Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Occupy Animal Farm

Meanwhile, in fantasy land, the OWS (bowel) movement continues its inexorable march toward Animal Farm. We’ve got oppressive government, crime waves, deaths, and ironies galore! Come one come all, unless you’re homeless or a Jew. . . or you don't want to be raped.

Occupy Rape
Zuccotti Park, the Mecca of OWS, has turned into a gathering of predators. Apparently, the west end of the park has become so dangerous that people are warned not to go there anymore. This has included assault, drug dealing, drug use, and rape. Naturally, the idiot protesters are claiming this is all the doing of the police. Said one protester:
“We are convinced the rise in crime is being partly manufactured by the authorities. A lot of people who have ended up in the park have said that the police told them: ‘Take it to Zuccotti.’”
Snicker snicker. I wish that were true, but I’m not on drugs, so I know better.

Rape, by the way, is becoming an epidemic. In the past few weeks, there have been a series of rapes and attempted rapes at OWS camps all over the country. In Zuccotti park, it’s gotten so bad that OWS females have banded together and created female-only sleeping tents under the theory that there’s “safety in numbers.” Interestingly, the OWS gangs have discouraged the victims from calling the police and are actually threatening protesters who do contact the police. Check out this odd quote from an OWS woman: “We don’t tell anyone. We handle it internally. I said too much already.

And how have they handled it? So far, they’ve formed a police force that shines flashlights in the faces of rapists and then yells at them to leave with the chant (and no, I’m not kidding): “Pervert! Pervert! Get the f–k out!”

Call me crazy, but I don’t think the drummers are getting value for their taxes.

So let’s think about this for a moment. First, they are allowing OWS females to become rape victims because they're doing nothing to stop the rapists or keep them from repeating. Secondly, they've done nothing to reform the rapists, which is something leftists always claim is society's responsibility. Apparently not. Third, since when has it been acceptable in liberal circles to accuse someone of being a “pervert?” And since when has it been acceptable to just chase criminals away to another jurisdiction? Try chasing ours to Mexico and see what liberals say. Finally, the rape industry, which tells us there are ten rapes for every reported rape, chastises society for discouraging the reporting of rape. Yet these same people are telling these women not to report their rapes because they fear the publicity will make OWS look bad.

But at least they’re sympathetic to these young women, right? Uh, no. Scoffed one male OWS protester: “Sexual harassment gets called rape, and it’s not.” Interesting. So women make false rape allegations and sexual harassment isn’t a big deal then?

Anyhoo, Zuccotti Park isn’t the only free-fire zone when it comes to sexual predators. Rapes have been reported at: OWS Cleveland, Baltimore, Boston, Glasgow, Lawrence Kansas, and Ottawa. In Dallas, an OWS protester sexually assaulted a child. In Seattle, an OWS protester exposed himself to children. In Portland, a sex offender has registered OWS as his home. In Denver, a protester groped a TV journalist. In Kansas, they sexually assaulted a reporter. In Manchester New Hampshire, a woman pimped out her teen.

Other incidents of note, excluding the thousands of arrests, property damage, and using children as human shields, include two overdose deaths in Vancouver, a murder at OWS Oklahoma City, a knife fight at OWS Austin, Neo-Nazis in OWS Phoenix, etc. And of course, there is massive anti-Semitism throughout the movement.
Some Are More Equal Than Others
Finally, there is yet another irony that just has to be pointed out. You may recall, this “leaderless” group of anti-fascists has formed a General Assembly, right? (Plus the police force, the taxes, the rules, etc.). Well, the brown-shirts have taken over.

First, a small group of them formed a new politburo, called the Spokes Council. This group, apparently numbering around six, is locate at Zuccotti Park and have seized control of all the money the OWS movement has gathered. . . and they don’t want to share with the others or the other OWS sites. When other OWS dissenters objected or tried to find out details about this Council or what they were doing with the $500k, they found themselves silenced. Not only has the council ordered that they be ignored, but they’ve been drown out by the zombie crowds.

This Council also imposed rules on the General Assembly which allow 1.27% of the protesters to overrule the other 98%. They have made it impossible for anyone who isn’t in Zuccotti Park to have a voice in their “government” and they apparently meet in secret.

I guess Kumbaya has been replaced with Zuccotti Űber Alles.


Joel Farnham said...



We are seeing what happens when a communist society gets created and then starts to function.

All of these kids are socialists, communists, and fellow travelers. Also, what happens when the rule of law is not applied. Anarchy, chaos and then finally, a small percentage of the population takes over. This in a microcosm is the history of the human race.

This should be studied and recorded as much as we can. We should also stop it soon. Too many of these kids, I think, will be killed.

