Friday, August 21, 2009

Preacher Obama Discovers The Judeo-Christian Bible

No longer satisfied with mere politics, walking across the Potomac, and delivering fish and loaves to the multitude, High Priest Barack Obama has discovered the same Bible that the vast majority of Americans know and cling to. And if his massive government takeover of health care doesn't work, he'll bring a cross with him to the next Sermon on the Mount.

Obama can't explain his health care proposals, in part because they're incomprehensible, and in part because he doesn't dare admit what the real plan is--100% government takeover. Since logic and facts are not part of the public presentation, his latest move is to invoke religious obligation. Now remember, what little Obama knows of Christianity he got from Rev. Jeremiah Wright, so anything he preaches is going to reek of Liberation Theology which uses a distorted version of Christianity to promote a primitive form of socialism (unlike Wright, Obama hasn't publicly adopted Black Liberation Theology, largely because he couldn't win elections by favoring a group which comprises only about 12% of the American population).

If Obama thought that quoting the Koran would help him, he would do that. He has certainly shown more of an affinity for the Prophet than for the Savior over the past few months, but he must have decided that was working against his elevation to the Godhead, so he'll have to work on the Christian side for awhile.

So on Wednesday, armed with his Cliff Notes and a dog-eared copy of Christianity for Dummies, Obama preached to a gathering of religious voters and pastors. Now mind you, I use the expression "religous leaders" cautiously, since almost all the religionists were from liberal to ultraliberal wings of formerly mainstream churches, or megachurch pastors who preach a little Christianity and a lot of feel-goodism. The United Church of Christ [sic.] had a presence, as well as World Council of Churches members and hangers-on from the United Methodists, United Presbyterians, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (Lutherans who have never read the Augsburg Confession), and lesser known groups like the Church of the Holy Dry Cleaners. Since the press spent little effort on the gathering, we don't know if the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence or the Metropolitan Community Church sent representatives, but Missouri Synod Lutherans and traditional Catholic clerics were conspicuous in their absence.

The Right Reverend Obama told the gathering that "As the world's richest nation (not when he gets done with us), America has a moral duty to offer health care to everyone." Not knowing anything about American history, Obama has no way of knowing that before the liberals started taxing people half to death during the Roosevelt New Deal, the churches used a major portion of their Sunday offerings to provide food, shelter and yes, health care for the poor. Catholics (and to a somewhat lesser but notable extent, Lutherans) built hospitals and clinics for those who could not afford traditional medical bills.

I can tell you personally, that I received major medical maltreatment at a County Hospital in Los Angeles (Olive View Medical Center) during a period of financial distress. Two publicly-paid doctors in a row misdiagnosed and improperly treated me for a staph infection that went so virulent that I nearly died. I fortunately passed out in front of the Santa Monica Superior Court, and the ambulance transported me to Santa Monica Hospital--a Lutheran Hospital. They shocked me back to life, then put me in an isolation ward (I was that infectious by that time), and I spent six days there recovering. I had to take intravenous antibiotics for another two weeks, every six hours. The County Hospital billed me over $600 for nearly killing me, but Santa Monica Hospital accepted my complete financial inability to pay, contacted the Lutheran Brotherhood and Aid Association for Lutherans (both are technically insurance companies), and a bill approaching nearly $12,000 was completely "forgiven." Pastor Obama: Please don't tell me that the so-called "public option" is preferable to private and charitable institutions.

The Politico reported "In an odd bit of messaging, Obama urged the religious communities, many of which offer outreach and even sanctuary to illegal aliens, not to believe reports that health reform would cover foreigners in the US illegally." Talk about mixed messages. The Preacher seemingly had lost his sermon notes, and was winging it. First of all, that was the wrong group to be telling that illegals wouldn't be covered. And second, it's a lie (the Preacher's halo is slipping). The simple fact is that in the hastily-revised versions of the 1000 page bills, specific references to coverage for illegals has indeed been removed. Case closed? Hardly. Obama claims to be not only the national High Priest, but a lawyer as well. Any lawyer who claims to know constitutional law and constitutional history knows that if a group is not specifically excluded, the courts will invariably find that they are included.

