Wednesday, December 2, 2009

America Loses--And It's A Good Thing

All right. Now that I have your attention, take a look at the photo of another President who "doesn't look like us." To wit: President-Elect Porfirio Lobo of Honduras. In fact, this was a great victory for America, and a great embarrassment for the American President and his party of leftist dictator-supporting know-nothings.

But since conservative/constitutionalists in America really couldn't care less about whether a president "looks like us," this is a double-whammy for the racist and radical government of "doesn't look like us" Obama. Lobo (who will undoubtedly earn the sobriquet "The Wolf"), his party, and his nation stood up to the hegemon to the North, defied an American administration that knows what's best for everyone, including Hondurans, and handily won the election that Obama didn't want to take place.

Lobo came from essentially nowhere to become the leader and odds-on candidate to win from the party in opposition to wannabe dictator Manuel Zelaya. Zelaya was supported by the communist and socialist nations worldwide, and specifically by president-for-life (as long as he can control the army) Hugo Chavez of Venezuela who is, in turn, the kissing cousin of one Barack Obama. After Zelaya attempted to become president-for-life himself by changing the Honduran electoral law in direct violation of the Honduran constitution, he was lawfully removed from office by the Cortes (legislature) and the Supreme Court, and removed from Honduras by the military following orders from the other two bodies. So naturally, constitution-hating dictators and wannabe dictators worldwide called the lawful action "a coup."

Western hemisphere constitution-shredders and Marxists who opposed the "coup" include the aforesaid Hugo Chavez, President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil, and interim President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. Each of their countries have constitutions which they routinely ignore or denigrate, so how dare those people in Honduras decide that they like their constitution just fine and intend to abide by it?

So Mr. Obama put what little is left of American prestige into opposing the constitutional government of Honduras, supported an ousted future dictator, demanded that Honduras return his good buddy to power, and gathered the other tinpot dictators together to refuse recognition of the November Honduran election unless Zelaya was allowed to return to office in triumph immediately. Now he is hoist on his own petard. Obama, having the spine of a jellyfish, but the eye of an eagle, saw the handwriting on the wall from thousands of miles away, and the words said "you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting."

The constitutionalists did not reinstate Zelaya, and the noble Obama immediately started backpedalling. He knew that he would look like even more of a fool than he already does if he continued his strident opposition to the free elections in Honduras, and like the dictators he supports if he actually refused to recognize a lawful election. Still, there have been no words of congratulations or signs of reconciliation from the office of the American messiah to the new president-elect of Honduras.

Lacking entirely in any real knowledge of American history (he only knows the Marxist-racist version), Obama would be unable to recognize the irony of his hostility to a small band of people in a faraway country building and defending a constitutional republic in defiance of the world's greatest superpower. During his short presidency, Zelaya's administration had joined the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) which was formed by dictator Chavez and peopled with the Marxist heads of state of Cuba, Ecuador and Nicaragua. In fact, Zelaya had planned a big rally of the ALBA gang for the night of his planned June referendum on his electoral permanency. But those pesky constitutionalists thwarted his plans, and the Obamists and their counterparts in Central and South America couldn't just let that slide.

Over four hundred foreign observers from nations all over the world went to Honduras to observe and report on the Honduran election on November 28. Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, the German Bundestag, and the Japanese government have all declared the election fair and conducted under the rule of law. Of course in advance of the election, Obama had a stalking horse from Illinois go down to Honduras and come back to announce that the whole governmental action against Zelaya was invalid, and therefore the election itself would be invalid. You have a nice little hole to dig yourself out of this time, Mr. Obama.

And Zelaya himself, despite the danger of speaking out when large Israeli forces are stationed right outside the Brazilian embassy where he has been cowering, maintains that he is still the rightful president. He is still lucid even after those Israelis were pumping poison gas into the embassy for months on end. Well, look at the bright side, Manny. You can always become a speechwriter for Mr. Obama, who will shortly be finding himself facing a constitutional system just dying to kick him out.


AndrewPrice said...

How funny is it that Obama's position now is reduced to: "We will recognize the election, but there still needs to be a government of national unity and a truth commission.

Oh, and if that doesn't happen, well, we'll be kind of put out."

Supposedly the Honduran Congress is going to create such a government this weekend. I'll bet they're ceremonial only.

Unknown said...

Andrew: If I'm reading some of the reports right, the committee already offered Zelaya a "token" position, which he has refused. Obama looked foolish enough, but if Zelaya keeps taking potshots from the Brazilian embassy, Lula da Silva and Brazil are going to start looking foolish and ineffective as well. Even Nicaragua cooperated somewhat by agreeing to seal off the Honduras/Nicaragua border during the election. Nicaragua is still disputing the election, but that's a sign that they may just find a way to "forgive and forget" and recognize the new government.

StanH said...

Barry could make Zelaya, American liaison to his beloved Marxist Latin America. Then fearlessly use the USMC, and invade the Honduran embassy in Washington, placing Zelaya in residence. One can envision, Barry, Zelaya, Chavez, Castro, goose stepping on the south lawn. Like the movie the “In-Laws,” the original with Peter Faulk and Charles Grodin, have a crappy Latin military band playing as they march in their little general uniforms, use some porkulus (Barry’s stash) money to pay an adoring crowd.

Barry proves daily what a fool he is, at least the world has something funny to laugh at, …sheesh!

StanH said...

Peter Faulk and Alan Arkin, …sorry busy today!

CrispyRice said...

Thanks for the update! It's been a fascinating thing to watch, and to watch Obama screw up.

Tennessee Jed said...

One for the good guys; one for our side. Having just watched Stonewall Jackson pass away on television, this is a bright note on an otherwise dreary day in East Tennessee

Unknown said...

StanH: I wouldn't worry about it too much. The Ditherer-in-Chief will be out of office before he could put a plan together.

Unknown said...

CrispyRice: Watching Obama dissemble is pure Schadenfreude for me. I take great joy in anything that makes him uncomfortable. And watching him trying to justify or spin his idiotic actions is pure Monty Python comedy.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: Isn't it sad that "our side" (the American people) are on the opposite side from our government? Obama is backpedalling as fast as he can on this one. Fortunately, I think he's going to backpedal right into a wall called "the electorate."

HamiltonsGhost said...

Lawhawk--How far down the road do you think Obama will discover that "emanation" in the Constitution which allows him to suspend all citizen rights and follow Zelaya's plan to become president for life because of a national crisis?

Even though I'm only half-kidding, it just seems that it's the kind of mentality Obama shares with his overseas pals.

Unknown said...

HamiltonsGhost: In the words of an ancient radio show, "it ain't funny, McGee." Obama's latest plan to burn the Consitution is to give the government complete control of deciding whether any business, private, public, individual, or partnership, is running its own affairs properly, and if not, the government can simply take over or remove officers or owners and demand that the business allow the government to decide how the business should be run. The bill has already made it out of committee on a pure partisan vote.

Writer X said...

It does kind of put another layer of tarnish on the President's peace prize.

Thanks for the updates, LawHawk. This is like the story that never was in the MSM.

Unknown said...

WriterX: This would be funny if it weren't so sad. Obama got his peace prize five minutes into his administration on the basis of him thinking happy thoughts. Obama's goofiness is like the calm before the storm. He wants peace, therefore there will be peace. Whoopee! And as for Honduras, he damned near turned a peaceful constitutional act into a civil war. Peace, huh?

Fortunately, the Hondurans are more civilized than the Obamist SEIU and ACORN, or there would have been major bloodshed. As it was, the Zelayistas tried to suppress voting with violence in some of the outlying areas.

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