Friday, September 3, 2010

Green Weenie Goes Berserk--Takes Hostages--Dies

Enviroweenie and Population Bomb true-believer James J. Lee was madder than hell, and he wasn't going to take it anymore. After years of sweet prose that he wrote online had no affect on world-destroying breeders, Lee decided to take matters into his own hands. That may sound a little nuts, but in all fairness, you should look at the reasoned and reasonable words he posted online before visiting the headquarters of The Discovery Channel to take hostages.

Since those Discovery people weren't listening to his brilliant online essays, Lee decided to take hostages until they did listen. "The earth must be saved. Focus on how people can live WITHOUT giving birth to more filthy human children since those new additions continue pollution and are pollution (emphasis is original)." He also exhibited a reasoned approach to immigration: "We must find solutions to stopping ALL immigration pollution and the anchor baby filth that follows that, and this means stopping the human race from breeding any more disgusting human babies."

What a humanitarian, huh? But there's method to his madness. There are two pardigms involved in his highly-evolved thinking. The older one is his reliance on the totally inaccurate predictions of worldwide famine set forth by Paul Ehrlich in 1968 in his brilliantly wrong-headed book The Population Bomb. The newer one, espoused by such geniuses as Al Gore, is the lowliness of human beings in the schemes of Mother Earth, which lowliness produces alienation from the natural world. Each victory of man over nature is seen as blasphemy.

I chose the word "blasphemy" carefully since this innate evil contained in man's progress goes all the way back to the Rev, Thomas Malthus in the eighteenth century. Malthus believed strongly that each step forward was actually a step backward. Arrogant man creates new ways of dealing with nature, spawns prosperity then spawns children who must inevitably use up all of the earth's resources. Starvation and poverty must inevitably follow. Praise the Lord, we all suck.

Malthus played a major part in creating the idea that the end is near because of overpopulation, but what is equally important is that Malthus infused his beliefs with religious zeal. That part of his message has been carried on to the point that environmentalism today has become a secular religion rivaling traditional God-based religion. In some cases, it does have a God-like entity such as Mother Earth or Gaia, but basically the environment, not salvation of the soul is the be-all end-all.

Ehrlich, and his fellow-travelers at Friends of the Earth had some things to say about green planning, but mostly they were obsessed with cutting the human population of earth by one-half. Said Friend Professor Garrett Hardin of the University of California at Santa Barbara: "Freedom to breed is intolerable." Roe v Wade, elective abortion, and abortion as an alternate form of birth-control quickly followed.

The Gaia theory promoted by ecologist James Lovelock posits that man is the only animal on earth which throws everything out of balance. All other animals contribute to the creation of a harmonious, unified singularity. Man screws it all up. Disciples such as James Lee see human beings as a cancer, a apreading disease which will ultimately infect and destroy the planet. And earth is seen as an actual being rather than a geological phenomenon.

Traditional religions often see mankind as flawed beings who are capable of great good and great evil but always subject to salvation by a benevolent God. The Gaia religion sees the great being, Earth itself, and the friendly woodland animals as the only legitimate entities. The only good human is a dead human. Add a little mental illness, and you have a formula for hastening that end from nutcases like Lee.

One final thought. Yesterday, several of us discussed how differently the supposedly neutral MSM treats nearly-identical situations depending on whether the subject is a liberal or a conservative. If Lee had been a conservative with the other philosophical quirks mentioned in this article, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would already have made a teary-eyed speech about the right having to "be careful what they say" lest it provoke violence. But since this eco-freak had green credentials and the standard leftist belief about population growth, we are already being admonished not to draw any correlation between speeches by Al Gore or tracts from the green/zero population growth arena and this "true believer."

I agree that like Timothy McVeigh, this guy was nothing more than a nutcase with an incidentally religious-political belief to spur him on. But that didn't stop the MSM from tying McVeigh to every conservative in America, as if they had directly participated in the Oklahoma City bombing. Christian and Jewish murderers, bad. Islamic terrorists, misunderstood. Green Weenies who kill, merely misguided and mentally ill. One of Lee's last online remarks was "the planet does not need humans." At least the jihadists only want to kill most of us. Lee thought we all deserve to die, including himself. Personally, I hope that Lee and McVeigh are now both burning brightly in hell.

