Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And You Thought Holder Was Bad

While Barack Obama and Eric Holder are a couple of matched pompous jackasses, this man runs alone. Meet Assistant Attorney General Thomas Edward Perez. He is supposed to be Holder's right-hand man, but the fact is that this man is calling the shots. And that is particularly true when it comes to stirring up racial divisions. Obama sets the agenda, Hoder brays for the cameras, but Perez writes the policy.

Naturally, Perez was appointed by Obama to be in charge of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division. Perez has all the qualifications. Born in the Dominican Republic, Perez has a warm spot in his heart for immigrants, legal or illegal. He got his B.A. at the most liberal of the Ivies, Brown University. On to liberal Harvard Law, and an additional master's degree in public policy from the liberal John F. Kennedy School of Government. He moved on to the position of prosecutor for the Clinton Justice Department, but don't get heartened by that. He was a prosecutor of civil rights violations only, real and imagined.

Perez also served for three years as special counsel to underwater motorist Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. According to his bio, Perez advised Teddy on civil rights, criminal justice, and constitutional law. So at last you know that Teddy's crazed views were not solely the fault of demon rum. He had help from Perez. Perez then returned to the Clinton Department of Justice as deputy assistant attorney general. But it was during his sojourn with Teddy that it first became abundantly apparent that for Perez, the law was secondary to his political agenda.

His first landmark achievement was the passage of the Church Arson Prevention Act. While Kennedy was stumbling around looking for a discreet gentleman's pub, Billy Joe Jim Bob Clinton was telling grand stories of the horrors of black churches in his beloved State of Arkansas being burned. He was particularly horrified because he saw them burn. Of course, like sex with Monica Lewinsky, he lied. He never saw anything of the kind, though nobody denies that many black churches were burned during the civil rights movement three decades earlier (while Clinton was busy getting supersmart at Oxford University and Moscow).

But that gave Perez the impetus to draft and successfully push Congressional legislation based on hysteria, thirty-five year old events, and jury-rigged facts that indicated that black churches were being targeted at a rate far higher than those of whites. Not even close to true, and the rate of synagogue burnings were higher than those of black and white churches combined. But nothing stops a zealot determined to pass legislation in 1996 which would have had some minor effect in 1964.

Upon his return to the Department of Justice in 1998, he had already plotted out his next attack on bigotry. It was a foretaste of things to come. He helped to found the Worker Exploitation Task Force. But not just any workers. Illegal immigrant workers. Anybody want to hazard a guess as to how he currently stands on amnesty by any means necessary? He was also instrumental in vastly decreasing the number of black and hispanics placed in remedial and special-education facilities. Rather than accept a sad fact of life about two minority communities, he instead found institutional racism. Most of those affected by the change were instead moved to the top of the class in "GATE" (gifted and talented education), which replaced the real achievement and brain-power program called "MGM" (mentally gifted minors).

And of course, he was the administration's expert litigator on police misconduct (aka, police arresting minorities), hate crimes (white-on-black only, thank you very much) and the complete elimination of anything even faintly resembling racial profiling. He had many rich socialist friends who think much like him. His deepest pocket belonged to one George Soros. Between 1995 and 2002, Perez was a board member of the Soros-funded and State-supported Casa de Maryland. Sounds innocent enough, until you know that it is nothing but a major promoter of illegal immigration.

Finally broadening his lifetime of living off the federal public dole from 1999 until the Bush Department of Justice became operative, he was the metaphorical roommate of Donna Shalala in the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Health and Human Services. I'll bet you didn't even know there was such an office, did you? Why there would be any need for yet another civil rights office, let alone within HHS, is entirely beyond me.

When they ran out of jobs for leftist Democrats at the end of the Clinton administration, Perez decided to live off the State dole for awhile. He became a Maryland Montgomery County Council member and president, then moved on to become Maryland's Secretary of the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. He also earned a little extra money moonlighting as a professor of law at the University of Maryland and a part-time instructor at the George Washington University School of Public Health. Perez managed to maintain a lifelong avoidance of the private sector.

As a reward for his electoral campaign efforts for Barack Obama, Perez became part of the Obama transition team (you know, the one where we fundamentally change America). Perez did not disappoint when he was appointed by Obama to the DOJ Civil Rights top spot. He told the idiots who confirmed him in the Senate that the Civil Rights Division's mission was to "help those Americans who were living in the shadows, including our Muslim-American brothers and sisters subject to post 9/11 backlash." And let's not forget the Bush-caused economic meltdown and its affects on the shadow people, "communities of color disproportionately affected--LGBT (no, that's not a sandwich) brothers and sisters forced to confront discrimination, and all too many children lacking quality education."

Despite the clear ruling of the United States Supreme Court, Perez publicly stated that he would view all employment, public or private, in light of "disparate impact" when whites as a group score higher on proficiency exams than blacks. He even went so far as to proclaim that such results are prima facie ("on their face") proof of discrimination. Considering that the New Haven Connecticut firefighters case (Ricci v DeStefano) held exactly the opposite, including an entirely different set of legal presumptions, Perez must think that Obama will yet get that third and fourth leftist seated on the Supreme Court.

His public announcements include stating that he would greatly expand DOJ's prosecution of "hate crimes." He also made it clear that the definition of a hate crime can only be white-on-black. He has urged that compensatory damages to successful claimants in civil rights cases should not go exclusively to the "injured parties." Instead, portions of the judgments should be given to "qualified organizations" approved by, guess who, the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ.

