Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Obama? Tells Us It Ain't So Mr. President

By now you’ve all heard of Van Jones, either from Glenn Beck or a conservative blog (or in Lawhawk’s excellent article of a week ago), but not on the networks. When I wrote this article yesterday, Van Jones was still Obama's green czar. At the end of the article, I said that it was likely Jones would resign quietly on Monday. I was wrong. He resigned this morning. . . hence, a re-write.

For those of you who don’t know Van Jones, he is a former criminal, a former community organizer, and a self-avowed Communist. He is also a racist or race hustler, a 9/11 Truther and either a fool or a liar. . . and Obama appointed him as a green Czar (should have been a red czar).

And that's the real story here, not who Jones is -- because the world is full of crackpots, but that Obama would appoint this man. As you read Jones' own words below, ask yourself, does Obama share any of these beliefs?:

On Polluters and Environmentalists of the Honkus Maximus Persuasion

Van Jones: “We're really entering a third wave of environmentalism in the United States. The white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color communities.”

Jones also describes the current regulatory system as “echo apartheid,” and states that “we gonna change the whole system” because just replacing bad energy with good (specifically solar energy) means we’ll have “biodiesel powered bombers” and “we’ll be going to war over lithium” for the batteries.

Summing up, Jones believes that white environmentalists are murderous racists who want to poison minorities and go to war over lithium batteries. Ed Begley Jr., you dirty thug!

Oh, and in case you’re thinking of supporting McCain friend and California something-or-other candidate Meg Whitman (R, e-Bay), she described Jones in May as doing “a marvelous job… I’m a huge fan of his. He is very bright, very articulate, very passionate. I think he is exactly right.”

On Race And School Shootings

Van Jones: “You've never seen a Columbine done by a black child. Never. They always say, 'We can't believe it happened here. We can't believe it's these suburban white kids.' It's only them. Now, a black kid might shoot another black kid. He's not going to shoot up the whole school.”

So white kids are killers? Then why have there only been seven such multiple-victim shooting sprees in the past ten years (most by college students)? And how does that compare to the number of black kids gunned down by other black kids every day? And if blacks don’t kill each other in large numbers explain gang wars in our major cities, not to mention Rwanda, Liberia, and Congo (among many others).

Finally, why does Jones seem to think its ok or not a big deal that black kids are killing each other?

On Republicans

Van Jones: “They’re assholes.”

He then continues: “Barack Obama is not an asshole. Now, I will say this, I can be an asshole. And some of us who are not Barack Hussein Obama are gonna have to start getting a little bit uppity.”

Forgive me if I am a bit naive, but isn’t the use of the term “uppity” considered “racist”? I seem to recall that somewhere. Indeed, now that I mention it, the use of the word “uppity” by Republican Representative Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia is being called racist by the left:
“I bring up the N-word because that is the debased level of rhetoric that the word ‘uppity’ belongs to, especially when a white Southerner is directing it at Blacks. This is overt racist thuggery. . .

Lynn Westmoreland’s slur was a conscious evocation of the racist sentiment that Blacks who refuse to be subservient to whites should be put in their place through violence—beatings, bombings, murder. Westmoreland’s slur is also a call to arms to extremists who would still carry out Klan-style violence. Westmoreland is not fit to govern. I hope his colleagues in Congress are fervently asking for his resignation.”

On Bush, Iraq and Race

Van Jones: “When somebody had taken the American flag and turned it into a war flag and used it to beat and whip and lynch anybody who didn't agree that we should be bombing people and torturing people . . .”

Note first the ridiculousness of the statement: the only person “lynched” during the Bush years was Bush, and no one was beaten or whipped because of their opposition to Iraq. Moreover, note that once again, Jones employs a word that is considered racist: lynch.

On Bush, Environmental Policy and Ebonics

Van Jones on Bush’s proposal to open more land for drilling: “I hope I don’t offend anybody, but the President of the United States sounded like a crackhead.”

He then pretended to take a hit from a crack pipe, and kept saying: “Jus’ a lill’ bit mo’.” Finally, he concluded, “[Bush is] like a crackhead trying to lick the pipe for a fix.”

Not only did the entire presentation take place in Ebonics, but he even used the word “Ebonics” to describe it himself. Try doing that Representative Westmoreland and see what the whinies say then!

On the San Francisco Police

Van Jones: “Willie Brown's Police Commission is killing black people.”

I guess the SF PD must be a bunch of white environmentalists.

