost don't make me sad, it makes me glad."

rlaWTX said...

speaking of Carter... my cousin graduated from Lubbock Christian University this weekend. The President's commencement speech, in honor of some anniversary, used the same opening story as his very first commencement speech 18 or so years ago. It was a story Carter told in his book - about an interview with Adm. Rickover and "why not your best". I got his point, but, seriously? Carter?

Unknown said...

rlaTWX: Well, I guess our worst ex-president (so far) can do a lot less damage at LCU than he can overseas. But that's small comfort. For a guy who claimed Christian humility, Carter was one of the most arrogant characters ever to sit in the White House. He's gotten worse since leaving office. But at least he's reduced to using old material, like a fading comic.

StanH said...

The only thing Barry scares are free Americans. It’s a hell of thing to have a president whose a laughingstock.

Unknown said...

Stan: He scares the hell out of me!

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