T-Rav said...

Wait, how are the police supposed to be "manufacturing" incidents of rape? Are the rape victims undercover cops who needed to get sexually assaulted or something? How does that work?

Also, since the OWS people agree sexual harassment isn't rape or isn't a big deal or whatever, I wonder if they'll soon come out in support of Herman Cain?

Tennessee Jed said...

someone's crying lord, Zucotti Uber Alles. Someone's crying Lord, Zucotti Uber Alles. Someone's crying Lord, Zucotti Uber Alles . . . oh Lord Zucotti Uber Alles. Kind of catchy I sort of think.

On a more serious note, I just don't think this movement has energized any kind of probama voting block or changed the minds of moderate independent voters. On a sadder note, I was depressed to see the unionists get their way in Ohio.

BevfromNYC said...

Yes, it is very much becoming the live-action embodiment of "Animal Farm". That's why I've taken to calling it "Zoo-cotti Park". (Well, the NY Post wrote it first). It's become a great tourist attraction, much like a Zoo and, well, it smells like one too.

Oh, btw, it's now up to $750K and no one really knows what the money is being used for. Some within the Zoo are demanding an audit.

They announced that they will start to erect military-type tents in the coming weeks to keep them warm during the Winter, but also for security sake. The tents will house larger groups to help cut down on the sexual assaults and rampant theft. If you take a look at the calendar on the official OWS website, their calendar has events planned until 2025. It's gonna be a very long Winter...

tryanmax said...

Seems like the Napoleons and their dogs are in the process of driving off the Snowballs. For now it seems to be simple intimidation that is ensuring the "correct" truth is told. “I said too much already.” I'm interested in how long before the Squealers are in full propaganda mode.

“Four legs good. Wall Street be-e-etter!”

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, It's fascinating isn't it?

First, I think it's amazing watching the re-creation of Nazi Germany of the Soviet Union in a small park by a bunch of true believers.

Secondly, I think it's amazing how this puts the lie to EVERYTHING these dippy leftists have been claiming over years. They have created the nightmare world they accuse the rest of us of living in.

This is something that some aspiring conservative investigative journalist should investigate and put together an hour or two documentary about it. It would be fascinating!

AndrewPrice said...

T-Rav, Fascinating isn't it? First, the idea that women would lie about being raped is considered anathema to leftist thinking -- just like blacks don't lie about "racism." Secondly, the way this guy dismisses sexual harassment flies right in the face of everything we're being told right now in the Herman Cain debate... yet it's his side that is driving that train.

And don't forget, Tiger Woods' ex-caddy just got raked over the coals for being racist by calling Woods "that black asshole." Yet, our drummer from the last story angrily described "some black chick with a big afro" who pissed him off, i.e. they have been acting in ways the left claims are openly racist.

And don't forget ALL the anti-Semitism -- there is a TON of it.

On the cops, the argument is nonsensical. OWS seems to think the cops are catching criminals and rather than arresting them are telling them to go to Zuccotti Park to act like criminals. It's insane paranoia akin to "we've been undermined by our enemies."

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I think this movement is DOA. It's excited leftist celebrities, but that's about it. Everyone else seems to be ignoring it or laughing at it.

And I'll tell you, if our MSM was at all honorable or honest, they would be reporting on these problems and the OWS movement would be shunned immediately. But the MSM is made up of fellow travelers who want OWS to become something, so they ignore this. All the information in this article and more is out there, it's just coming from actual witnesses rather than MSM reports.

Yeah, the Ohio thing is sad. But honestly, it's not unexpected. Ohio is a much further left/pro-union state than most people realize. It's definitely an unreformed "rush belt" state.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Call me crazy, but 2025 is a pipe dream. They'll turn to cannibalism by 2017 and nuclear war by 2019 if given the chance.

Zoo-cottti! LOL! That really fits.

And how ironic is that, if they want an audit? Can you see them hiring a huge capitalist firm like PWC to perform an audit using procedures developed by capitalists to make sure that their capitalist money is used properly?

In any event, from what I've seen about this Spokes Council, I doubt they will let any audit get in their way. They truly are playing the part of fascist dictators.

On the tents, I think they will discover that even when the sheep gather in large herds, that won't stop the wolves from picking them off. Still, it's interesting to watch them form police and military forces to govern their "leaderless society."

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, LOL! Excellent quotes! :)

I think it's coming. In fact, one of the Napoleons already was quoted as saying they wanted to take a firehose to the whole camp "to drive away the flakes and the fakes" because "only true protesters" would return and then their movement would be more pure.

