Saturday, June 11, 2011

Protocols Of The Elders Of Carter

This is a picture taken of former worst President, soon to be second worst ex-president, Jimmy Carter. He has just received the reviews of his anti-Israel screed Palestine--Peace Not Apartheid. The Jews conspired to give it a thumbs-down--even the liberals. Either that, or he hasn't had his prune juice yet.

Or maybe he just picked up a bug while he was on his fact-fabrication tour of North Korea. He returned in April from that unauthorized, and I mean unauthorized diplomatic visit to the wonderful Kim Jong Il worker's paradise. Unlike Barack Obama, whose visits are currently official, Carter's visits condemn all things American while visiting totalitarian dictators. Obama merely apologizes for our stupidity and arrogance.

In order to offset the pernicious Elders of Zion, Carter has formed his own group called The Elders who travel with him around the world stirring up peace and damning America. It's a sort of old farts' consortium of aging and discredited world leaders. Not content to bash the Jews alone, Carter and self-appointed Elder Martti Ahtassari of Finland went to Pyongyang to create an agreement with Kuddly Kim that would stop the onerous sanctions imposed on North Korea by the UN (front-men for the evil United States).

It's rumored that Carter proposed that if North Korea would destroy a rifle or two and give up cooking kimchi outside of airtight kitchens, he would convince the Americans to stop making nuclear demands while sending the entire food output of the Midwest to North Korea to make up for their attempt to starve innocent Koreans. Carter was apparently successful in brokering the North Korean end of the agreement, because he rushed back to Washington to present his plan to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

At first Clinton wouldn't comment on the proposed conference, since she was busy screwing free and open governments in Central and South America. She wasn't in any great hurry to accept Carter's calls. Carter has been trying now for about a month and a half to instruct Hillary on how to ease the tensions with North Korea. He's a bit of a dunderhead, and doesn't quite realize that he's not the President any longer. Hillary ain't returning his calls. But he should have recognized that his input was unsolicited and unwanted about the end of April.

Asked by a reporter at that time if Clinton intended to meet with the Peanut King, her undiplomatic response was "No--hell no!" It could be that Hillary was a little testy over some of Carter's public statements while he was visiting North Korea. Among other things, Carter told Kim that the United States and South Korea were conspiring to keep food from the starving North Koreans solely to get political and military concessions. Well, while you're insulting your own country, you might as well insult an ally at the same time and in exactly the right place.

Since returning, and while sitting next to the phone waiting for Hillary's call, Carter and The Elders have been busy undermining US Middle East policy while supporting the merger of two terrorist organizations in Palestine. Carter sees the cozy new friendship of Hamas and Fatah as the first step to peace in Palestine. He knows it will create democracy, and a genuine understanding with those damned recalcitrant Jews who are occupying the Palestinians' lands. The two are merely practicing the old Arab saying that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." They won't turn on each other again until Israel disappears.

Exhibiting a form of logorrhea previously unknown in the United States (he may have picked it up from Kim), Carter has also been blabbing about how "religion" is the cause of oppression of women. Well, he has a good point if you read the Koran. But I'm unclear on which other religions he thinks systematically abuse and demean women. On the Elder's site ( Carter is also spending his waiting time stirring up animosities between the Cypriot Christians and the Muslims who want to take over the parts of the Greek island that they haven't already captured during a bloody mini-war.

Carter should put his hard-hat back on, put duct tape over his mouth, and go back to building quonset huts for poor people. Mr. Peanut--you're a disgrace to America.


Tennessee Jed said...

o.k., Hawk. In the very first paragraph you set forth an assertion which, I am proud to say, I hold as sacred and holy writ. That sayeth that J. Carter (alias "peanut man" is the worst president of all time, but soon to be surpassed.)

Second, for yet another take on the photo, imagine J. Fred Muggs.

When he was president, I always felt that Carter was a moral and decent man, merely in way over his head as president. In his retirement, I have been forced to reassess. He is, at best, a cranky old curmudgeon. At worst, he is a traitor. president George H.W. Bush showed remarkable restraint in not prosecuting Carter for violating the Logan Act in the run-up to Desert Storm when, as a private citizen, he wrote an incredible letter to the U.N. asking other members to vote against his own country.

Tehachapi Tom said...

Jimmy and his activities show why past regimes across the world do away with their past leaders.
Most of ours retire and enjoy their lives . This clown is the epitome of the Democrats agenda foundation.
They know how it should be better than any one else, except Jimmy forgot his way didn't work well when he was the authority.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: He is indeed beneath contempt. I also think he has violated the Logan Act many times since then. He conducts private diplomacy without the permission of the State Department, often in direct conflict with American policy.

And the thought of J. Fred Muggs occurred to me as well, but I just wasn't sure how many of our readers were old enough to remember him.

Unknown said...

Tehachapi Tom: He was more a precursor of the potent Democratic left than any of us dreamed while he was President. As Tennessee Jed said, many of us got bored with his holy-holy routine, but still thought of him as moral, though incompetent. He is actually a poisonous old wretch who should be dressed up in a Napoleon suit and confined to a remote, guarded island in an undisclosed location in the middle of the Pacific.

