Sunday, April 18, 2010

Then We'll Fight In The Shade

Iran's crazed leader has threatened to wipe Israel off the map. Emperor Barack Xerxes Obama cannot have his subjects fighting with each other, and since Iran is an older part of his empire, he has decided that Israel must bow to Iran or the arrows of Iran will darken the sky. The emperor will do nothing to stop it. Since the empires of China and Russia will not cooperate in restraining Iran, Israel is on its own.

All right, that's enough of the tortured 300 references. But you get the idea. Obama, in his deluded arrogance, has decided that it has no real stake in defending our ally, Israel--the only genuine pro-western democracy in the entire Middle East. As the blundering president and his state department kowtow to Islamic potentates and Muslim zealots and dismiss our allies with a wave of the hand, he weakens the ability of the United States and the west to protect themselves from nuclear rogue nations. Obama sends his emissaries into Israel to dictate the future of the small nation by repeating Palestinian demands for the creation of a separate state with headquarters in the heart of Jerusalem. Then he schedules nuclear disarmament talks which exclude Iran and North Korea while maximizing the humiliation of Israel.

Depending whom you listen to, Iran is somewhere between three months and three years from having sufficient nuclear-grade materials to produce atomic weapons. Obama knows this, but he's too busy unilaterally disarming America to be bothered with the problem of preemptive disarming of Iran. His disarmament initiative is the most feeble plan to reduce the global nuclear threat since Rodney King asked "can't we all just get along?" As Wes Pruden said in The Washington Times, "[The recent maltreatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he was a guest in the White House] now looks like an exploitable opportunity for the man who learned about who's evil in the world from a crazy, Jew-baiting preacher in Chicago."

Even the tone-deaf Obama can't be oblivious to the fact that if the United States, its allies, and the autocrats in the East do not destroy Iran's nuclear facilities, Israel will have no choice. Better to risk annihilation during a lopsided war with the Muslim world than to surrender to the near-inevitable annihilation raining down from a nuclear Iran. But as long as Obama is president, our allies have no faith in America's will to stand firm, and the Russian and Chinese autocrats laugh at his silly attempts while sabotaging his ludicrous efforts to get real, crippling sanctions against Iran. He views the Iranian leader as a rational though vicious opponent, instead of the madman Ahmadinejad truly is.

Obama thinks even a tyrant will yield if he's given enough love, and is occasionally warned with meaningless threats. As an "expert" on Islam, Obama should know that death is not a threat to a madman who believes that if Iran were nuked out of existence, the Twelfth Imam would lead all the faithful to paradise. Death is only death to the infidels, but a Muslim martyr's death is the sure road to the garden of celestial delights. If the Iranian nuclear facilities are not utterly destroyed and its people freed to rule themselves, Israel will risk its own destruction rather than wait for its assured destruction from Iran.

Obama simply has no compunctions about abandoning Israel to its fate while seeking the good will of Islamic and Latin American dictators. America's long affinity for the tiny Israeli democracy is to be replaced by the hope of friendship from people who clearly hate us. Pruden channels Obama by asking: "Why retain an emotional attachment to the sources of American law and literature when you could bow to the Saudi king and and court the leaders of Iran, Syria and Venezuela?"

There is still time for Obama to avoid the inevitable violent clash between Israel and the Muslim world, but there is no reason to believe he will grab the opportunity. His roots are far too closely enmeshed with those of Kenya, Indonesia, his leftist mentors in Hawaii and Chicago, and Islam to allow him to see that the interests of America and Israel are far more natural than any he would prefer. This skewed and dangerous view comes from the man who proudly announced that America is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. Not only is that factually untrue, but it is philosophically, intellectually, and unpatriotically delusional and disengenuous.

Instead of pulling the world away from the brink of nuclear war, Obama's policies are the most dangerous kind of naive foolishness that history tells us leads directly to war. Negotiation from a position of weakness and idle threats only embolden bloodthirsty tyrants. And the first victim of his feckless behavior will be the State of Israel, which Obama compares constantly to "The Islamic Republic of Iran." That appellation alone tells anyone who is paying attention that Obama simply has no conception of the enemy that Israel, America and the entire world actually face.


StanH said...

“When” Israel strikes Iran, hold on to your knickers it’s going to get interesting, and fast, and with our country being led by Barry the Boy King, God help us!

