Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hillary Re-Sets Canada

Advancing the Obama agenda of irritating our allies and smooching-up to our enemies, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just returned from hectoring our former strongest ally, Canada. If there's one thing we can count on with this bull-in-a-china-shop administration is that given enough time, they will alienate every ally we have left.

Arriving in Canada at the beginning of a formal meeting on the Arctic, the Obama viceroy chastised the Canadian government for failing to include "indigenous peoples" in the discussion. Now mind you, they didn't exclude indigenous peoples. They just hadn't done enough outreach to satisfy the Obama-Clinton quota standards and mea culpas for Canada's long history of white oppression of persons of color. After slapping the Canadians in the face, ole Hillary didn't miss a beat and tried to browbeat the government into making a hard commitment to keeping Canadian troops in Afghanistan, and perhaps even increasing their presence.

The audacity of the woman and the arrogant fool she represents was staggering. Still, Canadians outside Quebec manage to maintain some of the British tradition of reserve. Prime Minister Stephen Harper's response was: "Whether it comes to our role in Afghanistan, our sovereignty over our Arctic, or ultimately our foreign policy, it is Canada and Canadians who will make Canadian decisions." That's diplomatese for "mind your own business, you shrill harpy."

Not satisfied with bringing in an Arctic chill to the first day of the two days of meetings, Hillary came back the next day to drop another busybody bombshell. The government in Ottawa has been working for some time on delicate negotiations with multiple interest groups to improve maternal health among Canadian women. There is a large, traditional Catholic segment of Canadian society that the government has been trying to bring into the fold. Hillary thinks that they're not moving fast enough, nor are the Canadians taking maternal health care seriously enough.

Deaf, dumb and blind about the rancorous recent passage of Obamacare, Hillary felt it was part of her mission to inform the Canadian government that "You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health and reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortions (emphasis added)." Maybe the beating up and bribing of "anti-abortion Democrats" to get the health care Obamanation bill passed misled Hillary into thinking she could do the same thing to the legislators of foreign nations.

Now this doesn't all come down from the diktats of her narcissistic personality disorder president. Hillary's a bit off-kilter herself. Her deep discussion of prominent women in her own biography includes such pithy comments as "she's an elegant, striking woman" when discussing France's Bernadette Chirac, "she a brilliant and striking woman" about Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto, and "she's intelligent, sharply observant and elegant" about Canada's own Aline Chretien. Yes, Hillary, but can they type?

Nevertheless, Obama is certainly a guiding light for Hillary. She shares his acutely sharp understanding of protocol and good manners while a guest in another country. Obama refused to dine with the Sarkozys while in France. In Norway, he refused to dine with the king at a banquet specifically put together in his honor. He put off a long-scheduled meeting with the Prime Minister of Australia in order to stay home to take bows for passage of American socialized medicine. Even at home when he's the host, Obama leads the way in showing disrespect for our allies. As when he just had Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a guest in the White House, but couldn't bring himself to have a formal dinner for Netanyahu.

From re-set buttons, to demanding that England submit to an international resolution on the Falklands, to demanding proper Eskimo representation at Canadian governmental affairs, Hillary is the cow in the china shop to Obama's bull. They are the equivalent of the neighbor who comes into your house, criticizes your decorating, comments on the odor from your bad cooking, and tells you you're raising your children wrong--then asks to borrow a cup of sugar.


LL said...

The entire barack hussein obama regime to include Hillary and the rest of the misfits simply makes me hang my head in shame that they purport to represent ME.

StanH said...

If this were a SNL skit you could just sit back, laugh, and enjoy the hilarity. In this case however it’s the world laughing at us…sheesh! Aren’t we all so proud of Barry and his band of ‘60s miscreants!

AndrewPrice said...

I'm just throwing this out there, but maybe he refuses to dine with people because he's a pig and he has no table manners, and his staff decided it was better for the world if he ate in private? ;-)

Seriously, these two clowns are running around the world offending all of our allies and sucking up to our enemies. And now those debts are starting to come due as Israel skipped his fabled nuclear summit and I'll bet Canada will be pulling out Afghanistan -- as they've already announced once.

Team Obama are nothing but fools.

Unknown said...

LL: I suspect that's a pretty universal sentiment among everyone on the right, a majority in the center, and even a few lefties. Their entire foreign policy is based on a world map, a dartboard, and some blunt-tipped darts.

Unknown said...

StanH: I keep trying to maintain my sense of humor about this, but it gets harder every day. They are Keystone Kops redux, and if they weren't doing so much serious damage, I'd be laughing heartily.

Joel Farnham said...


I don't this totally resets relations with our allies, but I do think that Hillary is stupid if she thinks this will improve things. Obama wasn't crowned. He just has the job of running this country.

It is instructive in that this is what Socialists think of our allies. I also think that something is given to the politicians in the waters at DC.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are secret talks between some of our more prominent politicians in the Republican camp and heads of state of our allies. I know I would be having some quiet talks. It also explains why Palin started her first speech in the Orient but excluded the press.

Unknown said...

Andrew: You may be on to something. That might explain why he tried to get the reporters to go away so "I can just eat my waffle." Snort, snort, oink.

I gotta tell ya, it took a lot for me to start wishing for the good old days of Carter diplomacy. LOL

HamiltonsGhost said...

Lawhawk--As much as I hate watching our allies moving away from us, it might not be so bad if we were picking up important new allies at the same time. Instead, we alienate England, France, Germany, all of Eastern Europe, Australia, Israel, and now Canada. None of the countries (almost exclusively Islamofascist) that he is courting pay a moment's heed to him, except when they're demonstrating their utter contempt for his weakness. Russia and China, the two who might at least not be our avowed enemies-to-the death are now smacking their lips over the feast of a weak, demoralized America. What the hell is his foreign policy exactly?

