Sunday, June 7, 2009

Obama's Priorities: Eulogize Abortionists, Ignore Soldiers

While preparing for his summer of love speech on the religion of peace and for his visit to the Middle East, the President found time in his busy schedule to express "shock and outrage at this heinous crime," speaking of the murder of an abortion-mill doctor by a mentally-deranged anti-abortion zealot. But he is a busy man, after all, so he couldn't find time to express much of anything about the murder of a young American soldier at an army-navy recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas by an American convert to the wonderful world of Islam. The two murders occurred within hours of each other.

The horrific ironies here are legion. The murder of Private William Long, age 23, and the wounding of Private Quinton Ezeagwula, age 18, by Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad (previously known as Carlos Bledsoe) took place in a city that was one of the first destinations of the civil rights movement. The murderer had just returned from instruction on jihad in the Muslim stronghold of Yemen. He had expressed his hatred of America's "war on Islam" and his desire to kill soldiers who might fight in that war. The significance of all this mysteriously escaped Obama's brilliant mind and high sense of morals. Perhaps he was still recovering from the shock of the murder of a healer who proudly held a position as one of the last doctors eager to perform partial-birth abortions.

The first day (Monday) of the murders passed. But surely the Commander-in-Chief would take an opportunity on Tuesday to express his sorrow and outrage at the murder of a young soldier, since he was holding a press conference to announce his choice for Secretary of the Army. Nope. As Michelle Malkin reports, "While blah-blahing about preparing our soldiers to 'meet the challenges of our time,' the President failed to note the 'challenge' of home-grown jihad that had tragically cost Pvt. Long his life and put his comrade in the hospital." No word whatsoever about the vicious murder at the recruiting station.

The visit to "the place where Islam began" was of much higher importance than taking note of the place where Islam produced a local jihadi murderer who cited the Koran as his justification for taking the life of an American soldier. American soil is clearly less sacred than Muslim soil. It was critical that Obama "seek his majesty's counsel" he said of the Saudi King on Wednesday. But still no word on the Little Rock murder of one of the Commander-in-Chief's troops. I doubt he was seeking his majesty's counsel on how to handle murderous jihadis. Saudi Arabia, for those suffering from geography deficiency, is right next door to Yemen where the American jihadi had gotten his training.

The final chance for the President to speak of the soldier's murder was on D-Day, June 6. Since Obama was no longer in the land of the prophet, and considering that the occasion marks the invasion of Europe by western forces determined to destroy the evil ideology of racial supremacists, no doubt the President would speak of the murder of a soldier by a religious fanatic now. How wrong can we be? Not a word. A bona fide jihadist attack on an American recruiting office was not worth the time or effort of our Great Peacemaker.

The U. S. government, the FBI, and the Justice Department have been providing free security and investigation for abortion mills for years now. But they cannot bring themselves to do so for recruiting stations which have been under constant assault. And when the inevitable fatal attack occurs, the Commander-in-Chief cannot rouse himself to pay honor to the fallen soldier, condemn his cold-blooded murder, or admit that Islam is the religion of submission, not the religion of peace.

This self-serving, willfully blind President should have canceled his visit to the holy sites surrounding Mecca, flipped off the Saudi king, and condemned fundamentalist Islam for the murderous warrior religion that it really is. He should have traveled instead to Little Rock, Arkansas, to declare that this soldier's death would not be in vain, and that home-grown Islamic fundamentalist murder is even less acceptable than that in the Middle East. But that wouldn't fit into Obama's warm view of his Islamic past. Better to feel good about Islam than to protect America from Islamic terrorists. The family and friends of Private William Long still await word from his Commander-in-Chief.


StanH said...

You must understand Lawhawk sacrifices have to be made, as long if it’s just a soldier who cares, right. The prince of pandering Barry “O” loathes the American military. As Ann Coulter has written, abortion is a Holy sacrament to left, and I think it was Ann who said Barry would probably support abortion up to two days after birth. If you just want to extend that gross analogy, one could say that the good doctor suffered a late term abortion at the hands, of a fellow ghoul. Both killings are detestable, as are Barry’s blind political calculations, God help us we’re gonna need it.

Writer X said...

The way that Pres. Obama has handled these two situations reflects who he really is. Again, where is the Republican leadership pointing this out? Where is their outrage on how this was reflected in the President's own comments, especially after his "I have a dream" speech in the Middle East? What's even more maddening has been the lack of coverage for the murdered soldier in the MSM.

I'm so disgusted by it that I can barely type this comment.

AndrewPrice said...