Rabbi Obama apparently has also been skimming those irritating Ten Commandments that his people have been removing from all public places. He chastened those who "bear false witness against his plan." He forgot the "against thy neighbor" part, but close enough. Like a thundering prophet of the Old Testament, he said: "The first thing I want to correct is the idea that the proposed overhaul would force some people into different health care plans. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan." Do clerics' noses grow when they lie? Since there aren't any close-ups of Rabbi Obama at the meeting, we really can't tell. Everyone with even a modicum of education and a little understanding of economics knows that even the most efficient private industry cannot compete with publicly-funded and government controlled industries. Particularly when that same government plans to eliminate the very tax incentives that make private insurance and employer-provided insurance workable. I don't remember anywhere in my Bible where Isaiah or Jeremiah lied to the people of Israel.

Meanwhile, back in the Christian camp, Pastor Obama's apostles, according to the normally-friendly AP, are "providing a financial windfall in the election offseason to Democratic consulting firms that are closely connected to the president and two of his top advisers. Interest groups that are running at least $24 million in pro-overhaul ads hired GMMB, which worked for Obama's 2008 campaign and whose partners include a top Obama campaign strategist. They also hired AKPD Message and Media, which was founded by David Axelrod, a top adviser to Obama's campaign and now to the White House." And I guess I should add, the chief apostle of the fishy snitch e-mail campaign, as well as the author of the e-mail reply that went out to people who are now unwillingly on a government e-mail list.

Yet Pastor Obama rails against special interests. The AP further reports that President Obama "accuses special interests of fighting to block his health care overhaul, but has spent months assembling a formidable lineup of special interests of his own, an essential element of a plan to remake the health care system and succeed where President Bill Clinton memorably failed. The President's special interest groups even include doctors, nurses, drug makers and labor unions working to pass an overhaul despite any misgivings they may have." Don't forget AARP.

Meanwhile, the Messiah's minions have taken to threatening those very insurance companies that Obama himself says will continue to operate completely independently of the government. FNC reports "An official letter from House Democrats (signed by West Side L.A. leftist Henry Waxman) to a few dozen insurance companies may amount to the most blatant pressure politics yet in their drive to pass healthcare reform." The opening sentence reads like a threat: "The Committee on Energy and Commerce is examining executive compensation and other business practices in the health insurance industry." Although on official Committee stationery, the Republican members of the Committee didn't find out about the letters until angry constituents began calling their offices.

The Waxman letters demand huge amounts of financial information from the insurance companies, requiring the companies to send reams of compensation data by September 15. Essentially, without specifying exactly what information they are demanding, the Senators have put the companies in danger of contempt unless they produce every single bit of information about all compensation for all the executives of the respective companies. The letters don't even specify who qualifies as an executive, since they seem to be based more on total income than position in the company.

And finally, for the greatest Priest of them all, Father Teddy Kennedy. Kennedy is in the final tragic stages of brain cancer. He has been for many years the foremost Senatorial advocate of nationalized health care. And now he foresees his possible demise before the final vote on health care. With Pastor Robert Byrd already on the sidelines, Kennedy's vote might be absolutely crucial if the Democrats decide they have to go it alone, without the Republicans, at vote time. So Kennedy has contacted the Massachusetts powers-that-be to rush a bill through the legislature changing the method of obtaining a Senator after the death or resignation of the current Senator. Presently, the Governor of Massachusetts (Pastor Deval Patrick) must call a special election to replace the Senator. Although the majority party would have an edge, there's no guarantee that a liberal Democrat would win that election. And setting up elections doesn't happen overnight.

Kennedy proposes that the law be changed so that the Governor can immediately name the successor to fill out the term, and if the term has more than six months to run, then to appoint an interim successor (who will be the incumbent) until a special election can be called. Unfortunately for the Democrats, Kennedy is merely a great priest, but not a prophet or seer. The proposed law was exactly the law that was in place when Kennedy lobbied to change it to its present form. You see, at the time of the change to the current law, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was running for President, and the Governor of Massachusetts was Mitt Romney--a Republican. The Kennedy move was to stave off the appointment of a Republican Senator from the People's Republic. Well, Father Kennedy, karma's a bitch, isn't it?

