Sunday, August 8, 2010

MSM Trivializes Another Illegal Immigrant Crime

The mainstream media have long been in bed with the left wing of the Democratic Party which is currently seeking to ram amnesty for illegal immigrants down the American throat. These are the same people who use hysterical headlines to support gun control every time some rare, isolated wacko decides to go on a murderous rampage.

But when another illegal immigrant commits one of thousands of annual serious crimes, they ignore it if they can. If they can't, they change the subject, and/or shout "racism." In my San Francisco Diary, I told you the story of the vicious little criminal who was not deported after a long series of crimes because the sanctuary city of St. Francis had a policy of not reporting illegals to the federal authorities unless and until they had been convicted of a felony. Since the little scumbag had only been convicted of misdemeanors and had only one felony charge pending, and was a minor to boot, he was not reported to immigration.

Upon his final release on minimal bail for his most recent felony arrest, the vicious predator lost no time in murdering a father and son in a very violent attack in a normally peaceful and law-abiding part of town. Only then did the press take notice of San Francisco's outrageous policy. The mayor, to his credit, ordered the police to report all illegal immigrant criminal arrests to ICE from that day forward. The utterly insane Board of Supervisors then countered the mayor's decision with a new and even more crazed murderer protection ordinance. That conflict has not been resolved to this day, but so far, the mayor has refused to back down.

Many of the thousands of crimes committed every year by illegal immigrants are ignored by the mainstream media, and many of those crimes are not as horrendous as the one I mentioned above. Still, some crimes just can't be hidden from the public. Last Friday, the Benedictine nuns (pictured above) from a Virginia monastery buried Sister Denise Mosier, who was killed by a drunk-driving illegal immigrant. Two other sisters are in a Virginia hospital in critical but stable condition as a result of the smashup. Like the little cutie from San Francisco, this illegal had been arrested for the same charge before. Unlike the other case, this bastard is an adult who already had two drunk driving convictions and multiple other alcohol-related offenses on his record.

Carlos A. Martinelly Montano, an illegal immigrant from Bolivia in 1996 racked up multiple arrests as a minor, and now at age 23, is a career criminal. Despite the two prior convictions for drunk driving, and pending deportation, Montano was allowed to go free as a bird after being told he must report back for his deportation hearing which was only weeks away. In addition, it is not as if the police had not reported him to the immigration authorities, and it is not as if the feds were unaware of his illegal status and dangerous propensities. Ignorance of the immigration status of criminals because of lax reporting by police is bad enough. But in this case, everybody who needed to know, knew. "Thank you very much, Carlos, and you will show up for your hearing, won't you?" Carlos was probably thinking "I'll drink to that."

One prosecutor has awakened to the danger. Prince William Commonwealth attorney Paul B. Ebert plans to ask a grand jury to charge Montano with second degree murder, upgraded from the original charge of involuntary manslaughter. That means the likelihood of a forty year sentence instead of the original ten. Virginia has not suffered from the illegal immigrant problem that the border states have been under siege with, but even there, 13% of drunk driving arrests involve illegals.

The reaction of the left and the amnesty proponents, supported by their claque in the mainstream media, has been totally predictable. The response to the huge ongoing problem of illegal immigrants and crime ranges from idiotic to completely bizarre. The charge of racism is practically a given at this point. That is done to avoid the much more complicated and relevant charge of being here illegally. But for those on the left who actually address that issue, the talking-point is well nigh universal. USA Today is just one of a hundred examples of the deceptive argument: "Do you care about the nationality of the drunk who killed someone you love?" That statement is a vile dodge. The answer is: "Yes, I do care, because if that murderer had not been here, my loved one wouldn't be dead." If there were 12 million blond-haired, blue-eyed Swedes here illegally, the irate reaction to them would be identical.

How the fact that more crimes are committed by citizens than illegal immigrants has anything to do with the argument is beyond logic. There are far more citizens than illegals, so of course they commit more crimes as a matter of simple mathematics. But the rate among citizens is far lower than that among illegals. And even if it weren't, wouldn't the reduction of thousands of serious injuries and deaths every year committed by illegals be worth the simple act of deporting them before they kill someone? And there's also the simple fact that being here without permission is a criminal act in itself, so the mindset is already there before the next criminal act is committed.

There's another aspect to this as well. The crime rate among illegals is so high, and there are so many of them because of lax enforcement and nonexistent border control, that the jails and prisons are grossly overcrowded. Not only do illegals benefit from early release and lax immigration enforcement, but our home-grown felons are benefiting as well. The only losers in this equation are the American people.


LL said...

The time to focus on America is here. The time to pander to illegal aliens has passed.

The mainstream media has more or less fired its bolt and the public is marginalizing them by ignoring them and not buying their publications (which is why they're all begging for government bail-outs).

Unknown said...

LL: Indeed. Are there stimulus funds available for organizations too dishonest to fail?

Coming from the legal arena and with many friends and in-laws involved in law enforcement, I can tell you from personal knowledge that the illegal immigrant crime problem is immense and growing. I merely cited two particularly egregious examples that actually made it to the news pages. In California, almost everyone can cite at least one example somewhat close to them involving an illegal alien and a crime. But listening to national news, you'd think illegal immigrant crime was rare, and that most crimes involving them are actually crimes committed against them by nativist ethnic bigots.

Joel Farnham said...


