Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama Hates Me, This I Know, For His Speeches Tell Me So

Our President has once again sought a safe place outside the United States to show his contempt for Americans who think the First Amendment actually means something. In a speech in Guadalajara, Mexico, he informed the audience which included the Canadian Prime Minister and the Mexican President that Americans who oppose instant citizenship for twelve to fifteen million illegal immigrants are demagogues.

In response to a reporter's question about health care possibly sidetracking the immigration debate, Obama gave a longwinded and slighly incoherent answer on health care then moved on to say that "I believe we can secure an immigration reform package which includes a pathway to citizenship." And then for the money quote he went on to say: "Now, am I going to be able to snap my fingers and get this done? No. This is going to be difficult. It's going to require bipartisan cooperation. There are going to be demagogues out there who try to suggest that any form of pathway for legalization for those who are already in the United States is unacceptable." At least he recognized for the first time that his poll numbers are slipping badly, since he said: "And those are fights that I'd have to have if my poll numbers are at 70 or if my poll numbers are at 40. That's just the nature of the U.S. immigration debate."

Wow, what a man. Fighting against the odds (actually his poll numbers are at about 47% and declining, but that's just a quibble). If only it weren't for all those demagogues we could have twelve million more Democrats overnight. And that would solve the health care debate by stacking the electoral deck. Demagogues are very bad people, standing in the way of instant direct democracy.

Obama slipped for a moment and actually said something that's true. "But ultimately, I think the American people want fairness." Yes, we do. Fairness like not having instant citizens whose first act in the United States was to break the law by being here at all. And perhaps fairness for those who very much wish to become Americans in the best tradition by following the rules, entering legally, and doing what is required to earn citizenship. I realize that the word "earn" is not in the liberal lexicon, but then the polls also show that two-thirds of Americans are not liberals. You don't earn money by stealing it from your friends and neighbors, and you don't earn citizenship by sneaking across a very porous border and demanding it.

What is a demagogue, exactly? According to most dictionaries, a demagogue is a person, especially an orator or a politician, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions and passions of the people. Hope and change, anyone? Yes, we can? Evil capitalists? Wall Street bankers? I look different from the other Presidents? The rich should pay their fair share? A demagogue inflames passions, not thoughts. He plays on fears and false hope. He sets one class against another. He creates imaginary enemies. And most of all, he squelches legitimate debate by calling his opposition names that denigrate them personally rather than addressing their ideas. So who is the demagogue here, Mr. Obama?

Stateside, the liberal Immigration Policy Center jumped into action to advance the President's theme. "Comprehensive immigration reform (read: amnesty) that includes a path to legalization for undocumented workers (read: illegal immigrants) would pay for itself. In contrast to the failed and costly enforcement-only policies that have been pursued before. A reform program would more than pay for itself by raising more in tax revenue than it costs in increased bureaucracy." Bureaucracy is the least of the costs. What about the integrity of our borders? And what about the massive welfare programs, Medicaid, not to mention the crime costs?

The demagogues who oppose blanket amnesty seem to have found slightly different facts. Some studies (including some done by liberal universities) place the cost of illegal immigrant amnesty welfare at somewhere between $1 trillion and $2.5 trillion. And since these will be among the lowest wage-earners because of their limited work skills and English language deficiency, they will benefit from Obama's tax plans that excuse them from paying taxes at all. Twelve million immigrants, all claiming the "earned income" tax credit. Some revenue!

Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, another demagogue, asks the obvious question. "If you don't enforce the law, it has no effect. How can you say that something has failed which has never actually been tried?" In those rare cases where specific laws have been enforced, they have been highly successful. Contrary to liberal baloney, illegal immigrants aren't all that hard to find and deport. And the answer to the question of "how do you get rid of twelve million illegal immigrants" (to which you are supposed to respond with 'impossible') is "the same way you eat a whale, one bite at a time."

Meanwhile, Harry Reid, soon to be the ex-Senator from Nevada if his poll numbers keep falling, prophetically says that "we will bring eleven million people out of the shadows (I say twelve million, but what's a million people between friends?)." But only after passing cap and trade, fixing the climate, and passing comprehensive health care. Senator, if we have anything to say about it, that will be some time in the year 4545. The illegals can come out of the shadows right now. Just hop on the closest daylight express back to the border. And if your President succeeds in getting half of his crazy schemes passed by a Congress that doesn't read its own bills, the economy in Mexico will quickly be better than ours anyway. So we are doing them a favor by providing them with a free ride home.

