Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Messiah Denied

Have I got a treat for you! What is it? It’s Grade A, prime cut leftist anguish. An anti-Obama rant crawling with conspiracies and hand-wringing. Hmm good. More interestingly though, it shows us the problem Obama and the Pelosicrats will have in this election and it possibly portends an even bigger danger for them: civil war. All of this and more from a post entitled: “Dump Obama”!

Here is the “article” in question:

Dump Obama: more urgent than ever.

After all, a movement can be built around a candidate. That is what happened in 2008. There was a vibrant Obama movement, and when he revealed himself to be a corporate hack -- most egregiously in the healthcare debacle -- the movement was left high and dry. It had no solid principles, no organizational vehicle, no tactic, that was not dependent on Obama's leadership. Evidence of this was around jobs creation. After healthcare, unemployment was to be the "next big thing." When all Obama offered was a few more tax breaks for small business, the left had nothing to offer, nowhere to go.

And now Obama thinks he can spit in our eye with impunity.

Contrast this with 1968. McCarthy lost the nomination fight in Chicago. Kennedy died. The movement did not die. The anti-war movement did run up against its own limitations, not the least of which was lacking a plan that extended beyond Nixon ending the war, and a plan on how to move away from the campuses. So it then died. It was transformed into a strictly candidate movement -- the George McGovern movement in 1972 -- and it went down with him. But it did not die with McCarthy and Kennedy.

I’m not surprised that someone noticed that the whole time the Democrats were bashing Wall Street they were simultaneously doing its bidding with a vengeance, but I am surprised anyone on the left noticed. They usually accept the Democrats’ rhetoric and assurances of “good intentions” as enough. Not anymore?

In any event, this raises some interesting questions:

First, does this confirm the Democrats have lost the left? I think so. Another post at this website (Open Left) answers the question “what is the difference between Democrats and Republicans” thusly: “Democrats don't believe in their own policies, and don't want to talk about them. Republicans do.” That’s not love.

Secondly, what does this tell us about the success of the progressive takeover of the Democratic Party? The progressives spent billions of Soros dollars trying to take over the Democratic Party, doing everything from getting their own people into leadership positions to dominating the communications outlets that support them. If you believe the post above, all of their efforts got them nothing. I think that's mistaken. They did win the party, but they put their trust in the wrong guy, a guy with no experience, no intellectual curiosity, no actual ideology except unfocused anger, and no real interest in doing anything more than enjoying the perks of office.

Third, could this be the beginning of a reformation for the left? The left is in trouble worldwide because it has nothing to offer except spite. Indeed, leftism once boasted an impressive (if wrong) intellectual tradition, but that ideology has given way to factionalism. The modern left consists purely of whiny, hateful, self-described victims whose sole “ideological” concerns are to punish those they despise. To compensate for surrendering in the war of ideas, they now put their faith in leaders who they hope will impose their will, even as they aren’t willing to explain what their will really is. I’ve explained this before HERE and you can see it confirmed above. If the left were to abandon hero worship and replace it with ideas, then it might once again become a thriving ideology. But I don’t see that happening. For while this leftist whines about no longer putting all of their eggs in the basket of a single leader (a wise move), their lack of ideology requires it. How else do you implement something you are afraid to discuss openly and which is little more than a collection of grievances? Moreover, the reflex to put your faith in an expert to solve your problems is a personality defect that requires more than simply getting upset at your latest savior. Thus, they may be finished with Obama, but the next messiah is just around the corner.

All in all, this paints a grim picture for the Democrats. These people won’t be placated before November and probably not by anyone currently in power. Indeed, I’m thinking this may be the opening salvo in a new civil war. And if the history of leftist civil wars has taught us anything, it is to watch for purges, some terrorist actions (political and otherwise), and an attempt to destroy the village to save it.

Get your popcorn ready!


Joel Farnham said...


I am having a schadenfreuden moment. ;-)

I need to get some Raisenets, Junior Mints, and some nachos too. Wash it all down with a Mountain Dew. This is gonna be good!!!

Joel Farnham said...


Is this from the Progessive Independence?

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, I have to admit I enjoyed the guy's pain. It's fun watching the light of reality almost hit these people, but then they fall right back into the old paranoias. Obama didn't fail because he was some secret corporatist, he failed because he was an empty suit and the team that got him elected turned out to be better at watching their opponents fall apart than anything that might approach governing.

The article comes from Open Left, but linking to it was impossible the way their site is set up -- so I could only provide the first page link (in the article). Also, I think he may be quoting from a different website, but that wasn't clear either.

The guy who does Open Left actually contributes to the Washington Examiner, which is how I found him (unlike a leftist site, they do have some leftist contributors).

AndrewPrice said...

Sorry, let me clarify -- I mean they have contributors who aren't all of the same ideology.

