Saturday, January 16, 2010

New York State of Mind

So the holidays are over, the tree in Rockefeller Center has been taken down, the tourists have all gone home, and we are settling in for those dark and cold winter months here in the Northeast. But don’t think we are hibernating…

Sports – Yes, amazingly, the New York Jets are in the play-offs. They play the San Diego Chargers Sunday night. This is good because we just spent a gazillion dollars on a new stadium, so they better make it good. Go Jets.

[On a personal note - I would like to take a moment to extend my condolences and prayers to Jets owner Woody Johnson and his family on the death of his 30 year old daughter Casey who was recently found dead in her home in Los Angeles.]

Local News – In a front page only the Post could come up with, Mayor Mike and all of us are wondering why Obama hates us so much. For a city and state that supported him overwhelmingly is his campaign, Obama has turned on us with vengeance. He has ordered the civil trial of 9/11 terrorists just blocks from the Ground Zero which is estimated to cost hundreds of millions in security. He is pushing a healthcare bill which will add billions of dollars to our already strained state budget, and now Obama is requesting a special 50% “Wall Street” tax be levied on bonus’ paid to bankers and other Wall Street-types whose companies took bail out money. The City of New York will be hit particularly hard because we are the epicenter of all things financial. The strain is already beginning to show with blocks and blocks of empty retail space and a very high rate of unemployment among the white collar workers in the city.

-On a lighter note, Bloomberg started his third and he is not wasting time on his quest to control every aspect of our lives. Last week he announced his latest war – Salt. He’s conquered tobacco and trans-fats and now he has set his sites on our sodium intake. He is soliciting food manufacturers to lower the salt content of their prepared foods to help New Yorkers lower their blood pressure. As an astute Post reader commented in a letter to the editor that lowering our stress levels will lower our blood pressure too and pondered why he did not try to lessen our tax burden.

-And the final tally on Bloomberg’s campaign spending and the grand total came to $108,371,685.01. This comes out to about $185 dollars for each vote. On the other hand, his opponent Bill Thompson spent $9,100,000 which comes out to about $16.86 per vote. Bloomberg’s bonus to his campaign workers weren’t too shabby either. He gave on average $400,000 to his campaign managers and very healthy bonus to his staff. It’s good to work for the

-In other royal news, our new City Comptroller John Liu was sworn in on New Year’s Day and has wasted no time making valuable changes that will benefit us all. In a series of meetings last week with his staff, he has ordered that his staff must always rise when he enters the room and everyone must address him as “Mr. Comptroller”. We will see how long that lasts.

State News – Our state is in the throes of a crisis. Our former State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno (R/Albany) is going to jail. Another State Senator Pedro Espada, Jr. (D/Bronx) is being investigated by our Attorney General for some inappropriate behavior involving health clinics he owns. State Senator Hiram Monserrate (D/Queens) has been deemed “unfit to serve” by the Senate because he was recently convicted of beating his girlfriend. And the current leaders of both our legislative houses, Sheldon Silver and John Sampson, have taken “of counsel” positions at two of the state’s most powerful plaintiffs’ law firms, and have refused to disclose their salaries and, though it should go without saying, have refused to hear any talk of tort reform. So our Governor ordered an updating of the code of ethics for our legislature possibly one that defines “ethics” more clearly this time. The problem is, of course, that the legislators will be deciding the definition of “ethics”.

National News – The race for Senator has heated up for Democrats this week and Schumer is fuming. His girl Friday – Senator Kirsten Gillibrand may have a challenger from the left in her bid for Hillary Clinton’s old Senate seat. More on that at it unfolds over the next few weeks

Finally, don’t forget to tune in to Fox channel’s “24”- This season New York City plays host to Jack Bauer and his 24-hour race to save us from those nasty global evil-doers and their secret government operatives.


AndrewPrice said...

Bev, Every time I hear how much he spent to remain mayor, I think he must be insane.

I think the Jets are doomed, but I like Ryan and I think they have a tremendous future. This is actually turning into a great playoff year. I'm looking forward to each of the games.

As for taxing Wall Street, come on Bev, they're evil bankers. . . they don't contribute to society.

Unknown said...

Bev: As always, thanks for reminding me that we on the left coast have a counterpart back east. You also reminded me it's time to take down the Christmas decorations. Your politicians end up in jail, and ours end up in the loony bin, but the net result is pretty much the same. Replace them with more crooks and loonies. Fortunately, our mayor doesn't have nearly the extensive power that yours has, or we'd be the crazy nanny city.

Tennessee Jed said...

Bev welcome back online! I can't remember, did New York go for Obama or Hillary in the primary? He seems to be pretty blatant in givng breaks to his friends.

I am not a Jets fan, although I liked Herman Edwards when he was there. With the Eagles out, I probably have to with Peyton, but we'll see.

having to live in such a liberal town would suck the joy of living out of me, so I give you all the credit in the world for dealing with it.

BevfromNYC said...

Andrew, I realize that its his money, and he is free to buy whatever city he wants. BUT, he could have taken all that and fed a third world nation and STILL been re-elected. And according to readers on Huffpo, bankers to not contribute one bit. None of them pay taxes or buy anything. They just suck us all dry and move on. And they have large rooms stacked with gold and dollar bills that they never ever spend...

LawHawk - Your welcome. You should always take down your Christmas tree by July 4th 'cause the fireworks can wreak havoc on them. Also, I think part of Patterson's plan is to open up a third branch of the state government at Sing Sing prison. It would just be easier and cheaper since most of of our politicians live there anyway.

Thanks Jed! It's good to be back mostly. Still working out the kinks though. And you may have hit on something very important. NY went for Clinton 57% to 40% in the presidential primary. Seriously interesting. He has been harassing NY all year. Maybe it is some kind of warped payback or maybe he really is out for the utter destruction of the Clinton dynasty. BTW, I love being in the belly of the beast. I am a born contrarian anyway, so I would take opposite opinion if just for sport. However, I must admit. Liberals have no sense of humor. They can dish it out, but they sure can't take it...

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, the angry class warfare in which the Democrats have been engaged is really insane and disgusting. In fact, see my post today for a bit of satire based on that. At least, I think it's satire.

StanH said...

Are you torn Bev between the Jets and the Cowboys?

Bloomberg is the epitome of a power hungry politicians. Money is a means to an ends, as long as he has the power! Salt ban, great idea…not! I’m with Jed I don’t know how you and Lawhawk can stand the absurdity.

I love “24,” I’ll be there!

MegaTroll said...

A war on salt, that figures. Next thing it will be a war on taste.

Go Cowboys!

BevfromNYC said...

StanH and MegaTroll - I am not torn at all. I am a life-long Cowboys fan [despite of Jerry Jones;-)]...Go Cowboys!!!

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