Friday, April 13, 2012

San Francisco Goes Schizophrenic

Even as a conservative wandering in the wasteland of leftist San Francisco, I did realize that not all San Franciscans march in lockstep. I admit I am still addicted to reading the San Francisco Chronicle, despite all my efforts to stave off the craving. In one day, two very contrary things were discussed on the news pages (such as they are). One came from the omnipresent Nancy Pelosi, the other from a grass roots movement

First, Nancy Pelosi made another of her tear-filled speeches at the 25th anniversary celebration of the AIDS quilt. But it is also the 25th anniversary of her first election to the House of Representatives. The speech was aimed far more at the latter than the former. Pelosi continued her endless diatribe about the Republican “war on women.” The rhetoric came after polls showed that the Democrat strategy of conducting gender politics was having some effect, but before a Democratic operative insulted Ann Romney for “never having worked a day in her life.”

Pelosi understands the dilemma of the working woman raising kids. Just ask her nannies, maids and au pairs. She has long been in the forefront of radical feminists who believe that stay-at-home moms spend all their time watching soap operas and taking naps. Women who stay home to rear their children and run their households are a cancer on society, living a life of ease and accomplishing nothing of any importance. Although she has been instrumental in screwing up the economy so badly that most women have to work just to supplement the family’s income, she is indignant that some women have been fortunate enough to be able to choose to stay home with the kids.

Her claim is that [presumptive Republican nominee] George Romney and the Republican Party have alienated millions of American women. The early polls even showed that there was some truth to that, but failed to notice that a united Republican Party could turn that around with a concerted effort to dispel the foolish concept of a Republican war one women. Mitt Romney himself has more female advisors than Obama ever thought of having.

Pelosi then launched into a discussion of how women have been more seriously impacted with unemployment because of the "Republican recession" than men. She then took the lead from Politifact and the New York Times and claimed that Romney’s facts were misleading. Romney pointed out that Obama’s policies have resulted in women comprising 92.3% of the Obama-era unemployed. She and her mainstream media friends admit that the figure is factually accurate. But they say that the fact that more men than women were laid off or terminated at the end of the Bush era makes the facts “accurate but false.” The sound of spin is deafening.

Therefore, something verifiable is “accurate but false.” They prefer the other kind of truth. The New York Times and CBS News headlined the Dan Rather “disclosure” of George Bush’s military record, only to find out the disclosure was faked. Their response, it was “fake but accurate.” Huh? That means that Democrats prefer fake and arguably inaccurate to verifiably accurate but arguably taken out of context. Truth is an elusive concept, but I’ll take verifiable facts over fake documents any day in the week. No wonder so many people wonder if Barack Obama’s birth certificate could be both faked and inaccurate.

Pelosi cited Republican budget proposals as proof that women are under attack in the areas of funding for Medicare, health care and contraception. Obviously, just like the Obamacare bill which she voted for so she could see what’s in it, she is against the Ryan proposals which she hasn’t read either. Her statement is both fake and inaccurate. In fact, it’s an outright lie.

Now, for the other side of the coin. On April 14 (Tax Day Eve), the Tea Party is going to have a major demonstration--in San Francisco. The main body of demonstrators will gather at 1 PM in Justin Herman Plaza. For those unfamiliar with San Francisco, the Plaza is located at the intersection of The Embarcadero and Market Street where the downtown, financial and tourist/commuter districts converge. It is often used for gathering demonstrators together for a march up Market Street to the heart of the retail district at Powell and Market where the famous cable cars turn around across from the largest shopping mall west of Chicago.

Anti-Tea Partiers frequently tell us that the Tea Party movement is losing steam. That is not true, though it has been less visible recently as it gains strength within the Republican Party. This demonstration would tend to prove they are wrong. For the first time, ten separate Bay Area Tea Party groups are banding together for one united activity in the homeland of the progressive enemy. It isn’t exactly Washington crossing the Delaware, but it ain’t bad.

As the Occupy movement watches its numbers dwindle from attrition and arrests, the Tea Party will be entering one of its main San Francisco encampments. Tea Partiers are so conscientious that they may not only clean up after themselves, but also after the filthy Occupiers as well. The City Sanitation Department should give them an award. San Francisco’s KSFO radio station is providing special guest talk radio’s Melanie Morgan, who will encourage the demonstrators to wave their “Nobama 2012” giant fingers (an homage to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's finger-wagging airport confrontation with The One).

The Chron actually reported the planned gathering without the usual editorializing on the news pages. The readers’ online letters to the editor were not nearly as neutral. Views ranged from “Is it the same tea party which destroyed America’s credit rating” to “Major Tea Party rally planned? So what? So there will be maybe 25 teabaggers?” Given its history, the Chronicle will undoubtedly use the same numbers in its report on the demonstration itself as the wishful readers are citing in advance.

One thing you can be sure of, the paper will minimize the numbers and effects to satisfy its leftist bloodlust. “Speaking truth to power” is a liberal phrase which is never applied by liberals to conservatives.


Joel Farnham said...


I didn't know crocodiles could cry. Well, I learn something new every day. /sarc off

I wonder what would happen if an OWS group encounters a Tea Party?

tryanmax said...

"They prefer the other kind of truth. "

You know what's funny? Liberals love to mock people of faith, but they have a faith as strong as any I've seen. Their belief? Those things which they know to be true despite strong evidence to the contrary. I could go on about Catholic guilt vs. Eco-weenie guilt, but I don't want to stray off topic.

I have to admit, I am a bit astonished that someone from San Francisco would be using "teabagger" as a pejorative. I don't expect I need to elaborate.

Tehachapi Tom said...

