Sunday, April 24, 2011

Schadenfreude. And I Missed It!

You might think that is the famous San Francisco fog coming in over the Golden Gate. But you would be wrong. It's steam escaping from the ears of Barack Obama, Fundraiser-in-Chief. I knew I was leaving town too soon. It would have been worth sticking it out for another year in Sodom-by-the-Bay just to see the look on Obama's face when his people turned against him.

Expecting his usual lickspittle reception by the denizens of the Queen City of the West, Obama was surprised to be greeted at a fundraiser by a group that sang a song about Pfc. Bradley Manning of WikiLeaks fame. The streets of San Francisco are not lined with gold, but they are paved with cash for The One. So imagine the shock when Obama got a rude education in San Francisco political priorities. Mr. President, in San Francisco, gay traitor trumps messiah.

The group imported leftist activist Naomi Pitcairn from the nasty side of the Bay (Oakland) to speak for them and lead the chorus. Obama got a big smile on his face when she stood up at the fundraiser and announced that the group had written a song for him. He asked if they could wait until later in the presentation, but they decided to go ahead without his permission. The smile froze in place as they began to sing: "Each of us brought you $5,000 (the price of admission). It takes a lot of Benjamins to run a campaign. I paid my dues. Where's our change?" While holding up signs that read "Free Bradley Manning" they sang about the jailed leaker, the cost of the fundraiser tickets, and the Koran-burner in Florida. "Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm" it wasn't.

San Fran Nan Pelosi was in attendance, of course, and is said to have been terribly distraught by such criticism of the Obamassiah. The problem is that she was so botoxed up that nobody could tell from her face just how distraught she was. Pitcairn says she paid the $76,000 for the table for ten at the fundraiser (tickets ranged from $5,000 to $35,800 each person depending on how close the ticketholder was to the divine presence). For her trouble, she was escorted out of the room by Secret Service agents. Two of her companions followed her out, while the remaining seven stuck around for the fun.

Blasphemy and apostasy are deadly sins in both Islam and Obama politics, so it will be interesting to follow Pitcairn's activities for awhile, though I must admit I've never heard of her. At the end of the group's performance, Obama said through clenched teeth: "That was a nice song. Now, where was I?" Well, Mr. President, many of us think you and the TelePrompter were visiting the alien nation (or fifty-eighth state) of San Francisco and about to give your class warfare/eat the rich speech to a group of people who can afford $5,000 minimum to hear you rehash the usual socialist crap. One of them at least could afford $76,000 just to let you know you aren't dismantling America fast enough.

Instead of being there, I had to read about it. There's nothing like being up-close and personal when a god is challenged by mere mortals. Instead, I was looking out at the real God's real country here in Caliente. But I was surprised to find out that Obama made his trip to San Francisco on Maundy Thursday instead of Palm Sunday. I'm sure this isn't his [expensive] Last Supper. Or is it simply that there was an Islamic holy day that I don't know about?

I originally intended to do a much simpler "Happy Easter" post, but a lesson about the worship of a false god and the exposure of his clay feet was just too juicy and appropriate to ignore.

HAPPY EASTER. HE IS RISEN! And I hope the real Messiah will forgive me for handling such an earthly topic on a day which should transcend earthly concerns.


Tennessee Jed said...

"The God bleeds" - Star Trek. Actually, so good you actually can enjoy just the mere telling.

LL said...

Poor Barry/Barack. He thought that in an enclave like that with Pelosi as his wingman that he'd have them chanting four-more-years!

AndrewPrice said...

I knew this Wikileaks thing was going to be a problem for Obama.

As a RATIONAL believer in open government, I am in favor of most open disclosure of government actions and I tend to support whistleblowers rights. I don't think Wikileaks falls into that category because they are not exposing wrong doing, they are simply exposing what they can get for fun -- as evidenced by many of their prior disclosures like college frat rituals.

BUT.... Obama's supporters aren't rational, they simply hate certain institutions. So when they heard that this was leaked at the expense of the military, that's all they needed to hear. Wikileaks could have gassed Africa for all they cared, so long as it was aimed at the evil military, they were sold that Wikileaks was a hero.

Obama made the mistake of believing that his side was more rational than that, that their attack on Bush was political in nature rather than insane. He was wrong, as he's now discovering.

T_Rav said...

LawHawk, I heard about this the other day. I don't like the "Free Manning" idiots any more than I like the White House idiot, but it is nice to see some of Obama's own lackeys turning on him. Unfortunately, they'll still support him next year, but it's nice to see him be so publicly called out like that. "Schadenfreude" is very definitely the proper word.

Oh, and Happy Easter all!

Unknown said...

Tennessee: Excellent and completely appropriate Star Trek quote.

Unknown said...

LL: He got a little better treatment at a later private fundraiser in the megabucks Presidio Heights section of town. I don't know where that $35,800 figure comes from, but it seems to recur (a sign of the coming apocalypse, perhaps?). At the private bash it was $35,800 per ticket, period. FaceBook Boy was there, along with the Swig family (former owners of the Fairmont Hotel), half the Democratic bigwigs from the Bay Area, and the CEO of Google, among the stellar figures.

But my absolute favorite was will-i-am of the tuneless Black Eyed Peas. He sat with Obama at the head table. Perfect--one can't hold a tune and the other is tone-deaf.

Unknown said...

Andrew: Well said. I come from the generation that talked about Lyndon Johnson's "credibility gap." Too much important information has been routinely classified. But some state secrets need to remain, well, secret. That includes secret negotiations with allies, and anything that endangers American military and civil authorities overseas. Obama simply didn't understand that the irrational hatred for the American military and American interests would spill over into his own support groups. So he got caught unprepared for his acolytes attacking the altar.

Unknown said...

T_Rav: This was perfect "idiot's irony." The only thing that kept it from being absolute ecstasy for me was the obvious fact that the MSM pretty much hid it from the general public. Thank the Good Lord for the Internet and rebel journalists.

Unknown said...

LL: I guess I didn't finish my entire point in my reply. Obama has been spouting his "eat the rich" baloney for so long that he forgot it was just leftist propaganda. The incumbent who is shooting for a billion-dollar Presidential campaign isn't relying on the little guy to fund it. The richest ATM machines are found in the most expensive parts of our big cities, and San Francisco can even compete with New York City in that category. If he really was the man of the people he claims to be, he would have held his fundraisers at a rib joint in the Bay View or Hunters Point section of town. But he would only have raised about $5.47 and a bag of food stamps.

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