Saturday, April 23, 2011

Obama Declares Class Warfare

Yesterday I discussed how the Obamists plan to extort big bucks from business. Today we'll discuss how they plan to pick the pockets of the ordinary taxpayer. You see, "taxpayer" applies to people who actually pay taxes. The Obamists apply "taxpayer" when they actually mean "tax-filer." About forty percent file their tax forms solely to see how much money they'll be getting from the fools who actually hand their money over to Uncle Sugar for redistribution to the filers.

Barack Obama is done playing nice-nice with the "rich." Now that he's back in campaign mode (did he ever leave it?), it's time to reopen the class war. For public consumption, Obama sees three classes: The rich, the poor and the nebulous middle class. In reality, he sees only two: The prodigal son and the fatted calf. The prodigal son has done everything wrong, and has done nothing to deserve forgiveness. Nevertheless, it's time for him to feed on the fatted calf. In the Bible, the prodigal son only gets away with this once. In the Democratic book, he gets to do this annually.

Like income "taxpayers" for income "tax-filers," Obama conflates "earners" with "wage-earners," meaning that anyone who "makes" more than $200,000 is a wage-earner. Since he has never owned or run a business, he has no clue that $200,000 in wages paid by somebody else is not half-bad, but $200,000 for a small business owner is often a break-even figure. While he rakes in mega-millions for his political campaigning from the very corporations he claims to despise (such as GE, a tax-filer), he actually goes after bakery-owner John Smith, taxpayer.

Those $200,000+ business-owners are the backbone of American business, as well as the largest source of tax revenue for the federal income redistribution machine. These "rich" people comprise about 10% of the tax-filers, but account for about 75% of taxes actually paid. These are the people who build the economy and provide employment for Americans who don't work for the federal government. So what class warrior Obama is really talking about is the job-producing taxpayers being required to support the freeloading tax-filers. This doesn't even include the tax-eaters who don't file at all because they are on some form of federal or state welfare.

How does this redistribution work? About 59% of American households get at least one federal handout (not including "paid-for" Social Security and Medicare). Often it is nothing more than a tax "refund," but that's just the surface. It is estimated that about $2.2 trillion will be collected from American households for fiscal 2010, but at the same time, $2.3 trillion will be paid out to the tax-filing households. As Columbia and Harvard-educated Obama says: "Ah'm not gunna hand out big tax breaks to the rich while paying the bills with money from the little guy." Oh? The "little guy" he refers to probably hasn't paid more in federal taxes than he received in federal largess in twenty years.

What makes this so dangerous is that the "eat the rich" philosophy of class warfare is becoming easier to swallow each year because of the growing number of voters who pay no net income taxes but do collect federal benefits. For 2010-2011 that might be as much as 45% of the population. The game is over if that ever reaches 50% + 1, at which point the majority non-payers can simply choose whatever amount they want for themselves at the expense of the minority taxpayers. Demagogues like Caesar and Obama know these things. And so did the Founders. They warned us of the danger of what would happen when the majority discovered it could vote itself largess from the federal treasury.

The faux Man of the People who currently sits in the White House fully understands how many votes he can pick up as opposed to how many he will lose by relaunching class warfare. But he also understands how careful he must be not to bring up the byzantine tax code that imposes more benefits than burdens on both the poor and the genuinely-rich big corporations. In other words, he is out to destroy the middle class by classifying them as "rich," so that he can add the demagogic phrase "they can afford it." A guy named Marx (not Groucho) had the same idea. Destroy the middle class. Or for the limousine liberals, the "bourgeoisie."

Obama didn't even ask Congress for a declaration of class war. He didn't need to. At least until the "shellacking" in November of 2010, Congress was right there with him.


Joel Farnham said...


We haven't arrived at the 50% + 1 yet. This means two things.

First. We have a chance to turn it around.

Second. The alternative is let it go and hope that most of America doesn't go down the drain with the US of A.

I don't see us doing the latter.

