Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Message From The Elves. . .

By the Boiler Room Elves

Yes, we know what you are thinking. An article from the Boiler Room Elves? Two days before Christmas?! Shouldn't we be toiling away in some northern toy factory? Clearly, you need a lesson in Elf history.

Many, many years ago, our ancestors found what appeared to be paradise. It was a happy place, with a jolly, charismatic leader who promised ho-ho-hope and change. He promised green pointy shoes to each according to his needs and he foreswore profit. He made big promises, like a four week work-year with full benefits, and government housing for all. The Elves were enticed by his idealistic philosophy, and they followed him with great expectations.

But it wasn’t long before some of the Elves began to feel slightly oppressed. While this leader was indeed jolly, he also kept lists of people’s behavior and spied on them as they slept. Were the free healthcare and free housing projects worth swearing to his "nice, not naughty" code of conduct?

And spying wasn’t all. To control healthcare costs, he forbade us from eating sweets, and he banned smoking -- though he is himself a secret smoker.

It was the Bakers' Guild that broke first. Elves without cookies are like Dwarves without lasagna. They could no longer take the rules, and they refused to pay the fines. So they left the village and they headed south to the Keebler Forests.

Others soon followed. They wanted freedom. They didn’t want their leader telling them what they could or could not do. They wanted the freedom to make their world as they saw fit. Some had visions of innovations they wanted to try. Others just wanted to be left alone. There is more to being an Elf than living in comfort and being taken care of.

Thus came The Great Schism that forever split Elfkind into separate wings, those that wanted comfort but cared not for freedom, and those that wanted freedom to find their own comfort. And on that day, Elfrich August von Hayek nailed a copy of The Sleighride to Serfdom on the door of the toy factory. Our eyes had been opened.

Modern times find the Elves spread all over the globe, and, indeed, further.

The Santa Elves who stayed behind live happily in their workers “paradise,” unaware that the net income from giving away toys for free year after year hasn't quite kept up with the expenses, and now, sadly, their way of life is quietly crumbling. Christmas toy demand is up, and the Elves are asked to work ever longer, which of course they are unaccustomed to doing. Their healthcare system, too... well candy canes and egg nog take their toll and let's not talk about life expectancy up there. (They cut a lot of corners.)

In the South, the Elves are happier. The Baker’s Guild incorporated and they make a mint selling dozens of types of cookies all year long. One of their own recently became Treasury Secretary.

We Boiler Room Elves chose a different path. Ours is not the way of butter and sugar, but of machinery and innovation. Life is not perfect, but it has been fair. Competition from cheap boiler rooms in Asia has cost many an Elf their job. But we are resilient and we will make better boilers, more efficient boilers. And those that lost their jobs have found work in other fields or created other fields. Did know that every time you run an internet search, it’s an Elf that compiles the results!

Sadly, many younger Elves who never experienced life behind the Toy Curtain revere what they see as a more sophisticated system up north. If Santa’s Elves can live so carefree with no worries, why can’t the rest of us, they ask from a safe, ignorant distance. But they are young and foolish. They will learn soon enough that promises that sound too good to be true are never true and “free lunches” come at too high a cost.

In any case, though, Christmas time for the Boiler Room Elves is much like for any of you. Cards to write, egg nog to drink, government take-overs to protest, and Merry Christmas wishes to send to everyone we know - online and IRL. So Merry Christmas everyone! Jingle a shoe-bell for us.


StanH said...

Merry Christmas, back at you BRE’s. Over time I’ve grown fond of those little critters, I must say whenever they’ve come to my house for a visit (shakedown) …talk to Lawhawk… they’ve been kind, and courteous, but wont take checks? …damn lawyers. At any rate, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Commentarama Wee-Ones!

PS: Always dig the cookies.

Funny stuff Andrew, always fun!

BoilerRoomElf said...

Checks?! Cash is where it's at, baby. Though we are looking into opening our own PayPal account... ;)

Merry Christmas, Stan!

And PS - BossMan Andrew has little to no say over the Elves' sense of humor. We invited him to a night of Elvish Stand Up once, and let's just say, he didn't get it. Maybe he needed more nog...

AndrewPrice said...

Stan, I honestly don't write the Elf material. Seriously.

Nice article Elves. Glad to hear you're fans of Hayek! :-)

patti said...

"...government take-overs to protest..."

gotta say, i am hoping this is NOT a new tradition. it is exhausting adding it to the mix, BUT one more thing that i will do as long as necessary. god bless us everyone.

BoilerRoomElf said...

Patti, we hope that doesn't become a standing tradition, too!

Andrew, funny, no one thinks you're down here running the boilers, do they? Oh noooo...

Hayek rules.

Unknown said...

Andrew: I told you if you gave them an inch they'd take a mile. And the worst part is they're starting to make sense to me. What's in those cookies anyway? I suppose giving them enough free time to read Hayek isn't a bad thing, even if I don't remember Hayek being four foot six with pointy ears. So I'll skip my usual "bah, humbug," But I still refuse to go down to that hole to congratulate them. Even I still have some standards.

AndrewPrice said...

BRE, LOL! Look at it this way, no one doubts that you do all the work in the boiler room?

BoilerRoomElf said...

LawHawk - the cookies are an Ancient Elvese Secret. Bah!

AndrewPrice said...

That's why they leave no ring around the collander right?

CrispyRice said...

LOL! Merry Christmas, BREs!

BoilerRoomElf said...

Merry Christmas, CrispyRice!

Mwahahaha - we'll never tell, BossMan!

BevfromNYC said...

I have a completely different view of Santa now...Elves unite! They can take away our recipes, but they can never take our Freedooooommm!!!!

Merry Christmas!

MegaTroll said...

Boy if this doesn't sound familiar! Scary. LOL!

I love these articles. Great work Elfs! Merry Christmas!

BoilerRoomElf said...

Merry Christmas, Bev! Elves of the world unite, indeed! 'Course, we'd rather not lose our recipes in the process, either.

MegaTroll, we generally run from your kind, you know, but in the spirit of the holidays, we'll stick around. Merry Christmas!

Writer X said...

I think you just got your wings with this one. Priceless! This will mean, of course, that you earned one more thing that can be taxed.

Merry Christmas!

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