Thursday, September 22, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

For a couple of decades now, we’ve been subjected to the entertaining but left-skewed works of film director Oliver Stone. The torch is being passed to a new generation in the form of Stone’s son, Sean. Sean Stone has accompanied his father on grand visits to such fine people as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, and supports them as enthusiastically as his father. Sean has inherited his father’s taste for dictators and mass-murderers.

Sean is not exactly a big-time legendary actor, having appeared in small parts in his father’s movies such as The Doors, Natural Born Killers, Any Given Sunday, and most notably (or ignobly) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. We’re supposed to believe that his acting career and his father’s tutelage will make him a great director. That may be true, but like his father, it may also make him a big-time nutcase propagandist.

Sean was returning from the Toronto Film Festival when he got cornered by reporters with nothing better to do. So they asked him about his plans to become a director in light of his recent favorable remarks about Iran and its apocalyptic leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The younger Stone bypassed arguments that Iran’s current nuclear development is all about energy-production, and went straight to defending Iran’s right to have nuclear weapons. Says Sean: “Israel has nuclear weapons, Iran has the right to them. Every nation has the right to self-determination for defense.”

Even Ahmadinejad doesn’t go so far as to admit that Iran’s nuclear facilities are going to be used for the production of nuclear weapons. He still spouts the pretense that only the production of energy is involved in those facilities, despite the fact that his nation is sitting on an ocean of oil. But like young Sean, Ahmadinejad will, if pushed, loudly and clearly proclaim Iran’s right to have nuclear arms to defend against nuclear Israel.

So, let’s count the number of times that Israel has been the aggressor in Middle East Wars. Um, zero. But it has been attacked by its Muslim neighbors many times, always to the dismay of the members of the People’s Republic of Jihadistan who lose wars like I lose car keys. Iran is about the only nearby Muslim neighbor that hasn’t attacked Israel. But a nuke or two might just make the odds more attractive. Only the blind, the stupid, and Sean Stone could believe for a minute that the weapons would be for self-defense.

Iran must be wiped off the face of the map. No, wait. It’s Israel that must be wiped off the face of the map, or so says Ahmadinejad. In a war that Iran will initiate in self-defense, no doubt. Stone doesn’t say the magic Jew words of Ahmadinejad, he merely defends them. A-Jad denies the Holocaust, says unreservedly that 9/11 was an inside job executed by the loathsome US/Israel alliance to stir up aniti-Muslim hatred, and categorically proposes that both World Wars were started by Zionists to increase their wealth and create the State of Israel.

Does Stone outright defend these vile libels? No. After all, he’s a big intellectual who is far more nuanced. Stone tosses out his defense of Ahmadinejad in a different way: “He did come to America to extend a hand. And there’s a lot of mistranslation, literally, I’ve seen it. Ahmadinejad will say something and it will be mistranslated. A lot of this is bullshit, mistranslation. It’s an aggressive attitude on both parts, mostly on the American side.”

Now how one “mistranslates” something like “Israel must be wiped off the face of the map” is entirely beyond me. But what do I know? I’m not a film maven. From daddy Oliver’s love for Castro, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, and Chavez, it’s only one small step for son Sean to tout Ahmadinejad and Iran. Sean even makes sure you understand how well he knows Iran and its regime by stating “Iran is ruled by law.” Yep, Sharia law. You know, the law that would wipe out most of his potential stars because of homosexuality, lack of Islamic devotion, and general all-around immorality since Iranian Sharia requires death for each of those offenses.

Stone also supports the right of benign leaders like Ahmadinejad to maintain law and order against pesky dissidents. When challenged about Ahmadinejad’s brutal suppression of the growing freedom movement in Iran, Stone shot back: “People don’t like Ahmadinejad, but that doesn’t warrant a war or an uprising.” Stone has previously supported exactly that in several nations during the “Arab Spring.” But a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, and Sean has no doubt that his mind is big enough to pick and choose which rebellions to support.

Iran has arrested or banned all Iranian film-makers who have dared to utter a word of criticism against the current regime. In this, A-Jad has had the active assistance of the ayatollahs. But there probably won’t be the same enmity toward Stone, who apparently knows more about the lack of repression in Iran than actual Iranians and sees the actions of the regime as simply avoiding civil unrest. If an American cop looks the wrong way at a property-damaging anti-government rioter, Stone goes off the cliff in his condemnation of brutal, fascist American tactics. But in Iran, where enforcement of civil order includes government-sanctioned rape and summary execution, well, we just don’t understand Iran as well as he does.