Tennessee Jed said...

Open "tweet" to Mr. L.A.W. Hawk at RFD dotcom from "Barry" at

You sir, are a vile traitor. Once you were one with us. Now . . . . Commenterama indeed.

YOU PEOPLE were born with all the advantages. Good home life, good schooling, plenty of money. You think you "earned" the money, when realistically, the system is rigged. Tax codes NEED to be PROGRESSIVE (sounds better than liberal envy doesn't it?) You talk about income tax when payroll tax, liquor and cigarette (I mean sales) tax and other flat taxes are inherently regressive because the poor people because they have less real dollars to pay for necessities like crack and lottery tickets.

YOU PEOPLE have no heart. Sure, you give to charity, but then you turn right around and deduct it from what you OWE me (I mean the government. Besides, the money you give to charity goes to whom you want ti to go, NOT where I can use it to buy votes. We judge the worth of a people around here by how the govmint takes care of the poo' (I mean pure.) Damn it, it's My (I mean the government's) money and I WANT IT NOW. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.

No YOU PEOPLE have rigged the game and the only way to make the poo' folk EQUAL is to crush the economy, go Commie, elect me for life. Actually, I don't really want us to be equal. I want us to be the rich ones for awhile. Well, I gotta go do my whatever spiritual thinggie will make me look good on the holidays thing.

Happy Easter to all
Jed (not Barry)

Unknown said...

Joel: The Republicans must be doing something right in the House, since Obama has actually called Paul Ryan out by name as the man who will throw granny out in the snow and force women into back-alley abortions. I genuinely have hopes that this time the Marxist rhetoric and purple prose won't work.

Unknown said...

Dear Barry: Taxpayers of the world arise, you have nothing to lose but your deadbeats. LOL

Unknown said...

Tennessee: Your tweet cut off at ".orgcom." I think it had something to do with all those words. Tweets should be limited in length to things like "I'm eating my gummint cheese now." Hee, hee, hee.

A joyous Easter to you and yours.

T_Rav said...

Ahem, Mr. "Barry":

You really don't understand the concept of a flat tax, do you? I thought you lefties were big on equality and stuff.

Unknown said...

T_Rav: The flat tax, "fair" tax, and/or other combinations of simple income tax with uniform sales taxes are the ultimate answer to the complete unfairness of the current progressive/regressive tax codes. One shouldn't have to be a speed-reader and a CPA to calculate his rendering to Caesar. One shouldn't have to pay taxes that others don't because the others do have CPAs.

If you have no income, you pay no income taxes. If you don't buy anything, you don't pay the sales tax. If you have a lot of income, you pay a lot of taxes, but still only at the same rate/percentage as those who have a moderate income and pay less in income taxes. You buy a lawn mower, you pay a small amount of tax. You buy a yacht, you pay a big amount of tax, but still at the same rate/percentage as everyone else. It's such a simple concept that I'm sure the gummint will never accept it in my lifetime.

Accountants and crooks will always find a way to game the system, but the simpler the system, the harder it is to game it and get away with it. Conversely, the more complicated the system, the easier it is to game it and get away with it. GE paid no income taxes on billions in income, but they did it "by the book." So let's toss out the book and simplify, simplify, simplify.

That way, instead of wealth redistribution we'll have wealth creation and retention. The chiselers will have to live on what they make instead of living on what I make.

StanH said...

Your article points out a glaring reality that a statist like Barry doesn’t have the ability to comprehend. This assault on small business will keep us in this Carteresq malaise until Barry is gone. Your point about tax simplification is right on target. An “Income Tax,” is a tax on productivity, a “Sales (Fair) Tax,” is a tax on wealth, in other words the Kennedys will be paying taxes again, along with illegal’s, drug dealers, hedgefunds (Soros), and other criminals.

Unknown said...

Stan: I thought the Constitution had a provision that said the Kennedys don't have to pay taxes or have wind farms within view of their compounds.

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