Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama Teaches Al Qaeda A Lesson

If nothing else works, apologize. But be sure you apologize in just the right way. Apologize for things you may or may not have done. Apologize to appeal to the right people. Apologize in a way that makes you look like the good guy. Apologize for your "inadvertent" mistakes. Apologize using "weasel words" appearing to apply to everyone at large, but actually appealing only to your target audience. And most of all, apologize insincerely while sounding choked up with the emotion of your sincerity.

That handsome devil in the picture is Adam Gadahn, who now styles himself "Azzam The American." Yes, I'm making fun of Gadahn's stunning good looks, but this guy's no joke. He's a public shill for Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, and that ain't funny. Contrary to rumors awhile back, Gadahn was not killed during a joint American-Pakistani raid. He is very much alive, and doing the devil's work on the Islamic TV and websites.

This past weekend Gadahn went on Islamic TV and the web with a new video apologizing for the Al Qaeda exterminations of large portions of the innocent civilian populations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Like most of Obama's apologies, Gadahn's wasn't particularly sincere, and was actually targeted at a very specific audience. He didn't really address his "apology" to innocent civilians. He addressed it very carefully to "innocent Muslims" blown up in the pursuit of worldwide Islamic domination.

In part, in a seventeen minute video, Gadahn said: "We express our condolences to the families of the Muslim men, women and children killed in these criminal acts and we ask Allah to have mercy on those killed and accept them as martyrs." That takes care of blaming the West for the bulk of the civilian casualties. Then he goes on: "We also express the same in regard to the unintended Muslim victims of the mujahadeen's operations against the crusaders and their allies and puppets, and to the countless faceless and nameless Muslim victims of the murderous crusades."

Get it? Civilians who are killed by the troops of the West are "innocent Muslims" who were purposely targeted by the "crusaders." But the vastly larger numbers of purposely blown up Muslims who were killed by Al Qaeda and the Taliban (he refers to the "mujahadeen" since he specifically addressed Afghans) are described in his apology as "accidental martyrs." Only the craziest of theological logic and outright lies could lead to an apology like that.

On the one side, the West has, to its dangerous disadvantage, gone scrupulously out of its way not to kill or injure civilians, Muslim or otherwise. It has cost the lives of good soldiers who would have been much safer just blowing away all the civilians harboring the single terrorist they were after. The rules of engagement are so crippling and so stringent that almost any civilian deaths generate cries of murder, torture and war crimes back here in the States.

On the other side, almost anything can be quickly justified if you genuinely understand The Prophet as interpreted by Gadahn and his fellow Islamofascists. You see, "martyrs" can be created in some very clever ways in the religion of peace. And Gadahn does just that. After surprisingly admitting that Al Qaeda and the other jihadists have ever actually killed anyone who didn't deserve it, Gadahn then apologizes to the Muslim world for the accidental killings which, soul-salvingly, created "martyrs." So if you're unfortunate enough to be in one of those Muslim crowds that the terrorists regularly blow up to get at one American soldier or a small vehicle convoy, you're an instant martyr. That must be very comforting to the Afghan cave-dwellers. After all, Gadahn is very apologetic about it.

These "martyrs" are not accidental at all. They are fully intended to die, preferably in large numbers. Sure, you killed a couple of crusaders, but at the same time look at all those martyrs whose families, in the great blood-letting tradition of primitives will seek revenge for. And if they're lucky, they'll get to be martyrs, too. But as long as Gadahn was busy praising accidental Muslim martys, he figured he might as well address the issue of Muslims who don't get to be martyrs.

I said you could justify anything. Here is what Gadahn has to say: "Those who have made the foolish decision to stand with America and its allies in their losing war against Islam--you have not only betrayed Islam and Muslims and left the fold of faith, but you have also caused the destabilization of nations and the displacement of thousands of weak and oppressed people."

It almost seems there's a special place in Islamofascist hell for Muslims who make the mistake of acting like civilized human beings protecting civilians from terrorist attacks. "The blood of countless Muslims is on your hands, and the security and very future of the countries you claim to defend and serve has been placed in jeopardy because your external enemies are taking advantage of your heedlessness as you fight and kill your fellow countrymen for American dollars." Now, dear readers, do you understand why I have a problem believing there are really very many truly "moderate" Muslims--particularly in the Middle East? That moderation could get you killed. And you don't even get to be a martyr.

