Thursday, August 26, 2010

The NY Times Puts Us In Our Place

I don't know about you, but I feel terrible that I am so unsophisticated and uneducated that I can't understand the brilliance that comes out of Washington DC and now out of New York City. If I were only one of the elite, I might understand why it's necessary to build a mosque right on top of the gigantic hole in the ground in New York City that represents Islamic tolerance.

New York City Mayor Auntie Bloomberg just had a Ramadan dinner for all those moderate Muslims, and once again instructed us rubes that we are intolerant, bigoted and just plain stupid for opposing the lovely Islamic center funded by Saudi Wahabbists, al Qaeda and Hamas. Of course I'm just guessing who's funding it since the moderate Muslims planning it won't reveal their funding sources. Bloomberg reminded us of just how tolerant Islamists are by pointing out that if we don't quit opposing their great center of learning, it might promote violence from the Middle East.

The boy from Chicago also fits right in with the Beltway and West Side liberals. Even a faux president from the midwest (by way of Hawaii, Indonesia and Kenya) can become sophisticated enough to recognize just how crude and anti-intellectual all Americans are outside of NYC and DC. The menu for the pro-mosque feasts comes, of course, from the rapidly-declining Newspaper of Record, The New York Times.

Times "reporters" Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Jeff Zeleny recently participated in a Political Points confab in which they blamed racism for Barack Obama's low poll ratings, and opposition to the Ground Zero mosque as both racism and a clear lack of Manhattan-style sophistication. This would also explain why 18 percent of the American people believe that Obama is a Muslim. According to both Stolberg and Zeleny, such a belief would also cause them to believe that Obama is responsible for all those pesky things presidents are supposed to be doing.

The moderator, Sam Roberts, kicked things off by channeling Michael Lerner of Tikkun magazine's "demonized other" concept. Said Roberts: "Well the whole notion, Sheryl, you wrote, of 'otherness,' which is rather incredible, considering how far we've come. I guess maybe we haven't come that far, and the whole notion that America, a majority-white country, elected a president who is black, we still haven't gotten over that in a way." Is he asking a question, or arguing with himself? Still, he asked the right leading question, even if it wasn't elegantly put. America is majority-white, therefore racist. Right or wrong Sheryl?

Now don't gasp when you hear her answer. "Well, I think that's right." No? Really? Says Stolberg: "There's a new poll out from the Pew Research Center that finds a startling rise in the number of Americans who believe if incorrectly that President Obama is a Muslim." Well, I don't think he's some kind of Muslim. But I do believe that he's more Muslim-friendly than the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, so it really doesn't matter if he's actually a Muslim himself. Ergo, I'm an ignorant hick (even though I did live in midtown Manhattan for two years).

Stolberg made it clear that the rubes disapprove of the plan for the Ground Zero mosque because they don't know what's going on, unlike those knowledgeable Manhattanites. She has failed to notice that outside of Gracie Mansion and the upper West Side, most Manhattanites are equally unsophisticated. Still, Stolberg opines: "I think, in New York, especially in Manhattan, people realize that Muslims live and work in Lower Manhattan, in the area where they're seeking to build this community center, which would also include a fitness center where young people could play basketball or swim or what have you. Out in the country (that's us, the rubes), the news coverage has not been as intense, there are fewer details and it allows for the debate to be reduced to its essence, boiled down to a few words: Mosque at Ground zero. (emphasis added). And those words have become inflammatory around the country and I think the nuances is [sic.] somewhat lost, frankly."

I'm glad she decided to be frank. Prior to that, I wasn't clear just how unsophisticated she considered us to be. She reveals her own lack of sophistication, however, by not knowing that mosques are neither churches nor synagogues, nor is their primary purpose a place of worship. Historically, they have been armories with worship as part of the jihad activities. More recently, they have become heavily legalistic, preaching (or teaching) sharia law which specifically denies the rule of any other law (like the Constitution, for instance).

So I'll be frank as well. She's full of crap. I couldn't be happier that I am no longer a resident of San Francisco, aka New York City Junior. I take back what I said in my opening paragraph. Instead I am proud to be a rural California hick who thinks the least informative newspaper in America is The New York Times. And pace our regular contributor, Bev, I'm just unsophisticated enough to believe that if the mosque does get built, it will show that New York City, home of The Times, is lacking in self-respect and is the most suicidal city in America.


