Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mighty Mo Hears A "Boy"

Maureen Dowd, chief cougar and and regular columnist for the New York Times wrote an article in response to Rep. Joe Wilson's angry "you lie" outburst during President Obama's speech before Congress selling his health care reform snake-oil. Dowd is the Shirley McClain of columnists, channeling whoever happens to come to her mind when a liberal Democrat is criticized. In this case, it must have been Simon Legree.

The liberal default position today is that any opposition to any of Obama's plans for crippling the economy for decades while assuring government control of just about everything must be racism. Most columnists and other denizens of the MSM find racism lurking in every protest. Frank Rich of the Times earlier inferred that Sarah Palin's remarks about community organizers indicated she thought Obama was "shiftless," a racial buzz word. Paul Krugman, the weasely pseudo-economist for the Times said on August 7 that the tea party protesters were "were probably reacting less to what Mr. Obama is doing . . .than to what he is." Well, that's clear. If Obama were as white (or is it gray) as John Kerry, we would all love surrendering all our money and liberties to him. The plans are brilliant, it's just that we can't take them coming from a black man. It's not the message we reject, it's the messenger. We love socialism, but only if it is brought to us by a white man.

Not to be outdone by the other hysterics, Mighty Mo decided that she would report on the word she didn't hear from Wilson. Although she reported it as if she had heard it. "But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy." Well, Mo, if it was unspoken, how the hell did you hear it? From the woman who thought it was hysterically funny to insult President Bush by repeatedly calling him "Shrub" comes upper West Side indignation when a Congressman disagrees with her beloved president. So she simply adds the racist word to make her point without any legitimate foundation for doing so. Well, she did find that Wilson belonged to some very Southern organizations over the years. What an investigative reporter she is! How did she ever uncover the connections of a Congressman from South Carolina to Southern organizations? She must have unimaginably good sources.

Of course, Dowd's own words are more of the racial-healing kind. "Surrounded by middle-aged white guys--a sepia snapshot of the days when such pols ran Washington like their own men's club--Joe Wilson yelled 'You lie!' at a President who didn't." Never mind the Dowd racism and sexism, she's wrong. He did lie, through his teeth. That does not excuse Joe Wilson from a serious breach of Congressional decorum, nor does the bad behavior of Democrats during President Bush's State of the Union Address justify behaving as badly. But Wilson apologized immediately after. Not good enough, say the Democrats, he must be censured. The entire Black Caucus booed President Bush, and not a peep about racism from the MSM or demands for censure from either party.

Not satisfied with maligning Wilson with phony charges of racism and words that weren't said, Dowd procceded to malign the entire South, including Gov. Mark Sanford for refusing to take stimulus funds for his state. "For two centuries, the South has feared a takeover by blacks or the feds. In Obama, they have both." No wonder Dowd stays slim--she spends all day doing stretching exercises.

Ultimately, the House admonished Wilson, which is a level below censure. To his credit, Wilson stood his ground, and said "I apologized directly to the President in a personal conversation, but that's all I'm going to do." For whatever it's worth, a presidential spokesman said his boss sees no racial motives at play. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said: "I don't think the president believes that people are upset because of the color of his skin." Mr. Gibbs, please tell Maureen Dowd and the entire editorial staff of the New York Times.

Dowd was just a bit more creative than most of her confreres. Hearing words that aren't there seems a bit like Rev. Al Sharpton's non-excuse after fomenting racial hatred in the faked Tawana Brawley rape hysteria: "So what if it wasn't true? It could have been true." The rest of the liberal pack had to settle for interpreting what Wilson actually said. Only Mo was brilliant enough to add a word that wasn't there so she could editorialize on it.

The lesser lights of journalism had to settle for the Democratic Party's talking points memo: Dear friends of Obama in the press, here is your basic script. Please use you own word to fill in the blank. "The marches in DC and nationwide had racist (fill in the blank)":

The Washington Post offered: "racist overtones."
CNN offered: "racist undercurrent."
CNN Reporter Wolf Blitzer offered: "racist tinge."
Bill Maher strayed a bit with "subliminal racism."