He isn't only a zealot for racial minorities. He is equally adept at making a fool of himself for the "disabled." He successfully pressured several major universities into abandoning a program in which students could buy their textbooks in digital format for Kindle instead of bound paper. He never bothered to find out that Kindle was releasing "talking Kindles" for the blind shortly after the visual digital version. Now, nobody gets a Kindle. He hung his hat on the fact that Kindle is still working on a format for the blind which has an audio menu equal to the visual options on the original product.

He has been the center of several major controversies which call his judgment and race-neutrality into serious doubt. It is alleged, and as yet unrefuted, that Perez reviewed the Philadelphia New Black Panther voter intimidation cases and judgments, and announced to his staff that "civil rights law should not be enforced in a race-neutral manner, and should never be enforced against blacks or other national minorities." Whether or not it can ever be concretely proven that he did instruct his staff in that manner, it is still a simple fact that he convinced Holder to dismiss the cases--even those which had already gone to judgment. He was instrumental in putting together the lawsuit against the State of Arizona for passing a bill protecting its citizens from the predations of illegal immigrants.

Perez was the moving force behind a record number of employment discrimination cases filed by the CRD during Obama's first full year in office. Among them were the ridiculous contention that after Congress screwed the pooch and forced banks to lend to totally unqualified people who were disproportionately black and minorty, the banks were still discriminating. He again made one of his grandiloquent statements: "I am committed to eradicating the discriminatory practices that resulted in discrimination against African-American borrowers." It actually means that any black person who wanted a loan, however unqualified, could come to Perez's Division and demand redress, no matter how financially unqualified the borrower. Remember the "disparate impact" rule Perez has imposed. Creditworthiness is a non-consideration when it comes to black borrowers.

Let's not forget those oppressed women. He also filed a record number of suits alleging, contrary to every current professional statistic, that women are not compensated equitably in relation to men. In fact, university studies (including the Ivies) show that in most employment areas, women are now compensated slightly better than their male counterparts performing essentially the same tasks.

But here's the one that requires a complete lack of any sense of shame. Says Perez, "I intend to hold law-enforcement accountable for discriminatory police practices and excessive use of force, and I pledge vigorous enforcement of the provisions of the National Voter Registration Act "The Motor Voter Act" (emphasis added)." So he not only won't prosecute black people who intimidate voters, he will prosecute registrars who put any roadblocks in the way of potential illegal immigrant voters who falsely obtain drivers licenses, then drive around the DMV building, returning to register to vote using their new drivers licenses as identification.


AndrewPrice said...

What a turd! Seriously, he's another one of those guys who sees phantom racism and phantom hate crimes against minorities, but ignores real hate crimes against people he doesn't like.

In truth, the Civil Rights Division has been a disgrace for decades now. It's done little except ignore real issues in favor of show trials and political grandstanding. Its tactics are not the enforcement of law, but the use of threats and pounding you with expensive litigation until you just give in and agree to provide equal outcomes. Also, I've met some of their attorneys and they are not the best or the brightest, but they are the angriest.

This guy sounds like he fits right in as Fuhrer of the Venom Lair.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, I love it. Fuhrer of the Venom Lair. No more Czars, just Fuhrers. How appropriate.

AndrewPrice said...

Fuhrers seems appropriate given the way these people act. "If you do not do as ve say, ve vill make you!"

Anonymous said...

Andrew: That sounds far too familiar. "Und ve know ver your family liffs, too."

Joel Farnham said...


Too bad, 60 minutes would never investigate this guy. This would have been fun to watch.

How did you get all this information?

Writer X said...

What a peach of a guy. I'm guessing his next stop after Obama loses in the next election is a cush job at the United Nations. He'd fit in perfectly at the UN.

Anonymous said...

Joel: We have our ways. The Martindale-Hubble directory of attorneys provides the legal information. Google, the MSM, and (thank God) a few conservative websites provide the rest. The trick is putting it all together in order to get a genuine picture of him. His titles and degrees alone would paint a picture of a successful career attorney. But then looking at the history of his causes and major legislation, along with when he served and with whom gives the real picture of a successful, leftist, antidemocratic, slick lawyer.

Anonymous said...

WriterX: Advancing the agenda of Secretary General Barack Hussein Obama, I assume. Perez would head the UN Commission on Human Rights, leading the charge for freedom-loving members such as Iran, Libya, Cameroon and Saudi Arabia. LOL

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, It does sound familiar doesn't it? It sounds like leftists the world over.

Tennessee Jed said...

I'd say let's name the movie "A league of his Own" but that would spur not just calls of racism, but plagiarism as well. I wonder if this guy really had the intellect or whether he is an affirmative action grad.?

"underwater motorist" l.o.l.

StanH said...

I love your articles Lawhawk, but damn they’ll get your blood boiling. I must say without any equivocation, I hate these bastards. We have absolutely allowed ‘60s radicalism at the reins of power, breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

Andrew: And the sooner people realize that Jonah Goldberg's neologism "liberal fascists" is not an oxymoron, the better.

Anonymous said...

Tennessee: I think he'd rather be thought of as "a man for all seasons," but that one's taken too. LOL

Anonymous said...

Stan: Just say "ommmmm---peace" and go on with your day, satisfied in the knowledge that I have already used every curse word in the English language (and half of the German language) while writing the articles. It takes longer to delete the profanities than it does to write the articles.

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