It is not an overstatement at all to compare these people to the beginning of every hard-care socialist movement in history. They are quickly becoming what Orwell found in Spain and Russia which drove him away from his flirtation with communism and led him to write both 1984 and Animal Farm.

I think this has been fascinating to watch.

rlaWTX said...

If I had the money to go and observe, I'd have one heck of a clinical psych thesis!!!!!!!!

But, since the results go against "conventional wisdom" about what utopia will be like, I doubt I'd get published...

We discussed "irrational beliefs" in class last night (REBT) and one of the examples in the text was something along the lines of "I must get everything I want and life must be easy for me or it is too awful and I just can't stand it". I really wanted to bring up the OWS dimwits, but I figured that I'd better leave politics out of it...

AndrewPrice said...

rlaWTX, This is the sort of thing sociologists and psychologists should be studying intently. Yet, they won't because they don't want to discredit their own beliefs, as this crowd is doing left and right. This crowd is a self-selected group of people who espouse everything professions like sociology and psychology claim to hold dear. . . and they're proving to be a horrible disaster.

In fact, if I had written exactly what is happening as fiction, then the same people who are in the park and their supporters in academia would be demanding my head for slandering them.

REBT? Don't you mean BERT as in evil Bert?

AndrewPrice said...

On Cain: File this under WHOOPS

Cain's first accuser filed a complaint at her next job too. from the AP:

Karen Kraushaar, 55, filed the complaint while working as a spokeswoman at the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the Justice Department in late 2002 or early 2003, with the assistance of her lawyer, Joel Bennett, who also handled her earlier sexual harassment complaint against Cain in 1999. Three former supervisors familiar with Kraushaar's complaint, which did not include a claim of sexual harassment, described it for the AP under condition of anonymity because the matter was handled internally by the agency and was not public.

To settle the complaint at the immigration service, Kraushaar initially demanded thousands of dollars in payment, a reinstatement of leave she used after the accident earlier in 2002, promotion on the federal pay scale and a one-year fellowship to Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, according to a former supervisor familiar with the complaint. The promotion itself would have increased her annual salary between $12,000 and $16,000, according to salary tables in 2002 from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Also, while the article says "the complaint did not include sexual harassment," it actually goes on to state that she alleged "discrimination" and then complained about her supervisor passing on a single "sexually explicit joke"... i.e., she did claim sexual harassment.

DUQ said...

Andrew, Drudge has a link to an article saying that another OWS protester was found dead in his tent at OWS New Orleans -- and he was dead for two days before anyone noticed!

This OWS thing is stunning.

On Cain, it sounds like it's all falling apart suddenly for the accusers. I hear they want to band together now for a press conference. Maybe they can hold it at OWS and see what real harassment is?

Unknown said...

At long last! The Supreme Soviet has arrived in America and taken over the OWS movement.

AndrewPrice said...

DUQ, I just saw that. Deaths happen, that's not the big news there. But that they would leave him in his tent 2 days before they noticed is stunning. Such caring people.

On the conference, yeah, that's not a good idea. People already suspect that this is a set up and that these women are being orchestrated, so bringing them together with their team of lawyers to stand on the same stage would be a PR disaster. So I say, let's hope it happens.

Also, the discovery of this second harassment claim by Kraushaar is the danger of going public -- people finally get to check these women out and dig into their pasts. That's why they struggled to keep them anonymous.

Also, for the record, she's very upset that her second complaint has been mentioned because she doesn't think that's relevant. How's that for irony?!

rlaWTX said...

[REBT- rational emotive behavior therapy: a precursor to modern Cognitive Behavior Therapy]
I know you wanted to know!!! ;)

RE Cain: his Iowa fund beat its target in amount and time frame... NRO says he's done in... Hannity was defending him yesterday... it's a weird time in the ole GOP right now.

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, The Soviet are coming, the Soviets are coming! LOL!

DUQ said...

Andrew, Here's a thought for you on Bailek. If she isn't planning to sue or make money on these allegations, why does she need a lawyer at all?

BevfromNYC said...

DUQ - there have been 2 or 3 drug OD's at Occupy Toronto.

As for the police not arresting people and sending them to OWS instead. Actually the police and surrounding community are furious that the OWS people are NOT telling the cops about criminal behavior and instead are just expelling these criminals from the park back into the community. Despite popular belief, the Police really aren't the enemy here. If anything they've been waaaaaaay to accommodating to OWS and not enough to the community.

AndrewPrice said...

rlaWTX, I did want to know that. My life is more complete now! ;)

Actually, I prefer to think they're studying evil Bert.

I'm not surprised Cain is making money hand over fist right now. People tend to want to show their support when they think people they like are being unfairly attacked.

