Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Been A Great Week For Obama

Immediately after becoming the friend of Islam by declaring the United States a major Muslim nation, the President, in twenty-four short hours has gone from being a mere messiah to being a god, and as a bonus got a beach in Normandy named after him.

Take that, George Washington. Take that, Abraham Lincoln. Take that, Franklin Roosevelt. Take that, Ronald Reagan. Yeah, you got high schools named after you. You got great military vessels named after you. Some of you got states and cities named after you. But none of you ever got to be a god, or have the British Prime Minister declare that a famous beach in France is now yours.

There's no stopping this magnificent man. First, let's deal with Obama's terrestrial sphere. Gordon Brown, the [soon to be ex-] Prime Minister of Britain, didn't bestow a mere knighthood on The One. No, indeed. At the D-Day Memorial ceremonies, Brown declared "And so, next to Obama Beach, we join President Obama in paying particular tribute to the spectacular bravery of American soldiers." There's no word on whether French President Nicolas Sarkozy had sobered up long enough to realize that in one fell swoop, England has memorialized the American President and declared war on France. Nice move, Gordie. You may have saved your job by playing the Henry V ploy. D-Day, Saint Crispin's Day, what's the diff?

Ever his humble and articulate self, President O took his turn by saying, "Uh, ummmh, ahh, don't they have any teleprompters on my damned Obama Beach?" He then spoke of the "sheer improbability of what D-Day soldiers accomplished 65 years ago." No mention of his great-uncle or grandfather, or second cousin twice-removed who used to tell him stories of how he led the charge up the beachhead and personally captured the first Nazi soldier. But who needs famous relatives when he's got himself? The One concluded his speech in his best Harvard French with: "La plage c'est moi" or "I am the beach." A Fox News reporter was caught with an open mike saying "he's a son of the beach." Or something like that.

Meanwhile, back in the States, Newsweek editor Evan Thomas declared on an MSNBC broadcast touting Obama's Cairo speech "I mean in a way Obama's standing above the country, above--above the world, he's sort of God!" He was following up on host Chris (thrill up my leg) Matthews's earlier comment "I think the President's speech yesterday was the reason we Americans elected him. It was grand. It was positive. Hopeful . . . But what I liked about the President's speech in Cairo was that it showed a complete humility." Apparently, nobody had informed Matthews that "humility" is not a synonym for "surrender."

For those of you out-of-the-know, Newsweek is Time Magazine for Even Bigger Dummies.

Matthews led into Thomas's remarks by stating that "Reagan was all about America" because we were the good guys then, so Europeans loved us (if by "loved" he was speaking of the huge crowds holding signs that said "No missiles in Europe," "Reagan, bomb yourself," and "Cowboy, go home"). "Obama is 'we are above that now.' We're not just parochial, we're not just chauvinistic, we're not just provincial." Right, Chris, now we're merely nuts.

Not to be outdone, Thomas had to get beyond Obama merely being above American ignorance, he also had to be above European praise. How to do that? Elevate the President from leader of the free world to King of the Universe. Just so there could be no misunderstanding, Thomas went on to say "He's trying to bring all sides together. And he has a kind of a moral authority that he--he can--he can do that." Matthews briefly brought the conversations back down to earth by saying "If there's a world election between between him and Osama bin Laden, he's running a good campaign." Thomas agreed, "Yes, he is." So what office are Obama and bin Laden running for, exactly? Lord High Caliph of All Islam?

The President hasn't commented on his elevation to deity. The rumor is that the Celestial Choir is still rehearsing his intro, and they found there was a shortage of harps. It is also rumored that Obama's friends in Islamistan have a slightly different view. They are trying to find sources in the Koran that say that "Allah" and "Obama" are the same word in Arabic. If they don't find those sources, there may be some small trouble with the jihadis.

As they say, "folks, ya can't make this stuff up!"


freedom21 said...

One of the most insulting things about Mr. Newsweek is his view of America...parochial,chauvinistic, provincial. I am so tired of listening to these blowhards say how narrow minded and bigotted I am. I also think it's revealing that all these newscasters how are "too enlightened" to believe in God are so eager to find a replacement figure.

I read the news today and could only think "Am I taking crazy pills!?!?!?" Hopefully, the rule of law gets restored soon and the rule of Obama will be curbed... just a little.

StanH said...