Worst former President Jimmy Carter added: "The overwhelming part of the animosity toward taxes and health care is racism." Yes, Brother Jimmy, and since we booted your behind out of office for very similar reasons, it must have been black racists who were after you. You are white--I mean really white, aren't you? One Democratic Congressman hyperventilated: "If we don't censure Joe Wilson, we might as well bring out the Ku Klux Klan hoods and crosses."

So let's settle this once and for all. The only color we see when we look at Barack Obama is a very deep shade of pink (it's only some of his minions who are pure red, including the recently bus-crushed Van Jones and current science czar John Holdren). And unlike Maureen Dowd hearing words that aren't there, we have a serious problem with Barack Obama not because of his color, but because of the words that are there. It was Martin Luther King, Jr. who taught us to judge our fellow human beings by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. We find Obama's character somewhat lacking, to say the least. We consider his color irrelevant, except when faux journalists try to beat us over the head with it for opposing him.

Next up from Dowd: "Barack Obama is a racist for calling Kanye West a jackass."


Joel Farnham said...

It always amazes me when people add words that were never uttered.

BTW, I really wish Wilson never apologized.

Unknown said...

JoelFarnham: I know what you mean, but it had to be done. There's a time and a place for everything, and it was the right time, but the wrong place. Still, I do admire him for having been gentleman enough to apologize for it, then refuse to become the whipping-boy for the left. In the long run, he'll gain respect for apologizing for his inappropriate outburst but not for its content.

Joel Farnham said...


Is there a better spot to place it?

I guess I am just tired of being called racist and other such vile things. When an egregious liar has free reign to spout his falsehoods and no one challenges him publically on it.......It just felt like a breathe of fresh air and I felt that the ensuing claims and counter-claims would be better for our nation.

It certainly would stop most of what this president is doing.

Rasmussen shows that most of the country doesn't believe Obama anyway.

Unknown said...

JoelFarnham: You don't hand the enemy the ammunition to shoot you with. There are many, many places to go after Obama, including in the halls of Congress during regular sessions. Wilson realized immediately that he had gone overboard.

The President of the United States is a guest in Congress, and however true it was, Wilson's outburst was inappropriate and rude. Had he said the same thing during a Congressional debate, it would have drawn criticism, but it would have been perfectly allowable.

Without basic rules of conduct, we descend into barbarism and chaos. And the military know full well how this works. If you don't respect the man, respect the rank (or in this case, the office).

We're all tired of being baited constantly by the left and the Obamacrats. And for Wilson, that frustration got the best of him. That's exactly what they want us to do, and Wilson knew they had succeeded with him for that brief moment of spontaneous anger. They want us to get angry enough to lose sight of our goals and make it personal. And sure enough, Wilson fell into the trap. The resultant "see, we told you" from the MSM was inevitable.

USArtguy said...

"if it was unspoken, how the hell did you hear it?"

Why, the voices in her head told her.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I'm schizophrenic
and so am I.

Regarding Carter: while I, too, label him as worst president ever, there was a time I liked him as person. That time has since passed.

Unknown said...

USArtGuy: Love the poetry (or was it doggerel?). LOL

I liked Carter at first. As his term in office progressed, I saw him as a wooly-headed do-gooder, but I still thought of him as basically decent. Like you, I have subsequently found his unconscionable attacks on America, his love for leftist dictators, support for rigged foreign elections, and personal attacks on Republican presidents to be beneath contempt.

Even the acerbic Harry Truman reserved his best barbs for candidates (not for Presidents), and his best of all was his response to a question about John Kennedy's Catholicism: "It's not the Pope I'm worried about, it's the Pop."

Writer X said...

I actually like Maureen Dowd's writing style (snarky and sometimes funny) but I rarely agree with anything she says. In her lastest editorial on Joe Wilson, she pulled a Mark Morford. Somebody get the strait jacket! Stat!