However, I do believe the Sunni Muslim’s will secretly be thankful.

Unknown said...

StanH: Whatever happens, it's not going to be good. We are quickly losing our last chance to keep this problem localized, and even possibly without the necessity of military action. Left unresolved, I simply can't believe that Israel will wait for the first nuclear bomb to fall.

And as you mentioned, if this breaks out into a regional war (or worse), the destruction of Israel would be only the beginning. How short are the memories of Obama and his gang about the Sunni-Shiite conflicts? These are not rational people, or rational governments. Religious hatreds going back fifteen hundred years are being inflamed, and nobody powerful enough to do so seems willing to say "enough!"

HamiltonsGhost said...

Lawhawk--It's Obama's complete lack of any understanding of the complicated interactions between nations and actions taken by the superpowers that bothers me most. What if Israel were, say, Nonentityville, but a longtime ally of the United States? Obama would still fail to see the importance of standing with an ally that is relatively weak and insignificant for the strategic importance of sending the message that America does not betray its allies, be they great and powerful or weak and minor. That tells the world that if we'll protect our small allies, we will surely support our important allies. No such message is being given out now.

Unknown said...

HamiltonsGhost: Exactly right. After a little more than a year of Obama, nobody trusts America, and major powers are laughing at us. When Sarkozy of France, of all places, let's slip that he thinks Obama is weak on foreign policy, we're in real trouble. Why would any newly-free former Soviet satellite nation trust us after we reneged on our nuclear defense obligations to the eastern European republics? Now they see we'll do nothing to stop Russia from re-taking them one nation at a time.

A major American staging area for the war in Afghanistan located in Krgyzstan is now exposed in a country with a pro-Russian government. Ukraine is back in the Soviet orbit, and Georgia soon will be after unopposed Russian troops and pro-Russian insurgents staged a coup against the duly elected government while we stand idly by. Bush at least rattled sabers and occasionally acted (strongly in the Middle East). Obama doesn't even own a saber.

Unknown said...

LawHawk. At least Bush knew who the enemy is. Even though he was forced by circumstances to use the circumlocution "war on terror," everybody fully understood he meant "Islamofascism" and anybody else who would attack us or our allies. Obama isn't even sure there is an enemy, and if there is one, it's isolated freedom-fighters who are merely misguided. He will never acknowledge the danger of Islamic determination to dominate the world.

Unknown said...

CalFed: And I'll add that he can't possibly conceive that Russia is a dangerous opponent, if not an outright enemy, and that China is getting close.

The American people can be fooled for awhile (they're learning fast), but a dictator, particularly a powerful dictator, can smell fear (it smells a lot like arrogant incompetence). Unlike Obama, Putin knows exactly what he wants, how to get it, and he's not going to let anybody, including some pipsqueak Chicago hack, get in his way.

AndrewPrice said...

As I wrote before, Iran is a complicated issue and there are no easy answers. But tossing Israel to the wolves will only make things worse.

Unknown said...

Andrew: You're absolutely right about Iran being a complicated issue. Obama just can't get it through his head that it didn't get to this point from any firm or decisive action from the West in the past, and it sure as hell won't get any better if we just sit and twiddle our thumbs while an ally faces total destruction.

His weak-spined "threats" to Iran and his whiny pleading to China and Russia could lead to the worst cost in human life since World War II. And that's only if the fighting is confined to the areas immediately surrounding Israel. And if Israel is forced to act unilaterally against Iran, we may lose our chance to undermine the Iranian dictatorship and assist in the creation of a far less hostile Iran.

No patriot sits idly by when his nation has been attacked, and a major attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities will weaken the resolve of the Iranian opposition forces. To paraphrase the great Orator Obama, "Iranians think their nation is exceptional, too."

Tennessee Jed said...

Hawk - I'm not certain the references are all that tortured. Of course Obama likes to "dis" most of our traditional friends as well (England quickly comes to mind.

I have never read any of the so called Obama autobiographies, but I seem to recall somewhere reading somebody talking about an exerpt where he recalled fooling white people when he was young by acting. I think his character was similar to Eddie Haskell when talking to Ward and June. Maybe based on his apparent success at that, he actually thinks he can convince anybody to do anything.

