Saturday, August 28, 2010

The MSM Finds A Villain--Then They Lie About It

The mainstream media has searched high and low for an instance of anti-Muslim violence ever since September 11, 2001. With the sudden wave of protest and anger over the despicable plans to build a triumphal mosque at Ground Zero, they found one at last. Or at least it appeared they had.

The New York Times advanced the lie, then the network nightly news and "lesser publications" repeated it. Islamophobia is the controlling voice of the mob which is out to murder every Muslim in America. Or at least one Muslim cab driver in New York City. After the right-wing bigots and professional haters stirred up the troops of ignorant rubes into a feeding frenzy, one of them obligingly used a knife on a Muslim cabbie. See? It was all so predictable. All that hate was bound to produce deaths and serious injuries. This one is only the beginning. Soon Bill Clinton will be talking about all the mosques he has seen burning in the South. Barack Obama will be doing his best out-thrust Mussolini chin thing, decrying the mass violence against innocent Muslims. Oh, the humanity!

The only problem is that they jumped the gun. It turns out that the only part that was true was that somebody stabbed a cabbie who was indeed Muslim. But it wasn't the right wing zealot they claimed it was. You're all waiting for the headlines and network mea culpas about the mistake, aren't you? As the famous peacemaker Al Sharpton said, "well, maybe it wasn't true, but it could have been." Don't hold your breath waiting for follow-up stories explaining how they were completely wrong about the attack.

Turns out that the attacker who was the "if it bleeds, it leads" poster boy for right-wing religious hatred is actually a volunteer for Intersections International, an organization that has taken a strong and public stand in favor of the building of the Islamic sharia center at Ground Zero. He was drunk and quite possibly more than a little nuts when he attacked the cabbie. When caught with their journalistic pants down, many of the liars pointed out that they had mentioned Intersections International in previous unrelated articles. Unfortunately for their ongoing lie, none had mentioned the pro-mosque stand the group takes.

Never much for admitting error, and always creative in finding red herrings, The New York Times found a whole new source of Islamaphobia to discuss so you wouldn't notice their minor "error." And now it's time to explain why I used that picture of the Empire State Building to illustrate the deviousness and perhaps pure evil of the mainstream media. That is one of the many versions of lighting up the building for special occasions, in this case St. Patrick's day. It's been done in yellow to celebrate the Simpsons (of all things), and best of all in red to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the murderous commmunist regime in China.

Times Metro writer Clyde Haberman on Friday has found the new source of Muslim-hatred which will result in blood in the streets and mayhem committed by ignorant Islamophobes. The Jews and the Evangelicals are bad enough, but nobody can touch those Papists for promoting anti-Muslim violence. On Thursday, about the time it became apparent that the cabbie attack was perpetrated by a crazed liberal, the Catholic League was holding a rally to protest the denial of special lighting on the Empire State Building to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa.

Of course, the Jews were involved, as always. One of the speakers was famous rabbi and comedian Jackie Mason. But most of the hatred kool-aid was carried by Catholic League president William Donohue. Haberman took a swipe at Mason, calling him "that noted theologian," but reserved most of his hysteria for Donohue. Haberman still managed to tie the cabbie stabber, William Enright, to the "fever of hatred" promoted by those opposed to the mosque.

Said Haberman: "In this most tolerant of cities, we have been swept up in culture wars rooted in religion (I guess nobody tipped him off to what the word 'jihad' actually means). The dispute over Mother Teresa is relatively small. Bearing far greater potential for lasting damage is the multisided anger over the proposed Muslim community center and mosque (and library of sharia) near the World Trade Center site, a struggle that may or may not have influenced a man charged on Wednesday with knifing a Muslim cab driver after having made anti-Muslim remarks."

OK. Now I know you're all rubes like me, so I had a liberal explain the logic to me. All the hatred being stirred up by Islamophobic ignoramuses caused a crazed and drunken lefty to shout anti-Islamic words and stab a Muslim cab driver. Now do you understand?


Joel Farnham said...


What really bugs me about the MSM is they wonder why their audience is dwindling.

I can understand getting into an argument and being chased up a tree, metaphorically speaking, but isn't there an adult around them to correct them?

I am beginning to think that all news divisions are just vanity organizations for the owners. They don't make any money unless you are talking about FOX news.

Tennessee Jed said...