Well said Lawhawk. I believe that any politically motivated killing in the United States should be condemned by people on all sides. But the murder of a United States solider deserves a special level of attention -- especially when that murder was politicially motivated. That should have been his first priority over all else.

Not to mention that this was a great time to scold Muslims that they need to abandon their hatred of the rest of us.

That Obama would willfully ignore the murder of one of the young men under his command for political reasons is despicable.

Unknown said...

StanH: I am quite literally astounded by Obama's inability to deal with these two murders in a moral and logical manner. Murder is a terrible thing. But murders occur every day of the year, nationwide. The President of the United States cannot and should not make public statements about each of them. But some murders require the comment of the President because of what the murder signifies.

Obama found it vitally important to drop everything and lament the murder of an abortion mill doctor. That signifies both his support for partial-birth abortion and payback for the support NARAL and Planned Parenthood gave him. It also offered him a chance to turn one mentally-unstable opponent of abortion into the poster boy representing all us crazy Christians who oppose late term abortions.

SQT said...

Writer X brings up an excellent point. Where is the Republican leadership?

We already expect the MSM, as representatives of the left, to prioritize any story regarding abortion over the a slain soldier. We know that they're not going to call Obama out on anything.

So where are the people who are supposed to give a damn about this? I would think this would be an excellent opportunity to draw a contrast between the "compassionate" left and those who value all life-- not just those that follow an agenda we like.

Unknown said...

Writer X and SQT: Excellent catch on the failure of the Republican "leadership" to demand that Obama speak publicly of the murder of the young soldier.

Continuing my train of thought as I discussed with StanH above, the murders that a President should be taking note of should have a significance which requires public Presidential comment. So why is the abortion murder relatively insignificant, while Obama's failure to comment on the soldier's death truly significant?

The soldier's murder was aimed directly at our military. Obama is their Commander-in-Chief. The soldier was murdered by a Muslim. Obama was raised as a young child in a Muslim household in a Muslim nation. The soldier's murderer is a jihadist who has joined his fellow jihadists in declaring war on the United States. Obama is the President of the United States.

Those are no less than three major reasons why Obama should have quickly, publicly and indignantly condemned the murder of the soldier. Instead he chose to lament only the death of someone of his own moral level, then run off to the Middle East to join hands with those who have the same morals and religion as the vile murderer in Little Rock. That is not only a failure of logic and fairness on the part of Obama, but also a strong indication of his selective morals and lack of qualifications to be President of the United States.

AndrewPrice said...


I'm going to disagree with you in part, in that I fully support Obama's eulogizing the abortion doctor.

His murder was purely politically motivated and I believe that the President (and all others) should roundly condemn all political killings in this country, no matter whether you like the victim or not. I don't care if this guy performed abortions, sold guns, opposed animal testing, or made missiles, we cannot allow it ever to be suggested that we can solve our political disagreements through murder.

The President should not exploit the murder by using the eulogy to attack their political opponents, but he should condemn the violence and make it clear that there is no place in our country for such action no matter what the cause.

To me, the real outrage is that Obama failed to condemn the murder of the soldier. That is an outrage whether he chose to eulogize the doctor or not. Choosing to eulogize the doctor (while ignoring the soldier) only adds to the sense that Obama is a disturbed human being who will exploit a tragedy where he can and ignore a tragedy where it cannot help him.

Unknown said...

Andrew: I carefully chose the word "eulogize." It means to praise. There is absolutely nothing to praise in the murdered abortionist. I also spoke of significance, and Obama's failure to address properly the significance of each murder. Condemning murder must have significance. The only reason for an Obama eulogy is to praise a loathsome creature. The murder of the abortionist in and of itself has no greater significance than almost any other murder. The murderer may have had some significance only because he used his anti-abortion stand to justify the unjustifiable. But Obama wasted no time making national news to attack the murderer, and by inference, anyone who opposes abortion. In other words, all abortion opponents are potential murderers, a concept which is patently ridiculous.

The significance of both the soldier's murder and the murderer are clear. And part of the significance of the murder is Obama's clear political exploitation of the abortion murder while remaining inexplicably silent about a murder which occurred literally within hours of the abortion murder. The abortion murder is an isolated incident of a murder committed by a mentally unbalanced advocate of a small fringe group. The soldier's murder was committed by a member of a large and growing community of jihadists for whom murder, even mass murder, is a basic tenet.

StanH said...