Unrelated Note: Yesterday I reported in my Diary that conservatives are now the largest political self-identity in all fifty states, according to the Democrat sponsored Gallup Poll. Today, the Pew Research poll shows that the percentage of Americans who hold a favorable view of the Democratic Party has slipped below 50% since Obama assumed office. It is now at 49%, down from 62% just seven months ago. But that is not the good news you might think, at least standing with the other fact. Republican percentages have not changed appreciably at all during the same period of time. If Democrat numbers are down, conservative numbers are strikingly up, but Republican numbers have not changed, there is a message. And I covered it yesterday. America is conservative, now in all fifty states. Republicans who take conservative stands will prevail. But the Republican Party cannot have a rebirth until it announces a unified message of conservatism. The "leaders" need to learn the lessons of history. 1994 was not a Republican revolution. It was a conservative revolution, and there just happened to be more conservatives in the Republican Party than in the Democratic Party. Republicans who do not espouse conservative views will not participate in a resurgent Republican Party. And if too few conservatives run on the Republican ticket, there will be no Republican resurgence at all.


StanH said...

It wouldn’t surprise me if Barry didn’t have a cross installed in the oval office, so he could hop up on it in times of trouble. What a crass jerk this guy is, and to me this is a real indicator of how much trouble he is in, having to stoop so low as to make even a faux attempt to speak to Christians.

Not only Axelrod feasting on the largess of the White House, but what about that scum-bag George Soros, and the Brazilian oil deal. Blatant profiteering from the weasels that now inhabit the White House. I guess this is hope and change we can believe in.

Writer X said...

LawHawk, can these legislative committees like Waxman's simply send out letters and expect to get information? Is the recourse of these insurance companies to hire lawyers or can they simply tell Waxman to pound sand?

Obama's nose does seem to be longer these days. When can we call him Pinocchio?

Tennessee Jed said...

A great, great article. I echo Writer X's question. How can the federal government just go fishing here?

Unknown said...

StanH: There are times when I am in utter awe at the ability of Obama and his top advisers to practice Chicago gutter politics while at the same time delivering sanctimonious sermons from the pulpit. But then that's the description of what he calls others--demagogues.

Unknown said...

WriterX and Tenessee: Congress has very little power to act like a prosecutorial entity. But that's just the theory. In fact, it can be as tyrannical as hell. If your company does business with the government or does business in interstate commerce, Congress has the ability to call you, your employees and your records before a committee.

So unlike a court, you can indeed tell them to pound sand. But it's not very wise. Your alternative option is the best one. Get a lawyer. If you can, bring a team of lawyers. For multiple reasons, the company being persecuted by the tyrants should appear to be cooperating while at the same time exercising every possible legal gambit to thwart the committee's fishing expeditions.

Is the committee allowed to obtain all the information then noisome Waxman asked for? Not really. But provide none of it, and the demagogues start with the "they have something to hide" nonsense. The segue from that to more and more regulation is easy to figure out. And if that doesn't work, gather "suspicious" information and turn it over to your equally nefarious Department of Justice or IRS for further harassment.

I could write an entire treatise on the abuse of committee power for purely political purposes. This would be a major chapter. This is by far the most transparent and raw threat of political intimidation I've seen in a long time, perhaps ever.

patti said...

holy frickin' smokes. i don't want to be near him when god gets wind of this. first barry says he thinks abortion is fine and then he tries to sell his swill by attempting to intimidate christians by envoking the sin factor. so what comes first, earthquakes? fire from the sky? locusts?

Unknown said...

Patti: The article was getting longer than I originally intended, so I had left that issue out. Thank you for picking it up. It's a sin to oppose Obamacare, even if the plan includes government funding for and promotion of abortions, including partial-birth abortions.

And he said this to "religious leaders." Didn't any of these religious leaders read the Biblical admonition to "beware of wolves in sheep's clothing?"

AndrewPrice said...


The Kennedy thing is so typical. He pushes to get a law passed to stop Romney and now that it's going to blow back on him, he tries to change it back.

Unknown said...

Andrew: I'm going to have to spend a little extra time at church this week, but I can't help enjoying the idea that Kennedy's earlier action has now caused him to be hoist on his own petard. Although the People's Republic of Massachusetts will undoubtedly elect another lefty Democrat to Kennedy's seat, they can't do it fast enough to save Obamacare if Kennedy and Byrd can't make it to the Senate for the vote. Those two are probably the only ones who could push through the low-yield nuclear option of passing socialized medicine without the vote of a single Republican.

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