StanH said...

I feel compelled to defend a fellow Georgian, but nah...pile on, he’s most deserving. Jimmah is a meddlesome old man who doesn’t know when enough, is enough. We are so proud in Atlanta, to have the Carter Presidential Library and The Carter Center where tin-pot dictators, or their emissaries, can come trash America with impunity. Sadly, I was a Carter supporter in ’76 by 1980 I was a newly minted conservative, and proud supporter of the Great Reagan, let us pray that history repeats itself in 2012.

T-Rav said...

Jed and LawHawk, my feelings exactly. It bothers me to no end that there are still so many people who seem to want to excuse everything he does because he's supposedly moral or something. Or, better yet, and I hear this from a lot of older people, "he's a good-hearted Christian man." Yeah, right.

Unknown said...

Stan: It's sometimes hard to avoid schizophrenia when defending your home-staters. I have Reagan, but then I also have Nixon. And if you count your birth-staters, I have Lincoln, but then I also have Obama. LOL

And I am proud to say that I was on the Planning Commission that set aside the land for the Reagan Library in Simi Valley.

Unknown said...

T-Rav: His "moral" Christianity has all the trappings of the cult that practices handling poisonous snakes. If he's a Christian, I'm a Muslim. Christ certainly knew the difference between compassion and plain damned foolishness. And even at that, those idiots who think he has a good Christian heart need to be reminded that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

AndrewPrice said...

Carter is a turd. At one point, I actually believed that he was a decent man who was in over his head. But his conduct in the past 15-20 years has shown him to be a real POS.

BevfromNYC said...

I have gone back and forth over the years about Carter. The whole "poor peanut farmer" persona was a lie, as it is my understanding that the Carter family were early founders of Georgia. And he WAS an incompetent leader, well meaning, but incompetent. AND I will not for give him for taking away Christmas lights, a beautiful tradition of which we have never fully recovered.

But I appreciated his work with Habitat for Humanity and poll monitoring around the world. And I felt a little sad for him when he was not asked to take an honored seat at Clinton's inauguration in 2003.

But something happened after Gerald Ford's funeral. Maybe he was hearing his own eulogy in his head and it came up wanting. No one wants to be remembered as the worst President in modern time. So he decided that it wasn't HIS fault. It was the Jews' fault. He tried to broker his own ME Peace deal, but only managed to get Sadat assassinated. So he went after Israel. And when that didn't help, he decided that, for the sake of his legacy, he would apologize to all of the despots in the world. Because apparently both he AND Obama think all they want is apology.

Remember at the beginning of the Obama administration he headed straight to Gaza to meet with Hamas leaders as "a private citizen". And he probably used the same excuse meeting with Kim Jong Il. He is over 90, so who is going to arrest him. He is too far gone to recognize that he ceased being a "private citizen" forever, the day he took the Oath of Office as the President of the United States.

Unknown said...

Andrew: So I take it you don't like him? LOL

Back in the early 60s and moving through into the 80s, there was an annual photo-magazine-book entitled "Who's In Charge Here?" It was very funny, using clips of politicians with balloons containing the things they were allegedly saying. By the third year of the Carter administration, they re-titled it "Nobody's In Charge Here." That was the worst that most of us thought of Carter at the time--just a hopelessly inefficient but good-hearted guy in way over his head. Boy, have we learned. He is vicious, vengeful, anti-semitic, arrogant and an America-hater. Too bad the killer rabbit didn't catch him.

Unknown said...

Bev: Those of us who were liberal Democrats at the time saw the real "humble Christian Carter" when Ted Kennedy decided to run for President against him. Sweet l'il Jimmy announced "I'll kick his Irish ass." Talk about a falling-out among thieves.

I've always considered Carter's habitat for humanity to be nothing more than an "I love poor folks" PR stunt. Even Hitler made the trains run on time, which was a good thing, so long as you didn't look behind the trains to see the death camps.

To use a country expression, Carter isn't worth a bucket of warm spit. Time to send him to the Home for the Senile and Delusional. Or maybe to Israel to work on habitats for humans (and I don't mean the Palestinians).

Writer X said...

He'd be more effective working as a spokesperson for dementia medicine. When does he offer to help Obama with his 2012 campaign? Can't wait to watch that freak show.

Unknown said...

WriterX: I like that idea. He could be the "before" in the side-by-side "before and after" pictures touting the miracle antidementia drug. Of course, the FDA would have to approve it first, and at their current rate of suppressing new drugs, that could take another hundred years.

Koshcat said...

He and Andy Rooney can go the road together.

"Do you know what I hate?"


"Jews. Always trying to take over the world."

It would be a hit in Boulder and Marin counties.

rlaWTX said...

As I was reading your post, I really thought that the "elders" was going to be sarcasm/satire. But then you gave a link - and they are REAL!!!!!
This is the problem in our weird modern times - reality is so weird that you can't even satire effectively!!! as for the late, great Jimmy Carter... enough said...

I had been wondering when he totally went off the rails and thanks to Bev for giving that time line!

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