Van Jones the Marxist Revolutionary:

Jones also claims to have become a Marxist revolutionary after spending some time in jail around the time of the Rodney King verdict:
“In jail I met all these young radical people of color -- I mean really radical, communists and anarchists. And I was, like, ‘this is what I need to be a part of.’ I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary. . . I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28 and then the verdicts came down on April 29. By August, I was a Communist.”
Too bad he didn’t meet transsexual hookers. “On April 28, I had a pe. . .” (Oh, you get the picture.)

Having become a communist, Jones helped form a group called STORM, which put together a manifesto titled “Reclaiming Revolution: Standing Together to Form a Revolutionary Movement.” This manifesto states:
“We are a revolutionary cadre organization that understands that revolutionary Marxist politics would be central to the development of a successful liberation movement in this country. We are committed to Marxist-Leninist politics.”
“We upheld the Marxist critique of capitalist exploitation. We agree with Lenin’s analysis of the state and the party. And we found inspiration and guidance from the insurgent revolutionary strategies developed by third world revolutionaries like Mao Tse-Tung and Amilcar Cabral.”
He apparently named his child after Cabral (seen on the stamp to the right).

But his days of being an open revolutionary are over. He now claims that he will hide his roots to achieve his goals: “I’m willing to forgo the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radial ends.”

Van Jones the 9/11 Truther

In 2004, Jones signed a petition for the 9/11 Truther movement. That petition called on the New York Attorney General to investigate: “evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur.” It also provided: “people within the current administration may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war.”

When this became public the other day, Jones tried to deny knowing what he signed. Said Jones, “the petition that was circulated today, I do not agree with this statement and it certainly does not reflect my views now or ever.”

Shortly thereafter two other signatories came forward to claim that they too were misled into signing that petition. Said Howard Zinn, “I did not sign a statement suggesting that 'Bush had prior knowledge.' I signed a statement calling for an investigation.” But Zinn also endorsed Trutherism on the website in May 2004, three months before signing the petition he now disavows.

So is Jones telling the truth? According to Mike Berge, a spokesman for, board members “spoke with each person on the list by phone or through email to individually confirm they had added their name to that list. I think in most cases, they spoke to them personally. No one’s name was put on that list without them knowing it.” That would include Jones.

Moreover, bloggers (not MSM) have turned up evidence that Jones was listed as a member of the “organizing committee” for a Truther march.

Republicans On Van Jones

In response to all of this, the No. 3 Republican in the House has started calling for Van Jones to resign:
“Given recent revelations concerning the associations and statements of the president's green jobs czar, Van Jones should resign his position and if he is unwilling to do so, the president should demand his resignation. His extremist views and coarse rhetoric have no place in this Administration or the public debate.”
He also criticized the Czar process (something that I and West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd have been saying for some time):
“The Constitution of the United States vests Congress with the responsibility to advise and consent in the appointment of high ranking officials by the president. To date, President Obama has appointed more than thirty individuals to ‘czar’ positions within his Administration without permitting the Congress or the American people to properly examine their backgrounds or public records.”
And how is Team Obama responding? Not with much.

If Obama didn't share these reprehensible views, shouldn't he have expressed shock or outrage -- or even feigned shock or outrage? Even now that Jones has joined the Assheap of History with the likes of Tom Daschle and other disgraced Obama appointees, shouldn't Obama comfort us that he doesn't think white environmentalists are trying to kill blacks, that white cops aren't trying to kill blacks, that white kids aren't killers, that he doesn't think it's ok for black kids to shoot each other, and that he doesn't believe all of his talk of alternative energies isn't just a pretext to go to war over lithium?

The resignation is fine. But I want more.


Unknown said...

Andrew: The spin the MSM is putting on the resignation is nothing short of appalling. Instead of a racist, communist, America-hating, cop-hating criminal, he's already being turned into a noble martyr of the right wing conspiracy attack on environmentalists. In the highest order of "doing the right thing," he claims he resigned for the good of the green movement rather than damage it by becoming the focus of attention resulting from false and exaggerated recitations of his very recent past. Aw, bull roar!

AndrewPrice said...

Lawhawk, That's what I would expect from media sources that didn't even report the reasons he's resigning. It must have come as a great surprise to their readers that this guy suddenly resigned for no reason.

At this point, if we had a real media, they would follow up with Obama and demand that he refute each of the statements in the article above. We would expect that from a company if one of their VPs said it, so I expect it from the president.

And if he won't, then we can fairly conclude that Obama subscribes to those beliefs.

Unknown said...

