Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fox News and Professor Hill--Enough!

I can't be the only one who is becoming irritated by the constant exposure of Marc Lamont Hill on the Fox News Network. He got his start on TV punditry at MSNBC (which should have been a clue), but has become ubiquitous at Fox. He's on news shows. He's on panel discussions. And he's even a regular on Greg Gutfeld's Red Eye. He poses as an affable liberal, and Fox seems to buy into it. In fact, he's a black radical who is unfortunately becoming a regular "friendly face" on Fox.

He is always billed as a Columbia professor, but with nearly every appearance, his title seems to change. At various times he's been a professor of urban studies, black studies, education, sociology, and God knows what else. But what is he, really? He got his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and subsequent degrees from Temple University (where he taught, whatever it was he taught, as an associate professor until summer of 2009). He is currently a professor of (fill in the blank) at Coumbia University Teacher's College.

His baccalaureate degree is in "anthropological education" (whatever that is). But what is his actual area of expertise? Hip-hop music, the rap culture and education. There's a winning combination if I ever heard one. But his true love is radical black "liberation" politics. If there's an opening for a new Secretary of Education, I think I see an Obama appointee in the making.

He has conducted an ongoing war with David Horowitz since Horowitz first published an article regarding the foolishness of giving Professor L. a lengthy segment on the O'Reilly Factor to discuss, of all things, Iran's development of nuclear armaments and pending sanctions back in August. Horowitz was very blunt. After being asked by O'Reilly "do you think we should give Iran three months or six months to let the UN inspectors in?" Horowitz reacted very publicly to the nonsense. "How would he know? How would he even be in a position to make an intelligent speculation? By his own account, Hill is an expert on 'hip-hop culture,' i.e. rap music. His academic degree is in education. What are his views on foreign policy worth, unless putting him on was designed to show up the shallowness of the left? Hill is in fact a knee jerk leftist, a defender of ACORN and a man whose attitudes toward race are a throwback to the Sixties. I wonder if O'Reilly understands that putting on such a lightweight feeds the racism of low expectations. Having a Columbia professor of rap music comment on the foreign policy views of Karl Rove (who was featured in the preceding segment) is demeaning to Rove and embarrassing to every African American watching."

Rather than take Horowitz on directly, Hill decided to put his arguments on Twitter. It was the final blow to Hill's phony reputation as a good-natured liberal. On September 27, Hill sent out another critique which Horowitz picked up. Horowitz responded, but at that point he noticed Hill's Twitter wallpaper. Prominent on the wall was one of Hill's heroes, Assata Shakur. Shakur is an escaped felon, charged with the cold-blooded murder of a New Jersey State Trooper in 1973 (some of that 70s violence that seems to worry Nancy Pelosi). Shakur escaped to Cuba, where she has been hiding out and producing radical black hate literature all the while protected by Fidel Castro.

Expecting Hill to do something to cover up his radical connections, Horowitz was shocked to receive another post from Hill which said "Assata Shakur is an American hero & freedom fighter. I'll always stand next to her." So rather than disavow an urban terrorist, Hill supports a communist murderer who was a member of the murderous Black Liberation Army (also well-known to Nancy Pelosi, when they had a base in the Fillmore District of San Francisco). These weren't the over-heated Sixties--the murder occurred during a pitched battle ten years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voters Rights Act.

By the time Hill had sent twenty-seven increasingly belligerent responses to Horowitz, he had caught the attention of Accuracy in Media's Cliff Kincaid. On September 28, Kincaid interviewed Hill and published a corresponding article. Says Kincaid: "What's more, an article on his web page, which appears under Hill's by-line and photo, declares that Shakur, who is still on the FBI's Most Wanted List, is one of the great heroes in the Black Freedom Struggle, and proclaims 'Mother Assata: I am eternally grateful for your life and example. I give thanks to the ancestors for you. I pray for your continued protection and pledge to support you and our people until I die.' "

Here are a few other juicy tidbits of information about Hill:

He called the notorious anti-white, anti-Jewish Khallid Muhammad a "mentor, teacher, and revolutionary hero." He believes that news reports lied, and that Muhammad did not die of a brain aneurysm, but rather at the hand of a white assassin. Muhammad was so filled with hate and invective, that even Louis Farrakhan kicked him out of the Nation of Islam.

He gave a lecture on the "Importance of Ideological Training in the New Millenium [sic.]" at the Polymathematic University's "Political Education Program for the Poor Righteous Communist Party."

He declared on a MySpace page that the people he would most like to meet include Assata Shakur, Louis Farrakhan, Fidel Castro, and Mumia Abu Jamal (an even more cold-blooded cop killer).

He speaks on the "Importance of the Nation of Islam to Hip-Hop Culture" and once belonged to the Ansaaru Allah Community, an Islamic sect with doctrines similar to the Nation of Islam which has been accused of being a dangerous religious cult.

His MySpace page also includes Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Ella Baker ( a personal favorite of communist Van Jones, recently exiting the Obama administration).