Tennessee Jed said...

Oh Hawk, you ignorant, rascist rube, you! :))

The arrogance and faux intellect of these inappropriately elitist people continues to amaze.

LL said...

The liberals enjoy referring to people outside of "cultured cities" as "fly-over country" where the people cling to guns, God, their outmoded Constitution and things like that.

The problem that writers for the Gray Lady/NYT and so much of the mainstream media and the silly liberal politicians haven't yet grasped is that those people VOTE - and they are voting this year in greater numbers than they have in the past.

A large number of them have cast aside party affiliations and are independents, which means that they believe they've more or less been betrayed by both large parties. And I feel for them because I'm one of them.

They have the ability to shake up those living in urban NY and most interesting of all, they no longer pay much attention to the mainstream media (note ratings).

Joel Farnham said...


I am proud to be one of those so unsophisticated rubes.

Game Master Rob Adams said...

On behalf of unsophisicstiakated ignorant racist bigitoed uneduadumaked rubes thank you New York Times for putting me in my place.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: The word they used to describe us in the past was "parochial." But it describes them so much better. In their high-rise apartments and their high-rise office buildings, they have no idea what's going on in the real world. They have only each other and The New York Times to form their opinions. We have the other 300 million Americans to talk with. So which group is more "diverse?"

BevfromNYC said...

You poor. poor unsufistikated rubes beyond the Hudson River. I weep for your unsufistikashun. Don't feel bad, these same "tolerant to a fault" liberals think we in NYC who want the dang thing moved somewhere else, are now just downright dangerous and ready to riot at any moment! We've a-skeered them "Muslins" and got 'em on the run, now!

Actually, some drunken idiot tried to slit the throat of a Muslim cab driver yesterday. But as it has turns out, he (the would-be murderer) is film student and an avowed liberal(as per his Facebook page). The spin on HuffPo as these details have emerged is enlightening. You should know that there are conservative spies everywhere probably paid for by Beck, Palin, or Faux News, trying to infiltrate and reek havoc disquising themselves as liberal film students. Who knew!!!

Unknown said...

LL: I keep coming up with descriptive words for these isolated self-important cuckoos. "Insular" just came to mind. They live in their little Upper West Side islands and never venture much more than a run through the mainland.

Unknown said...

Joel: We rubes gotta stick together.

Unknown said...

ACG: I'm glad you have been properly chastised. Now go back to the servants quarters where you belong. LOL

Unknown said...

Bev: Beck, Palin and Faux news sent me the script so I could do man-on-the-farm interviews. But I just couldn't pronounce the big words with two syllables or more.

We got the original leftist spin about the attack on the Muslim cab driver. For people who say you can't condemn the whole Islamic world for the acts of a few (million) radicals, they sure managed to cram the entire Christian and Jewish population into that cab within seconds.

Notawonk said...

i've always embraced my hickness as viewed by washington and elites. i will happily continue to do so.

best line that sums up your post: she's full of crap.

looks like a colonic is in order!

Unknown said...

Patti: I read the Caliente Daily Hick religiously. I get more useful information from their ads for tractor pulls than I ever get from the New York Times.

StanH said...

Bernie Goldberg has written a couple good books “Bias, and A Slobbering Love Affair,” that covers the elite media and the echo chamber that they live in. The NYT’s in it’s infinite wisdom, has relegated itself to nothing more than a propaganda organ for the left.

Unknown said...

Stan: Goldberg is the ultimate insider who got fed up with the lockstep at the MSM. When he analyzes something, it's rarely abstract but rather gleaning facts from his personal experiences.

Individualist said...


I find inspiration in understanding my unsophisticated motivations from the movie "The Outlaw Josie Wales".

The old Indian chief who has lost his way because he allowed the white man to sneak up on him explains how the leaders of the five civilized nations came to Washington to meet the President who told them "Endeavor to Persevere". The old Indian said that they leaders of the fivecivilized tribes went home and thought long and hard about the meaning of that statement. "Endeaver to Persevere".

And when they had thought long enough they declared war on the Union.

I have given the ministrations and lecturing of the MSM enough thought.

I say we decalre war. We can start by voting some of these B@$^(@%($ out.

Individualist said...


Lawhawk, forgot to check the byline

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