As for the GOP split, watch it carefully as this will tell you who you can trust and who you can't. Watch to see if people are acting as conservatives should or if they are trying to sell you on their preferred reality. As for NRO, I gave up on them a decade ago when I started to realize they weren't genuine conservatives anymore in the Buckley sense, but had become "inside-the-beltway" conservatives.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

"Finally, the rape industry, which tells us there are ten rapes for every reported rape, chastises society for discouraging the reporting of rape. Yet these same people are telling these women not to report their rapes because they fear the publicity will make OWS look bad."

Little do they realize they passed looking bad a looong time ago.

"This is something that some aspiring conservative investigative journalist should investigate and put together an hour or two documentary about it. It would be fascinating!"

It would also be a good idea for a horror movie.

Great work Andrew!

You know, what really chaps my hide is the fact that these lefty mayors (except for Bloomberg who's just a clueless RINO) have allowed this to go on far too long.

They allow these imbeciles to protest without a permit and for free. They must know it hurts all the businesses in the area (mostly small businesses).
It's extremely unsanitary.
It attracts drug dealers, rapists and other criminals (not the mayors fault, but they all must know this is happenning). Etc. Etc..

Let's face it, these OWSer sheep ain't gonna stop this blight of crime. On the contrary, they have practically put up a neon sign welcoming criminals.

Besides, their ideology/pseudo-religion/cult is itself predatory in nature so it's no surprise it attracts predators.

AndrewPrice said...

DUQ, That's a good point. And if she really wants to prove it, then sign a pledge that every dollar she earns will go to charity.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, The whole "the police are causing our crimewave" is pure paranoid propaganda. No rational person could believe that the police have entered into a vast conspiracy to try to force crime upon these people. The reality is that a bunch of poorly-behaved drug-using trust fund babies and phony anarchists have very few boundaries they will respect. They are doing it to each other.

On the community, I think it's obnoxious that the police aren't protecting the public. If these idiots want a park where they can protest, ship them off to Yellow Stone and let them build their commune where they can't harass people. I've read stories of them attacking stores that won't give them free food in L.A., tons of vandalism, theft from and property damage to surrounding businesses, and harassing people who are just trying to go about their lives. They are also costing these cities a fortune in overtime.

The police should be more concerned about the safety and sanity of the public... not the trespassers.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

IRT the sex offenders and rapists:

This is why I advocate simply shooting the bastards. Only morons like these OWSers and lefty friends have any pity for rapists and we see how well that works out.

At the very least we should lock up these level 3 sex offenders for life without the possibility of parole, but I still think shooting them is a lot easier (and cheaper).

BTW, I hope the GOP wrap this entire debacle of insanity around Obama's neck (and every other democrat who has supported these twits) and bring it up at every opportunity.

You know, there's almost too much negative stuff to bring up when it comes to democrats.
It would certain'y take a lot more than a year's worth of commercials to cover all the corruption the democrats create or endorse.

AndrewPrice said...

Ben, It's a like an unruly cult moved into the neighborhood, isn't it?

I agree. The mayors are at fault here for not protecting the public and standing up to these people. If they want to protest, that's fine, but get a permit, follow the rules and pay for any damage they do. This idea of letting them squat in a public park and then terrorize or destroy surrounding businesses is ridiculous.

Of course, that said, I don't mind them being there because I don't have to deal with them and I think it's been fascinating watching them devolve into such a primitive, violent state. They have become a lesson for everyone about what happens when you give the left room to act out its fantasies.

AndrewPrice said...

Ben, I want to see them wrap this OWS thing around Democratic necks as well. So far, sadly, the GOP has been afraid to say much about it. That needs to change.

On the sex offenders and crime in general, this is the perfect example why you need prisons. Chasing them away with flashlights only encourages them to keep coming back and trying again there or somewhere else. All they are doing is making society unsafe. Thus... because of their actions, rather than the criminals fearing the police, you now have "citizens" needing to spend their time trying to build fortified residences or special tents to protect themselves. In other words, rather than imprisoning the bad guys and stopping this from ever happening, you end up forcing the good people to imprison themselves for their won protection. Nice work OWS.

Ed said...

Clint Eastwood endorsed Herman Cain today. That made my day! :D

Tam said...

Occupy Tucson jackasses actually moved so that the annual Tour de Tucson bike race could use the park and facilities THEY PAID FOR when they GOT PERMISSION for tehir event. The OT idiots insisted for a while that they would need to keep their bathroom and kitchen facilities up and running, but the city and the Tour de Tucson people won. yay Tucson! We even have a dem. mayor. Also, apparently, they tried to recruit on the U of A campus but the students ran them off. It just goes to show what firm leadership will do when these cowards face it. More mayors need to get involved. We have the right to peaceful assembly, but this is not peaceful and needs to be shut down swiftly. Like Joel said at the beginning of the thread, too many people will be killed.

