Friday, August 21, 2009

Commentarama Password Winner

And the correct answer is: Crow T. Robot (he's the kinda gold guy, front, left).

TENNESSEE JED got the right movie and the correct scene. Congratulations!

On October 23, 1993, Joel Hodgson was leaving Mystery Science 3000 to pursue other interests. The show that evening built a short story around Mike (the new guy) arriving. Crow, as usual, got the idea mixed up about the mad scientists trying to kill the new guy so they could take his place. He thought they were trying to kill Joel, so he engineers a safe way for Joel to get off the space station and back to Earth. Then Mike joins Crow and Tom Servo in the movie room to watch a classically-bad Joe Don Baker movie entitled: Mitchell.

Mitchell was a boozy detective helping out in an investigation of a crooked lawyer (why else do you think Andrew chose it?). The lawyer was mobbed-up. When two Mafiosos who had dealings with the lawyer meet on a park bench, they each need to make sure they're talking to a legit mobster who knows the passwords. As they start to utter the magic words, Crow channels one of the Mafiosos, intoning the password phrase: "It's a cold day for pontooning."


Suzie1 said...

Only place I've found my all-time fave WORST movie ever made: "Creeping Terror" available on a MS3000 DVD. A MUST SEE for those who enjoy the worst of the worst. I stayed up until the wee hours as a teenager watching it on Chiller Theater on a distant, fuzzy Pittsburgh station, rolling on the floor laughing/crying. Incoherent story, MISSING dialog, terrible monster, inept acting, bad sound - it's got it all. I'm laughing right now.

AndrewPrice said...

Congrats Jed! You have great taste and an agile mind if you know the answer to this!

Lawhawk, This is one of their better episodes, but also one of the sadder ones because Joel leaves. I liked Mike, but I liked Joel better.

P.S. Not to nitpick Lawhawk, but it was Gypsy that jettisoned Joel, not Crow.

Suzie, It's always strange to me to see movies that they've done on MST3k without the MST3k guys. In many ways, they've become an integral part of these movies for me.

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, That was a great episode! My favorite was Gamera.

While I liked both Joel and Mike, what I liked about Joel more was his innocence. Mike was much more cynical. And I think a show like this works better when it takes its self at face value.

Still, I liked them all. Great show, very creative!

Unknown said...

Andrew: That'll teach me. I just watched the episode, and it was indeed Gypsy who got it wrong. Oops.

I agree on Joel. I loved the episode where he did a futuristic fashion show. He put on this idiotic looking silvery-gray thing that was held together by silver duct tape (that looked a little like the ones in "Teenagers from Outer Space"). "See how fetching Joel looks in his silver jumpsuit." Of course, he looked absolutely goofy. Hilarious.

Kenny said...

To nitpick, Mike does not join the movie-watching until the following episode. Joel finishes Mitchell before he leaves and the episode ends with the mad scientists eyeing Mike as his next subject.

Unknown said...

Kenny: Well at least I got Crow right! If that turns out to be wrong, I'm gonna slit my wrists. LOL

AndrewPrice said...

Kenny, Welcome! I'm always glad to have another MST3k fan! You're right by the way, Mike was working with the mads during the whole episode, he wasn't even shot into space to the SOL until the next episode.

Unknown said...

Kenny: Andrew's just trying to butter you up. I love your part on South Park (I do have the right Kenny, don't I?). LOL

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