I'm not holding my breath waiting for a factual version of this story to show up on the Discovery Channel, by the way. Many of their "discoveries" of late have included the pending end of earth hysteria so well embodied by the beliefs of the man who invaded their high-rise headquarters.

Given all that preaching about Mother Earth and the fixation of Al Gore-like environmental hysteria, it was probably inevitable that some cuckoo would go ballistic. And sure enough, one did. Lee ended up not seriously harming the hostages, but in his crazed mind gave the ultimate sacrifice to Mama Green by committing suicide by cop. At least there's now one less filthy human to eat up earth's limited resources. He gave his life to pass on the message that even if you don't give a damn about the greener chapters of the environmental little red book, you must be worried about the ultimate disaster which will occur from overpopulation--war and famine resulting from too many people vying over food and natural resources.


Tennessee Jed said...

I particularly enjoyed your information about Thomas Malthus. I envisioned all these eco weenies prancing around a fire naked, painted green , and chanting "humans suck." I must admit, though, there are times I think that if liberals were stopped from breeding . . . just a thought!

Seriously, I agree, nut jobs are nut jobs. Unlike the msm, I don't try and make their ideological ties into more than it is.

Joel Farnham said...


It is most surprising to me that the most ardent of Gaia followers are city-dwellers. Ted Kaczynski being the exception to the rule. I liken them to the people who buy four wheel drive vehicles and yet never venture out of the city to get it dirty.

They call farmers murderers of animals and yet don't have a problem with abortion. Theirs is a self-hatred destructive to all.

Any news on the water front and that da@#%d fish?

AndrewPrice said...

I have decided to treat this incident like the media treats it when someone supposedly on the right does something like this. . . Hence:

Clearly, this guy was part of the Manson-like Cult of Algore and they need to be stopped. Spreading hate is not free speech! The government should round them all up and murder these unAmerican Nazis! Nazi! Nazi! Nazi! We should also ban Algore's Movie and anything else he or anyone like him has ever written. He and his whole ideology bear the responsibility for this! Think of the children!

And I'll bet he didn't even make sure his hostages were racially diverse! Why? Because people like this are racists, I just know it in my heart! Racists! This is racisms! And Nazism!

Hmmm. That felt strangely satisfying.

wahsatchmo said...


Well said. Modern environmentalism tends to be the ultimate in human arrogance, because environmentalists assume that everything that man touches affects the planet in a negative fashion. This grossly exaggerates our impact on this world. It assumes that we are each tiny gods, raining fire and destruction in the form of carbon emissions and toilets flushed one to many times. In order to maintain this fiction of humans as gods, environmentalists must make apocalyptic predictions of disaster which, to be effective, require some sort of approaching deadline (otherwise they are about as scary as the sun exploding in 10 million years).

So when these predictions of the apocalypse are proven wrong (like predictions of worldwide famine were proven wrong 20 or 30 years ago), environmentalists don’t know how to react. Charlatans like Gore ignore the evidence of their failure and make even grander predictions of future disaster. The communists find other ways to control the population. And the true believers deny and despair. In Lee’s case, he denied and despaired.

The sad part is that the original environmentalists understood that the earth is a dynamic, self-adjusting system. The goal of environmentalism was not to protect earth for earth’s sake, because all of recorded and geological history tells us that nature is violent, brutal, destructive, and entirely amoral. The idea of protecting earth was to protect humanity from a shift in the self-adjusting system in order to preserve and promote the population.

Arbitrarily invoking eugenics and population control measures in the name of the earth is no different than the Aztecs conducting human sacrifices to please Ra, and would be exactly as effective.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: I've had the same thought, although I must admit that since I've moved out of my lifelong urban environment, people don't seem so bad after all. Maybe these guys are on to something.

On the other hand, I'm trying to get the picture of the Gaia worshipers dancing around a fire naked and painted green out of my head. Thanks a lot.

Unknown said...