Another way of misdirecting the demagogues is to use a different expression for illegal immigrant comprehensive reform. Once tagged with the expression "blanket amnesty," it died an unpleasant death nearly three years ago, even with the support of future Presidential loser John McCain. So the Democrats have picked up a new expression, most often articulated by Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. Although the President has picked up the refrain, Hoyer was among the first to refer to blanket amnesty as the "Pathway to Citizenship." Now doesn't that sound pleasant? Illegals are now just travelers on the pathway to citizenship. A pathway which has thus far managed to avoid borders, the law, the Constitution and just plain common sense.

But Hoyer isn't satisfied with merely getting an instant boost in the number of Democrat voters. He has much more foresight. Blanket amnesty must be supplemented by a comprehensive guest-worker program. After all, invited "guests" aren't here illegally, so they can quickly hop on that shining path to citizenship too. Democrat guests don't understand that eventually guests are supposed to go home, not take up permanent residence in your home and demand that you feed and clothe them like the family children. You see, once the illegals become legal, the guests can become residents. It's all very self-explanatory.

I would simply suggest that if Barack Obama is looking for demagogues, he need look no farther than his own mirror and some photographs of his Congressional leadership.


StanH said...

Wow Lawhawk, this is a subject that leaves me scratching my head. When this started as a countrywide phenomena my favorite President Ronald Reagan granted an amnesty with the caveat that the border be secured we know the result, not good. Move forward through NAFTA, Immigration Reform, (amnesty) and now we know the subject is going to return under Obama. Why is Washington in a bipartisan way bound and determined to make this happen, beats me? I know, …at least I think I know your thoughts on conspiracies but, this to me is the only way to make sense of the senseless, so here I go ready for the scorn and ridicule, the CFR whose membership is as diverse as it is weird, Bush’s 1&2, Kerry, Clinton, many in the media, and one of their great ideas “no borders.” Your arguments are strong as always and hold merit by themselves, but how can we get from Reagan to Obama. Still scratching my head… Now comes the long knives.

LL said...

I think the point of this is that he wouldn't refer to us as demagogues here at home, speaking on prime-time.

The American people have had enough of amnesty for illegal immigrants. The other efforts were not viewed as particularly successful by most Americans.

Today the motive is not pure - it's tainted by adding to the Democratic voting base.

AndrewPrice said...

Nice article Lawhawk. I think it's ridiculous that Obama thinks it's acceptable to go overseas and verbally attack Americans. If he doesn't like it here, go be president of some other county -- maybe Mexico, which has no tolerance for illegal immigration on its southern border?

Stan, it's no conspiracy, its simply that the incentives of both "sides" combine:

The hard left (which dominates the Democratic leadership) wants to dilute citizenship because they want to see the character of the US change, and they think that importing vast amounts of poor, non-english speakers will destroy capitalism in this country. This is combined with the idea that more Hispanic voters means more democrats.

Big business (which dominates the Republican leadership) sees more Hispanic labor as a way to remain competitive with places like China, and as a great source of labor for nannies, pool cleaners, yard workers, etc.

So with the leadership of both parties firmly believing in letting in all of these people, and their financial backers sharing those beliefs, the parties ignore the great unwashed masses who routinely report that 70% of us (even Hispanics) want this fixed.

There are solutions to immigration, but I haven't had a chance to write about that yet. That will be part of the Rebuilding the Republican Party series.

Unknown said...

StanH: I don't see conspiracy so much as synchronicity. The leadership of both parties have massive immigration as a shared concept. The Democrats get cheap votes and the Republicans get cheap labor. Neither party's leadership can bring itself to recognize how much damage a massive influx of non-English speaking people with little concept of liberty and the rule of law continues to wreak. As far back as Jefferson, conscientious leaders recognized this danger. Jefferson, a full-on Francophile, saw this danger and said that as much as he loved France, the idea of 5,000,000 Frenchmen suddenly showing up on American shores demanding citizenship terrified him.

