Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can A New Logo Save The Democrats?

By now, talking about the Democrats being in trouble is like discussing the weather. But that doesn’t mean the Democrats have given up. . . well, not all of them. Yesterday, in what was billed as "a major announcement for the Democratic Party," party boss Tim Kaine unveiled their latest strategy: they’ve changed the logo of the DNC. That’s it (on the left, of course).

Now call me crazy, but I’m not entirely thrilled with this logo. Indeed, if I were a Democrat, I would be pretty angry. But then, if I were a Democrat, I’d have to yank out large chunks of my brain and I probably wouldn’t know the difference. Look. . . drool.

When I see this new logo, one thing comes to mind: Dunkin Donuts. Or maybe a defective bullseye? Or maybe a Dutch subway (which is probably a euphemism for something. . . "hey sexy, how much for a Dutch Subway? Forty euros? Are you kidding? Pelosi gives them for free behind the Capitol!"). Hey, that's three thoughts, which is two more than Obama's ever had. I guess I'm over-qualified to be a Democratic Messiah now.

I wonder what happened to the “NC” in DNC? Did they lose it? Did the union guys just get lazy and leave it off? Is this some slight at North Carolina? Maybe they just wanted to end all the “Does Not Compute” or the "Dipsticks, Nuts and Crackpots" jokes by dropping the NC? Maybe the “D” is the grade they've given themselves. . . it's certainly higher than I would give them.

And why did they hire a five year old to draw the font for the word "Democrat"? Oh, that was Biden? I see. At least he spell checked.

Interestingly, they apparently stole the logo from a pizza restaurant from St. Louis. Typical Democrats, stealing from small business to support their habits. Still, it is better than the other logo they were considering, which was intended to convey a sense of how modern and tech savvy they are. Here’s that logo:

Oh, and do you see the new slogan too? “Change that matters.” Talk about lousy, but I guess it’s better than their prior slogan: “Bend over America,” or the alternate "It's Bush's Fault." Still, I don’t think the implication is very good. Are they saying they spent the last two years working on change that doesn’t matter?

In any event, we at Commentarama like to help the Democrats whenever we can. . . we have a soft spot for the criminally insane. So I’ve put together a new logo that they are free to use, just pay shipping and handling. But unlike their brain trust, I didn’t drive by any pizza places. No, siree. I brain my used instead. And I decided what better symbol than one that represents the various wings of their party! So here it is, with each of their major tribes represented: gay militants, militant feminists, black militants, militant environmental whackos, blood sucking lawyers, and. . . well, there would be a union sign, but they went on strike and then never finished the job. I've also left off the word "Democrat" because so many Democrats like to do that in their ads already.

What do you think? Kind of brings a tear to your eye doesn't it? So what kind of slogan would you suggest for these new-old Democrats . . . we can run it across the bottom?


patti said...

looks like a button to push when you want to "D"itch something. or a "D"eath button. or a "D"etonate the "D"ems button.

they're ridiculous. but i like your fist punch illustration!

CrispyRice said...

OMG, LOL!!! You crack me up, Andrew!

I love how C-rama can handle the serious and the funny, too. One-stop shopping. :D

Unknown said...

Andrew: Since the Democrats want us to be more like Europe, the "D" would actually stand for the German tunnel.

I think the Democrats should just adopt the lawyers' slogan: "Trust Us," which is early English for "Screw You."

JG said...

It looks like the old ACORN logo, you know, with the circle around an acorn outline. That was the immediate association I had.

BevfromNYC said...

That's a hoot! The smile is kinda' scary though...

How about -
"Democrats, the Asses for Change"

"Democrats - Any Change is Good"

"Democrats - Presto Change-O!"

"Democrats - We Really Mean It!"

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Patti! It does look suspiciously like a button doesn't it? Perhaps a "D"oomsday button?

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Crispy, we try to handle all of your needs in one convenient location. Can I interest you in some insurance? How about a nice trip to Russia? Four pounds of random baked goods?

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, I like that -- "Trust us!" That would make a great slogan, especially if you could get the webpage to laugh manically whenever someone saw it!

AndrewPrice said...

JG, I hadn't thought about that, but that's a very good point. It does resemble the ACORN symbol!

In any event, it's pretty awful. I wouldn't have paid for this one.

Someone commented last night, "so the country is burning and the Democrats are doodling?" LOL!

CrispyRice said...

Did someone say baked goods? Maybe some nice elephant ears? Or cupcakes with elephants made out of icing on top?

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, The smile is quite unnerving, but then so is Pelosi!

