Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Associated Press Joins The Democratic Party

If you regularly check out the news, you can’t help but notice that the Associated Press is in the tank for the Democratic Party. It’s been obvious for a while. But in the past couple days, it’s gotten so bad that their writers should be required to wear cheerleader uniforms with little donkeys on them. Check this out. . .

One of the first signs that the AP had moved to direct cheerleading was its gushing about ObamaCare. Remember, they claim to be a fact reporting organization, not an opinion generating organization. Yet, many of their articles have repeated the following: “after century long fight, US finally enacts health care,” even though nothing about this statement is true. Universal health care was not mentioned in political circles until the 1930s. So we’re nowhere near a century yet. Secondly, almost every single Congress between 1930 and today has passed some form of “comprehensive health care reform.” Apparently, the AP thinks all those laws created themselves. And just as importantly, ObamaCare is not universal. ObamaCare simply imposes the requirement that you get health insurance, it doesn’t actually cover anyone. Indeed, they expect that 22 million Americans will remain without insurance.

To reinforce this false narrative, every AP article apparently is required to maximize the use of the word “historic.” Some use it so much that their sentences begin to look a little like this: “Hitler’s historic victory is truly historic said the historic chancellor as he made history, and the AP supports his historic efforts.” Wait, I thought "historic" meant "good"? Hmmm.

To go along with the false sense of history, the left needs heroes. In that regard, the AP has produced a half dozen articles calling Pelosi the greatest speaker in 100 years. One article even said, whether you agree with her policies or not, you must acknowledge this fact. In truth, I don’t need to acknowledge that “fact” because I’m not stupid. Pelosi had super majorities in both Houses and the Presidency to support her, yet it took her more than a year to come up with a horribly flawed bill that neither side likes and which will be repealed after the public wipes out her party in November. Greatest speaker? Yeah, sure.

They’ve also called her "the most powerful woman in 100 years," because the left loves 100 year histories and five year plans. I wonder who this powerful woman was 100 years ago? In any event, Pelosi is little more than a glorified baby-sitter, and this declaration of greatness will come as a shock to women like Margaret Thatcher, Gold Meir, Indira Gandhi, or any other female head of state who’s held actual power.

They’re revising Obama’s history already too. When AP writers are at home alone at night, they touch themselves in certain places as they think about Obama’s oratory. But his recent efforts have left them a bit flaccid. So now they’re re-writing history to suit their needs. For example, there was an article yesterday on how Obama achieved this miracle, which read like the worst sentimentalistic sports movie of all time, right down to the “win one for the Gipper” speech.

And to throw in a little more sentimentalism, the AP tells us that what kept Obama going was the 10 letters a day Obama got from real Americans (no doubt, crippled orphans. . . "please sir, may I have health care?"). . . no mention of the 100,000 calls a day opposed.

Do you remember that health pow-wow where Paul Ryan exposed our moronic President as a Biden-grade fool? You know the one. . . it caused Obama’s popularity to fall two more points and shaved five points off the public’s support for ObamaCare. Well, according to the AP, that was the turning point that “won the public over.” The AP also tells us that we were impressed with the openness with which the Democrats were willing to proceed. Yep, anything you heard about backroom deals and closed door meetings apparently didn’t happen.

But playing this bill up too much would be a mistake, because the AP knows deep down that ObamaCare is a doomed clusterfudge of epic proportions. So they are cautioning us that the bill isn’t perfect. It now turns out that the bill will leave 22 million Americans without coverage, not the 7 million claimed by the same AP author as recently as the day before the vote. I guess he went home and did some math? Also, some very, very, very, very few people (48% of the population) might find their rates going up. Oh, and there might not be enough doctors. And it's all the uber-powerful Republicans' fault...

Oh, do you remember Lawhawk telling you about two Democrats -- Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa -- who sold their votes to Pelosi? Apparently, Lawhawk was wrong. Indeed, the AP just happened to put out an article yesterday assuring us that while these two will indeed lose in November, it’s because voters are angry about a drought. . . nothing about health care to see here. Move along.

The AP then turns on the full court press with a series of “fact” checking articles in which they go out of their way to confirm the Democratic arguments as "facts", despite the fact the bill says the opposite.

The AP has also been busy demonizing its opponents. . . oops, the bill’s opponents. Did you know that Republican “talking points” are “myths” and that the hatemongers who oppose the bill won’t stop using “overheated rhetoric” even though the bill has been passed? The bastards. Oh, and did you know that the "individual mandates were a Republican idea"? What's next? Cannibalism and syphilis?

Moreover, the poor GOP apparently is facing a real split over the danger of opposing such a popular program. Of course, the only “GOP” person they can find who opposes repealing this monster is surrender-monkey David Frum, who I believe was once caught sniffing Nancy Pelosi. . . wait, that was Rham Emanuel. Frum v. the GOP = split. Hmm?

Of course, there have been a plethora of articles all quoting a diverse assortment of far left law school professors who claim that the evil Republican State attorneys general who have sued to stop this monster are “grandstanding” and that their cases are “frivolous.” I’ll take these ridiculous assertions apart next week. Apparently, it doesn’t take much in the way of legal knowledge to be a law professor these days.

