Monday, October 19, 2009

Vote "No" On Lindsey Graham

Whenever a particularly nasty piece of Democratic legislation nears death, a “Republican” Quisling will usually feel compelled to jump forth and provide the beast mouth to mouth. Last week saw two such betrayals: Olympia Snowe (R-North Rinoville) did it for ObamaCare and Lindsey Graham (R-South Rinoville) did it for cap and trade. Yep, cap and trade. A bill so bad that even many Democrats won't vote for it. And Lindsey wants to impose it on you.

Last Sunday, in a New York Times op-ed co-written with noted elitist John Kerry (D-France), Lindsey Graham announced his plan to support cap and trade.

Cap and trade, for those of you who have forgotten, is the Democrat’s plan to impose $700 billion a year in taxes on American companies under the guise of reducing the amount of carbon they can release into the environment. If you’re stupid or you’re a Senator from South Carolina then you will believe that this will stop global warming. Never mind that (1) the Earth is cooling, not warming, (2) there is no evidence that carbon promotes “warming,” (3) mankind only accounts for 3.27% of all carbon released into the atmosphere, and (4) the biggest polluters (China and India) aren’t required to cut their carbon.

For those of you suffering along at home, expect this to result in (1) the permanent destruction of 1.2 million jobs, (2) increases in electricity rates by 90%, natural gas prices by 55%, and gasoline prices by 58% (add $1.38 a gallon), and (3) a loss to the economy of $9.4 trillion by 2035. You can thank Lindsey.

This bill was dead. Even large numbers of Democrats won’t touch this thing because they know it’s toxic and it’s stupid. But never fear my Democratic friends, when you need a fall guy, Lindsey always stands ready to help. He craves the acceptance of his Democratic friends. He’ll happily keep their worst bills alive by lending an air of “bipartisanship”, by voting to break filibusters, and by attacking his own side. Betraying the Constitution? Frustrating the will of the public? Not a problem, so long as he can curry a little favor with his Democratic masters.

And this time, he’s getting a two-for. Not only does he get to betray us to his Democratic friends, but he also gets to pander to big business. Indeed, the reason Graham gives for supporting this abomination is that he wants to make sure the bill includes huge subsidies to the nuclear industry and a promise to allow drilling off the coast of South Carolina.

Nice huh? So when you lose your job and you find yourself paying $6,900 a year more just to heat your home and drive your car, you can rest comfortable in the knowledge that Lindsey secured huge subsidies for multi-billion dollar multinational companies who are just itching to charge you more than the market will bear! Thanks again Lindsey.

This is exactly the crap that people are sick of with these weak-sister “Republican" Senators that crave the love of the establishment. He sees his constituency as the Democratic leadership, the New York Times, and large multinational companies who want to rape the treasury. We the people seem to be nowhere on his list of constituents.

Frankly, this is the final straw. Someone needs to run against this RINO. And normally, I would leave it there. . . but Lindsey recently took part in a townhall meeting, which should be mentioned at this point. Now, I’m no fan of Ron Paul, and this is not an endorsement of the man. He has many views that I like, but many that I think are downright crazy and dangerous. But when I hear a RINO like Lindsey Graham just dismiss all of his views, and blast the rest of us conservatives by calling us "angry white guys", I think it is time to go further. Said Lindsey:
“I’m not going to leave the Republican Party, I’m going to grow it. We’re not going to be the party of angry white guys. . . We’re not going to be the Ron Paul party.”
As I said, Paul has some problems, but he has some great points that people like Lindsey should be listening too. To dismiss Paul, and by extension everyone concerned about Lindsey's RINO ways, is a declaration of war. Combined with McCain’s infiltration plans, I think these bozos represent a true danger to the future of our party.

Thus, I have come to the conclusion that it is time to vote for anyone opposed to Mr. Graham, even the Democrat. This guy needs to be dumped. And if that means replacing him with a Democrat just to be rid of him, I urge every South Carolinian to do it. Do not let this man continue to have a platform from which to attack our party.

FYI, Paul had a great comeback to Graham’s attack: “What does he have against the Constitution?”

What indeed?


Writer X said...

Is Graham like McCain in that it will take a nuclear explosion to separate him from his Senate seat? If it's possible, he might even be worse than McCain, although I think McCain is currently on the fence for Cap and Trade.

Sounds like Cap and Trade is alive and well again. I thought it was dying a slow, quiet death. Graham is such a flipping moron.

AndrewPrice said...

Writer X, Cap and trade was basically dead. It takes a guy like Graham to give it life again. I don't know if his support will be enough, but he will certainly make it easier.

I don't know South Carolina politics enough to know if he's unbeatable -- maybe one of our South Carolina readers can fill us in -- but I think it's time that Republicans turned their back on him. He is the classic useful idiot of the communists. And as long as he remains in a position of authority within the party, he's going to damage our party and our country.

StanH said...

I’m in Georgia so not and expect on South Carolina by virtue of geography, but! He can be beat and I understand that there is going to be a primary contest. I don’t know who the person is but I understand that he came up through the Tea Parties a solid person, and can probably knock off Graham. I got this from a posting on Big Government from a gentleman from South Carolina. SC is a notoriously conservative state and he is indeed whistling by the political graveyard. By no way is he unbeatable, I think that this is the end of his first term? We’ll see.

AndrewPrice said...

Stan, Sadly, I think he just got re-elected. Maybe we can get him appointed to something. I wonder what it would take to get Obama to make him the ambassador to Vichy France?

StanH said...

Andrew, you are correct just reelected darn in 08, goody.

MegaTroll said...

This is so frustrating. It's like he's a secret democrap who infiltrated our party!

Tennessee Jed said...

never liked the man. He is one of those guys who just looks like a liar politician. Recognizing that most politicians pretty much put their electoral survival ahead of doing what is right. In that regard, I can understand an Olympia Snowe, but there should be no reason for a Lindsey Graham in South Carolina

DCAlleyKat said...

What a snake! Senator Graham you turncoat...

AndrewPrice said...

Mega, There are times you have to wonder. Even if he believed that fighting climate change made sense, why not come up with better bill? Why just revive this monster?

And why does he keep doing these things?

AndrewPrice said...

Jed, I agree. I can almost understand why we allow RINOs to run in places we can't elect a real Republican. But there is no excuse for letting them sit in seats that should be held by real Republicans.

AndrewPrice said...

DCAlleykat, Well said!

patti said...

strength is what we crave, what we must have. i have no tolerance for spineless flesh taking up space where leadership belongs.

AndrewPrice said...

Patti, I agree. Now is the time for the Republicans to tighten the belts, roll up the sleeves, and start fighting. . . not surrendering.

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