Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas From San Francisco

And we'll see you back here after the holiday.


patti said...

merry christmas to you as well, my new friend!

CrispyRice said...

Merry Christmas to you and all the Commentarama folks!

StanH said...

Merry Christmas! Andrew, Lawhawk, WriterX, Bev, Scott, Boiler Room Elves, Patti, Jed, Joel, Armchair, Mega Troll, Crispy Rice, and all the people that make Commentarama a daily must!

Tennessee Jed said...

Before I get too far into Christmas Eve activities, I would like to wish everybody at Commenterama.

I would be totally remiss if I did not mention a special thanks to Andrew, Bev, Lawhawk and Writer X for the time and effort they have put into the site this year. I can say, without once out of smaminess that you represent the best in conservative blogging.

I ran accross you guys over at Big Hollywood where we would regularly cross paths and remember when you started this site. I can only say: "bravo, job well done." Unless I am sick, traveling, or otherwise unable to get to my computer, I try to read all the articles and offer comments if I think they add something.

Tennessee Jed said...

Hah! bad editing on my part. That is a Merry Christmas I was going to wish you all, but then, I'm guessing you could intuit that. I'll be away until after the first so Happy New Year as well!

Writer X said...

Thanks, Jed! But a huge thanks to LawHawk and Andrew for starting their very cool blog.

Merry Christmas, all! Look forward to blogging with everybody after the holidays.

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks everybody!

We've been happy to have you all here as well! And thanks for all the questions and comments and for keeping us on our toes -- blogging doesn't work without a great audience and you are all a great audience!

Merry Chistmas to everyone!

Unknown said...

Thanks to everybody. Andrew and I are occasionally stunned by the loyalty all our old and new friends have shown. It's the best Christmas present we could ask for.

StanH said...

A funny little anecdote! I just got a Christmas card from my older brother, and family. I opened it and to my surprise, there’s Barry smiling at me with the words, “Merry Christmas & all the Best! Barack Obama.” Hysterical! Perfect prank card. LOL!

Unknown said...

StanH: My kids might have done the same thing, except they were probably afraid I'd have a stroke. LOL

Individualist said...

The Night is Waning
The Kids are in Bed
The Parents are straining
To Play in Santa's Stead

Cookies left with Santa in Mind
Carrots to keep the Reindeer's gate
Hershey's Stars Dad's favorite Kind
Ya know Mama is watching her weight

We can rest Now presents in place
Under the tree so bright and tall
Retire to blog after today's race
Just to wish Merry Christmas to All

Goodnight everyone.

Individualist said...

LOL - Gait

Cronickain said...

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are having a great time Indy! Andrew, try not to think about politics for just one day ;) Law have a great time. Patti, Crispy, StanH, TenneseeJed and WriterX have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Next year let's talk about getting this bill overturned ;) (broke my own rule).

Unknown said...

Individualist: Cool. Original poetry for Christmas!

Unknown said...

ACG: No problem about breaking your rule. Christmas is a time for new beginnings.

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