I like your slogans! My first thought on their new slogan was:

"Change the Subject Matter"

Or they could just shorten it to:


That seems very appropriate somehow for the Democrats.

AndrewPrice said...

Hmmm... cupcakes. I will admit to minor weakness for baked goods.

Elephant shaped cupcakes? Now there's an idea for a bake sale to raise money to find homes fall all of the Democrats who are about to be tossed out on their rear ends! :-)

Joel Farnham said...

Circle-D for "D'oh!!" ;-)

AndrewPrice said...

D'oh! Nice. They can change their name to the Homer Simpson Party!

DUQ said...

"Change - From your pocket to ours."

DUQ said...

Oh, and isn't that other logo the old Atari logo? Perhaps they'd like us to think about playing Pong and not paying attention to what they're doing.

AndrewPrice said...

DUQ, Excellent slogan -- it's very fitting! Or you could shorten it to be more "hip": "Your Change... Our Pockets." ;-)

And yes, that is the old Atari logo, from back in the day. I'm glad you noticed!

LL said...

Andrew, I don't want to go out on a limb here, but maybe we should encourage them not to abandon the Ass as a totem since it had broad emotional appeal. I mean, when I think obama/biden/pelosi/reid, I immediately think, ass.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, So very, very true! LOL! I have never seen a more fitting symbol for that crew than the ass. :-)

But keep in mind, if they didn't make the change, then they would have nothing to talk about to energize people to want to vote for them! *** rolls eyes ***

Joel Farnham said...

This is amazing. This is how it is done. Change the logo means Vote for Democrats. Who knew?

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, I'm actually not making that up. Caine really announced that this would be an important announcement for the party. Then he said that this new symbol represents their "unity" and he said that this would help energize their people. Huh?!

I guess he had to try something, but this is pathetic -- and it really shows what they think about their voters, if they think that merely changing from one lousy symbol to another is enough to excite their voters.

As near as I can tell, the response has been universal derision and ridicule.

Ed said...

"a Dutch Subway" -- OMG! That sounds dirty! LOL!

Does this mean they're getting rid of the jackass?

AndrewPrice said...

Ed, No, Pelosi's in a safe district, so she'll be back! ;-)

Actually, I'm not sure how far this new symbol goes. It's a DNC symbol, which I think is the party itself, but I haven't heard if they're ditching the donkey. It would be a shame, for the reasons LL mentions above!

Yeah, the Dutch Subway thing just sounds dirtier and dirtier the more I think about it. Yikes!

Writer X said...

So rather than fix problems, design a new logo? Actually, I'd rather have the Dems playing with their computer graphics than fixing anything. That sounds like a win for the American people.

Their new logo looks like a bullseye. Not good.

AndrewPrice said...

Writer X, I love the fact that they made a target out of their logo -- talk about perfect!

As for changing the logo, what could be more appropriate for the Democrats than rearranging deck chairs as the ship sinks. And frankly, like you, I'd rather have them doing that than trying to "fix" anything.

USArtguy said...

That's their logo? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I saw that on Drudge today at work but didn't take time to read the article (my employer has recently installed software that tracks all our web visits and how long we spend on the web and how much time at each site... jerks... that's a whole 'nother complaint). I thought "why has Drudge used a button from the DNC website... couldn't he get a better picture? Wow. That is one lame logo.

AndrewPrice said...

USArtguy, I take it you're criticizing their "D" logo, not the masterpiece I created??

Yeah, that's their logo. Awful. I think I could probably come up with something better in about five minutes of trying. . . as could any fifth grader. Ditto on the slogan.

My guess is they wanted something that was both very different, meaningless (so it didn't remind anyone of anything) and completely non-offensive.

(Sorry to hear about your work, that stinks.)

StanH said...

It made me think of a cow brand the “circle D dummy dude ranch!”

Not to be lurid, but what the hell, picture a caricature of a freshly laid pile of dog squeeze, Golden Retriever or larger, and a D is seen overhead like mirage, floating in the wafting fragrance.

I think yours is very good as well Andrew, it has that certain, spastic savoir-faire that every drooling democrat can certainly indentify with.

Individualist said...


I think your logo might work out nicely for the Dems

One thing though you forgot the Acorn after all they help find tax breaks for people engaged in working with the Dutch Subways.

AndrewPrice said...

Stan, I can totally see this as a cow brand. In fact, they should burn this onto the rear ends of every Democrat!

AndrewPrice said...

Individualist, I completely forgot about ACORN when I made this -- I also forgot about Media Matters and I guess we need to add more stuff! ;-)

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