AndrewPrice said...

Ed, LOL! Nice. I saw that at Drudge today.

AndrewPrice said...

Tam, Good for Tuscon and good for the U of A! They really should not be letting these people take over these places and turn them into homeless camps. And it doesn't take much to evict them. The problem is grandstanding liberal mayors who saw this through nostalgic eyes for the hippie era that never was. They wanted this to become Woodstock all over again and then a generation of you Americans would spring forth and push the country further left.

Instead, they got a gaggle of rapist, beggars and idiots spouting nonsense and pooping on banks (everyday in Sacramento). Now they've failed their citizens and made things worse because they've let these fools think they have a right to be there.

tryanmax said...

No! Not Yellowstone. I like Yellowstone. I say give the Occupy protesters some BLM land in Alaska and time them to see how soon they start drilling!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...


I hear Adak is nice this time of year. And the grizzlkies are cuddly and warm, lol.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

It's kinda funny, but most of these OWSers don't even know the full meaning of anarchy.

Even with the harsh, real life lessons I doubt they'll learn. It's the police that's the problem!
And Wallstreet!

tryanmax said...

Yay, Tuscon! Our local Occupy Omaha protest was kicked out of downtown a week ago tomorrow. I don't have much to say about them because they are such a sad little bunch. Their self-appointed spokesman is one Jim Morrison (no joke), a locally renowned (ahem-ahem) open-mic poet. Yes, you read that right.

According to Morrison, the nefarious OPD waited until rain drove several protesters home before descending on the unwary occupiers. However, the City Prosecutor says they were given several days notice. Who would you believe? The Man?

After our gloomy little band of local misfits scattered, they requested to be on the city council agenda regarding relocation. Then they requested to be taken off. Then they wanted to speak anyway but it wasn't their turn. The council granted them a permit for another park, but the Occupiers are all like, "Hell no, we...probably won't go. Well, maybe we will. We'll get back to you."

So the news today is that they are discussing whether to take the city's offer. They are also polling their to find out what their four (just four) main grievances are so they can finally put their manifesto together.

I love it! Protest first, name grievances later.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I love it! I can see them now:

"We need the resources to support ourselves, so we have a right to exploit our oil."


AndrewPrice said...

Ben, There's been a rather goody "anarchy" movement for some time. Their goal, as they've often stated, is to end the world capitalist system and replace it with some sort of government that imposes high taxes and distributes that wealth to the people, which it then cares for.

So clearly they don't understand the meaning of "anarchy". But I guess "communist" doesn't sound as cool anymore.

wahsatchmo said...

Funny how a group ostensibly gathering to protest "greed" sees their little utopian collective fall apart so quickly as a result of their own greed. Offer free food and the scavengers and predators come, defecating where they eat and sleep, and when it's no longer free they turn violent against their benefactors. Create a collectivist pool of funds without organizational control and an unelected and unaccountable dictatorship seizes them, allocating the funds according to their own desires, not according to the needs of the collective, and imposes their will on the collective through stolen financial power. Offer freedom from responsibility and anarchy comes, stealing, raping, and attacking the collective in its wake.

So all the utopians can do is cry for more government intervention to address their self-imposed inadequacies and fix the problems of their own creation.

The stupid OWS movement is just an excuse to hold anti-capitalist Burning Man festivals downtown. If they concentrated on the problems of government spending, monetarism, and crony corporatism, they might have a point. Of course, if that were the case, they could simply join the Tea Party.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, We've got a handful who are protesting in some park downtown. But it's hard to tell them apart from the homeless.

I love the idea of protest first and figure out what grievances they have second. That really tells you something about how serious they are, doesn't it?

As for beliving The Man or the lying idiots in the park... I'll believe The Man.

AndrewPrice said...

wahsatchmo, Well said. It's amazing how vile they've been. They've displayed the worst parts of human nature at every turn. Compare that with the Tea Party, which was comprised of adults with genuine values rather than made up utopian values -- no rapes, no murders, no assault, no drug sales, no attempts to consolidate and then steal the money, no need for rules to be imposed, no need for fake-governments to be formed, no need to tax their members, no need to lie about the outside world. And even funnier, the evil capitalist Tea Party people were respectful of the property/environment around them. These OWS idiots are worse than their worst stereotypes of evil oil companies.

It really is telling.