I liked your point on truth,"Truth is an illusive concept".
It seems that bo's gang prefer simulated truth to the real thing.
It's still Bush's fault is wearing very thin at this point in time as well.
Divide and fabricate is their platform.
Gender, race and wealth disparity seem to be the only things bo's gang can embrace.
A person of character pursues truth this bunch travels in the opposite direction.
Why can't the country as a whole see this?
As for Pelosi nothing she says can be a surprise only amazing that she would publicly prove her disregard for the truth.

T-Rav said...

I expect this SF Tea Party rally to end with local thugs attacking the protestors and putting several of them in the hospital, and then the Tea Party leaders being arrested for provoking people to violence. And the sad thing is, I'm only 20% kidding.

Unknown said...

Joel: Tea Partiers don't espouse or practice violence. But they are also not sheep willing to be led to the slaughter. They would defend themselves. But here's something I've mentioned before. The police in San Francisco are not like the politicians and limousine liberals. They will do their very best to protect the demonstrators, and right now, they're fed up to the neck with the Occupiers. The cops know the difference between free speech demonstrations by people who are not out to destroy property and cause chaos and the scum of the earth Occupiers.

Unknown said...

tryanmax: The funny thing is that religious faith in general can neither be proven nor disproven. But the left's faith in socialism and social engineering has been proven demonstrably wrong time and time again. And yet they persist in believing that which is clearly wrong.

Irony is lost on these true believers, so use of the term "teabagger" didn't surprise me one bit.

Unknown said...

Tehachapi Tom: "Divide and fabricate." I like that, and I'll have to remember it. Pelosi is one of those I discussed above who has faith in things that have been proven empirically wrong.

Joel Farnham said...


Have you ever saw a group of people who aren't scared? I think what would happen is the same thing that would happen if a group of hyaenas encounters a pride of lions. The hyaenas (OWS) would fall silent and stare in awe at the lions (Tea Partiers) and nothing would happen.

Tennessee Jed said...

I believe Miz Nan should be described by a new term: "facurate." Charlie the Tuna luvs Nan!

Unknown said...

T-Rav: I know you were only half-kidding, and it's actually not a silly scenario. The only things that makes me sure that won't happen is the fact that even San Franciscans are fed up with the Occupiers, combined with the fact that the police have no love for their political leaders or the Occupiers. The current California Attorney General, when she was the San Francisco District Attorney, refused to seek the death penalty in a cold-blooded cop-killing not too long ago. The cops have not forgotten that lesson, and there has been little cooperation between the police and the leftist government since.

Unknown said...

Joel: The Occupiers are largely big-mouthed cowards. What I always worry about in San Francisco is the outriders. There are plenty of hardcore socialist revolutionaries and Black Panthers in San Francisco who infiltrate any demonstration (or anti-demonstration in this case) who are willing to commit violence. So far, that hasn't happened, and I hope it won't. The Tea Partiers are brave, but they are also unused to being attacked physically when demonstrating peacefully. But as I said above, the police will not be siding with the Occupiers or the outriders.

Unknown said...

Bev: LOL She's fatuously facurate.

rlaWTX said...

"fatuously facurate" - lovely

I realize they live in the Orwellian realm of newspeak, but how does someone utter the words “accurate but false” with a straight face?
WAIT!! Maybe that's why she looks so plasticized! It's not plastic surgery for vanity's sake, it's all for the sake of the children (and, redundantly, political gain)!

AndrewPrice said...

There must be something genuinely wrong with Pelosi if she can keep saying these things without a moment's shame.

And on this business about women being hurt by the recession, don't forget that she was all but crowing a year ago about the "Mancession" and how this represented a new age for women now that men were getting laid off an not women. What a turd!

Unknown said...

rlaWTX: That was just a spiffed-up version of Al Sharpton's answer when he was caught perpetuating a fraud in the Tawana Brawley case: "So, it wan't true, but it could have been." But I do think it takes a lot of botox to be able to say that something is fake but accurate or accurate but false with a straight (frozen>) face.

Unknown said...

Andrew: Are you suggesting that such a fair and intelligent woman as Nancy Pelosi might also be inconsistent? Sometimes I think they're just trying out slogans, hoping one will actually catch on with the American people. So far, no dice. They have also succeeded in passing a bill for "fairness and equality in pay," which completely ignores the fact that today women doing the same job for the same amount of time are actually making more than their male counterparts. I guess that's accurate but false as well.

StanH said...

You mean the same Tea Party that dispatched in 2010, nearly 800 entrenched politicians from dogcatcher up. Yeah we’re here and as pissed as ever, and intend to dispatch another 800. I believe as the election gets closer, Washington will begin to hear our roar, as the Tea Party’s masses preparing to fix the mistake of ’08!

Pelosi is truly a delusional old wench.

Unknown said...

Stan: I think there will have to be a lot of these demonstrations and public displays of cohesiveness. The Tea Party did a great job of making its presence known followed by actual results at the ballot box. But it also had the mission of making itself a viable part of the Republican Party, drawing it back from the left. It did a fine job of that, but it meant diverting resources to organization and the daily slog of one-on-one politics. Now is a very good time to get back to the public chores.

Even Hansel and Gretel would be too intelligent to pay a visit to Pelosi's house.

Tennessee Jed said...

in order to avoid confusion with newer readers, I should point out that contrary to rumour, and despite the fact we've never actually been seen together, Tennessee Jed actually is not an alternative handle for Bev. :)

Unknown said...

Tennessee Bev: Yeah, that's what they all say. LOL Sorry, I was in a hurry to get as much done as I could before the snow knocked out my satellite dish entirely.

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