LL: As I've mentioned in previous posts, this is the first President in my lifetime who I consider to have extremely weak loyalty to America. Good, bad or indifferent, all the previous Presidents had America's interest at heart, even if their methods were harmful. When the President of the United States thinks his own nation is just another piece of the grand international jigsaw puzzle, there is nothing to stop him from bad-mouthing his country anywhere in the world. The idea that politics stop at the water's edge means nothing to a man who thinks borders are jingoistic and national identity an impediment to good world government.

Unknown said...

Andrew: I am looking forward to the Restoring the Republican Party issue on immigration. In advance, I would like to say that my belief includes: No amnesty. Absolutely no citizenship to anyone here illegally, although I will accept some form of deportation with bonus points for return for those who have made some contribution to America while here illegally. No chain immigration, if the families are determined to stay together, they can do so farther south. Severe penalties, duly enforced, for employers who know or should have known they are hiring illegals. Absolutely no citizenship for anyone who cannot speak basic English sufficent to pass a citizenship examination. Sponsors in America who will personally financially guarantee that no immigrant will take advantage of any public welfare program within five years of entry. "Free" indigent medical care only after attaining full citizenship. Complete withholding of any federal funds from cities which claim "sanctuary status." Permanent denial of citizenship for any illegal immigrant convicted of a violent felony, along with immediate expulsion upon release from prison. Revocation of citizenship and deportation of any naturalized citizen who commits a violent felony or treasonous act within ten year of attaining citizenship. Extreme preference to be given to applicants with professional and high skilled labor credentials. Rigid enforcement of unitary citizenship--the Oath still requires rejection of all foreign citizenship, but it hasn't been enforced in years.

These are not radical concepts, nor are they original. All of those requirements applied to both sides of my family when they arrived in America from Germany. Both my sons-in-law are from Mexican families and my daughter-in-law from Filipino descent on her mother's side. All of those families arrived here legally and became citizens following the rules. My lifelong best friend's mother and father first arrived here as young transient farm laborers from Mexico. Their parents liked what they saw, and when they went back to Mexico after the harvest season, started the process to become citizens. Each year they came back, then went home to Mexico while their citizenship was being processed. Meanwhile, they learned English and studied American history. They all became first-rate citizens. Why is that considered to be such a terrible thing to expect today?

Writer X said...

President Obama is in Arizona today. The fact that he's visiting Arizona in August (it's 110 degrees today)is a sure sign that he's desperate.

Just got back from vacation. Health care was all anybody wanted to talk about--at airports, in restaurants, even at the beach. People are not happy out there with their president and their politicians, at least the ones I met.

Unknown said...

WriterX: I hope you are all holding McCain's feet to the fire on immigration. We don't need him coming in and playing "maverick statesman" again. In fact, this would be a fine time for him to make a "demagogue" speech of his own, on American soil, without foreign leaders to kowtow to.

When Obama comes to San Francisco, it's a lot like his visit to Mexico--he gets to insult America and Americans in front of foreign leaders Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein.

Writer X said...

LawHawk, it's probably no suprise that McCain is more popular (I use that term loosely) on the national scene than he is in his home state. Immigration is something that impacts our state every day. If he plays maverick statesman again, I'd wager his days as senator for AZ are over.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

"In response to a reporter's question about health care possibly sidetracking the immigration debate, Obama gave a longwinded and slightly incoherent answer..."

Ha ha! That's purty much true of Obamuh everytime he opens his

"And the answer to the question of "how do you get rid of twelve million illegal immigrants" (to which you are supposed to respond with 'impossible') is "the same way you eat a whale, one bite at a time.""

Mmm, whale. Not quite as good as seal, but tasty, nonetheless. You need a pretty big grill, though.

Excellent post, Lawhawk!

AndrewPrice said...

Benn, I get the feeling that whale, because of the blubber, is like bacon. You start with 35 tons when you put it into the pan, and you end up with 1/2 pound (and a very greasy kitchen) a few minutes later. :-)

Writer X, Welcome back. Sorry to hear they imported Obama to your state in your absence. That can ruin any state!

Writer X said...

Yes, so far he's done the usual: shut down the airport for a while, visited the Grand Canyon, ate at a local Mexican restaurant. Then I hear he's going to address some Veterans and pretend like he cares.

Unknown said...

WriterX: I have some friends in Arizona who are saying pretty much the same thing about McCain. Against a liberal Democrat he's fine, but if a strong conservative Republican with any chance comes along, they're going with him or her and hope McCain will make a graceful exit while he still has some small credibility. I love it! Many a true word is said in jest. "He's going to visit some veterans and pretend that he cares." Ouch.