I really feel like I woke up this morning on the wrong planet: Name-calling, kids fighting each other in busses (over what??), egomaniac celebrities throwing f-bombs when they don't get their way, house resolutions about words that are unacceptable. What a great opportunity for the President to go on television and call for calm and reiterate that it's okay to disagree, regardless of someone's color. But what does he do? He schedules a whole bunch of appearances on moronic late night talk shows to probably deliver some weak jokes. Can't wait.

AndrewPrice said...

Wow, what a lot of .... Despicable.

There are indeed racists in this country, and most of them are firmly planted on the left.

Unknown said...

WriterX: See? Even New York writers can be influenced by little old San Francisco. Dowd's writing style is indeed witty, which makes her more dangerous than a dullard like Krugman. But like you, I think she jumped the Morford shark on this one. Over-the-top is one thing. In-outer-space is quite another.

Obama trying to lighten up his image on talk shows reminds me of Nixon becoming more human by walking on the beach--wearing a suit, tie, and carrying his shoes with his pant legs rolled up a little. A tight-ass is a tight-ass, and when they try to moderate the image, they only become self-parodies.

Game Master Rob Adams said...

I am sick and tired of people saying that I am a racist because I stand for the constitution.

AndrewPrice said...

USArtguy, I feel the same way about Carter. I thought he was a bad president, but a decent man. But the more I've heard him talk the last several years, the more I have really come to dislike the man.

Writer X, what are you talking about? This is Earthica, just like every other day when you wake up. ;-P

patti said...


sorry, i heard a voice and there were undertones and undercurrents and tinges and...RACIST! oh man, i think the virus has me in its clutches.

save yourself!

Writer X said...

Earthica? It feels like a Venus/Mars thing. Unfortunately I'm stuck in Venus with Mo "I Can Read Minds" Dowd. Send help.

AndrewPrice said...

Patti, they have a pill for that now. . . it's called reality. Pass it out to all of your liberal friends!

Writer X, If you want to get off of planet Dowd, just keep reading Commentarama -- "the cure for what liberals ya!"

StanH said...

When you have liberals screaming racist, you know they are on the ropes and more body blows are required to extinguish the beast. Maureen Dowd is a prime example of a self-absorbed elitist twit that has lost any link to reality decades ago. As a Georgian let me say I’m sorry about Jimmy Carter : ( In ’76 I thought he was the bees- knees, the answer to our prayers, our egalitarian utopia was here, the true “dawning of the age of Aquarius.” Boy, was I a dumb little shit. But, the good news Reagan showed me the error of my ways, and I’ve never looked back. Here we are yet again with a ‘60s creature, Witless Barry, maybe this time we can vanquish ‘60s radicalism once and for all : )

Unknown said...

Andrew: That is so true, and they don't even see it. When they're not busy attacking whites, men, and conservative blacks, they're busy telling black people what they should think. It's a truly insidious and dangerous form of racism which disguises itself as caring.

Unknown said...

Patti: The only remedy is too look carefully at ourselves, admit our inner-racist, and surrender. Maybe then they'll shut up.

ArmChairGeneral: If you disagree with anything, literally anything they say, you are a racist. Only "fascist" comes close to being as convenient a substitute for legitimate debate for the left.

Unknown said...

WriterX: If you need an XY, I'll be glad to ask Mark Morford if he'll join you. LOL

StanH: It's one of those rare times I'm proud to be a Californian. We replaced Georgia's weak-sister with our Ronald Reagan. Even California gets things right once in awhile. Lately, not so much.

HamiltonsGhost said...

Lawhawk--StanH has a good point which needs a little expansion. In face-to-face and small public forum venues, liberals toss out the debate-ending "racist" all the time. The true sign of desperation is that it's no longer confined to those venues. The big boys and girls have run out of genuine arguments and are now resorting to the street-level epithet of "racist." Imagining words that aren't there and singling out fringe-hangers as if they were mainstream conservatives is pure desperation. And they've been led by the early prescience of their highest intellectual authority--Janeane Garofalo.