Joel: The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, right? I love where I'm living now, but nowhere is perfect. A power failure or two, or that full hour trip into town can be a pain. But at least when I'm done shopping, I can leave the city behind and go back to peace and quiet. That's not the same as saying I want to live in a wigwam and hide from my fellow human beings. We have Rousseau to thank for the myth of the noble savage.

I got a kick out of your comment about urban dwellers and their 4-wheelers. Where I live now, you're nuts if you don't have one. But they rarely look like they just rolled off the showroom floor.

Unknown said...

Andrew: Two great minds, and all that. In fact, your wording would have been on the front page of the New York Times if this guy had turned out to be a conservative Republican. And it does feel oddly satisfying to play liberal once in awhile, doesn't it?

Unknown said...

wahsatchmo: All very well said. The nonsense, backtracking, illogic and inconsistency of the enviro-wackos even got to liberal George Carlin a few years back. He did an entire monologue about how carefully he had researched the issue, and discovered that people were panicking over nothing--mother earth needs plastic or she wouldn't have given us the inspiration for how to manufacture it.

Unknown said...

Joel: I forgot to comment on your question about the bloody Delta smelt. There has been some movement. The Republicans are starting to get some backbone and they're getting closer to outright defiance. A shift in the legislature could make the difference in the fall. It seems like eons, but it was only ten years ago that the Republicans controlled the State Assembly and were one vote short of controlling the State Senate. Meg Whitman (gubernatorial candidate) and Carly Fiorina (US Senate candidate) have both pledged to open the spigots and dare the EPA to do something about it.

So guess what the Democratic response is. Two major bond issues to "bring water to the distressed California Central Valley." How humanitarian! There's only one problem. There's plenty of water without spending another dime. The problem isn't the availability of water, it's the refusal of the ecofreaks to allow the farmers and agribusinesses to use the abundant water we already have.

I have a two-pronged solution. First, turn on the pumps and open the spigots, then create a new delicacy called Delta smelt salsa. If you put enough hot chilis with the little critters, you won't notice how bad they taste.

Joel Farnham said...


How typical of California! Take something paid for years ago away and then demand money for it. The water from Northern California is deliberately diverted south through a series of aqueducts for watering the farms in the Central Valley. Years ago it was in dispute because in LA they were washing their driveways while Northern California was in a drought.

By 1975, the whole project was complete. Now, they withhold the water and demand money. Sheesh!! Only democrats have such chutzpah!

Do you have a recipe for your Hot Delta Shmeltz?

Unknown said...

Joel: It's not bad enough that they simply can't bring themselves to quit worrying about that damned fish, but now, in the midst of the worst financial crisis in California financial history, they want more bonds. The liberals always act as if the bonds are "free" and never have to be paid for. Ultimately, the taxpayer pays for them anyway, and in this climate, what smart investor would buy any of those bonds anyway?

I'm working on just the right combination of herbs and spices. Then I'll patent the recipe and open a string of California Colonel Delta Schmeltz restaurants. And you thought the entrepeneurial spirit was dead in California.

AndrewPrice said...

It is strangely satisfying to not have to worry about being consistent, making sense or even being fair. Yep, it could be fun to be a liberal.

StanH said...

I know it’s ugly, but the enviroweenies could simply throw themselves in the ocean, off a cliff, you name it. The world would be a more peaceful, and beautiful place without them.

Lawhawk, my wife says check out “” could save you a journey into town, unless you’re going all Ernest T. Bass, and need to go into to find your true love.

Unknown said...

Stan: I like your idea, but wouldn't that really kill the fish and stink up the canyons? LOL

I'll check out your suggestion. I used a couple of different grocery delivery services in San Francisco, but they definitely weren't available here in the wild and rugged western mountains. I hope they deliver because this is a royal pain in the neck and the gas tank. Somehow, I don't think I'm going to find my true live in Bakersfield.

Unknown said...

Stan: I should have known FedEx would eventually get involved in online shopping. Since FedEx delivers here, I'm going to try your suggestion the next time I need to grocery shop. I haven't check out the prices on the goods and the shipping charges yet, but I suspect the wasted gasoline will balance them out. Not to mention, I lose almost an entire day when I have to go myself.

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