I guess I’m kind of a sick guy Lawhawk. I see Barry’s ascension to the throne of God on Earth as a good thing. The left is finally fully exposed for all Americans to witness, this is the lefts coup de grace, and lets all remember that, “pride goeth before the fall.” The leftist necks are fully stretched to be soundly defeated in every way. No more can the Fourth Estate claim impartiality, no more can liberal politicians claim to be Free Marketers, no more can liberals claim to be for tax cuts, and on and on. All of the people that attended the Tea Parties or supported the Tea Parties (the producers) are all watching this freak parade now in full regalia we’re the real power in this country. So I recommend laugh when you can, as some really silly and dangerous things are coming our way, and get charged up, and lets put things right in 2010. Lord Barry needs his wings clipped.

Writer X said...

"Newsweek is Time Magazine for Even Bigger Dummies." Brilliant line, LawHawk. I cannot stop laughing--which is good because I'd really like to cry. The reality of our President's ego and the fawning press tend to do that to me.

When do they blast his head into Mount Rushmore? Or is it already there?

freedom21 said...

ohhhh Writer X....Do you actually think that Michelle would allow Barry's head to be juxtaposed to those hate mongering racists? :)

I think it's more likely that we see His bust engraved into Mount Harvard in CO. Though only 4,396 m (14,423 ft) and not the tallest in the lower 48, this mountain will be fully dedicated to securing his position over the people. I would have suggested Mount Massive, but that mountain has been secured to have etchings of Michelle's arms.

Melissa Amateis said...

I watched the video of the Newsweek editor saying this - and I threw up in my mouth a little. Good grief. When will this idiocy end?

BevfromNYC said...

Melissa and Writer X: They won't have to put his face anywhere, he'll just hover in mid-air for all of us to see and swoon in awe.

I heard this clip of Evan Thomas and had to actually listen to it several times to make myself believe he had actually said what he said. My first thought "How quaint that past presidents have been so provinicial as to be Pro-American." Silly them. I just can't imagine the Queen of England being an Anglophile. The thought is just ridiculous. Then there is the "Revelation" that Obama is God. I almost choked. I wish I had never read those darn Left Behind books.

I cancelled my subscription to Newsweek citing his "God" quote as one of the many reasons. Well that and Stephen Colbert is guest editor for this week's issue. (Probably because Thomas was still swooning in ectasy over Our Dear Lord and couldn't be bothered...)

AndrewPrice said...

Great article Lawhawk.

I'm with freedom21, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

These are strange times when the media types, who love to critizes all those "ignorant hicks" and "their religions", start foaming at the mouth about their new god. Can you say, "cult"?

I guess we shouldn't be surprised if news anchors soon start appearing on tv in jumpsuits and with their hair done like Obama's.

Unknown said...

Freedom21 and Writer X: No need for Rushmore. I have gotten a copy of the secret memo. The Obama Youth Corps is studying bronze metallurgy. They will be changing the face of the Statue of Liberty to you-know-who's. The date on the tablet will be changed to 2008, and the statue will be re-titled "Obama Lighting the World."

StanH: Good point. Arthur Koestler wrote a book entitled "The God That Failed." Its theme was that communism became the secular god, and was doomed to failure. Seems like a good parallel, doesn't it?

Bev: Like you, I listened several times to the interview. I was convinced that Thomas must have said "a god," which would have been exaggeration, but not unprecedented praise. But he said "God," not "a god." Scary!

Andrew: I grew up with a family that remembered FDR with great fondness, even when they had disagreed with many of his policies. I was a teenage activist for JFK, saw the "leapers" and then later the eulogists talking about Camelot. I read enough history to know how Lincoln was viewed by subsequent generations. But even for those who "worshipped" those men, they at least had the decency to wait for them to die before elevating them to the Celestial High Throne. This is our first living God-President.

SQT said...

did the same thing Bev did. It took me a couple of viewings before I could wrap my brain around the fact that yeah, he really said that...

When are they going to start pushing for the "God King" title they think he so richly deserves? I mean, we've stopped tip-toeing around the whole Obama-is-God thing already.

Captain Soapbox said...

I thought I was the only one that had to rewind the comment more than once to make sure I heard what I thought I heard. Unfortunately I did hear it. What a world.

What the liberal elites forget is that the "provincial" religious "zealots" who are all into that outdated "patriotism" thing are the vast majority of the people that defend their country and their right to say all of the inane crap that spews out of their mouths. And believe me, no matter what John eFfing Kerry said during his election campaign, they're smart enough to know when they're being held in contempt by their society too.