Skinners 2 Cents said...

This seems like a strange version of McCarthyism. "Madam Speaker in my possession are the names of all the racists in America."

I don't have to utter a single word I'm racist by default because of my skin color. How ironic is that?

The racism debate is about to end because of the MSM use of the word in completely fabricated situations. It's going to end and it's not going to end like the MSM wants it to.

"I don't think that word means what you think it means."

Skinners 2 Cents said...

Let me change the word debate. The racism debate took place in the 60's. All men being created equal ruled the day. It was a great victory for our American society.

The snake had finally been removed from under the table of our fore father's.

You'd never know it with the MSM. Even though the snake is gone some reporters and activists still silently wish and hope that it is still there. So much so that they never stop talking about seeing it. It's sad really because I think it has hindered the black community in the worst sort of way.

StanH said...

Steven Crowder over at BH had a good little rant about racism, in thumbnail conclusion, embrace the lunacy …to paraphrase, “slap me racist and call me happy.” Barry has never, in his sheltered world had real pushback punctuated with an emphatic, no! In my mind it’s a real indicator of desperation, and should be exploited relentlessly. The ACORN debacle for Barry is politically “death by a thousand cuts,” along with The New Black Panthers, Prof. Gates this cat is up to his keester in infantile racist slim. I look for desperate moves from Barry and his Marxist throng. We must be vigilant and “We the People,” will set things straight.

Lawhawk: California needs to produce another Reagan, …please!

freedom21 said...

For as long as I can remember, I have always tried to engage the other side--or at least figure out if they have logic in their arguments (a reason why I subjected myself to watching Moore on Leno last night)...In keeping with this tradition, I was sure to listen to v103, the hip hop station here in Atlanta. Apparently, the words "conservative" and "republican" are now the "sheets that the racists hide behind". If this is the direction our country is headed....I am quite certain that we will far apart at the seams.

Unknown said...

Skinners2Cents: You caught the difference between this and McCarthyism. In the McCarthy era you were accused for what you believed, or wrote, or spoke. Here, you are accused for what color you were born, something over which you have absolutely no control. Calling someone a communist and then proving that what he believed was harmful is a process. Calling someone a racist solely because of his birth color is much easier. You could prove you were not a communist. You can't disprove you're white, and therefore tainted by racism from your first breath.

Try another example. "You can't believe anything a Jew says because his Jewish blood prevents him from thinking rationally, and makes him hate anyone who isn't Jewish." See any parallels here? One evil man was able to marginalize a major portion of his country's population with exactly that sort of nonsense.

Likewise, the worst elements of the German underclass listened and believed. How could they rise above their miserable conditions while the Jews were holding them down and stabbing them in the back? Fortunately, Obama's no Hitler, and white Christians aren't a minority. But the message is awfully similar, and equally mindless. People too far up the political ladder in the Obama administration suffer from the disease. At least Van Jones is gone, but is the odor he left behind gone?

Unknown said...

StanH: These scandals are beginning to mount at an astounding rate. Crowder's video was very funny, and very accurate. Obama's going to need a bigger bus to throw his resident crazies under. By the way, is "we the people" a racist crack? LOL

Freedom21: I see Obama as a smart, slick amateur who believed too much of his own propaganda and got in way over his head. He thought he could control his radical base, and that's a mistake more than one failed leader has made.

StanH said...

That’s funny Lawhawk, I suppose that, “We the People,” can be construed as racist in 2009. What an amazing state of affairs in the USA.

LoneWolfArcher said...

If I ever had the misfortune of meeting Obama, the first two words out of my mouth would be "You lie!"

Decorum, schmecorum.

Unknown said...

LoneWolfArcher: And if you did it right outside, even on the Capitol steps, I'd be right there with you. But not during a formal session, inside the House chamber.

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