Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bums Away--Obama Clears Gitmo

With the rebellion going on in Iran, North Korea going nuclear and threatening to launch a missile toward Hawaii, a possible confrontation on the high seas, and narco-war on our southern borders, let's concentrate on something truly important. We have to get those innocent victims of American oppression out of the Guantanamo Detention Center. For those with small screens, the legend on the cartoon reads "Releasing the Gitmo Inmates."

In attempting to keep one of his campaign promises, President Obama has sought out places to distribute the detritus of the battlefields of Jihadistan. So far, he has bribed the island of Palau to take some of the prisoners at a cost that could get you and your entire extended family a nice stay in the best hotels in the world for a couple of decades or so. And now, he is giving some more innocents a stay on the island of Bermuda. Bermuda is a member of the British Commonwealth, so naturally we used our finest diplomacy in informing our ally of the proposed move and gaining their consent before jetting the detainees to a favorite vacation site for New Yorkers, right? Wrong.

These detainees were not Arabs, nor did they expect to get 72 virgins for their efforts. They were "victims of Chinese oppression." And they claim they weren't making war on America, so why not release them to a beautiful resort in the Atlantic? There are a couple of small problems with that concept. These fine upstanding gentlemen are "Uighurs." China may have a small interest in "oppressing" them, since they are both Muslim and jihadist, and have been stirring up a little fun within China. They were captured on the battlefield as they were leaving their al Qaeda terrorist training camps in the section of Afghanistan still controlled by the resurgent Taliban. The whole "terrorist relocation program" is expected to run as much as $1 billion dollars (which is an administration estimate, and no doubt low by a factor of 2). That should help out with the economic crisis.

Since there has been absolutely no MSM negative reaction to the program, the administration sees no problem with moving forward on a program that could have waited, oh--say, five years. In fact, the MSM has been touting the Uighurs as harmless high-spirited gentlemen who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. We all know that foreign nationals frequently happen to wander into war zones by sheer happenstance. And since they are from China, it's somewhat of a mystery why the Chinese would not accept them back on their soil. Yeah, right. Basically, as usual, the MSM is simply parroting the talking points coming out of the White House. And after their arrival in Bermuda, the fun-loving Uighurs were pictured by the press body-surfing, fishing and generally having a grand time in the warm waters.

So watching that on our TVs is a little annoying for most of us, but at least the Brits have joined in the fun, haven't they? Well, the British, to put it mildly, are ticked. No diplomatic avenues were opened. No consent was asked or given. Neither the crown nor the governor of Bermuda was informed of the arrival of the guests until just before the plane touched down. There was also the American promise to the Uighurs of British citizenship, of which the British government knew nothing. The Brits are thrilled by the idea of British Muslim terrorists being free to move about the Commonwealth. After all, London doesn't have nearly enough fun-loving Muslims. Republicans are regularly accused by liberals of thinking they can buy their way out of anything. But even cowboy W. wouldn't have made the mistake of thinking that the only thing to come out of this arrogant act would be a large hotel bill.

Andrew Price did an excellent article on this a few days back. More information has come to us since that time, but the real story is the complete lack of interest the MSM has shown in another major diplomatic misfire by the Obama administration. Obama has lied and waffled on multiple promises to the American people, but he decided he would keep this promise to satisfy his leftist base, and to hell with national security or our relations with our oldest ally. And the MSM just keeps on pumping out cute photo stories about how much fun the Uighurs are having in the Bermuda surf.

This administration has spent countless hours, countless miles, and countless sums of money to assure that every diplomatic channel is opened and enhanced in the Muslim world. The MSM has hailed that as the arrival of the new Pax Americana headed by the greatest American since, well, ever. Bowing to the Saudi King is good diplomacy. Apparently, so is slapping the British Queen in the face--at least three times in less than a month.

And now the MSM is praising Obama for his finger-wagging "naughty naughty" message to the Iranian imams and the loathsome Ahmadenijad. But the MSM is also praising the President for his brilliant and forward-looking message being sent via Twitter. The glorification of form over substance has mesmerized the press and TV. At least now we'll get the Presidential propaganda hot off the presses since ABC has moved into the White House.


Writer X said...

It's pretty sad when you have to read political blogs and even the tongue-in-cheek Barack Obama Teleprompter blog to get real news anymore. My local paper (not a huge surprise) didn't say a word about the transfer of GITMO detainees. Between the ethnically prepared meals and the transfer to the sun and surf in Bermuda, becoming a detainee doesn't look so bad!

StanH said...

The good news Lawhawk where the Uighurs are swimming around those rocks are a favorite haunt of Moray eels, that could be fun. I read these fine fellows were picked up in Tora Bora, their story was they were picking daisies. Love the cartoon, and a good use of AF1.

BevfromNYC said...

Writer X: If it weren't for the coming hurricane season, I would be making a bee-line to Guantanamo right now! I've always wanted to got to Bermuda or Palua. Tahiti may be nice this time of the year too. Do you think they get a choice of island paradises?

Writer X said...

Bev, knowing our President, he's probably given them glossy brochures, straw hats, room upgrades, and drink coupons.

AndrewPrice said...

Writer X, we strive to provide you all with all the news you'll need -- so stop reading all other sources of news. ;-)


I don't know what the real deal is with these Uighurs, but that's really the problem isn't it? If the "real" media was doing it's job, I might have a better basis to judge what these guys are really about. But they haven't. Thus, I need to judge on the few facts that I know -- they were caught at a terrorist camp being trained by a group of people who have declared war on us. Ergo, terrorists.

In any event, the whole Bermuda thing just adds a whole other level of absurdity to this. President Idiot strikes again.

Unknown said...

WriterX: While the NY Times now publishes "all the news that's printed to fit," we continue their actual motto: "All the news that's fit to print." I was thinking of changing my name to Baader-Meinhof Mohammad bin Killin. A few short mash notes to Obama, and it's off to Guantanamo for wiener schnitzel mit salat, spaetzle, sauerbraten, und bier, bier, bier. It's hard to get good German ethnic food in San Francisco. After a year or so, and a couple of billion dollars in bribes from peerless leader, and I'm off to Tahiti and French citizenship.

Unknown said...

StanH and Bev: I'm picturing a few members of the Chinese secret service "vacationing" in Bermuda dining on moray eels, snatching the new Uighur Brits and taking them back to the homeland. There, instead of picking daisies, they'll be pushing up daisies.

Andrew: I'm guessing that the Obamassiah thought he was sending the Uighurs into the Bermuda Triangle. He expected their plane to disappear mysteriously with all aboard. With his usual brilliant strategic forethought, it never occurred to him the plane might actually land. Maybe now he'll offer Queen Elizabeth American citizenship.

Individualist said...


I have heard the 'Uighurs' mentioned as a 'problem' since if you a radical muslim who tees off the chinese you are in real danger as opposed to the US who will just relocate you to a tropical island.

In a sense would we not be better off releasing them here and watching them. By this I mean what stop them from changing their names and flying back here. I am not sure which solution I fear most. The whole thing is a mess.

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