Which world would you rather live in? One made according to Tea Party rules, where everyone is peaceful and friendly and looking to maximize freedom, or one made by OWS chaos-rules where it really is survival of the nastiest?

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

"I love the idea of protest first and figure out what grievances they have second."

That's the Nancy Pelosi protest method.
"We have to protest before we know what we're protesting."

T-Rav said...

Andrew, give them about five or ten years and "communist" will be just as cool as before. The wheels always turn; it's "second verse, same as the first."

Koshcat said...

You know what, I love it! I just wish there was better coverage of the drift into madness. We need to use this as an example on a small scale what did happen in German and Russia and what can happen on a large scale.

They are already threatening to eliminate the non-true believers? LMAO
"I already said too much"? ROTFLMAO
What's next, "your papers please"?

BevfromNYC said...

Yeah, but wouldn't everyone just love to see Congress run like the OWS General Assemblies? I can just see Bahnee Fwank speaking with "the People's Mic"! It would devolve into complete chaos when the others had to repeat what he just said!

I saw this posted on the OWS website - Stephen Colbert interviewed some of the OWS'ers and it's a hoot. He goes through all of the OWS Gen. Assembly "hand signals". Imagine those in the Senate!

tryanmax said...

Ben, if I may refine your Pelosi'ism: "We have to start the protest to find out why we're angry!"

Sadly, that's none too far from the actual situation.

tryanmax said...

ACHTUNG! Don't watch Bev's video if you are in a situation where out-loud laughter is not appropriate!

StanH said...

OWS is great stuff. Wouldn’t it be great to have carte blanche to produce ads for the RNC. I’d make Barry’s children stars with the amount of time they’d spend talking directly to America.

Picture this: Have a shot of Barry doing his best Musslini pose, with that infamous slogan “Hope and Change,” …as the color leaves the scene melting, as the world devoves into OWS, with the sounds of incessant beating of drums, scene right background is a homeless man humping on some unsuspecting dog, treehole, it matters not. In the foreground a girl sits on a five gallon bucket relieving herself as she has another girl picking lice out of her hair, and eating them. A fly lands on the lense crawling around with the closing caption, “We’re just getting started, welcome to Obamaville.”

The theme is endless, with the fun you could have will illustrating Barry’s world

StanH said...

Oh! You could call the commercal series, “The 57th state!”

rlaWTX said...

I was told twice in the last week by friends of mine (smart people, but busy) that they don't watch the news, that's why they have me!
[I was trying to reference OWS and got a blank look.]

AndrewPrice said...

Ben, That is the Pelosi method! LOL!

T-Rav, Everything old is new and some things like communism on college campuses never truly go out of favor. So I suspect you're right!

AndrewPrice said...

Koshcat, "drift into madness" -- very nice!

I'm getting a kick out of this too. You know at some point they'll start issuing uniforms and I can totally see papers coming next.

Someone really should be taping this little drift into madness! This could make for a heck of a show.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, The idea of Congress doing the people's mic thing and mimicking Frank's lisp is comic gold!!

By the way, that's apparently another thing the Council controls -- they can signal the "mic" when not to relay what is being said. Squelching free speech!

Here's your link: LINK

AndrewPrice said...

Stan, Could you imagine the outrage by the Democrats? That alone would be worth the price of admission!

I like the idea of including their demands as Obama speaks.

AndrewPrice said...

rlaWTX, Keep trying! This is worth telling people about.

tryanmax, That is very close to the truth. Imagine how messed up these people if they agreed to start protesting without any idea WHY they were protesting?

tryanmax said...

the Council controls -- they can signal the "mic" when not to relay what is being said.

Squealer already at work. Not that I can possibly watch all the Tweets coming out of the Occupation, but they seem astonishingly on-message for such a "disorganized" cadre. I assume the persecution of unauthorized web-publishing will begin shortly after the physical barricade a la East Berlin is erected around Zuccotti in the dead of night.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, Incorrect opinions will be dealt with harshly. Don't be surprised if they buy a couple campers and start using them as Gulags.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Tryanmax: Thanks! That sounds better! :^)

Stan: Brilliant idea! Like a reality show about people not living in reality (or ignoring it entirely).

It could be billed as a horror/comedy of errors, lol.
Kind of like Beavis and Butthead meet Children Of The Corn.

How about calling it Reality Bites In The 57th State?

"We are the ones we have been waiting for!"

Oh, and don't forget Obama's greek columns and Hillary's big red reset button.

The first episode features the human teleprompter, a variation on the human mic thing.

Joel Farnham said...


I just thought of a way to do that teleprompter. Have the words stream slowly on the screen while a voice over sounding like Obama talks.