StlDan said...

Question, were we Republicans/Conservatives this ga ga over Reagan? I look back and I don't see anything close to this, not just with the media but the public and world as a whole. If no, why not? I don't think I would like it, if we were. There is a lesson lurking in all of this, should we learn it and copy it?

AndrewPrice said...


No way. When Reagan got elected, he was not at all popular with anyone in the middle or left. Even the right wasn't sure that he could pull it off. The love for Reagan started in about 1983, when the economy turned, when the military showed itself to be restored, and when the country a sense of confidence that had been lost in the post-Vietnam through Carter years.

Even then, the American people viewed him more like a loved-grandfather than any sort of diety.

Hero worship is the province of the left, not the right, because the left looks to have someone "smarter" than themselves run their lives, whereas the right wants to be left alone to run our own lives. It's probably worth a whole post to explain that. I'll work on something for later in the week.

Writer X said...

StlDan, even though President Reagan was a welcome improvement (that's an understatement)over Carter, I don't recall anyone ever calling him a God, nor do I remember anyone claiming that he tingled their leg. Frankly, Reagan wouldn't have stood for such classless behavior. On the other hand, I recall classless behavior coming from politicians and the media regarding President Reagan. Remember when they all ridiculed his "Star Wars" Program? I doubt they're still laughing, considering what we know now.

Individualist said...

Moses had his Tablets, Jesus had his Cross, even the Hare Krishnas had their navels to contemplate.

Obama has his Teleprompter. But if the Teleprompter tells Obama what to say who is the God anyways.

I'm confused. Do I need to go to a spiritual reeducation camp to learn the proper thoughts......???

BevfromNYC said...

I have been watching politics and politicians for a loooong time and I have never seen this kind of adoration especially from the MSM. Even Kennedy never had this kind of adoration. It's frightening, it's actually frightening. It's not just the adoration, it's the need to silence all opinion that is NOT adoration. That's the most frightening.

Unknown said...

Individualist: Good to see you on our site. I hope you'll continue to keep us on the straight and narrow.

In my lifetime I've seen the pictures and words of the German God Hitler, the Soviet Gods Stalin and his corpse idol companion Lenin, and the Chinese God Mao. They're all gone, and nobody prays to them anymore. Castro and Chavez have tried and will try to attain that status, but they just don't have the stuff.

The nice part about secular Gods is that they all have clay feet. Unlike the real God, they can be touched, they die, and they crumble to dust. I give the God Obama about a year or two more before the facade starts to crack.

Unknown said...

Bev: I partially addressed what you said in my reply to Individualist. As I mentioned in another comment, I first became involved in politics as a young teenager working for Kennedy's election. One of the proudest days of my young life was being invited to sit on the dais at the East Los Angeles City College stadium where he made his last speech before the election that made him President. We "idolized" him, but we knew he was no god. Within a year, a large segment of us began to criticize his policies, but it was never a gut-wrenching break as it would have been if we had seen him as a god we had to break away from. You can "idolize" a man and yet disagree with him without fearing eternal retribution.

We had political beliefs, not theological doctrine to deal with. Obama has changed that dynamic. People are following him the way people followed Jim Jones to their ultimate fate. Fortunately, this is America, Obama can't take his disciples and go to hide in some obscure part of the world. Sooner or later, cultists cease seeing their leader as lighting the path to God, and come to believe he is God.

About half of the people in this country not only don't buy his deity, but are prepared to demonstrate through the ballot box what we do to those who would be God. He has the weak-minded in a trance, and his high-level evil supporters are using that to his temporary advantage. It's going to be a tough fight, but his image as God will fade, even for the sheep. He will fail them, and they will turn on him. The worst thing any non-believer can do to a would-be god is laugh at him. The laughter will become contagious. However scary this deification of Obama may be, it is also laughable. So start giggling, and keep going until it's a full-fledged belly laugh.

StanH said...

I believe the patina is already beginning to fade. I know it’s anecdotal but I recently had two dinners in a little over a month with my incredibly liberal brother in-law, he’s 59. First was Mothers Day and you couldn’t shut him up about the amazing Barry, I disagreed nicely after all it was Mothers Day with about twenty people. Second meal was at a nieces graduation about a week and a half ago and he had tempered his enthusiasm of his Barry considerably and didn’t want to talk about it. My point being it’s happening and the hangover’s gonna be a doozy.

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