It’s classic leftist logic, the President is projecting his point of view onto the murderer, trying to set a false premise of the Christian zealot, for the ongoing abortion debate, don’t accept it. If Barry is anything he’s a sleazy politician, and his nod to NARAL, NOW, etc. is a display of Washington politics, normal. His position of responsibility as Commander in Chief, one I believe he holds with disdain, would on it’s face make you believe he doesn’t care about what happens to an American GI? For man who is always looking for empathy from others, fails to give it. Both murders seem to me not to rise to the level of a Presidential comment, but if a comment where made or “eulogy” it should have been the soldier not the doctor.

Unknown said...


I think that the three of us do have a common ground. Andrew is by no means standing up for the abortion doctor, and I would never want anyone to think I'm suggesting he's doing so. So rather than dwell on that issue, I think the far more important common ground is as follows:

Obama should have addressed both murders, or neither, but not one to the exclusion of the other.

I think Obama was intentionally favoring one of his pet causes and exploiting a murder for political purposes. Andrew is a bit kinder to the President, granting him a bit more human decency than I see in the man. Where I have a sticking point doesn't particularly relate to Obama's words about the abortion doctor. What rankles me immensely is that if it was not a purely political ploy, but was in fact an unintentional oversight, then why, after five days has Obama still failed to make a statement about the soldier's murder? And if he finally does, will he be so quick to point out the political and religious views of the murderer?

Captain Soapbox said...

I also think that Obama went a little too far in his comments about Tiller, speaking out against a murder, especially one that is politically charged doesn't bother me in the slightest. If people went around shooting their political opponents left and right then we'd have very little credibility as a nation. So I'm fine with his speaking out against the murder.

I also don't think there's much gained by being shocked at him praising Tiller, since their views on abortion were fairly in step. Political bedfellows tend to support one another, no matter how much people on the other side of an issue think it may be reprehensible. Him praising Tiller personally appalls me, but it's neither unexpected, nor something I felt was out of his character to do.

Where I draw the line though is when he used the murder for his own political ends. The very first thing I said when I heard Tiller was murdered, before the Breaking News "bong" was even over was: "That's just great, they're going to use this as more ammo against the so-called Right Wing Extremists." And what did the media and Obama do? Exactly that. The media, while still vexing, is expected to do that anymore; but the President, well that's just lowdown and dirty no matter how you cut it. He needs to remember that he is the President of all Americans, not just the left wing of the Democrat party. The more he treats conservatives as the enemy, the worse shape this country is going to be in.

Now back to the soldiers that were shot. It's beyond contempt that Obama hasn't spoken out about that attack. Especially given the fact that this week was one that highlighted the contributions the US military has made to not only America, but to the free world. To ignore the shooting because of the circumstances of the shooter, given his appeasement trip for the Arabs, makes it doubly damning.

It is his duty to speak on it, and if he had any moral compass at all he would have. A good President would have been front and center with the story that very day and possibly canceled his trip to go to Little Rock instead of Cairo. But not Obama, which isn't surprising in the least, he is what he is.

Yet in a way I'm glad he hasn't mentioned the soldiers' shooting at all. Why? Because if he had, he would have used it as a platform to not speak about the murder of people who defend this very country, oh no that wouldn't do for him, he'd twist it around to talk about how while the shooting was tragic that Americans shouldn't hold the Muslim community responsible for the actions of one crazed gunman who happened to be Muslim. He would have used it as an opportunity to shake his head, and talk down to us about not being judgmental. He'd preach to us to abandon our bigotry and hatred, which in fact could have caused this tragedy in the first place.

Unfortunately his fiery old time religion speechifying about acceptance, tolerance and only holding the guilty party responsible not the larger group to which he was part of only applies to Muslims who murder soldiers, not to lunatics who murder abortionists. That's why I'm glad he kept his mouth shut, while his hypocrisy may know no bounds, I'm in no mood to have to watch it unfold yet again on live TV.

Unknown said...

Captain: Excellent discussion. I am still waiting for "the other shoe to drop." I have an awful premonition that Obama is planning exactly what you suggested--a big show of caring about the murdered soldier, followed by his excuse for waiting so long. And that excuse would be of course that he wanted to "craft his words carefully" to avoid accusing a lone assassin of being a surrogate for the Muslim world.

In that context, the timing makes perfect sense since he is still basking in the glow of his brilliant outreach to the imaginary monolith of Islam. Why kill the buzz when you can wait and accomplish it again with the complete exoneration of Islam from any kind of violence?

Skinners 2 Cents said...

Incredible insight into a subject matter that makes me shake with rage.

The Commander and Chief had nothing to say about one of his most sacred responsibilities; soldiers, being shot down by an enemy of the United States of America on American soil.

Not a word...nothing...despicable, you can't fly the "I Hate the US," flag much higher.

Captain Soapbox said...