Something like, "Hi, I am TOTUS. When you are hearing Obama, it is actually me. I do Clinton."{Whir Click voice now sounds like Clinton} "I have never had sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky." {Whir click, switches back to Obama} "I bet you thought you were really hearing them when they had spoke. Nope, that was all me. I am a machine of many talents."

All, the while you also see the stage directions. /Mussolini pose now. Two seconds. Angry face. Four full seconds./

tryanmax said...

On an all-but unrelated note, I would like help understanding something.

Joe Paterno did a) nothing wrong, b) not nothing, c) not too little, but d) exactly what he was supposed to do and still has been fired. What am I missing?

I realize Sandusky can't be fired from anything, but shouldn't it be him receiving everyone's ire? Yet I hardly hear his name. And how does McQueary keep his job if he is held to even a shred of the same standard that Joe is being held to?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to defend a--at this point still alleged--child molester. Heck, I don't even care about Penn State except for next weekend's matchup with Nebraska (Go Big Red!). This sorta throws a pall over that. I can't help but see JoePa as a scapegoat for systemic problems that extend well beyond Penn State--and I'm not just talking about the athletic program.

What I take issues with is this notion that we have rules we are expected to follow, but when those rules prove insufficient for whatever reason, somebody (prominent) must take a fall because "he should have done more." Well if he should have done more, why isn't that the rule, then?

There. That's my rant for the day.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...


From what I have read, based on Patermo's own words, he never reported this to the police.

Neither did McQueary, nor McQuery's dad. Heck, McQueary had a chance to stop a child rape in progress but instead ran home and told his daddy.
Nobody that heard about it called the cops.

No doubt in my mind McQueary should also lose his job.

"Should have done more" shouldn't have to be a written rule.
I mean, human decency and everything that is good demands that every one of us should do everything in our power to stop child rapists.

I can't think of anyone I know that wouldn't follow up on such serious allegations and make sure the cops know.

It's inconceivable to me that several people never thought to call the cops. Or decided against it for selfish reasons or to avoid a scandal.

Perhaps Patermo is partly being made a scapegoat here, but frankly, I'm surprised he didn't resign out of shame when this story broke.
Same with everyone who knew.

BTW, I know these are still allegations but Patermo and McQueary, etc., believed it to be true so I'm basing my comment on that.
They had a responsibilty to call the cops whether they wanted to get inviolved or not, IMO.

I know what you mean, about the legal technicalities and I can't answer that because I don't know.

I believe it should be unnecessary to have it in writing (as a rule) to call the police when seeing or hearinmg about child rape (or any felony for that matter). Perhaps Andrew or Lawhawk can shed some light on it from that aspect.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, This has been a hard scandal to understand because so many people are running without facts.

From what I've read, by the time Paterno first heard about this, Sandusky was already gone from the program and was working at another campus. Paterno apparently reported it right away to the Athletic Director and the head of the campus police. They dropped the ball.

If that's all correct, then I don't think Paterno did anything wrong. But he's got the famous name and people love to attack famous people rather than the less famous.

As I said, I'm not 100% sure what else I don't know, but those do seem to be the facts.

AndrewPrice said...

Ben, I agree with you that people should have done more. I think McCreary should have done something or really needs to explain why he didn't. At the least he should have called the cops right then, if not stopped the rape itself.

As I said above, from what I've read Paterno went to the AD and the campus police, which I think does satisfy his duties. I'm not sure he did anything wrong. In hindsight, it's easy to connect dots and claim that people should have done things that seem obvious without knowing the actual facts, but if it is true that he called both Sandusky's boss and the campus cops, then I'm not sure what more he was supposed to do -- especially as Sandusky no longer was part of the football program.

tryanmax said...

It seems the timeline is a big point of confusion. That, and besides Paterno's released testimony, we don't really have any idea what McQueary told at the time. It seems to me that nobody followed-up because they thought the matter was settled. They restricted Sandusky's access to the facilities and McQueary apparently didn't protest too much.

* * *

It's not that I take issue the so-called unwritten rules of this case. I don't. I only take issue with the idea of punishing someone for failing to live up to them. It seems to me that if something is egregious enough to warrant sanction, then it ought to be worth noting that ahead of time. Since we, as a society, didn't do that, our issue isn't really with Joe, is it?

You're on inherently shaky ground when you find yourself trying to differentiate between synonyms. Is the problem that Joe did what he was "supposed to do," but not what he "should have done?" Or is that he did what he "should have done" but not what he was "supposed to do?" Confusing.

* * *

Ben said, "I can't think of anyone I know that wouldn't follow up on such serious allegations and make sure the cops know."