Andrew: I agree with your conclusion. My only thought is that a guy who can claim he sat in a church for twenty years listening to the racist white-hating pastor who baptized him and performed his marriage without ever hearing anything objectionable will have no problem distancing himself from Jones and crushing one of his underlings whom he will blame for the "mistake." The difference between then and now is that a growing number of Americans have figured out that he routinely lies.

Silence indicates consent, but when was the last time Obama was silent about anything? If he'd just shut up for a few days, I'd give him a pass on Jones just for the temporary peace I'd get from not having to see or hear the Lord High Demagogue for awhile.

Writer X said...

Couldn't agree more, Andrew. I'm more outraged that this guy wasn't fired.

I really wasn't a huge Glenn Beck fan either. Till now. He seems to be the only person shining the light on these czars and doing the work you would expect of mainstream journalists. Jones isn't the only czar with questionable credentials.

Joel Farnham said...

Write X, I beg to differ on the Glenn Beck case. HE is not the only one. He just happens to be the most vocal at this time.

Mark Levin

Rush Limbaugh

Are just two of several people who have been doing their level best of exposing the Obama Administration.

Have you read Liberty and Tyranny?

Writer X said...

Joel, thanks for the links. No, have not read those books yet. Unfortunately, Levin and Limbaugh are on the radio when I'm not able to listen. Glad to hear there are others shining the light on this czar situation. I've only started to listen to Glenn at night until recently, mostly because of wanting to know more about Van Jones.

StanH said...

Hubris! This administration is the culmination of forty years of dedicated hard work by our ‘60s radicals, all branches of the radical family tree are now in full regalia, the inward assault on America has begun, as promised. We now have “full on Barking moon bats,” rolling the dice, “all in,” and speed is if of the essence, …the wager, …the USA! But, “a funny thing happened on the way to the forum,” We the People got in the way, and it will interesting and potentially dangerous to see how, the man that has never heard the word no, deals with it. Appointing someone like a Van Jones to be anywhere near the seat of power in this country is the ultimate in governmental hubris. A truly chilling, and telling act, and through Barry’s close associates Wright, Ayers, etc., will tell you what Barry thinks, you just have to listen. I’m with you Andrew, just that anti-American jerk resigning is not enough!

Joel Farnham said...

If you would go to the Mark Levin link, hit the audio and then go to the Sept 3, 2009, it will give you Mark Levin's Radio for that night with out the commercials. It is very enlightening.

AndrewPrice said...

Writer X, Thanks. The things this guy said are racist, paranoid and simply insane. And there is no way that Obama should get a free pass on this stuff. Either he believes it himself or he should repudiate it. He didn't fire the guy or repudiate him, so I have to believe that he shares these views.

Seriously, could you imagine if a VP at IBM said this same stuff about blacks? Not only would they be calling for his murder, they would be demanding that IBM make all kinds of apologies and donations to atone for having this guy on staff. But we're supposed to just give Obama a pass on this because this guy disappeared quietly? Not in my book.

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, I think a lot of conservatives have been talking about this, just no one in the MSM.

Joel Farnham said...

Stan, Almost all of Obama's Czars are communists.

Right now, I am listening to Glenn Beck's interview of David Horowitz. What David has been saying is only surprising to late-comers.

AndrewPrice said...

Stan, I think Jones gives us a very clear window into Obama's mind. Fox News reportered earlier today that Jones is a close friend of Obama's best friend (a woman whose name I can't recall). Thus, once again, we see the kind of people that our post-racial president hangs out with.

I really want to see the media do it's job for once and demand that he repudiate this garbage and make it clear to everyone where he stands.

Joel Farnham said...

I agree Andrew. What surprises me is that Obama's minion resigned. It must mean that they really don't have that much control. Or believe they have that much control.

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, I suspect he resigned because it was going to kill any momentum they hoped to get to restart their health care debate. He's got enough problems with the parent's rebellion going on, the health care debacle, the falling poll numbers. . . why keep a needless problem around when you can dump him quietly on a three day weekend?

Plus, resigning won't hurt Jones -- he'll use it like a bad of honor for the left wing paranoids. It should be worth another 20,000 books sold.

Joel Farnham said...

LawHawk, The spin is typical. MSM will never ever give what you want. The only interest I have in them is the way they spin it. Some times you can catch them in an outrageous faux pas and shove it back down their throats.

Joel Farnham said...

I am wondering just what happened. This worked for this guy Van. Why not the others? There are for far more others far more to the left than this guy. Take Dr Death. Emanuel. Why him? What will it take to get most of Obama's Czars to quit?

