Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't Like The Results? Burn A Church

Most Americans liked the movie Mississippi Burning,, though there was some serious grousing from the "civil rights establishment" that the FBI agents who were portrayed as solving the murders of three civil rights workers were all white. The movie was based on a true story, and truth confuses liberals.

Somehow, though, I don't think Hollywood will be putting out a movie entitled Nigeria Burning, even though there's a whole lot of church-burning going on.

All the church-burnings in the American South during the civil rights movement don't add up to a day's worth of torching in Nigeria since its recent presidential election, even if you add in the ones that Bill Clinton imagined. In no more than three days after the election, over sixty Nigerian Christian churches were burned to the ground, many with parishioners and congregants still inside. Thousands, yes thousands of Christian homes have been burned. Muslims on the continent of Africa don't need much pushing to start burning Christian, Jewish and pagan worshipers. But the excuse in Nigeria is that the Muslim candidate should have won.

That story isn't sexy enough for Hollywood. After all, drooling moron white bigots burned the black churches in Mississippi. Here, largely black Muslims burned largely black Christian churches. That screws up the oppressive white Christian mantra. Pastors, priests, church workers, church attendees (and pretty much everyone near a targeted church) were killed, either in the fires or rifle and machete attacks.

Liberals in Hollywood and the MSM won't be having much to do with this round of mass murders. That's because the murderous supporters of presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari are not only Muslims, but members of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). Progressives have to stick together, after all. And the word "progressive" is about as meaningless in Nigeria as it is in America.

America is still working on accomplishing what Nigeria has already done. In Muslim-majority states, sharia law applies. The Christian President, elected by a 59-32 margin nationwide believes that Nigerian law should be uniform throughout the nation. The Nigerian nation is largely broken up into the northern Muslim-majority states and the Christian-majority southern states. But it is mostly in the sharia states that church-burning and other brutal forms of mayhem are taking place.

If this were a case of the Christian majority oppressing the Muslim minority, the rage might be a bit more understandable. But Nigeria is 50% Muslim and 40% Christian, and the Christian central government has largely allowed the Muslim-majority states to institute the law they have chosen. Nigeria has a complicated presidential electoral system which provides that any candidate who wins outright election in the first round doesn't have to face a runoff so long as he wins the largest number of votes nationwide and at least 25% of the votes in two-thirds of the states. President Goodluck Jonathan succeeded in doing so, which means that Muslim votes were a major part of his victory.

Even in Muslim-majority Adamawa state, which is not a sharia state, Jonathan won by 56-38. None of this prevents angry Muslims from being, well, angry Muslims. International observers have declared the election to be substantially fair, which is a major accomplishment in Nigeria. Past elections were badly-tampered with by the Christian military junta, and there was reason to expect at least some of the same this time. That didn't happen. But that hasn't stopped CPC from violently protesting the election results because Jonathan's victory was "bigger than should be the case."

These vandals are something considerably more than simple political sore-losers. This is a serious battleground for African Muslims. Unlike Islamic-dominated nations to the north, Nigeria has a strong Christian presence and that is unacceptable to Islamists who cannot tolerate infidels in their midst. Again, this demonstrates the inextricable intertwining of religion and politics which is at the heart of Islam. The Muslim fanatics are angered even further by the fact that many Muslims voted for the candidate who was not Muslim. But the "unfaithful" mosque-burnings will have to wait. Right now, the important thing for them is to resolve a political dispute by going after those of a different religion.

The MSM will continue to ignore this story while telling us how intolerant Christians and Americans are. Most mainstream reports have spoken of "political turmoil" in Nigeria, and a "disputed election." Few will dwell on the simple fact that the Islamists have made this all about religion. And when they don't get their way, they burn things. In 2010, about 2,000 Christians were murdered in Nigeria's northern states. Nigeria burning. The next question this raises is "will Nigeria go the way of Ethiopia and Sudan?"


Tennessee Jed said...

Very nice post, Hawk, and it is the kind of story the MSM tries to ignore for fear of creating an
islamophoebic,fascist backlash (try and say that three times quickly without a stumble!) There is a film I am anxious to see called Of God and Men" by Xavier Beauvois. The story is about Catholic monks who stay in a Cistercian monastary in the Atlas Mountains of Algeria during that country's civil war in the 90's.

This film got a wonderful review by Ross Douthat in National Review, but is probably in limited distribution at so called "art film" houses. We may have to wait for the video release, but it sounds extremely worthwhile.

Tennessee Jed said...

I should mention that the monks get something less than Christian charity from the Islamicists, btw, but any more would border on being a spoiler.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: The MSM simply refuse to acknowledge the fact that the religion of peace is anything but. The story of burning churches and killing Christians just doesn't fit their agenda. They won't even criticize the murder of Christians because it's the "wrong" victim group, and feel the compelling need to disguise the stories as political or tribal because identifying the movement behind the murders would reveal their disingenuousness about Islam. Either they actually believe that militant Islam isn't a threat, or they believe that by refusing to identify the true murderers they will get murdered last. Either is suicidal.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: I'll look for it on video release. I don't expect it to show up at any of the local theaters (if you can call Bakersfield "local").

Tennessee Jed said...

Your post reminded me that it is a Frenchman, not Hollywood would are make a film on this exact subject!

Joel Farnham said...


A Christian President in a Muslim Country? The Muslims should be upset at themselves. They are idiotic. Well, it stands to reason, their religion is idiotic.

Unknown said...

Tennessee: They've banned the burqa and hijab (which we probably won't do), and appeared to be leading the bombing in Libya. Maybe their film industry is developing guts as well at the same time ours is losing them.

My American soul automatically tends to reject all things French (and my German heritage doesn't help), but even Satan tells the truth when it suits his purpose.

Unknown said...

Joel: As the old British saying goes, a Christian President in a majority-Muslim country is as "curious as a clockwork orange." It may have something to do with the fact that the Muslims there are so busy burning and murdering that they simply forget to vote. But if they ever do remember, then we can count on the Islamic ideal: One man, one vote, one time.

patti said...

"Here, largely black Muslims burned largely black Christian churches. That screws up the oppressive white Christian mantra."

hollywood called and said: if you can't stick to the "screw the white guy/rich/conservative/inutero baby/heterosexual/highfat consuming/suv drivin' script", we can't help ya.

seriously, where's ze sexy in truth?

Unknown said...

Patti: They call it "the ugly truth" for a reason. LOL

T_Rav said...

LawHawk, there's probably more to it than that. No doubt the media bigshots prefer not to feel a scimitar against their necks, even if they would never admit that figures into their reasoning.

This is a sad story, the more so when you remember the northern Islamists showed their commitment to the religion of peace a few years ago by trying to stone a woman to death for adultery. Guess I have to add Nigeria to my prayers.

Also, totally not related, but will I get banned if I ask whether it's better to be in a Muslim country with a Christian president or a Christian country with a Muslim president? Not that I'm thinking of any North American country in particular...

Unknown said...

T_Rav: You're right about that. They would vehemently deny their fear of those well-known disciples of the religion of peace even as the fronts of their pants darken involuntarily at the mere thought.

I can't imagine what you could possibly be implying in your final paragraph. Tee-hee.

AndrewPrice said...

Nigeria is a mess, but then so is that entire region and Islam ain't helping things.

Unknown said...

Andrew: And we sure don't need more unrest anywhere, including Nigeria. It's a major supplier of oil to the US, and at least for now, not an enemy.

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