USSBen: They tell me polar bear is very good, so long as you avoid the liver (it's poisonous). And when you're done eating, you have a great looking rug.

Andrew: The writer of the book (and movie) "Ruggles of Red Gap" upon seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time announced: "Now I know what to do with my used razor blades." Obama said "Look at the horrible trench that eco-unfriendly industry left behind--we'll immediately start to fill in that horrible gash in the landscape using the Obama Youth Corps workers and the local oppressed Native American tribes."

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Lawhawk- LOL! Polar bear, the other white meat.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...


Whale bacon? I bet there would be a huge market for that.
Why, just the word bacon gets my attention.

Unknown said...

Ben and Andrew: I saw Disney's Pinocchio last night on one of the cable stations. Monstro proved that whales are evil creatures that eat innocent puppets, their fathers, the cat, and Cleo the goldfish. We should hunt them into extinction before they come for our children. And if Disney says they're evil, it must be true.

HamiltonsGhost said...

LawhawkSF--Obama doesn't seem to like America a lot. Does he consider this presidency to be just a stepping-stone to the real prize: Secretary General of the United Nations?

Skinners 2 Cents said...

Note to self I'm a demidog, wait a demigod, no no that's not it either Skinner you are a demegauge. Yep I inspire lower inputs of value based on something, or anything that needs gauging. Anyhow another teachable moment for certain.

I'll know things have really gone to pot when the President of Mexico starts demanding that we take better care of their citizens that fled their crappy country....wait that already happened too. I can't win it's almost demidemoralizing.

The list of words of hate are adding up quickly and I know that there are some that I have missed feel free to add to the list.

I'm a coward (thanks Holder), I'm an angry mob (not really sure if that's possible for one person to be a mob but I am angry).
I'm a right wing nut job, I like to think of myself more as a constitutionalists but hey...who needs constitutions any ways...certainly not Hondurans.
I'm a gun loving, god fearing, an atheist's heathen and a Brady killer.
I'm making signs with swastikas on them. Geometrically speaking it is a rather beautiful design.

I'm also a member of the most exclusive club known to any minority in the US.

I am the WHITE DEVIL and I will crush any president that thinks he can lie better than me!

One can notice how sad Obama is at lying sometimes the truth slips out, "it's the Post Office that's always having problems" it's the sign of the anti-devil. No white devil would make that mistake.

Kneel before me Obama you've been trained by wannabe devils, that's why you make such insipid mistakes. You've bowed to many a pretend devil already. Now you will bow to me Mmwahahahaha (insert scary voice here).

Tennessee Jed said...

great post Hawk. On that subject of our southern border, I did pick up a copy of John Burgard's documentary "Border." It is well worth viewing for those that haven't seen it, and I doubt it will be showing up on any of those cable networks that only do Michael Moore or Pelosi's daughter material.

CrispyRice said...

Good article, LawHawk! I'm sitting here reading your list of immigration changes in the comments and nodding my head and nodding my head and nodding my head.

Unknown said...

Skinners2Cents: Demonize and ridicule. I wonder where Obama learned that. I seem to remember learning the same thing in my radical days in the 60s from a guy whose first name rhymes with "Paul."

Tennessee: You're the second person to mention "Border" to me and recommend it highly. I'll have to give it a look.

Unknown said...

CrispyRice: I hope I didn't cause you to get a crick in your neck. LOL. America is, and wonderfully so, a nation of many races, ethnicities, religions, philosophies, colors and abilities. But unlike the nations of Europe and Asia, our nation didn't have hundreds or thousands of years to develop an ethnic or religious identity. What held us together was the concept of e pluribus unum (referring both to the several states, and their people), and a Constitution which establishes our commonly-held ideals of ordered liberty and equal justice under law. A citizenship which doesn't honor that means that the immigrant has nothing to bind him to his future fellow citizens, and he will fall back into his bad old habits of group identity and loyalty to his past associations. All my requirements for immigration reform are based on establishing once and for all, if you come here, you're expected to obey the law (starting with your initial mode of entry), to learn the common language (English, not Spanish), to become a citizen loyal only to America as represented by the Constitution, and not to bring with you the ways of your old country which drove you here in the first place.

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