"well maybe it wasn't true, but it could have been." This reminds me of the woman from WAPO who was defending the movie about Valerie Plaim by stating something akin to "sometimes facts have to be set aside to reveal a larger truth."

Yesterday, the AP wrote a story about the "controversial" Glen Beck rally and once again stated the stories about racial epithets and posters at tea party rallies as if they were fact. Thank goodness for journolist, right?

I continue to wonder whether these people are really that clueless a group of hypocrites or whether they are just arrogant hardball political operatives. If it is the latter, do they see how transparent their motives are?

Unknown said...

Joel: These people live in the liberal dreamworld. They already know all the answers, so they use the oldest trick in the rhetorical armory. Reach your conclusion in accordance with your beliefs, then find facts, any facts, no matter how remote or unrelated, to support that belief. Still, the conclusion that the stabber committed his act because of the "Islamophobia" of others is a leap of logic that is utterly breathtaking.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: I missed that WAPO movie review. But it does seem to be just par for the course. Like the old gag, "don't confuse me with the facts." The deconstructionist school built a whole philosophy around it, which the MSM has adopted. Truth is nothing but what you perceive it to be. There's "your truth" and there's "my truth." Neither is superior to the other, except that one side is good and the other not so good. With no hard truths, there are no liars. Thus, they can state "their truth" without regard for pesky facts and evidence. That produces a defense of the Valerie Plame film just as it produced a crazed liberal who stabbed a Muslim because of right-wing bigotry.

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, Yet another outrage by the MSM. It's no wonder that their readership is down and that faith in reporters is heading toward zero percent. At some point, they're either going to need to change their ways or disappear. I suspect they'll end up disappearing because they just don't want to hear that their ways are wrong.

In a related noted, I saw yesterday that this mosque may not qualify for taxpayer support through some sort of low interest loan program. Talk about doubling down on outrage!!

Unknown said...

Andrew: I didn't get all the details, but I did hear that the New York City Controller was still "considering" a city loan to kick-start the construction, but has not made any decision yet. While proclaiming the necessity of the building of the mosque as proof of separation of church and state, they will at the same time consider lending money for the building of a religious monument. Only liberals can think like that.

In the meantime, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church cannot get permits to rebuild its church destroyed on 9-11 because the city has reneged on its promises and doesn't want to appear to be supporting a religious institution. Can you say "double-think?"

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, "Considering" is just another way of saying "of course I'm going to do it, but I'm going to wait until this issue leaves the front page."

I heard about the Greek church, that's total BS. I hope they sue the heck out of the city and win.

Unknown said...

Andrew: You have bureaucratese down pat. "Considering" means exactly what you said it means.

The bureaucrats deny that the mosque is at Ground Zero, after all it's two blocks away (actually a block and a half). But city assistance was supposed to go to any building that was directly damaged or destroyed by the attack. St. Nicholas Church is one of those structures. So how does that all work out? Let's help the people who say that America was complicit in the 9-11 attack and "created al Qaeda" to build a structure a whole "two blocks" from the attack, but deny the permits or land-trades for a church which was destroyed by the attack. We must keep religion separate from the state entirely, unless the religion is Islam.

BevfromNYC said...

So Al Sharpton has been a very busy guy! Arizona laws, DC Rally, GZ mosque. How does he do it?

Hey and didn't Al use that same line about Tawana Brawley and that DA who raped her? It wasn't true, but it could have been? At least he's recycles!

Unknown said...

Bev: I plead guilty to using Sharpton's words as an ongoing lie. It was indeed the Tawana Brawley case that prompted him to use that line the first time. He stirred up racial hatred and a deadly riot, thinking the lie he was fully aware of would never be revealed. The "coulda been" was the response to getting caught swimming in the pool of lies. He used it again when the jury returned a libel verdict against him for defaming one of the prosecutors.

Individualist said...


"All the hatred being stirred up by Islamophobic ignoramuses caused a crazed and drunken lefty to shout anti-Islamic words and stab a Muslim cab driver. Now do you understand?"

Um .... No!

But if it involves more lectures from liberals can I be left to my misgivings, please.

"Luke, It is the truth, from a certain point of view......"

I blame Star Wars - have to blame someone right! Funny how it has taken me 30 years to see that line for what it is....

Unknown said...

Individualist: I know how you feel. I am reaching the point where I can't take another 30 seconds of self-righteous lectures and shaded truth from the liberals.

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