I don't actually think for one minute that Barack Obama purposely gave any ideas to Azzam the American. But, what the heck! If a vast TV audience and the Big Apology works for him, why wouldn't Gadahn give it a try himself? Anything to look good and explain your crazy actions in the Middle East. At least Gadahn doesn't apologize for his own people.

I should probably add that the only people slightly crazier than Gadahn are some of the left wing sites which are determined that somebody who would say such crazy things must actually be a secret agent of Israel and the co-conspiring United States. In their zeal to find vast right-wing conspiracies everywhere, they have actually convinced themselves that Gadahn is just saying these outrageous things to turn people away from militant jihadism. Oh, brother! Take my word for it, lefties. This guy's for real. And if you'd actually take a few hours to read what's coming out of the mouths of the imams, ayatollahs and other leaders of the religion of peace, you'd know that Gadahn isn't saying anything that Islam's best and brightest clerics aren't saying. He just speaks better English, because he is an American convert to Islam who escaped overseas, became further radicalized in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and is now gleefully committing treason at every possible opportunity.


Tennessee Jed said...

I am truly sorry for not commenting earlier, Hawk.

Tennessee Jed said...

To your larger point, though, there is no question our military goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid collateral damage. And yet, to the cheesers around the world, we are always the bad guys. Once again, sorry, sorry,sorry!

Unknown said...

Tennessee: No need to apologize, the article only went up at 6 PM. People are just eating or getting ready to eat dinner around this time. And don't forget, in the mornings I'm always three hours behind our east coast posters.

I think that these days I've become immune to the completely-expected criticism overseas. What bothers me considerably more is what this administration does to our warriors who do everything they can to protect civilians whenever and wherever possible. Our own military is not supposed to be the bad guy on the home front.

StanH said...

SEAL Team 6, should make this goon a project and send him to the “virgins.” A good analogy to Muslim-Jihadist are our very own leftist. A small group but very vocal, they make the most noise so they have the appearance of a majority. In both cases needs to be eliminated, metaphorically of coarse, when speaking of our leftist.

AndrewPrice said...

Why am I thinking of Patsy Cline singing "I'm sorry"?

patti said...

i struggle with the moderate muslim theory because you are, as heidi klum says, "either in or out."

your earlier "moderate nazi" quip nailed my sentiment. is there such a thing? just as pelosi is supposedly catholic, yet pushes abortion, a huge no-no within the religion. is she a moderate catholic? my sense is that she's catholic when it suits her political needs. you can't be against a basic tenant of something and then say you are that something. you are either in or out.

so when faced with the debate on moderate muslims my mind will go to the moderate nazi analogy. seems fitting.

HamiltonsGhost said...

Lawhawk--It's always a sad commentary on the human race that some zealots can find ways to justify the mass murder of their own people. Gadahn has honed that sickness to a fine point.

Unknown said...

StanH: SEAL Team 6 could do the job in a minute, provided they weren't chained by an administration that thinks they're more dangerous than Gadahn and the terrorists.

Unknown said...

Andrew: You've done it! You've found the theme for Obama's next run for the presidency. Now all the left wing of his party needs is to sing Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man." Won't happen. LOL

Unknown said...

Patti: Apparently, if Gadahn has his way, there won't be many moderate Muslims left. Catholics like Pelosi and the Kennedys are in direct opposition to Catholic doctrine on abortion. But the last time I looked, the Pope wasn't planning on bumping them off and declaring them "martyrs." Maybe we should ask Tom Hanks about it.

Unknown said...

HamiltonsGhost: Gadahn was consistent about crusaders and Muslims caught in the crossfire. But his admission that the terrorists had, even accidentally, killed large numbers of Muslims thereby turning them into martyrs was almost refreshing. But those Muslims who oppose mass murder (those pesky moderates) are going straight to Muslim hell, with the assistance of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Now THAT'S news. It's not enough to be a Muslim for martyrdom. You can't be neutral or try to protect civilians on solely humanitarian grounds. For involuntary martyrdom during a terrorist attack, you must be a GOOD Muslim (read "fellow terrorist").

Individualist said...


The Obama administration would look into this message from Azzam but unfortunately Janet Napolatano is much too busy infiltrating Tea Party movements looking for the next Timothy McVeigh. However she is very sorry about it and even apologized at the optimum time of day.

Individualist said...

Lawhawk said

"But the last time I looked, the Pope wasn't planning on bumping them off and declaring them "martyrs."

No but the next time they come in for confession boy their going to be saying their Rosaries for hours.

Unknown said...

Individualist: They can't find the subversives in their own administration, so I guess we shouldn't expect much outside of it.

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