By the way, if you got to Open Left, you will find all kinds of amazing garbage. It's kind of interesting, and none of it is good news for the Democrats... or the left really.

Joel Farnham said...


This is the link I found while googling: Dump Obama More Urgent Than Ever.

It is emotionally satisfying reading it. ;-)

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, Ah hah! That's where the guy got it from. Excellent read... very enjoyable! :-)

Here's the link if anyone is interested: Sad Progressives Here

Thanks Joel!

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, This is fascinating. He’s actually feuding with the guy who linked the article (Paul Rosenberg), where I got it. They seem to disagree about the need for a leader. . . typical. Like I said, they see their weakeness, but just can't understand it.

In fact, look at his list of how they plan to get support. Rather than listing any ideological plan that should entice people back to back, he lists a series of tribes he thinks can be stolen because they're disillusioned:

The poor, the unemployed, the homeless, the foreclosed upon . . . what is needed is mobilization. . . . Obama's pro-labor record is miserable, and even the Times has pointed out the enthusiasm gap among labor rank-and-file. The Black community has been further devastated by Obama's policies, or lack thereof. Will women be panicked by visions of Sarah Palin attacking abortion rights, or will they remember those rights being sold down the river in Obama's healthcare bill?

Joel Farnham said...


There is more to it. They think in terms of power and groups of power. Not in empowering individuals, but in using a groups power to get what they want.

They don't have a grounding where they can stand firm on and go from.

They don't understand that the type of power they desire is fleeting, and poisonous.

One thing they don't ask themselves is why should anyone follow them? For more power? Over who?

Follow them, you have more power over others but not yourself and your personal choices. Follow us, you have more power over yourself but not much over other people.

Follow them, you will be required to celebrate the collective. Follow us, we celebrate the individual.

Theirs is a top down. Ours is a ground up. Theirs is a world-view that loses individuals for the groups are in the way. Ours is a world-view that sees individuals and hardly notices the groups.

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, Excellent points. The left's "philosophy" is based on power without ideology at this point -- which is why I think they are in such trouble.

At one point, the left was about a whole series of economic and social ideas (all wrong, but tempting to some people). Today, all they offer is (as you say) -- support us so we get power. There's nothing else there for people to gain by joining them.

You don't get more freedom, you don't get more security, you don't even get a new way. All they are promising you is that they will assume power and people who look like you will be given some share of the power. So unless you really are a racist/sexist and it excites you to see people of your race/gender given power, then there's nothing here for the individual.

If they ever want to recover, they need to drop this line of "thinking" and get back into the idea business. Dividing the world into little hateful groups and hoping to string enough of them together to seize control is not a plan that's ever going to work, and will only lead to disaster if it does somehow lead them to power.

Ed said...

Ha ha ha ha! I love it. Good comments too. Seriously, what are these guys offering anyone who might want to follow them? The best part though is that they are clearly really angry with Mr. Corporate Obama and his party of fakers. That spells "doom" for the Democrats.

AndrewPrice said...

Ed, I love the fact that they're blasting Obama! There is so much irony there that it almost deserves a movie. :-)

I also find it very interesting that they are so close to seeing their problem, but just can't cross that last hurdle to realizing that tribalism and leader-worship just won't save them.

Good for us.

Unknown said...

Andrew: I have a recurring dream in which I wake up, turn on the TV, and hear the announcement: "President Obama drowned while attempting to walk across the Potomac this morning."

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, Then you must be one of these progressives. LOL!

StanH said...

Misery is a liberal thing. They are always pissed off about something. Democrats should change their name to the, “miserable loser party.” Look for more in-fighting as the miracle that was Barry, is further shown to be the fraud that he is. It’ll be great fun!

AndrewPrice said...

Stan, I like that -- the Miserable Loser Party... the MLP!

I think this is going to be a lot of fun to watch their side implode and get out the pitch forks for their failed Messiah!

Ponderosa said...

Very eye opening.

Just forming a thought so please work with me. Hmmm...

OK. Does the vision/version/definition of a leader lie at the core of all political disagreements?

A bottom up approach (belief in personal freedoms) the leader can be weak but not the principles?

A top down approach (statist in nature) must have a strong leader but the principles can be weak?

Rule of law vs. Rule by Man
Individual vs. Cult of Personality
Constructionist vs. Living Document
Freedom for a person vs. Freedom for the leader
Patriots vs. Loyalists
A personal God vs. The State/no God

Undoubtedly not an original thought - but it just clicked.

I understood that it applied on some levels and on many issues. But I did not realize that it is absolutely fundamental.

How much leadership do you want on xxxxxx issue; in your life?

So the only thing the left has ever really offered:
a powerful leader.

Wit the left there is no “there”, there.

Too broad to be useful?

Tennessee Jed said...