What is really in Obama's heart and mind? I honestly don't know.Maybe he actually wants Israel pushed into the sea. Either way, I don't agree with anything the man says or does.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: Obama does indeed have an inflated idea of his importance on the world stage, where his only importance is actually changing the world by weakening America. The presidency can be a powerful force for good, but a failure of vision and clear-thinking leaves America and the entire West vulnerable. He would resent the idea that he thinks of himself as an emperor, yet he already thinks he can make "the oceans stop rising and the ice caps from melting" with nothing more than the wave of his imperial hand. Ultimate arrogance disguised as modest humility. He is so arrogant that he thinks his crocodile smile and brilliant words alone are enough to convince warring regimes and murderous tyrants to beat their swords into plowshares.

He's been acting so long that he doesn't know when to stop, or even if he can. And it isn't just white people he's fooling. He's also fooling black people into believing he cares about anybody but himself. His affinity for "the black experience" is one he can't relate to from personal experience, and a powerful, independent black middle class would no longer be a guaranteed vote for his racial divisiveness.

I don't know if Obama wants to push Israel into the sea (or into the grave) either, but I'm sure enough about his deep empathy for Islam to believe he wouldn't much care if it happened.

Joel Farnham said...


I can't help but think that this is playing into Barack's hands. He is doing this deliberately. His apparent weakness towards Iran. His insults toward Israel.

I am sure someone on his staff has informed him of the ramifications of his policies towards Israel. And yet he still plows ahead.

My guess is that the people of the world are going to wait until November. One thing that they know, every four years we have the opportunity to changes presidents. If we vote out the liberal cowards currently in Congress, the world will think twice. If we follow it up with a strong conservative in 2012, they will quiet down.

On the other hand, if we don't remove the liberal cowards, the bad characters of the world will be emboldened. They will know that at least for four years, they have carte blanche to do as they will.

Unknown said...

Joel: You may be right, but frankly I have no more faith in Obama's advisers than I do in Obama himself. I personally feel that that this administration is so lacking in leadership that it will drift from crisis to crisis until we get rid of it. If Obama thought he could wave his hand and Iran would go away, he would. And if he thought he could wave his hand and Israel would go away, he'd do that. Just so one of them would go away and leave him to his crazed belief in his own messiahship.

He may prefer Islamic countries, but actually fully supporting one against a traditional American ally would require a major decision that could damage his presidency, and that's something he's nearly entirely incapable of. Domestically, he at least has Congress to blame when he fails to take any real action, but foreign policy is his alone. And that turns him into a babbling idiot the moment he steps outside America's borders.

Individualist said...


If a Nuclear bomb were to drop on Telaviv, even a small one it would have to destroy Jeruselum.

This is what is crazy about Iran getting the bomb. I do not beleive Israel would be the target except as a last resort. My best guess is that the minute Israel gets a bomb then some terrorist organization will have a bomb. I don't beleive it will be Al Queada, more likely Hezbollah or a Hamas sect beholden to IRan.

Then the most likely target is somewhere in the US.

Notawonk said...

anyone who has had to face a playground bully knows how it works. you either chest up and take him on, or you allow the beating. bully 101. is it a wonder americans think barry is leading us to the beating?!

p.s. I'm Back!

Unknown said...

Individualist: Iran has made it clear it wants to wipe out Israel--"remove it from the face of the map." Tel Aviv could be a target. And Israel is so small that a decent-sized nuke would pretty much wipe out most of the nation. But it is important to remember that madmen don't think logically. Destroying Jerusalem would be just fine in the thinking of Imadinnerjacket, since it would bring on the Twelfth Imam and create all those martyrs. You can't think logically about religious zealots.

Hamas or Hezbollah would have to import a bomb. Iran is close to manufacturing one. And Israel is its declared target. I think you meant "the minute Iran gets a bomb." It's pretty much agreed that Israel already has the bomb, though it has never been announced officially.

Unknown said...

Patti: Welcome back. You have the concept of how to deal with a bully exactly right. In this case, we not only have to stand up to the bully, we have to take his toys away from him. Obama needs a few more years to analyze, contemplate, plan, discuss, mull, think over and otherwise consider the options before acting. We could all be dead before he finally makes up his mind.

Individualist said...

You are right.

I meant Iran......

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