Obama said he would send troops to Arizona to help control the border. They haven't arrived. Just another lie to forestall things until November.

I wonder what he will be thinking when he gets the whole country actively against him and his policies.

StanH said...

I always love to ask the bleeding hearts, “how much of Mexico is enough, ½, a 1/3?” You never get an answer because it illustrates the absurdity of illegal invasion into this country. No sovereign nation on the planet allows this kind of a siege, it really pisses me off! And both party’s in Washington allow it! It’s gotta come to an end. Legal immigration Yes! Illegal immigration No!

LL said...

A friend and colleague of mine, a former Mexican, became a US Citizen about two months ago after going through the legally constituted process. We had a discussion about illegal immigration a couple of days ago and he said, "Naturalized Mexicans don't have any time for illegal immigration any more than established Americans do."

The drug cartels are so out of control in Mexico that he, my colleague, ended up buying a Level 5 armored sedan to travel in while in Mexico. He survived two assassination attempts in the Guadalajara area for failing to do business with the cartels.

The MSM downplays the rampant violence and murder in Mexico as does the Mexican government. However, it's profound and getting worse. The body count is underestimated by Mexico by a factor of 3X to 4X because they don't want to kill tourism from the US and elsewhere.

The point here is that allowing unrestrained illegal immigration is a welcome mat to drug cartels. Which is why Arizona is the 2nd highest area for kidnapping on the planet.

barack hussein obama and his toadies are a disgrace to America.

AndrewPrice said...

They don't want anything to interfere with amnesty, so they aren't going to report on anything that makes illegals look bad.

Unknown said...

Joel: You misunderstood. Obama said he was sending a ballet troupe to the Arizona border. They should be toe-dancing their way there any minute.

Unknown said...

Stan: American borders are a racist concept. Don't you know that? And the President/Citizen of the World is no racist. "Sovereign nation" is an outmoded idea supported by an outmoded document called "The Constitution." Now you understand, right? When Obama becomes Secretary General of the United Nations for life, there will be no borders--anywhere. Obama's latest motto is "an illegal alien is just a citizen you haven't met yet."

Unknown said...

LL: My lifelong best friend is the son of two Mexican immigrants who came to America as farm workers, got their work visas legally, applied for citizenship, went through the entire process, and became naturalized citizens. He is retiring soon as the head of his own practice in clinical psychology in Kansas. We went all the way through school together, from junior high through UC Berkeley. One of my sons-in-law is the son of legal immigrants from Mexico. He is a senior computer analyst for the L. A. County Schools. My other son-in-law is the son of legal Mexican immigrants, and is a corrections officer for the State prison system. All three are opponents of illegal immigration, and the latter-mentioned son-in-law is a very angry opponent, surrounded daily by violent illegal immigrant gang members at the prison.

Unknown said...

Andrew: Amnesty and a huge increase in the rolls of the Democratic Party are the joint goals of the pro-illegal immigration administration and its acolytes in the MSM.

HamiltonsGhost said...

I think Obama promised to send "border agents" to the border. By that he means he will send twenty or thirty desk-jockeys to solve the problem. They will discuss the problem as follows: "What are we going to do about the problem of all these xenophobic Arizonans who want to stop future federal employees from coming to America?" They will not actually go to the border itself--too dangerous.

Unknown said...

HamiltonsGhost: That sounds about right. It's like the police departments in Democrat-controlled urban centers--three administrative desk clerks, two lieutenants in the office, and one public relations deputy chief for every cop on the street. Needless to say, crime is running rampant in all of those cities, much like the gang wars on the border.

JB1000 said...

How about this? We ask every citizen in the country if they support the right of illegal immigrants to stay in the US. We total up the cost of illegal immigration each year, health care, education, law enforcement, the whole deal. Divide the cost by the number of citizens that support the illegal immagrants then send them a bill.

What could be more fair? If you support their presence, you have the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is.

If you do not support their presence, you do not have to pay for them.

Unknown said...

JB 1000: That sounds fair, equitable and completely logical. Therefore, no Democrat will support it. Their philosophy is a bit different: "We should pay for illegals, shouldn't you?"

Unknown said...

I have a suggestion. Since the idea that illegals are hardworking, peaceful, law-abiding and no strain on American resources is nothing more than a pipe dream, why don't we just round them all up and send them to Fantasyland at Disney World?

Unknown said...

CalFed: That's an excellent suggestion. We could do it on Gay Pride Day at Disneyland/Disney World. Now wouldn't that be an interesting confrontation?

Unknown said...

LawHawk. Another administration memo from ICE has just been leaked. There is now an executive order (less than Presidential level) telling agents to stop processing ordinary illegals and low-level criminal illegals and concentrate only on those who have been arrested in connection with the border drug wars.

Unknown said...

HamiltonsGhost: I saw that this morning. Obama (and his minions) are trying to sound tough while doing nothing. This move is Wilson's "broken windows syndrome" turned on its head. By telling the agents not to process illegals already detained, the administration is pretending to address the big issue. The simple fact is that nearly 95% of the illegals detained are charged with misdemeanors and low-level felonies. That also means hundred of thousands would be released (just like Carlos Montano), while a few dozen big-time criminals might or might not get caught.

Let's put the ICE agents to work processing illegals, and put the army and national guard on the borders to deal with the war that is spilling into the territorial United States.

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