Maybe you know a different class of people than I do. I can't think of anyone I know that wouldn't today claim that, but I also can't honestly think of anyone who wouldn't in reality try to wash their hands of it as fast as possible.

* * *

If anyone wants to continue this conversation, I put my thoughts and a few others down at my blog.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Andrew.
You're right about the conflicting reports.
The one I read reported that Paterno was told about it the next day and that Sandusky was there fgor a little while after that and that Paterno took his locker keys away.

Legally speaking, I concur that Paterno is not culpable, but if indeed Sandusky was still around for awhile after that I do question why Paterno didn't follow up with any questions to his superiors about why Sandusky hadn't been arrested or if the report by McQueary was exaggerated (which, apparently it was not but Paterno didn't neccesarily know that at the time).

I know I would be very concerned and wanna know:
A: Are these charges true?
B: what is being done about it?
C: Have the cops been notified?

Of everyone that heard about these rapes I personally think Paterno is the least culpable but I do find it odd he never followed up on it.

However, until I see more evidence, I will hold off bashing Paterno (and I sincerely hope he didn't cover anything up or had prior knowledge of Sandasky).

Why McQueary has a job there is beyond me and that coward should be ashamed of himself many times over.

tryanmax said...

Ultimately, it is the fact that McQueary goes untouched that makes me think Paterno is a big-named patsy. Whether that indicates a bigger cover-up, I don't know. I've come across some pretty ugly rumors involving Second Mile a la the Franklin Cover-up.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, I agree with that.

First, I think there is a lot of Monday Morning Quarterbacking going on here and I think that's become a problem in our society. People now look back on incidents, knowing only a couple of facts -- which make the whole thing look black and white, and then they criticize people for not acting the way they claim they would have in this new scenario.

I see that going on here, I see it in criticism leveled at the military (friendly fire), the CIA (why didn't you stop 9/11), at sport people (why didn't you throw to the open guy), etc. It is highly unfair to over-simplify a situation and then criticize people based on how we think they should have acted in the NEW scenario. (Criticizing them for failing to live up to failures we can prove is different.)

I also think there's a tendency to consider ourselves more noble than we really are. I think Ben is right that McQueary should have done more. There's no reason for him to not call the cops to report the in-progress rape at least. But I also agree that the widely-made claim that people would have followed up on this and hounded Sandusky until justice was done is false. Most people don't even want to testify at trials, much less personally look over the shoulders of the police and the courts to make sure they are doing the right thing.

That's why I do find it hard to fault Paterno -- assuming I am correct about the facts, which I can't say for certain.

Unfortunately, we live in an instant-gratification media world where snap judgments are king and re-evaluation is impossible.

On the written rules v. moral rules, I'm not so sure I agree. Written rules should be the minimum society requires before legal punishment kicks in. Moral rules are there for us to judge you as a person and decide how we want to deal with you. I can see those being two distinct things.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

"Maybe you know a different class of people than I do. I can't think of anyone I know that wouldn't today claim that, but I also can't honestly think of anyone who wouldn't in reality try to wash their hands of it as fast as possible."

I concur in part, Tryanmax.
Sad to say, some folks I know would try to avoid getting involved as much as possible if it came down to it and the circumstances were similar.

I'm fairly certain no one here would have any problems doing the right thing if push came to shove.

I do apologize for being too hard on Paterno, at least at this point.
The article I read implied he knew more than he probabnly did and that may not be true.
At least I hope it's not.

Until I see evidence to the contrary I agree that Paterno is being made a scapegoat, and that the focus shouldn't be on him.

And hopefully this will teach me to read more sources before I fly off the cuff.

AndrewPrice said...

Ben, One of the problems I've had with this scandal is that I'm seeing all kinds of conflicting reports and half-reports. I just don't know what's true. I base my opinion on some reports I saw at ESPN which included what appeared to be a lengthy factual breakdown. But, in fairness, I've seen other reports that say different things. So it is confusing.

IF Sandusky remained under Paterno as an employee and in the building, then I too would have followed up and probably would have demanded his termination.

But if he didn't, then I can't fault Paterno for not following up if he thought the AD and police were taking care of it.

I just don't know what's true right now and what isn't and that's the worst time to string a guy up, as the media is doing to Joe -- especially when they've ignored the more culpable (but less famous) people involved.

AndrewPrice said...

Ben and tryanmax, I'm now hearing that Paterno continued to deal with Sandusky after this, including joining a child-charity Sandusky had set up.

If that's true, then he screwed up.

tryanmax said...

Andrew, perhaps I misspoke, because based on your latest comment regarding written rules vs. moral rules, I think we do agree.

AndrewPrice said...

tryanmax, No problem.

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