By October 3, Assata Shakur was removed from Hill's Twitter page and MySpace. So the next time you see Marc Lamont Hill, impeccably dressed and smiling up a storm anywhere on Fox News, remember that he is not Alan Colmes in disguise. This is not a good-natured liberal who's just in it for the happy face time. He's insinuating himself as some kind of moderate into the mainstream of semi-conservative TV. And he's doing so with the assistance of Fox News, its producers, and its regular personalities. While the hosts are jocularly bantering with him, he is smiling and thinking to himself "you deserve to die."


AndrewPrice said...

I hate to say it, but this isn't all that shocking. Anyone who has paid attention to who blacks view as heroes knows that this list is rather common and the belief that people who kill Americans (particularly cops) is fairly widespread.

When Khalid Mohamed came to DC and did his anti-Semitic thing, people were shocked to hear thousands of upper class blacks cheer his rants. But there were never any apologies or disavowances.

LawHawkSF said...

Andrew: I live in a hotbed of race-baiting, but I know many people are shocked when they see some of those performances. What makes this unique is that this guy sounds so damn moderate (unless you read between the lines), is very jocular, never gets angry enough to show it, demonstrates a good sense of humor, dresses like an escapee from GQ, and even takes an occasional potshot at some recent black outrage. That makes him dangerous, and Fox enabling him and giving him a legitimacy he doesn't deserve makes him doubly dangerous.

StanH said...

I agree Lawhawk. I can’t stand Lamont Hill. This is another reason I don’t like O’Reilly. He works to damn hard at being congenial with leftist and he introduced Hill to FOX.

LawHawkSF said...

StanH: It is truly annoying. O'Reilly was awfully soft on Obama, but he was at least addressing a president who ought to know the subject matter. What was he thinking asking a hip-hop expert about international affairs, while treating the responses as just more misguided liberalism? He gave Hill reluctant authenticity which was completely undeserved. When he shows up on Red Eye, I switch to the Food Channel.

HamiltonsGhost said...

Lawhawk--I sometimes find Hill to be a lot like watching a terrible accident--you know you shouldn't, but you can't help yourself. For all his attempted coolness, he tips his hand when he's out of his depth or lying. He stutters, but not the typical kind of stutter. The sentence will start with something that sounds like d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-, followed by the actual sentence. It's comparable to Obama's "uh, umh, ah." And he always has that s__t-eating grin while he's doing it.

LawHawkSF said...

HamiltonsGhost: Glad I'm not the only one who noticed. And better yet, the bigger the lie, or the less he knows, the more likely he is to punctuate his point with his high-pitched girlish giggle, and a "no, really."

Writer X said...

I rarely watch O'Reilly. I find him almost as irritating as Lamont Hill. When Hill comes on, I switch it to Paula Deen's cooking show on Food Network. Your post today reinforces that I made the right decision. Thanks, LawHawk.

LawHawkSF said...

WriterX: I guess O'Reilly serves a purpose, and he does get some liberals as guests that other conservatives have been unable to get. But I find him shrill and pompous, and much too impressed with himself. Paula Deen probably knows more about international politics than Hill.

patti said...

true liberals want every aspect of your life. they like to disguise themselves as everyday peace-lovin' folk, but given the chance, they will eat you alive.

LawHawkSF said...

Patti: The best description I ever heard of the liberal mindset is "love humanity, hate human beings."

Tennessee Jed said...

"a radical posing as an affable liberal." Hawk, that is such a perfect definition of Obama. Hill also had something to do with a rogue pubic hair on a coke can. Oh, wait a minute, that was Anita. Sorry about that.

I don't watch O'Reilly much anymore because Bill is so full of himself he talks over every guest. Monica Crowley is Soooo much better when she fills in. I might even watch if she was on full time

CrisD said...

Wow! And I thought Lamont was just another run of the mill liberal idiot! He has a few feathers in his cap (whoops--can I say that?) I just thought he was hilarious on red-eye b/c he obviously knows nothing.

Never caught him much on O'Riley b/c I don't like that show. O'Riley has seemed too much of a populist to me. He also oozes something that reminds me of a car salesman.

I have surfed over there and seen Laura Ingraham--I like her very much and think they should retire O'Riley for her.

LawHawkSF said...

CrisD: I pretty much agree. Laura Ingraham is a slightly gentler version of Ann Coulter, and I love 'em both.

The impression you got of Hill is what makes him so dangerous. He seems like a fairly likable dolt, and you start sympathizing with some of his nonsense because it almost sounds reasonable, from the black perspective that most of us don't have. But it's the foot in the door since most people really don't know about his hateful, radical views. Death in small doses.

LawHawkSF said...

Tennessee: I neglected to mention earlier that your Anita Hill remark was very funny, and I assume you know somewhat accurate. David Brock of MediaMatters (when he was still posing as a conservative muckraker) was the one who said that "Anita Hill is a little bit nutty, a little bit slutty." Today, after being threatened by the Clintons and bought off by Soros, he writes from the opposite point of view as I mentioned in my article yesterday "White Man Kills Deer).

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