Lawhawk, I have the same sort of feeling of foreboding that you do, and think he'll probably do something along those lines. He's back from his Most Excellent Adventure through the Middle East and Europe so now needs another issue to be on TV to shake his head and be all empathic over. My feeling is he'll finally get around to adressing the shooting in Little Rock for that.

The thing is, I'll bet money that he does exactly that, use it as an excuse to talk about further "outreach" to Islam because the shooting only is a symptom of American attitudes about Islam, not what it really is; a logical next step when you support certain Islamic ideologies.

To make it even more stirring he'll probably use the fact that it was a black convert to Islam that did the shooting as some sort of speaking thread about how poverty and bigotry push the "disenfranchised" into falling in with the "extreme" versions of Islam. In other words it'll be all our fault again, and he'll shake his head ruefully and many fools will buy it. If we'd just help these people out they'd not become radicals, they'd just become the good sort of Muslims, er um good people, he meant to say good people.

Skinners2Cents, I'm sure he'll figure out a way to do that. The other thing that is annoying about the whole situation is a very important point you hit on, it's an enemy attack on the US military in the United States and it's getting treated like...well nothing.

Honestly unless another 9/11 happens, something on a scale which means it can't be ignored, I think that any acts of Muslim terrorism in the US is going to be soft pedaled. Bringing attention to it doesn't serve the narrative or gameplan after all. This isn't limited to the Obama administration, but under Bush it was just the media that didn't take plots (Ft. Dix, JFK, etc.) or even attacks (El Al in LA) very seriously, now the government itself wants people to ignore these sort of things because if people were to shine a light on the terrorist threat, then it makes his entire "open hand" approach to the Muslim world look like a really dumb idea. Which it is, but he's convinced he can convince us otherwise.

Unknown said...

Skinners2Cents and Captain: I've lived through weak Presidents in my time, and read about a few more. But this is the first time in my life that I have ever had serious doubts about the loyalties of the nation's chief executive. Carter tried a love-fest with the world, and it cost us. But I never thought of him as disloyal, just arrogant, weak and overly committed to doctrine and peace processes. I think his crushing defeat and rejection by the American people at the polls made him slightly deranged, but that was after his Presidency.

Obama has slapped the religion that shaped America in the face. He has announced that he is going to re-make the nation. He has apologized to the world for practically everything we've ever done internationally. He appears to be setting up the previous administration for show trials. He has called America "one of the biggest Muslim nations" and refuses to clarify what he meant by that. He has spoken disrespectfully about our American troops while overseas, calling our actions in the Middle East an "over-reaction" to the attack of 9-11. He has emphasized rare troop misbehavior while playing down the great restraint and bravery our troops have shown.

He was mentored by communists and Muslims, and by a UCC pastor spouting race-hatred and love for Louis Farrakhan. His background is barely American at all. He now speaks mistily of Indonesia as if it were his home, and adores his absent Kenyan communist father.

He has bowed to a foreign Muslim king whose country produced the 9-11 terrorists. He has hugged a smiling communist dictator in South America. He has nominated a woman to the Supreme Court who has openly stated she believes she is wiser and better able to represent certain segments of society than a white male. And now, he continues to ignore the murder of an American soldier by a native-born Muslim convert for whatever nefarious purpose he has up his sleeve.

That isn't weakness, that's a pattern. I'm neither an alarmist nor a conspiracy theorist, but something's rotten in DC, and the smell emanates from the White House.

Captain Soapbox said...

Lawhawk, you put how I think about this entire mess, and it is a mess, into words way better than I could have. I remember Carter, I was just a kid at the time but I remember the humiliation of watching the Iranians hold our people hostage for 444 days while he incompetently made speeches telling us about our "malaise" and the like. I never thought I'd see a repeat of that, but here we are, and there we may go again.

Clinton didn't much care for or about the military either, trust me I saw that firsthand until I got sick of it; but at least Clinton didn't actively hate the military, something I see in Obama. A lot of commissions got resigned under Clinton, and a lot of reenlistments rethought, but at the rate that Obama is disparaging the military within a couple years you'll see a genuine crisis in force levels. But hey, then he can just start up that "fair" draft that the far left is so keen on...

I don't buy into conspiracy theories all that much either, but honestly there is too much evidence for his dislike, even downright contempt, for America and many of the American people for it to be an accident. But hey, the people spoke and it wasn't until election night that the people who got him elected (the media) actually said,"We have no idea who he is." Well now even people who voted for him are starting to see who he is, I had a pretty good (and so far accurate) guess from the start.

The thing that really scares me is when the man himself says: "You ain't seen nothing yet." I'm afraid he's right, we haven't.

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