So what is Stone actually planning—film-wise? He says he wants to introduce Persian culture and civilization to the West in his upcoming films. He had better introduce them to the Ahmandinejad regime first, since anything that doesn’t comport with the ayatollahs’ primitive form of Islam is ruthlessly suppressed. Omar Khayyam would have been hanged from the mosque minaret if only for his admiration of “comely youths.” Any culture that was uniquely Persian prior to its Islamization has been wiped from the official registry of Iranian culture.

Knowing that Stone will be welcomed with open arms and open wallets by the Hollywood crowd, I want to cash in on his future fame. I am writing a movie script for him in which it is revealed that a Jew who hated the ayatollahs conspired with the Mafia and the CIA to assassinate John Kennedy by using a Kaballah-blessed magic bullet. It should be a big hit, and Sean can pride himself on the fact that he discovered the true conspiracy that his father missed when making JFK. Maybe I’m a film maven after all. Anyone have a suggestion for a working title?

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T-Rav said...

I feel special...

Oh, and Sean Stone is as big an idiot as his father.

AndrewPrice said...

Yeah, this just proves the old adage that the turd doesn't fall far from the horse's @ss.

Unknown said...

T-Rav: Did I forget to mention that? LOL

Unknown said...

Andrew: Or the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

Unknown said...

Obama's UN speech, though appearing on the surface to bolster Israel in the Palestinian State talks, was really just more of his "I'm the Savior of the World" crap.

Ahmadinejad's speech was a lot more fun. He again denied the Holocaust, blamed Israel for every bad thing that has ever happened in the Middle East (before and after 1948), damned the United States, and threatened the entire world. Other than that, it was almost as dull and meaningless as Obama's day in the UN sun.

Notawonk said...

law: do you think "big-time nutcase propagandist" appears on his givin'-us-the-business card? Cause it totally should.

rlaWTX said...

Patti, I don't think there is room with his narcissistic need for his name in 25 font...

Long live T-Rav's Sock-puppet Theater! Long live the Sock-Puppet Emperor!

Unknown said...

Patti: Probably yes. In Hollywood, that's a badge of honor.

Unknown said...

rlaWTX: Most of them can't spell anyway, so his card would read "Sean Stone, BTNP." Sorta like PhD, and about as useful. LOL

Unknown said...

I suppose this was almost inevitable, but somebody finally came up with the name for the Solyndra tax-payer ripoff: Solargate.

T-Rav said...

Good Lord, what have I gotten myself into? LOL

LawHawk, I didn't think Obama's speech at the UN was all that bad--at least by comparison with his domestic speeches. At one point, he made me wonder if someone had put conservative pills in his water: "I feel the frustration over the lack of a stable Palestinian state as much as anyone. But the question is not, What is our goal, it is, What are the means by which we reach that goal?" If only he would apply that standard to his entire presidency.

Unknown said...

T-Rav: Obama is moral equivalence personified. He quoted the UN Charter in making Israel and the Palestinians morally equal. What he forgot to do was quote the Hamas Charter, which makes the obliteration of Israel and the death or submission of Jews a mandatory article of faith. I don't remember an equal statement of purpose towards the Palestinians being anywhere in any Israeli policy, written or otherwise.

And then there was this gem: "We have banned those who abuse human rights from traveling to our country." Though the cameras didn't show it, I'm sure Ahmadinejad was applauding, since he was sitting in the audience at the time.

Equally good: "The deadlock will only be broken when each side learns to stand in each other's shoes." Terrible grammar aside, does that mean that Israel has been committing unprovoked murderous attacks on civilians, like the Palestinians? I would hope that the civilized, democratic government of Israel will never, never stand in the shoes of the Palestinians, Hamas, Al Qaeda, or any other jihadist organization.

The speech may not have been as bad as some of his domestic speeches, but it was equally delusional and has far broader consequences.

Tehachapi Tom said...

Are you forgetting how humane Iran has become?
Didn't they release those pesky American spy's?
SS should make a movie about how secure Iran maintains it's borders against the flood of Americans bent on spying on their utopian society.

Unknown said...

Tehachapi Tom: Much to my chagrin, but not to my surprise, these two idiots who are UC graduates who don't know better than to go in harm's way have also developed some form of Stockholm syndrome. One of them has already announced that he understands why Iran arrested him, and even seems to think their incarceration was deserved. And it only cost a million dollars in blood-money to get them out. Don't ask me for citations. I saw it on two news sites this morning, but I don't remember which ones they were.

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