Unknown said...

Joel: Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell Obama that he was inaugurated, not crowned. His administration acts like drunken medieval lords, the Congress acts like his popularizers, and the electorate last time out the presidential gate didn't think they were voting for a king--they thought they were voting for a god.

Short of ratifying (or refusing to ratify) actual treaties, there's little anyone can do about a president's foreign policy. That's why it's up to the blogosphere to keep up the pressure, since the MSM certainly won't do it.

It's vitally important that any Republicans who might be speaking to foreign powers be very, very cautious about what they say outside the halls of Congress. There are strict laws about conducting private diplomacy outside the purview of the chief executive. Obama and Clinton let Jesse Jackson and others do exactly that, but if a Republican gets caught doing it, the media will scream bloody murder.

Joel Farnham said...


I agree, but I am thinking that some of them are going to seek reassurances. Here is also some silver lining. If Obama hadn't totally dissed Israel, Israel couldn't stay out of nuclear treaty talks legitimately.

Unknown said...

HamiltonsGhost: Didn't you get the memo? Obama's foreign policy is "surrender, and declare a victory."

I don't think we've lost our major allies permanently--they seem more concerned about Obama's weakness than their traditional public show of anti-Americanism. Eastern Europe is another matter entirely. First, Obama betrayed our new allies by removing the anti-defense missile shield, and now he's playing deaf, dumb and blind about the pro-Russian takeover in Kyrgyzstan, and fails to see why Ukraine has clearly warmed up to Russia since he was elected president.

Obama is simply incapable of understanding that if they are betrayed by the superpower west, they are quite likely to turn to the superpower east since they know we won't lift a finger to defend them from a Russian or Chinese incursion, while Russia and China have no compunctions about destroying a few satellite states in order to save them or make a point.

Unknown said...

Joel: As for Israel, Obama does occasionally get things so wrong that they turn out right. Israel needed a cover, and Obama handed it to them, albeit unintentionally. LOL

Unknown said...

TEAM: Here's something I never thought I'd see. There are big Tea Party events being planned all over the Bay Area on tax day, including one right in the heart of the heart of Obamapelosiland--Union Square, San Francisco:


Huge Tea Parties Planned for Thursday!

On Thursday, April 15 (a.k.a. tax day), Americans will get together at tea parties all across the country to protest the fiscal irresponsibility of the state and federal governments and call upon our elected officials to provide leadership in addressing this crisis!

The following tea parties taking place this Thursday are expecting record crowds of THOUSANDS whom share your frustration. Please attend, spread the word, and together we can help save our country!

Location: Union Square, San Francisco
When: April 15th, 4-7 pm
Featuring: KSFO Melanie Morgan, candidates, more!
Details: Bay Area Patriots

Location: 31st Ave and Hillsdale, San Mateo
When: April 15th, 2-7pm
Features: speakers, candidates, more!
Details: My Liberty San Mateo

Location: Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton
When: April 15th, 2-7pm (gate opens at 12:30pm)
Features: KSFO Brian Sussman, candidates, bands, more!
Details: Pleasanton Tea Party

Location: Plaza de Cesar Chavez - Downtown San Jose
When: April 15th, 4 -7 pm
Features: speakers, candidates, more!

Joel Farnham said...


Are you going to attend?

Unknown said...

Joel: Only if I can afford the bus fare after paying my taxes. It's only about twelve blocks from here, but this is San Francisco, and I live on one of the steepest hills in town. I ain't as young as I used to be. If I can make it, I will. Otherwise, I'll send one of my spies. Since they won't be saying much that I don't already agree with, I really don't need to join the choir. But I do want to see how the locals react.

StanH said...

Lawhawk! Send The Boiler Room Elves, with that All American elfin take no prisoners attitude are sure to liven up the SF Tea Party, and maybe they can capture a moonbat infiltrator for study at the Commentarama Science Department.

Unknown said...

StanH: Excellent idea. I'll check with Andrew to make sure he doesn't have them up to something elsewhere (somehow, I always seem to find out about their activities after the fact).

Writer X said...

At least the Obama administration is on display in all of its shameful and embarrassing glory. At the rate he's winning friends and influencing people, Kenya won't even take him back after he loses in the next election.

Unknown said...

WriterX: He's working on offending Kenya, I'm sure. That way there will be only one place on earth willing to take him--Chicago. LOL

BevfromNYC said...

But why is he sidling up to every despot in the world? Is it on purpose or is he really that naive that he thinks he can turn their heads with his magnificence? Is he diabolical or just naive?

I've been reading "Game Change" and I'm not sure what to think.

patti said...

i was thinking about how this administration is FACEPUNCHING! our friends, so i was glad to see this article on it. well done. also, if you go to the tea party rally, take your camera, and a video if you have it. the "inflitrators" will be there....count on it!

BevfromNYC said...

Patti, all we need is to verify one "infiltrator" at one rally and we can "poison the well". If we can prove it, then every time they broadcast a picture of a nasty sign or accuse a tea party group of yelling racial slurs, they are going to have to prove it was a tea partier and not an infiltrator!

Unknown said...

Bev: I think it's just a strange combination of personalities. Hillary likes to bully, Obama likes to talk people to death or into submission. Neither has given any thought to the ultimate results of their chaotic foreign policy.

Unknown said...

Patti: We'll see what develops. I'm hoping that someone will catch one of these "infiltrators" in the act and be able to name him.

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