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, Jones made it easy by leaving a massive amount of video of paranoia quotes. It's not his leftism that brought him down, it's his whacko-factor. Plus he stands 100% opposite of the image Obama is trying to sell.

Joel Farnham said...

In a football game, most calls are not taken back, yet the coach stills argues for his side. He doesn't expect it to be called back. What he is doing is getting the Referee to give his team the benefit of the doubt on the next call. This is what the MSM is doing in making Van out to be the "Greatest thing since sliced bread."

Joel Farnham said...

Andrew, I see your point. What about the rest of the Czars? Are there some enlightening videos of them?

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, If there are, I haven't heard about them.

Personally, I wish someone would fight the whole concept of czars -- it's unconstitutional.

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, I see your point on the football analogy, except sadly, the refs have been in his pocket since before the season. I think they are just doing what comes naturally -- ignoring the things they don't want people knowing about.

Joel Farnham said...

The good thing with the analogy is that we are the Refs this time.

Unknown said...

JoelFarnham: I know the MSM spin is typical, but it still doesn't make it any less annoying or destructive of the people's "need to know" (which they claim to love, and secretly despise unless it helps liberals). Perfect example: The near-failure to acknowledge the presence of a radical racist communist in the administration, but the praise for the investigation of CIA agents, complete with information which will damage even less drastic interrogation techniques. They'd publish the names and locations of our agents overseas if they thought they could get away with it.

StanH said...

Barry gives an enemy so many things to hit him with. If the Republicans had any guts between them they could pound this administration into the ground, but they don’t, why?

Joel: I saw the Horowitz interview the other day, instructive.

Anonymous said...

Van Jones had BIPARTISAN support.

Or haven't you seen the video of Meg Whitman praising him yet?

AndrewPrice said...

Anonymous, did you read the article? I mention Meg Whitman in the article.

And even if he did have "bipartisan support", so what?

Scott said...

AndrewPrice said...

Scott, thanks for the link. It's good to see Whitman is backpedaling now. Though she should have shut up from the get-go.

Unknown said...

Anonymous: I'm taking a wild guess that your Whitman remark was irony, right? And either way, no matter how she tries to spin it now, she might as well pull out of the California Republican gubernatorial race right now and save us all the trouble of kicking her ass back to Silicon Valley.

Joel Farnham said...

Why the H*** is any Republican recommending any one from Obama's Administration?

Whitman may be the best thing for California, but it is my bet she is a RINO.

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, You ask a fine question. It will probably not surprise you that she was one of McCain's dearest friends and there was some question whether or not she was as "political" as he is, or if she was less strident. . . if such a thing is possible.

But even putting her aside, Republicans need to stop playing the game of giving cover to Democratic politicians and activists. They don't do it for us, we should not do it for them.

Joel Farnham said...

For some reason, certain Republicans, "RINOs", still think that this is a boxing match with the Marquis of Queensbury Rules.

It is a bare-knuckled, eye-gouging, ball-busting fight, where there are no breaks. No timeouts. No referees involved.

Too much is at stake. Oh way of life, and our very lives.

USArtguy said...

While Jones may have been an easy target because of the whacko factor, and while many times the Republicans are a bunch of spineless ninnies, let's give the "No. 3 Republican in the House " some real credit. That would be fellow Hoosier, Mike Pence. I've heard Mike on the radio many times over the years as a public official and as a private citizen. He is consistent and fearless.

Due credit to talk radio for informing the public, but without at least one visible Republican raising hell about it, Van Jones would have never resigned.

Score one for the good guys.

AndrewPrice said...

USArtguy, I give tremendous credit to Pence. I think that his call for resignation is probably what convinced the Obamanaughts that they were going to lose this one.

And I wonder aloud why the rest of the "leadership" didn't back him up?

Joel, I don't get it. I don't know why our side doesn't seem to understand politics.

Joel Farnham said...

Andrew, your wish that czars be challenged constitutionally? Well, the hero of the hour, Mike Pence talks a bit about it.

AndrewPrice said...

Joel, I am glad they want to vet these people, but they should be challenging the existence of the job entirely. As I wrote in my earlier argument, these czars are creating legislation and that's unconstitutional. Heck, Robert Byrd can see it, why can't the Republicans?

Joel Farnham said...

Andrew, Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Reagan have a czar?

George Bush had three czars. I personally don't think they should exist. Maybe after 2010, we can address that.

patti said...

we are just starting with anthony (van's given name). barry's friends should be vewy vewy afwaid....

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