But why stop with the hopelessly torn GOP establishment? Did you know that Republican voters are nuts? According to a new poll by the “unbiased” (read: “Democratic operative”) pollster Harris, most Republicans think Obama is a Muslim and a good 20% think he’s the anti-Christ. As if Satan would have anything to do with this effete loser.

Moreover, those horrid teabaggers are just like the hopelessly torn, obstructionist Republicans, according to more obscure Democratic polls. And what happens when such bad people are allowed to exist? Well, unverified death threats to the children of Democratic Representatives. . . who must not love their kids because they aren’t taking any precautions? The horror. And it's the Republicans using code words that are stirring this up. And let’s not forget how some teabaggers used the words “nigger” and “faggot” and made saints cry, which is almost as bad as killing children. The AP certainly hasn’t forgotten this, as it keeps putting out more and more stories on the matter. Of course, they have yet to talk to anyone other than the Democrats who made the allegations, but do you expect any better from such a slipshod, biased organization as the AP?

So the next time you see a by-line by the “AP,” read it for a laugh, but don’t expect to get anything more than Democratic talking points. Pathetic.


Unknown said...

Andrew: The AP has had a reputation for hinky news articles that sound like editorials for some time. It was clear that they had taken sides in the Israeli/Palestinian war when they published cheaply-photoshopped pictures of the horrors committed by the murderous Israelis on the innocent Palestinians (right after several Hamas rocket were launched into Israeli civilian centers from Gaza).

I think that what has caught the attention of the American public is what you've very nicely described. I suppose after ABC took up residence in the White House, we shouldn't be surprised about AP. Since the AP is supposed to be strictly a news disseminator, apparently the only news worth reporting in the past year has been Democrat successes and the elevation of Obama to messiah.

PS: Loved your comment on Cardoza and Costa. I suspected I had drawn the wrong conclusion. Thank God for AP to get the facts right. LOL

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Lawhawk, I figured you would want to know that you had that wrong! LOL! I guess they shouldn't have caused the drought?

The AP has been suspect in my mind for a while -- especially the foreign AP. Then I read two years ago how they had decide to officially let their "reporters" shade the truth.... which they called, putting the facts into context. At that point, I knew it was over. And we are way past that point by now.

The various articles I read this week would have seemed shameless if a Democratic PF firm had put them out. Yet, the AP, a supposedly unbiased "news gatherer" not only ran with them, but didn't even bother verifying the few facts they included.

LL said...

In past years, the AP would have been labeled "Stooges". Today, since the state run media has nearly a complete monopoly on the NEWS, they are heroes, sharing heroic tales.

It's a joke. I don't watch the news anymore. Nothing there worth watching.

AndrewPrice said...

LL, There certainly is a lot of "stooge" and "fellow traveler" about the MSM these days. Literally, the articles I've read lately read like pure propaganda.

Writer X said...

Andrew, not only are the AP reporters delusional but their writing skills stink. Whenever I need a good laugh, I read their news articles and inevitably find spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. I've seen better reporting from high school students.

AndrewPrice said...

Writer X, Isn't that the truth. For the amount they collect as a news service, you would think they could at least hire competent writers and maybe an editor or two?

Joel Farnham said...


Doesn't AP stand for Anonymous Posers? Or is it Another Poop?

Seriously, why is it, we don't even know who is writing the AP articles?

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, Most of the AP articles have writers listed. In fact, I've been informally keeping track of who are some of the worst. The worst is Liz Sidoti -- total left wing hack.

BevfromNYC said...

The more and more newspapers layoff reporters, the more they rely on AP reports. Especially for their online versions. Soon there will be one reporter writing all the news for all the news agencies.

StanH said...

Great read Andrew! The AP has been a tool of the left for decades, they were just able to hide better when most major newspapers had field reporters. Sycophancy doesn’t even begin to cover the propaganda wing of the left…this must change. The AP is one of the things Rush used to coin the phrase “Drive-by-Media,” where reporters don’t check facts but read or print the wire which is invariably slanted hard left. The same holds true for “Reuters,” hard left and useless. Good article and needs to be illuminated regular and often!

patti said...

my dad was an old-school journalist, actually the first to teach me to question the slant of everything i read. "every story has an agenda."

back in the day, when i went to work with him, the AP came over "the wire" which was a machine that spit out stories and you would tear them off and then relay (read) them to your audience. the AP was where it was at; they were gospel.

today, not so much. if daddy were alive, he'd mock them for being a sellout.

AndrewPrice said...

Bev, That's true. And I find it interesting that so many papers are choosing to rely on the AP, but aren't complaining about the becoming an editorial organization.

AndrewPrice said...

Stan, Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think the AP is the real battleground. As Bev says, with newspapers going more and more to just repeating AP stories, if we could get the AP to recognize it's responsibility to just report facts, then that would go a long way to breaking the left-wing media bias. But I don't see that happening.

AndrewPrice said...

Patti, You're absolutely right. There was a time that if the AP reported it, then it was true. Their job was to give you the story. What you did with is was up to you. But the AP has been drifting left for years and has now actively endorse the idea of letting reports decide which facts to pay up, which to dismiss, and how to spin their stories. Sad.

CrispyRice said...

Another good article, Andy. Why is that all your good articles make me want to hurl, though? :(~

AndrewPrice said...

Sorry Crispy. It's just a sign of the times.

MegaTroll said...

Thanks for the article. I agree with Crispy. This makes me very angry.

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