If unemployment doesn't improve in the next two years (and where are any signs it would,) look for the Dems to dump B.O. Into that void will come Hillary "It's my turn, damnit" Clinto and the ex-officio "fornicator in Chief" as unofficial co-prez. They need no ideology or platform. Remember, they are the masters of governance by opinion poll and triangulation. They don't need no stinkin' platform.

Is it likely? I wouldn't want to bet against it until it doesn't happen, and even then . . .

AndrewPrice said...

Ponderosa, Actually, I think that's very insightful and very useful. You're absolutely on track.

Historically and philosophically speaking, all the left has ever offered is a strong leader who will "do the right thing." But they never want to put "the right thing" into law because (1) they believe it changes depending on their perspective (i.e. today's oppressor can be tomorrow's victim), and (2) rule of law limits their power to do whatever it takes to implement their vision.

Basically, their ideal world involves a benign dictator of unlimited power, who only uses it to set right the things they think are wrong. And that's why I think you're right that this is fundamental to leftist thinking. It is impossible to reconcile their conflicting and contradictory views through rule of law. Instead, they need a powerful, but flexible leader to handle the changing circumstances.

By comparison, the right seeks rule of law that limits the power of leaders to be arbitrary.

Sometimes, the left hits upon good principles, but it's at the theory level only -- the implementation is almost always brute force. Consider for example civil rights. The left was quicker than the right to realize that treating blacks as second class citizens was wrong. But the implementation was not to extend equality under the law, but to force cohabitation, to forcibly take from whites and give to blacks, and to use the force of law to guarantee equal results (rather than equality under the law).

So even when they get a good idea, they twist it into an exercise in government force because that's their fundamental intellectual make up.

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, There are a lot of signs that Obama may not run again -- the most interesting being the leaked quote that Michelle hates being FLOTUS.

I could see Clinton jump up if Obama bows out. But I don't think the progressives will climb on board. It sounds like they're looking for a new leader now, someone with real progressive credentials.

Whatever happens, it's going to be very interesting.

Notawonk said...

not to sound too lefty fruitloop on this, but sometimes, when i can't put my finger on things that are bugging me, i just listen as much as possible to real americans while i'm out and about. there's something afoot with the opposition. maybe they are finally getting how peeved and energized the rest of us are, but i can almost feel a lead slipping away. i hope to hell i'm wrong, but the republicans are annoying me with their wanting to kickass but not actually finding their boots and the dems are spewing their lies to the folks that bought it the first time.

i hope you're right and i'm the one who should use logic more and feelings less!

AndrewPrice said...

Patti, The signs are there that the left is in full revolt. They were handed a huge opportunity for their side and the Democrats didn't take it, they half-took it. So now they feel robbed.

Have you noticed how few people jump up to defend Obama anymore? And how few bumper stickers you see?

This weekend, they're apparently have a gathering on the mall and even that required union guys to pay for the buses and give time off to get people to go. The dream is over. And I'm not at all unhappy about that!

Writer X said...

And now the president has found religion. Literally.

Shakespeare himself couldn't write a play so fantastic, especially now that Bill Clinton (of all people) seems to be riding in like the White Knight. My popcorn is ready, although I will be bringing M&Ms too.

AndrewPrice said...

Writer X, M&M's are fine too! LOL!

Can you imagine Bill Clinton as the hero coming to save everyone at the end of a movie? I can't. This is getting too weird. . . but fun to watch nevertheless!

Notawonk said...

andrew: from your keyboard to god's ears. but there is still something (WHAT IS IT?!) that tells me not to discount everything yet.

Although, i'm rooting for your version. i think you know how it would make my day/week/month/year to have barry leave with his michelle tucked between his legs.

AndrewPrice said...

Patti, The idea of Barry leaving with Michelle tucked between his legs is downright disturbing! LOL!

I'm like you, I never believe anything is certain or destined, I just look at the trends, the odds and the conflicts and then try to figure out where things are headed.

The left will rally around whoever the nominee eventually is because they'll have an opponent in the Republican candidate. But for now at least, they appear to be headed for a major civil war!

CrispyRice said...

Yeah, as delicious as this all is, I have more concern with getting our own house in order RIGHT NOW(!!!) to take advantage of the power vacuum.

And very interesting point, Ponderosa. I find I fall back on "personal responsibility" over and over. That doesn't mean there isn't moral guidance for that, but if one doesn't take responsibility for themselves (their actions, their finances, their morality) then someone else is going to step in and do it, and eventually you're not going to be happy with their vision for your life.

AndrewPrice said...

Crispy, I agree that it's more important to get our own house in order, but it's still good to keep up with the opposition. . . and it's fun to watch them collapse.

I really think the difference between conservatives and liberals is the difference between personal v. expert responsibility. Conservatives believe in taking care of their own lives, liberals expect experts to guide them and relieve them of responsibility.

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